You Won’t Believe The Signs Baylor University Put Out At 9/11 Memorial Display

(Liberty Bell) – It’s no secret that liberals have overtaken higher education in America and they literally ruin everything. Our flag should instill a sense of pride and respect in all American citizens especially on the anniversary of one of the worst terror attacks on American soil. The memory of those killed on 9/11 should never be diminished and our love for America should never be stifled yet that is exactly the kind of thing leftists engage in.

The liberals in charge at Baylor University took it upon themselves to place trigger warning signs on a campus 9/11 display flagging it as “sensitive content.” The display has been put on for several years by the Young Conservatives of Texas, Baylor chapter in a prominent area of the campus but, naturally, in woke 2020 some students are too “sensitive” to handle the patriotic display in remembrance of those who lost their lives on 9/11.

The Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) said this in a press release sent to the Daily Caller News Foundation:

For several years, the Young Conservatives of Texas at Baylor have carried the tradition of setting up a 9/11 memorial on Baylor’s campus. 2,977 American flags line Fountain Mall every year to honor the victims and first responders who lost their lives during the tragic terror attacks against the United States. The memorial traditionally only includes flags and no signage or political messaging. Every year we do our best to ensure that this event is about America not politics.

Upon our initial request to place the memorial this year, we made it clear to Baylor Student Activities that this was not a political event. Less than 24 hours before the event, Baylor Student Activities informed us they would need to place “expression activity” signs near the flags.

Baylor Student Activities placed a sign that read; “Please be advised: sensitive content”. These signs amount to nothing short of a trigger warning for an event that should unite all Americans.

As Baylor students, this is incredibly saddening for us to see. 9/11 is a day that we can forget our political identities and come together to remember those who died and celebrate the triumph of our nation over evil. We ask that the University formally apologize to the Baylor community for displaying the signs at our memorial in order to assert their commitment to the victims of 9/11.

“The Young Conservatives of Texas at Baylor are highly disappointed in Baylor’s conduct in this matter. We have consistently proven that we are dedicated to conducting a respectful and apolitical 9/11 memorial and have never even asked to put our name with this event,” Baylor YCT Chair Jake Neidert further told the DCNF.

“At the end of the day, Young Conservatives of Texas stands for Principles over Party, and today Baylor made a 9/11 memorial out to be a sensitive partisan and political event. Memorializing 9/11 isn’t political or sensitive, it’s distinctly American,” Neidert added.

In response the University said, “Baylor University fully supports the 9/11 display of American flags depicting the thousands of lives lost as a result of the attacks that took place 19 years ago,” the school told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Out of reverence for the exhibit of flags and in knowing that its moving symbolism could evoke a wide range of emotions, signage was placed near the display notifying those who passed by of its potential impact.”

“We regret that the signage we used has taken away from the intent of the display and apologize for any misunderstanding this may have caused,” the statement continued.

At least they apologized but the signs never should have been placed at the display to begin with.


  1. Have news for you guys, it’s not just Baylor. It used to be that MOST of the nuts were @ Stanford or Berkely. NOW they are all over the place.In the 60’s it was SDS & Black Panthers. In the 70’s it was MOVE out of Philly, & Angela Davis out of California. Then came Joanne Chesimard ( ?Assata Shakur?) who killed a N.J. Trooper , fled to Cuba & is still alive & well. These animals are all Marxist Communists who are imbedded in college campuses & ARE brainwashing any kid who really doesn’t know any better. Too boot parents are paying these creeps to do it! For a conservative college try Hillsdale or some small rinky-dink college where kids can get an education, learn something & THEN “figure out” whether they like air conditioned dorms or would rather live on food stamps.

  2. Since when did the American Flag become “sensitive” to American citizens? whoever is that “sensitive” is attending, teaching, etc. in the wrong place in the wrong country. Why attend college in a place you find too offensive, especially if the major and courses taken are available anywhere

  3. What kind of sillyazz woke morons are running Baylor University? These people are nothing but simple minded tunnel visioned sheep. This is supposed to be an institution of “higher learning”, not political indoctrination.

  4. Sad days, this isn’t the Baylor I remember from the ’70’s. They used to be a very conservative Baptist University.
    It is sad to see what was once a bastion of conservative Christian values go down the drain.

    • Checkout Harvard, started by Godly men and women. In 1923 a Communist was boasting that they would infiltrate our schools and universities in order to fill America’s youth with Marxist propaganda, this is just one of his boasts that have come to pass. “A Racial Program For The Twentieth Century” by Israel Cohen. this book is now called a hoax, yet the program/plan has and is coming to pass like a well planned blueprint of destruction, Snopes and other disinformation pro-Marxists liars try to sell this as just coincidental. How many threats must come to pass before the threats cannot be coincidences, I’m certain this book has more than enough.

  5. Waco has a problem with left wing TV stations also. The entire region is subjected to fake and doctored news content. Covid scare tactics are a big thing with them.

  6. This simply goes to show that there’s NOTHING PATRIOTIC left in this country that those “woke” Marxists and other meddling minions won’t screw around with! It’s long since PAST TIME for a little “payback,” perhaps with a little “bonus” thrown in for good measure!

  7. Baylor should hire Bernie’s wife to run the school. In a few years Baylor will shut the doors for lack of funds while Bernie and his wife go buy another house.

    • That low-life Stalinist scum has lived off the taxpayers all his sorry life, only brain dead “Useful Idiots” would want this evil man running this country, that’s the kind of people that make up the Communist party today AKA the Democrat party.

  8. Perhaps cutting all federal, state, and local grants for such an egregious act of anti free speech would get the attention of the Baylor “suits.” When respect & religion are lost in such highly regarded institutions of the past, it’s time for us working class people to declare ENOUGH!

  9. If someone is that fragile, they should have had a little more boowaaing in prep school. Trying to make an American flag or pledge of allegiance not part of a memorial is flat out insanity. That school of lower living has certainly tipped their hand.

  10. If the display of our flag or flags offends anyone in the US they only need to leave.
    “COLORS” as we refer to it in the military is a symbol pride and our respect for the country and nation for which it stands. As Stated: If this flag or flags in a memory display for 9/11 offends anyone then they need to take their “sensitive” buts elsewhere. You damn right it is “sensitive” but not offensive and does not need to be explained or apologized for.
    Folks a lot of people have died for that flag and our freedom and for what it stands..
    If you have an issue with our flag then I have have an issue you.
    This crap is getting way out of control. .

  11. Unfortunately more higher learning institutions are caving to a few students. If this display offends anyone it their problem and not the schools. These schools need to develop a back bone and not given to these outlandish ideas.
    I say it should continue without any signs if someone has a problem ,don’t look at it,don’t go on campus that day and let the rest of us pay our respects to those that perished.

    • These people running the universities today were propagandized by Marxist in their days as students, they pretty much have taken over our so-called educational system. Today the students that are God loving, patriotic Americans are looked upon as Weird, Racist, Fascists and everything and anything but the type of people that make a country great. The Scriptures paint a clear picture of what most people will be like in the “Latter Days” In the Book of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 Jesus tells us again of evil men that He had harsh words for when He was on this earth, these men today hold that same Ideology that worship Satan, this same ideology was conceived back in ancient Babylon and passed down from generation to generation. Satan offered Jesus wealth and kingdoms if Jesus would worship him, notice Jesus didn’t say they are Not yours to give. Jesus said that Satan was the prince/god of this evil world (for now) and of course he has his limits. as the Book of Job tells us that. The goal of these Satan worshipers is “World Conquest” they really believe they will rule with Satan, they control the world pretty much now by all the wealth they’ve been given. One can research what I’ve stated here,by using both Biblical and Secular history, in the 800s AD is where the Book of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 comes into play. I have never heard any preachers talk about this very important subject, some do but they are far and few. I think they are afraid of being called anti-Semite, again this is where Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 comes into play, these people are Not Jews nor Semites for that matter.


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