Wow: Unhinged Reactions To RGB’s Death Flood The Internet…This Is Scary

(Liberty Bell) – There was a time, not too long ago, when it was generally considered uncouth to reveal one’s unhinged, raw emotion and expect others to accept this outpouring of feelings as a valid reaction to, say, the death of a Supreme Court Justice.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away on Friday, and it was pretty extraordinary how few people took the time, before diving into the obvious political pontification, to actually pay a simple tribute to her life and legacy and offer prayers for her family.

No, unhinged liberals not only freaked out, they actually apparently thought it was valid to make videos of themselves freaking out and share it with the world.

Just a tip: if you want anyone to take you seriously, maybe freak out privately, gather your thoughts, and then share your reaction with your social media followers.

One extreme example of this hysterical reaction (and make no mistake, these people didn’t dearly love RGB. They’re freaking out because she could be replaced with a conservative) was a woman who not only has no tact as far as her social media content, but little regard for the lives of other drivers, as she appears to have been screaming hysterically while driving and filming a video for TikTok.

“Holy f—ing sh–, you guys!” the woman, named Amy on Twitter, where she posted her video, screeched.

“I’m driving in a car but I just got a notification that Ruth Bader Ginsburg died!” she shouted, looking at the phone’s camera (eyes on the road, lady!)

“F—! Can this year get any f—ing worse?!” she screamed, shaking and gripping the wheel of her car.

“Ruth! You just had to make it to 2021!” she bemoaned, screaming further.

Just consider that she actually took the time to film this and then cross-post on Twitter. Like, she really thought this was how her social media followers should see her.

Naturally, Twitter users weighed in on poor Amy’s unhinged freak-out.

It’s not just irresponsible drivers with no self-awareness who took to Twitter with disturbing content.

After Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vowed that Trump’s nominee to replace Ginsburg will be voted on, psychotic leftists vowed violence against him.

President Donald Trump, meanwhile, was PURE CLASS.

While the radical left threatened law-abiding Americans.


  1. I have said it before and I will again. All the threats above about burning the country to the ground and a war. I was born and raised in Texas and now live in North Louisiana, both in the south. You best stay up north in your liberal Democratic weak ass states. You bring that crap down here and you just may find you don’t want to play in this stadium. A little secret for you. We have a way of taking care of our own. Throw bricks and sticks at Law Enforcement, businesses, and people down here you may not like what comes back. You can protest and march any time you want. Call us Rednecks and Cowboys or whatever. That is fine. Just don’t get up in our face and tell me you going burn my business or home or whip my ass. We do buy “Wolf Tickets” down here. If you don’t know what that means then come try selling one. May want to check first. Just being friendly Ya’ll. Have a good day.. BTW- Trump 2020.

  2. the problem the left has with the Constitution is the FACT that it is a LIVING, BREATHING, HEALTHY DOCUMENT!

    Their intent is to MURDER THE CONSTITUTION in OUR SLEEP and while WE, THE PEOPLE aren’t keeping a close eye on them.

    Their constant “the Constitution is a living document and we can change it anytime we want” has been proven false for decades, they just haven’t noticed… yet

  3. Mr. President, CRUSH these godless minions of the Left like the insects and vermin they are now and have always been! ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

  4. If anybody is terrified and scared of these nitwits, then why don’t you go be one of them, yourselves? It’s them who are terrified, and you want us to be like them? Sorry, but I know right from wrong and I’ve never been scared of a bunch of terrified Leftists who don’t know what they’re going to do next and all they got are empty threats.

    • Craig – unfortunately all of their threats are not empty. Look how many billions of dollars of damage their current crop of ‘peaceful protests(tm)’ has already caused. Even the WA compost said that unless slow joe ‘wins’ in a landslide there WILL be even more of what the leftists have been doing for the past four months.

  5. Let the left liberal babies cry, whine, shout, try to burn, etc if they think that is right but everyone including them know it will do no good at all! They have only succeeded at destroying black, white, latino, asian, etc lives by destroying their business/property, which shows their childish tantrums that only hurt democratic led cities/towns/states! They have shown nothing but unruly behavior that will cost billions to rebuild these places but the mayors/governors are to blame for letting them do these things and also have the blood of every person murdered on their hands! The Lord may be the only Judge and Jury they ever face but they will get their just reward!! VOTE REPUBLICAN 2020 AND SAVE AMERICA FROM THESE TERRORIST BECAUSE THEY WILL BE GONE AFTER THE ELECTION OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!!

  6. At some point Americans will get tired of their tantrums on society. The sleeping giants of America will awake and bring back consequences for their uncivil behaviors.

  7. Go for it Mr President it’s legal they try to shut the country we are going to stand up for America the silent majority has had enough

  8. How can anyone keep this facade up without truly being disturbed. Freud would have a hayday with so many mental midgets to brain scan in a padded lab. Probes would have to be installed in unorthodox sites.

  9. The left depends upon the SCOTUS to write their laws they can’t get passed in Congress.
    They are terrified Trump will get a Constitutionalist to replace RBG (a living document ideologist). They do not want a more conservative court. They want a liberal court.
    RBG will be interred on Monday, Trump will nominate her replacement on Tuesday, the circus will open on Wednesday.
    Combine the nomination with the upcoming election and all the demons have promised, I expect a civil war.

    • Good people will be forced to weight the value of a screaming Marxist Socialist liberal over the sanctity of the nation. They may be forced to confront the value of the lives of their children and family, over petulant liberals who are hell-bent on destroying the country; and who might do anything to anyone who gets in their way.
      It’s sad to think about, but conservatives may end up taking arms against their neighbors.


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