Yet Another Clue That Biden’s Vote Totals Are Completely Fake: How Is This Even Possible?

(Liberty Bell) – We are told that former Vice President Joe Biden received more votes for president in 2020 than any other candidate in history.

This guy was a career politician who failed two presidential campaigns in the past—and he had to wait decades for the second run since he dropped out of the first due to plagiarism.

There was little enthusiasm for the elderly establishment candidate who was followed by a cloud of alleged corruption so thick that it only increased public interest when Big Tech censored stories about it and the mainstream media refused to report about it.

Yet we’re told that he had record voting turnout?

How is this even possible?

The Gateway Pundit is shedding new light on the fact that Biden got a record low number of counties in the United States—only 16%.

President Donald Trump retweeted this:

Biden won fewer countries than former President Barack Obama:

Biden had tiny crowds, no enthusiasm, and he won fewer counties than Barack Obama, who had historic turnout and was wildly popular at the time.

As TGP has reported previously, Biden supposedly got more votes than there are registered voters in the United States to justify that kind of turnout:

Highest voter turnout in over half a century:

TGP tested Binney’s math and found the same thing.

If there are 213.8 million registered voters in the U.S. and 66.2% of them voted in 2020, that would be 141.5 million voters who voted in the 2020 election.

If 74 million of those voters checked the box for Trump, that leaves just 67.5 million votes for Biden.

This means that as many as 13 million votes were likely fraudulent.

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  1. IT’s time too take out “BIG TECH” , They are the ENEMY WITHIN, they need too be charged with “TREASON”, our only problem is that “BIG TECH” , owns these CRIMINAL POLITICIANS and JUDGES !

  2. Why is nobody being arrested for treason?
    Have we become so numb in our brains that we can’t even reason things out?
    Has hatred for the man overwhelmed us so that we can’t see the writing on the wall?
    Look at his accomplishments ask yourself are you better off than under Obama who gave the country away and said the jobs are gone and they ain’t coming back
    I don’t have a magic wand maybe he does
    I guess he did cause the jobs came back and factories came back etc.
    Some of you who think higher taxes destruction of the constitutional, the Supreme Court higher restrictions on fuel oil 1 car per household attacks on your second amendment and loss of civil and constitution rights is fine
    Looks and sounds like socialism/communism and fascism all rolled into one
    How could be have been so blind
    Hitler started by taking away your guns so the people’s couldn’t defend themselves and then your rights
    Think about what we’re losing

  3. Wyoming has a population of 549,000 and 187 counties, New York has a population of 19 million and 62 counties. South Dakota has 62 counties and a smaller population than New York’s Westchester County. The number of counties won is hardly a significant statistic. People were enthusiastic to get rid of the Trump, only the false Christians seem to like a man who is ignorant, incompetent and a rapist.

    • Oh boy its you again. The guy who votes for the sniffers of coke and hair. Come on now stop by a different site to spew your garbage. You are the ignorant one who has been lied to. I understand that you don’t like the man but you can’t make things up that suit your agenda. You look at the things that he has done to make our country better then we were before. Yes he could use some public speaking classes and some tact for sure but the economy was very good before corona and it was not with the president before him and don’t even try to make excuses for it either because no one is buying it. Now troll elsewhere dummy.

    • Mike W gives an interesting non-answer to R. Philipson’s perfectly reasonable points. My forte is more foreign policy than domestic and I’ve paid a lot of attention to Iran policy in particular. Trump’s policy there has been a complete and utter disaster! The US has achieved far less than merely nothing, we’re in worse shape than we were n January 2017!

    • You are full of fake news…and lies…you must be A real dumb person to believe what you are repeating…I feel sorry for you and people like you , who are brainwashed by the media, like you are !!!

    • your hate makes you a useful idiot for the CCP…. over 10million illegal votes as well as vote flipping is why DJT will be seated as our next president and BIDEN will be in GITMO for treason along with the rest of this swamp that tried to steal this election

  4. We know there were about 13 million fraudulent votes. The election should be overturned immediately. LIKE YESTERDAY. Any fool with half a brain knows that the democrats AKA communists stole this election.

  5. Let’s see how many votes are in Georgia and then compare with Presidential election votes . That should tell us who cheated. Common sense . Democrats or Republican

  6. The democrat AKA Communist AKA deep state bastards are just like cock roaches, they are everywhere. We absolutely must stop these slugs at any cost.

  7. If Biden gets away with this, I doubt we will have another election, besides Harris will become president soon as they retire Biden, his handlers made sure he chose the most dangerous .


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