You Won’t Believe What Pelosi Was Doing During The SOTU – The Evidence Doesn’t Lie…

(Liberty Bell) – Nancy Pelosi, like most Democrats in Congress, thinks she is just plain smarter than the rest of us common folk. It’s been well-reported since it happened that the disgraced Speaker of the House ripped up the House’s copy of President Trump’s State of the Union speech Tuesday night at the conclusion of the address and the backlash is just getting started.

The act itself was absolutely shameful but the evidence is pointing to the entire performance being premeditated, which makes it all the more disturbing. Instead of respectfully sitting there listening to what the President had to say, she used the time to stew on her hatred of him, and half of America, just proving how much her own personal agenda trumps her sworn duties to We, the People.

It never crossed her mind that all of us half-wit, Trump supporters would ever be able to piece together the video and picture evidence pointing to her plotting the speech-ripping all along. Nancy just isn’t as couth as she thinks she is and we most certainly aren’t half-wits.

In video posted to Twitter, it appears that Nancy is attempting to be discreet with the speech but in light of her behavior at the conclusion of the address, it’s pretty obvious she was conducting a practice tear. Take a look:

Photos even appear to show the Democrat leader may have actually “pre-ripped” some of the pages in preparation for her performance. Check out the Associated Press picture below as highlighted by the New York Post:

Through all of the bull crap the Dems have put us through over the last Presidential term, it seems as though Nancy Pelosi has finally pushed lifelong Democrats over the edge and justifiably so. Her behavior before, during, and especially at the conclusion of the State of the Union was nothing short of disrespectful, shameful, embarrassing, and disgraceful.

She ought to be ashamed. Callers to C-SPAN Tuesday night certainly were for her and many of them declared they will never vote Democrat again thanks to Pelosi’s cowardly act.

“I’ve been a Democrat for 70-something years, and what I’ve seen tonight of the Democrat Party, I am changing my mind,” one caller from Alabama said on C-Span. “I’ll probably still be a Democrat [in ideology] but as far as electing a god-danged Democrat, never again.”

Others shared the same sentiment:

“I’m a Democrat as well, but no longer will I vote Democrat,” said an audibly upset female caller from California. “I think it’s outrageous that they sat there when all these good things are happening to our country and how much we love our country, and they looked like they hated our country.”

“And Nancy Pelosi, the whole time she’s sitting up there with a disgusted look on her face.”

“It’s outrageous, I will never vote Democrat again and I’m sick of it and my whole family feels the same way… my husband and my friends are sitting here, all former Democrats who voted for Hillary last time, and therefore never, ever will we vote Democrat ever again,” she declared.

The same caller also added that they love America and want to see it succeed but it appears that their “Democratic party has been stolen from us by a bunch of communists.”

Yet another caller from Washington said she is “literally disgusted with Pelosi and the Democrats behavior.”

“…The way she teared up the speech behind [Trump] at the end, I was a registered Democrat, I’ve gone independent and I’m leaning GOP now,” she said.

Perhaps the most truth came from a caller in Pennsylvania who said, “with a simple rip of the paper, Nancy Pelosi has pretty much sealed the deal of the reelection of Donald Trump.”

It would appear that Pelosi’s disgraceful act has done a lot more damage to her cause than she could have possibly imagined. She wasn’t just disrespecting President Trump but the entire country, Democrats and Republicans alike.

Perhaps instead of plotting she should have spent some time considering the possible fallout of her plan instead of being completely consumed with hate but we do appreciate her contribution to President Trump’s reelection campaign.


  1. Mark:

    It is with heart-felt sincerity that I offer my thanks and deep gratitude to you for your service to our wonderful country! I have several members of my family who have proudly served since the Sixties. I know a bit about the sacrifices you all make. Some were Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines so I have heard most sides of it. They chose to serve honorably regardless of which President/Party was in office. None of them, however, served to protect this country just to see it become Communist/Socialist. They fought to protect us from this. Trump is the only responsible adult in that room of candidates. Thank you again for your service and I do not believe you will regret your change-over.

  2. I was born and raised Democrat but since Obamas first term my whole attitude has changed. The Democratic Party has been going farther and farther left they left no option but to switch sides.
    I voted Trump 2016 and will 2020 do I agree with everything he says and does? Certainly not but the man has kept his promises and I have benefited from much of the progress that has been made. Only fools could still possibly believe that any of the Democrats have the American people and THEIR best interests in mind. They have never kept any of their promises of free stuff. Want to see America under the Democratic party just look at California, Illinois, New Jersey and New York. People are leaving in droves, taxed out of their homes only ones that make a decent living work for the state for which all those taxes are needed. If you are still a Democrat or Independent please just look at those states that is what Democrats will do to our country, please just do a little research.

  3. This old crone is the poster child of what alcohol abuse looks like later in life. She couldn’t sit still, looked like she was talking to herself and was experiencing facial twitching just like a wino on the corner of a San Francisco street. She can’t string multiple words together. The “San Francisco treat”!

  4. Will the Democratic Party be responsible for paying for the farce of impeachment, that the American public had to pay for. Mainly Nancy Pelosi. What a waste of time and money.
    God Bless America and for what it stands for.

  5. I thought I was watching Monty Python’s Flying Circus for three years. but they had too many reruns. it was far from entertaining. the antics did by all the house performers truly had us on the edge of our seats. not in anticipation but debating on if I should go to bed knowing that our president had us safe for another day. the mystery they wove had all the excitement of Miss Marples Murder she wrote! If not for the media making absolute fools of themselves I wouldn’t have bothered watching. I am sure that in all history we have never had a special bill to allocate nodose for all in the chamber. I was amazed by the Democrat’s ability to talk for hours and say nothing of substance. a real talent developed by years of practice on the house floor. well, I was in my attempt to equal the democrat’s abilities but failed miserably. I will wrap it up by saying that as many age they start acting more like children. the display of tantrums has clearly indicated it is time for Nancy to nod off in some corner and do as little additional damage as her master of politics degree allows. thanks for tolerating my poor attempt at the Pun.——–Grampa

  6. I have never loved Nancy Pelosi more than I do now. She sent a very powerful message by ripping up that speech, which is that America is sick and tired of Traitor Trump and his constant lies. NO MORE LIES! VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO 2020!

  7. Even though Trump has been acquitted the democrats are still working on trying to impeach him. They want Bolton to testify and they believe they can find something to charge him with. Hannity said it last night that if you are happy with the way President Trump has been targeted for 3 and a half years by the democrats and not passing legislation, like sitting on the USMCA act for a year, then vote for democrats. But if you want to see Trump have a House and Senate that has the Republican majority and will pass Trumps legislation without any holdups then DO NOT VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT come November. The Rebublicans need to take back the House and keep the Senate and stop this continual nonsense that the democrats keep pushing. If they keep control of the House then this nonsense will continue for another 4 years and the dems will continue to work on destroying this country and trying to impeach Trump. God forbid that they take back both Houses because Trump would be impeached and our Country as we know it with the freedoms that we have will be gone forever.

    • Bob, I hardly know how to respond to your comment. Why is Trump a traitor? What treasonous thing has he done? What lies has he told? Guys like you always say he lies but never mention one. Where do you come from? I don’t even know anyone like you.

  8. All this is unbelievable i my not believe in some of our presidents points and views but he is still our president and should be treated with respect and dignity, not dragged through the mud by our own people it is a shame what some people will do. Spending our money on frivolous things. My God have some respect

  9. Thank you for your service in the USMC! I was civilian employee at C Lejeune 32 years. Love Marines!! Dems are deep state destroying all that has been good about America and stealing taxpayers blind. Touting democracy and Constitution while their pres candidates champion socialism. Liars, skirt chasing presidents nor those who send billions to terrorist Iran will ever get my vote. Trump will get my vote. He loves America…takes NO salary and stands up to Dems evil destructive practices. We need a real bulldog fighter! Trump 2020!!


  10. Hooray! There are some true patriots out there! We are not a voice in the wilderness. Even tho we are “educated deplorables” it is a blessing to hear from other faithful thinking citizens (not comrades) who have opened their eyes and are taking the step to change parties. We want strong people of integrity with business or military management experience to lead our private enterprise country not street organizers or lifetime politicians.
    Bette R

  11. The Democrats owe the American people all the money spent on these witch Hunts they have put us though plus there pay checks they have not earned from lack of work for the people they were to support we want our money back like they would do is.Do something about it**********

  12. Its a sad situation in this country when the speaker of the house doesn’t respect the President. Regardless of her political feelings, respect is first and foremost. I hope her rediculous behavior and that of fellow democrats in her circle will show everyone why she should be voted out of congress. And maybe the democratic caucuses will continue to vote for the weakest link in the chain. I don’t really believe Bernie or Elizabeth has a snowballs chance because of the rediculousness of wanting the United States to become a socialist society. Here we believe if you work for it, you deserve it, all of it. This crszy notion of only a portion working and we all gain the same is downright stupid. It doesnt work. And if it is tried here I believe the people will overthrow the government. That is what sets us apart. We are a free people and we desire to stay a free people. Free healthcare as a draw is a dream. It didnt work, it’s not free and the cost is far too excessive. Nothing is free. Someone will pay for free healthcare. And Joe I thought would be in the lead. I was very surprised. I am hoping that even the democrats are saying enough is enough.
    Either way, TRUMP WILL WIN IN 2020.

    • I am not suprised at Pelosi tearing up the speech. What else does anyone think an old worn out has been like her would do, she is mentality unbalanced. She thinks she is God’s gift to the House and she thinks she has the right to make a FOOL out of herself, which she does every tme she opens her mouth. What a rude awakening she has coming, the old devil has a place for her and I bet it will be a hot one…

  13. We the citizens need to clean house in the Democratic Congress and Senate by voting all these Democrats out of office not just in the White House but in every state and city!!! We have been infiltrated by nothing but communists in the Democratic party and these communists have also infiltrated our judicial system, our schools, our media!!! All these things we would of never thought possible but it has turned into facts that we have been infiltrated and a lot of citizens have really been brained washed by these communists!!!

  14. Imagine if you will, should Biden win. The violence that DEMOcRATS would initiate if he is treated as badly as Trump is. The remarks of racist and haters as well as whatever other denigrating remarks they would come up with. As well as whatever law’s they could come up with to shut up those that don’t agree with them.

  15. Please forgive Der Fuhrer Pelosi, she had already missed the lynching of a President, and due to the length of Trump’s speech, she was late for a book burning highlighted by burning the Amerrikanner Constitutions and Bills of Rights. We apologize most deeply as der Fuhrer Pelosi also suffers the woman pains which she does for the love of women’s world wide. When will you verdamnt Amerrikanners wake and realize her love for herself even greater than the love she has for the entire nation of slaves she owns. If God were to destroy Amerrika before sunset, Fuhrer would miss one minute of sleep

  16. What is treason? Are not the majority of democrats traitors to this country? What is the punishment for treason? Big or little, there should be no exceptions for the punishment of this crime. Starting with Nancy and going down the line, they should all be brought to justice for being traitors. Sound to severe, see what the law says! Apply it!!
    A very disturbed American for what has been going on for the last 3 years!

    • I so agree with you David, but how can we do it? Hillary has her crimes all laid out and still she is not prosecuted, so what can we do? I think Polosi should be prosecuted for destroying government document , but will she? Probably not, and WHY not?

  17. The House of Representatives has become a dishonorable, shameful, house of clowns. IMPEACHING the president for being president and furthering the attempt to overthrow the United Sates Government to hide their corruption.

  18. I was an Independent voter until the whole circus the democrats put on. I have always voted for the best person no matter the party. However, I am now a registered Republican. I decided I needed to get in to the fight to save democracy. Never have I seen a group of people filled with so much hatred they can’t even see straight. I have not always liked President Trump’s comments but after serving 10 years in the Marines and for my love of Country I support and defend my President, whoever it happens to be. I voted for President Trump in the last election because there was no way I could vote for hillary after the lives lost in Benghazi and all of her crooked ways. With that being said it’s hard for me to understand why the great American Democrat voters of this country support people like Pelosi and Schiff. Until Democrats put their best people forward, people with values, they will continue to lose ground in this Country. I know people will attack me for my post but I have been in the service of my Country for the last 30 years and I dont need to prove how patriotic I am nor do I care what un American people think! God save our Country!

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you. We need people to stand up for what this country stands for. Thank you so much for your service.

    • Hello Mark,
      First of all, I would like to say a BIG thank you for serving our country!!! After reading your post I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts!!!! The DEMS are a disgrace to this country and what Pelosi did by disrespecting the State of the Union of President Trump’s speech by ripping up his speech was absolutely disrespectful to our country and all the wonderful things that people have done that he presented during his speech.

    • Mark, thank you for serving our country without partisanship for 30+ years and 6 Commander in Chiefs. What courage you display in your prose. On this blog you will never be attacked for you post. Thousands and maybe millions of former Democrat and Independent voters are switching their life-long commitment to identifying as a Democrat. Nov 8, 2020 will show these results of change in mindset. It may take another election cycle for California, Oregon, Washington, New York, and most of the Northeast states to come to their senses about the “do nothing Democrats”. Welcome aboard my fellow American to the reality of taking back our country from the Socialist/Communist views of the far-left Democrat party. MAGA/Keep America Great Trump 2020

  19. It should not be a shock to anyone knowing what Pelosi is all about. She is a despicable, satan-possessed person and does not deserve being Speaker of the House…she needs to be impeached!!! She is the type of person who is so into themselves and is unfortunately an “idiot”!!!! President Trump should clean house and get rid of all these demoncrats!!! Pelosi, Schumer, bull-Schiff, Nadler..the whole bunch! To make the job complete…get rid of the Clintons, Obummers…all the demon-possessed people! We thank God for President Trump and all that he has done. He is the best president we have ever had! May God continue to bless he and his family…and cabinet!

    • Hello Sharon,
      I agree 100% Pelosi and Schiff needs to goooooo! They need to be Impeached!!!!!!
      Trump for 2020 4 more years!!!!!

  20. We knew what the Dems were. We have been praying thatt time would reveal the truth to the rest of American. Our prayers have been answered! Thank you Jesus and thank God for President Trump. He is perhaps the only president to truly be willing to serve and work for ALL of the people.

  21. I feel the Democrats involved should be arrested for abuse of power (trying to force action in their favor by not doing the work of the people for three+ years; and obstruction of Congress by lying. The Democrats NEED to get back to work. Their own party members are coming out against them. Maybe We The People NEED a body of people who considers us first, and lining their pockets last, and various shades of doing for US instead of them.

  22. The Democrats with Pelosi and Schiff at the lead have now ended the party ! It’s all over but the shouting for them. Of all the hate filled and mentally deficient things she has done over the years, this person has handed President Trump his second term in a silver platter! God bless America and God bless our President!

  23. America wake up. These Communist are going to destroy our way of life. It time to stand up and elect people to Congress that do not worry about party affiliation but worry about God and the United States of America.

    TRUMP 2020 and KICK the Communist out OUR Government

    • She also needs to go to detox for a few years, I think she was sedated or there is something very bsd going on between her two ears, like maybe a empty space that needs to be looked into to see if there could be something
      missing , like her brain. Just a suggestion!

  24. In one instant pelosi single handedly destroyed the demonrats and a close second in this debacle is the lying schifty schiff if this is the cream of the crop for all other demos to look up to your thru bye bye former speaker and former intel chairman eat the GOP dust Hooray for America and for our President Donald Trump and the next 4 years. Thank You God


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