Woah! Did Eric Holder Just Throw Joe Biden Under The Bus?

(Liberty Bell) – As the Democratic establishment continues to navigate how to pretend they’re feminists who believe all women and also somehow believe Joe Biden never sexually assaulted a woman who has a highly credible story that he sexually assaulted her, it seems that loyalties are beginning to wear thin.

Some members of the establishment have decided to practice consistency and are sticking to the party line that was once so sacred to them that we ought to “believe all women” and that allegations of sexual assault must be taken seriously.

But let’s face it, most of them are big, fat hypocrites and always have been.

They only care about sexual assault if they can blame a Republican for it. When it comes to Joe Biden or Bill Clinton, suddenly they’re all about due process.

Eric Holder seems to be trying to somehow walk this line between taking sexual assault accounts seriously and finding a way to still defend Joe Biden somehow.

During Friday’s broadcast of Real Time with Bill Maher, former Obama attorney general and his self-professed “wingman,” Holder, who is apparently not so loyal to Biden, claimed that while Trump supporters are trying to “fan this thing,” that all allegations should be taken seriously.

“Well, I mean, it’s interesting that the people who are trying to fan this thing are the very people who support Donald Trump, and of course, who say nothing about allegations that have been raised, I think very credibly against Trump for a number of women over a great — a long period of time,” he said.

“I mean, all of these allegations have to be taken seriously, people who raise them should be treated sensitively,” he continued.

“I’ve known Joe Biden for 20, 25 years, what has been described is inconsistent with the person who I’ve come to know and who I’ve worked with.

“I think the media is doing the correct job looking at the allegations, finding out a variety of things. I — the vice president has denied that it actually did occur, and as I said, his denial is consistent with the Joe Biden that I know.”

So…he’s sort of taking the account seriously.

Was he quite so nuanced when the Dems were up in arms about Brett Kavanaugh’s far less credible accuser?


In 2018, the Washington Examiner reported:

Former Attorney General Eric Holder said Friday that the Supreme Court’s “reputation and credibility” were on the line as the Senate gears up to vote on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, noting there were other options conservatives could get behind instead of Kavanaugh.

“Reputation and credibility of Supreme Court at stake with upcoming vote,” Holder tweeted Friday. “How the Court is viewed. For years. Bigger than one individual. There are conservative acceptable alternatives.”


  1. We all know that Holder is a corrupt untrustworthy liar so are you people going to believe anything that he says, I certainly don’t, I refuse to tell other peoples lies for the lying Democrats. Randolph

  2. Holder is just another LYING POLITICIAN who will support any lying Democrat. He doesn’t given a damned about law, but just about using anything politically either against non-Democrats or for Democrats (no matter what lying scumbags they are as is that lying leech on our government, Joe Biden). Biden is a crook, a liar, an ignoramus and a person of ill will who is out to get whatever he can for himself. What I really think of him is much worse, but I’ll spare the reader that. –FORMER DEMOCRAT, now a total Republican.

  3. Eric Holder and his wingman need to be in jail for all that they have done! Justice will not be served unless he pays the price for his crimes too, and there were many crimes he was involved with or covered up for.


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