Yet Again, Leftists Targeting Trump New Hampshire Rally With This Dirty Trick

(Liberty Bell) – That awkward moment when your guy is so unpopular, you have to try to rig the other guy’s rallies just to cover for the fact that his base is stronger than ever.

Oh, poor Biden supporters.

All those polls that Democrats look toward to try to claim that their presumptive nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, will win November’s general election start to look rather laughable when you consider that leftists are trying to rig Trump’s rally sign-ups to give the impression that he’s less popular than he is.

Just the News reports that a left-wing political group and individuals are using social media to try to rally anti-Trumpers to reserve tickets for the president’s upcoming rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

In August of last year, the president hosted a lively, well-attended rally in the battleground state.

“Get your tickets and don’t go,” wrote one Twitter user on Monday.

The rally is scheduled for this Saturday, his second after a June rally in Tulsa.

Ahead of that rally, as you may recall, Chinese-owned TikTok users perpetuated a campaign to reserve tickets that would have otherwise been claimed by Trump supporters.

When the rally had a smaller-than-expected turnout, the left claimed victory, without considering the facts.

Setting aside completely the fact that users of a social media network that has long been suspected of conveying private data to the Chinese government, the rally was actually first-come, first-serve so, as is often the case with Trump rallies, his supporters would have showed up even without reserved tickets.

The rally was the first since widespread coronavirus shutdowns and came in the midst of ongoing civil unrest in several major American cities.

So it’s far more likely that these far more significant factors contributed to the smaller crowd sizes, rather than tickets reserved by people who weren’t going to show up.

Nonetheless, they’re trying the same tactic for NH.

Do they not realize that this signals desperation and a willingness to actually rig the election rather than honestly win it?

“If you have two minutes of your day to troll the president….Reserve two tickets and laugh knowing that’s two seats not filled,” another Twitter user instructed fellow Trump-haters.

“Just booked 2 tickets to Trump’s rally in NH that I won’t be going to,” bragged another.

Another person encouraged his followers to sign up for the tickets using “incorrect information” but to use a real phone number.

Just the News also notes:

A liberal Facebook group called Blue Revolution, which has more than 60,000 members, posted the RSVP link for Trump’s rally scheduled for Saturday and encouraged its members to reserve spots.

“You know what to do,” the post reads. “Get couple tickets, comment ‘DONE’ below.”

A TikTok user posted a video on Monday about reserving tickets to the upcoming rally with graphics that read, “Make Trump sad again” and “Lets troll Trump like we did with the Tulsa rally!!!”


  1. By trying to stop the rally or the number attending the rally is such a childish game. These people are all mentally deranged and will stoop at nothing to try to keep trumps people from attending. Is this what they are going to do on eleection day to keep Trump voters away/. Then it won’t be a fair election. The Democrats are capable of doing anything to win. They wont stop. So possibly the National Guard needs to be called out to protect the Rally people and in Nov. to guarantee that “ALL” voters get the right to vote. The Dems have not changed in over the 150 years of the KKK. THEY DONT CARE HOW THEY WIN, ONLY THAT THEY WIN NO MATTER WHAT.

  2. There is no limit on how many tickets can be reserved. The left is just wasting its time. We just have to hope the people that show up aren’t prevented by protesters from getting in. And that the staff letting them in don’t leave early like what happened in Tulsa!

  3. The arena in Tulsa holds 18,000 people, so why were there a million tickets “sold” if a ticket was required to attend? I had tickets to a Trump rally and the gate keepers did not even want to see them.

    • The tickets are FREE. The purpose of ordering is so accomodations for crowd size , an the amount on signs an posters., to provide. Silly people… TRUMP 2020b

  4. I would be surprised if the Trump hasn’t effected a good shake-up of his “advance team,” whose job it is to ensure that the President’s supporters show up outside and then have access to the rally.

  5. The Democrats/Liberals/Progressives/“Left” aren’t screwing anyone but THEMSELVES! Let them laugh now because they will all be weeping bitter tears come November when Trump blows away their senile, doddering old fool of a candidate! At least, Trump will win in an HONEST election!

    • Well it won’t be an honest election on the democrats part, they will lie, cheat and try to steal this election! And when Trump wins again they will scream we cheated! Also expect more charges and impeachment attempts against Trump no matter what he does for the next four years of his term.

  6. This doesn’t make any sense since having a ticket doesn’t guarantee a seat due to the event being first come, first served. Plus there is rarely a limited number of tickets as they always overbook knowing there are no shows. By booking tickets they profess to be supporters of Donald Trump and give credence to his numbers even though they are false numbers. So all this is just backfiring on the the Leftists to say the least. Not to mention the fact that people, lots of them, are still showing up for his rallies in spite of all this. What do the Left actually have to show for their rallies???? Dismal showings that they claim is due the Virus but yet the Protests sure have a lot of mopes in them…. How come they don’t show up at their political rallies????? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  7. Make them pay immediately or don’t book! Other companies do this all the time. Then only those who pay get to come. Ive never heard of this before the rally he held 3 weeks ago. This should Never be an issue to book and not pay. They must enter credit card info with the 3 digit code as proof, and hold them responsible for the cost, show or no show. If this is still an issue by the weekend, if seats aren’t filled by 30 minutes before the show, new ones can be purchased at the gate. Better yet,no presales. Show up and pay at the gate.

    • Tickets are FREE. Rallies are always overbooked. Prank only reveals that only childish supporters would vote for a brain dead candidate.Turds of a feather vote together.

  8. It’s a shame that this is what the young people consider participation! No wonder the Chinese & Russians are so confident that America will collapse under its own Public Education stupidity and they will only have to “pick the bones”! So glad I’m in my 70s and will be gone before it becomes a full reality. If you love your Grandkids and Great Grandkids, move your assets and help them get a second passport!

    • I agree with you completely, I, am also in my 70s and will be gone before the far-left’s communist America becomes a dreadful reality. I am afraid for my daughter’s and grandkids for their futures. If the Democrats win in November, I am seriously thinking about moving to Mexico. I have two high school friends, one who lives there permanently, and a second one that has a home in Mexico, and one Arizona. The first one has dual citizenship, and speaks almost fluent Spanish, with the help of his Mexican Wife, that he met in Virginia Beach, before they moved back to her home country. Small world, but he loves it there and the cost of living is must lower than where I am in Florida, and he says the Medical care there is great. He’s close enough to the US Border, he can travel to the United States if necessary.

    • what you and William are missing is if America Falls then the world falls! There will be no safe country to move to! This is going global! What is happening in America is happening all over the world. The One World Order is what the Marxist Left are racing towards, The people of the World are waking up to their night mare as well.

  9. If those that sign up to come and then not come, beyond time it is said to be full, warn next to signup that it is full and they might not get in, but then they might if those signed up do not show by Tim´it should start, let the others in.

    • Problem was, many people were given wrong information and shut out when they attended the Tulsa Rally and had to turn back. It was all calculated by the Liberals. No Screeners could change it. I spoke to a couple of women that had this problem, no matter where they went they were given the wrong information. Those the spoke to later had the same experiences.

  10. I like those ideas. Just don’t charge too much and make it clear that a full refund can be claimed on site where a cash reimbursement or refund to credit card would be given! Make it easy for our supporters but anything we do in that regard would be too bothersome for the lazy libraturds who only wish to exercise their fingers or their mouths!!! TRUMP/PENCE 2020

  11. Democrats are disgusting, evil criminals. They want what they want and if they can’t earn it or win it, they’re perfectly happy to steal it. They have a candidate who can’t speak without drooling on himself, who doesn’t know where he is most of the time and can’t quite remember what office he’s running for. What to do? If you are a Democrat there is only one answer and that is to deny the opposing fellow of any opportunity to converse with his base: you get the social media to shut him down; you stop televising his press conferences (because, you know he offers only misinformation); you interfere with his campaign rallies; and, just to be sure you have covered all the bases, you try to get mail in ballots approved so you can elevate voter fraud to unheard of levels. The Democrats call this winning fair and square. I wonder what they’ll call the civil war they are advocating for.

    • several Mayors and council Democrats are being busted and arrested for voter fraud and for other crimes. Justice is prevailing, it is just none of the news people want to tell us about it. Type Council members arrested in your browser, you will see several just in the last couple of months.

    • and Ocasio is so stupid she actually admitted to it by tweeting at the President that he was “rocked…” played for the fool. She does not realize that her own constituents read her tweets and may not approve of this cheating and mean behavior! People will see that it is out of their Desperation and lack of confidence in their own Candidate Brain for soup Biden!
      The DEMS are going to be Rocked in November, The National guard will have to be deployed just to keep them from burning down the entire country.

  12. Yes. Charge for tickets. Reimburse those who actually attend. Keep the donations from the opposition that doesn’t show up. Gee, thanks for the donations dumbocrats!

  13. Is there no limit to how low the democrats will stoop? They need to be arrested. If you get tickets and don’t go to the rally you will arrested for FRAUD. They are so afraid of this President exposing all the crooked things they have done and if he doesn’t do one other thing I hope he will do this and make them pay. They are totally responsible for the riots, destruction and murders that have taken place the last month. Is that who you want running our great country?

  14. Dumbasses – the rallies are first come first served and trumpets have always formed lines days ahead of a rally. Biden can’t fill a classroom let alone a stadium.

    • It’s actually a plus the Joe is not in touch with reality. Can you imagine how stupid and hopeless he would feel if he truly understood that the ONLY way they can keep Trump supporters down is to lie and cheat?!?!?!?!? Poor Joe!

    • Initially Biden agreed to Three debates with the President, now his campaign is saying No debates bc of COVID! Why wasn’t I surprised! Trump would pulverize Biden in a debate, it would be like taking candy from a baby!
      Man I would love to see that! It would be better than any show on TV! Pure entertainment!

    • Soros has lots of $100s…him and Muslim Brotherhood are funding the entire thing! Riots, campaigns, Media, all of it!


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