Wounded War Hero Scorches Left For Exploiting His Image To Spread This Lie About Trump

(Liberty Bell) – You know what’s more disgusting than spreading unsubstantiated garbage about the President of the United States disparaging fallen war heroes?

Exploiting living war heroes to further this baseless slander.

Wounded Iraq war hero Bobby Henline has slammed leftists as “scum” for using his image to promote the unverified, anonymously-sourced apparent brazen lie that President Trump had called fallen WWI heroes “losers.”

A retired Army staff sergeant and Purple Heart recipient, Henline served four tours in Iraq and suffered severe burns on over 40% of his body during a roadside bombing during one of his deployments.

A leftist outlet used his photo to capitalize on the salacious rumor of Trump’s 2018 comments published by The Atlantic last week (and refuted by several of Trump’s associates and even those he has had friction with, like John Bolton and General Kelly).

“He didn’t call me a loser, so this has got to stop. Stop using my image! That’s my face. I’m here to tell you, it’s not true,” Henline declared.

He specifically called out Occupy Democrats, who used his photo without his permission to push this lie.

“These idiots used my photo without my permission,” Henline said. “They took advantage of a wounded veteran! That’s what they did. They’re out there posting this stuff all over Facebook, using my image. I’m done. You’re low lives. You’re scum! Take it down.”

It’s almost laughable that this is the lie the left would try to push about Trump, who has gone above and beyond to show his obviously genuine appreciation for the troops. He has long been credited with being a breath of fresh air to our men and women in uniform after eight years of Obama.

As BizPac Review explains:

The left-wing Atlantic magazine claimed that in 2018, Trump had mocked fallen U.S. troops in World War I France as “losers” and “suckers” and that he had canceled a visit to a military cemetery because he didn’t want to get hair wet.

The majority owner of the Atlantic is Biden supporter Laurene Powell Jobs (Steve Jobs’ widow). This year, Laurene donated more than $500,000 to Biden’s campaign.

A dozen current and former Trump administration officials went on the record to rubbish the claims.

Even former National Security Advisor John Bolton — a vocal Trump critic — shot down the tabloid gossip. Bolton said if it had been true, he would have included that juicy anecdote in his anti-Trump book.

Meanwhile, check out how Joe Biden responded to an Amerian veteran who called him out back in March:

“My friends are dead because of your policies!” the Air Force veteran said to Biden during a campaign event in Oakland. “We are wondering why we should vote for someone who voted for a war and enabled a war that killed thousands of our brothers and sisters? Their blood is on your hands!”

After briefly appearing to try to bicker with the veteran, Biden, who is notorious for getting angry at voters who challenge him in the slightest, turned his back on this hero.



    • Trump has insulted troops numerous times as the cowardly draft dodger even insulted John McCain, 5+ years a POW, when he was healthy, dying and even after his death. Trump is also a traitor trying to fix two elections and you are as well supporting the mobster.

  1. The Democrats as defenders of our Armed Forces heroes is a REALLY tough fit. We’re talking the Party that (1) collaborated with the Soviet Union and its allies to sell out Southeast Asia, (2) gave us the “hollow Army” of the Carter administration, (3) impoverished our military through the “procurement holiday” of the Clinton administration,
    (4) handed a major part of our uranium sources to the Russians during the Obama administration, (5) let ISIS establish a whole “caliphate,” (6) rolled over for the Red Chinese for eight years, …

  2. Mr Bobby Henline sincere appreciation for your service. Can’t thank our military enough for your courage to put your life on the line to keep all of us Americans safe. We would never be a great country without our awesome military. God Bless you always.

  3. Looks to me like this guy could sue the dummycrat who used his picture without his permission. I know, some people are going to say the worthless scumbag probably doesn’t have any real money to sue out of him. But then the dummycrat could go get the money from his buddy, George Soros.

  4. As usual the liberal Democratic Party has stooped to a record low. They will always be known as the scum of the earth. Liberals are the ones who have no respect no emotion towards our military. Men and women sacrificing their lives for our country but it means absolutely nothing to the left. Scums of the earth the liberal left will always be. President Trump has always given his respect and feels honored to have the best military in the world. He has praised them diligently for their bravery and strength, and will always be grateful to all branches of our military. Vote Red, Vote Trump/Pence 2020 let’s get our country back!!! Making and Keeping America the Best!!!

  5. “Vote this Individual in the White House and it will be called the “Shit House”! He should be in GITMO with the entire FISA Insurrectionists” making a deal with China and the Ukraine with authorized visits with Obama! Quote me on this one!

  6. Creepy Joe Turned His Back On Him Just Like He Did On The Rest Of Our Troops !!! Besides , This Guy Would Have Whipped/Kicked His Little Twat/@$$ Out The Door !!!


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