Why This Florida Police Association Trump Endorsement Is Game-Changing For 2020

(Liberty Bell) – This is a historic election. Never before has it been more important to pick the right man for the job when it comes to filling the Oval Office.

On the one hand, we have a man who has done our country proud. He has spent his life as a private citizen, just like the rest of us. He’s not interested in amassing wealth for his family, they’re already very well-off and don’t need the money.

He’s not interested in seeking glory for himself—he’s bashed and slandered on a daily, heck, hourly basis.

He has spent his first four years in office making our country greater, stronger, wealthier, and prouder than we’ve been in decades.

Meanwhile, his opponent has been in public office for nearly half a century and has nothing more to show for it than a long string of scandal and corruption and has quickly embraced a radical platform that undermines the hard work and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform.

Joe Biden wants to defund the police.

Donald Trump unapologetically supports law enforcement.

Who would you endorse if you were heading up a police association?

Well, in their first endorsement ever, a very important Florida police association has thrown their support behind Donald Trump, and one need only look at the last three months to see why they felt compelled to do so.

“President Trump’s support of law enforcement is unmatched, and he continues to support law enforcement by ensuring we have the tools, training and information we need to protect our communities,” the group said in a videotaped announcement, Just the News reports.

Trump expressed his gratitude for this historic endorsement via Twitter.

“I was honored to receive the first ever Presidential Endorsement from the Florida Police Chiefs Association. Thank you, I will NEVER let you down!” he wrote.

Just the News notes:

Trump has won most of the endorsements of major police groups this election, including the Fraternal Order of Police and the International Union of Police Associations.

Biden has announced support from about 175 current and former individual police officials.


  1. Right, you refer to police officers as “racist PIGS’, that’s all anyone needs to know about you and the worth of your opinions.

    Who is the traitor? The ones who conspired with the Russians to contrive a “hoax” about collusion so Donald Trump would lose the Presidential election, very fair of those traitors to affect the American people’s opinions with lies and false liberal propaganda, which has now been proven by memos and e-mails from the perpetrators, Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and the Democrats, in an attempted coup of a sitting US President.

    If President Trump was really a “tax cheat”, he’d be in prison right now, instead of being our President, since he has been under constant audit from the IRS for decades, trying to find any cheating that he may have done in paying his taxes.

    Donald Trump wasn’t a draft evader (dodger) like the liberals and Democrats of his age, who ran off to Canada to avoid the draft. He had a physical problem that prevented him from serving in our military, which I being nearly as old as he, right out of graduating from high school served in the USMC for four years and went to Vietnam in service of my country, because those liberal Democrat draft dodgers embarrassed me by their cowardly actions, which I hold nothing against President Trump who stayed in the USA and supported our military personnel, unlike the liberal Democrat draft dodgers.

    Socialism, communism, and Marxism is what will turn the USA into a dictatorship, as it has in Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba in this hemisphere, as they also did in Lenin’s Russia, Mussolini’s Italy, Hitler’s Germany, Mao’s China, and Il Un’s North Korea, who were all Marxist socialists and communists.

    President Trump has made us the envy of the world, just the opposite as Obama/Biden did for 8 years, as we are now loved by our allies and respected by our enemies, as President Trump has brought peace deals to the Middle East and other places, which Obama failed at for 8 years, and why President Trump has now been nominated four separate times for the “Nobel Peace Prize”, something that Obama got for just being elected President of the USA, as Obama went around killing thousands of foreigners and some US citizens with drone strikes, and he used the US military for unauthorized war actions against Libya.

    You claim President Trump was incompetent over the Covid-19 Chinese Wuhan virus because of over 200,000 US deaths, but the scientist claim he saved two million Americans from death by his quick actions of setting up flight bans to and from China and Europe, for which Biden and the Democrats called him an xenophobe and racist, and the person in charge of Obama/Biden Swine Flu pandemic says the same about President Trump and claims Obama/Biden were lucky their pandemic was not as morbid as Covid-19, because they did everything wrong, as at least 60.8 million Americans were infected with the Swine Flu (Mexican virus) and they used-up 80% to 90% of all the PPEs that were stored in federal warehouses by previous Presidents for unexpected pandemics, and in the remaining 6 years and 8 months of Obama’s Presidency never replaced a single PPE they used from those federal warehouses, causing the shortage we had during the Covid-19 pandemic, which President Trump had to miraculously come-up with more PPEs, which he did and nobody went without any needed PPEs.

    I’m am personally very proud of the job President Trump has done, because I know by staying informed and educated on the real and true facts of all that he has achieved and accomplished, and don’t accept lying indoctrinators’ rumored words of liberal false propaganda in place of the truth, because I was taught to think for myself and investigate the actual facts, not accepting rumors put out by evil people who have an agenda to hurt those they consider their opponents, other American people from a different political party.

    No Brian, I have always loved and served America, and still do and will still uphold the oath I took when enlisting in the USMC, “protect the US Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic”, by making sure the liberal Democrats do not destroy the US Constitution and all it’s amendments from our “Bill of Rights”, by changing the USA into a Marxist socialist or communist state, as the Democrats have been trying to do for over a decade now, as I mimic President Trumps love and actions for the USA and the American people, putting us first in all his decisions, unlike the Democrats who always put foreigners and other countries’ benefits before the American people’s and the USA’s benefit.

  2. William, good luck trying to explain things to Brian. He is obviously a misinformed, Trump deranged liberal who has been fed lies by the ultra liberal media. The problem is that he believes these lies. There comes a time in life where you need to think for yourself. He’s a lost, hateful soul. I honestly believe President Trump will win re election in a landslide. There are many people afraid to even say they are voting Red for fear of retribution and/ or cancellation. It’s funny how Brian would like to blame the president for all the deaths in this country. The fact that CCP produced this virus in a lab and sent it worldwide means nothing. The fact that Biden and Pelosi and other liberals called Trump a xenophobe and racist for reacting quickly and shutting borders to and from China means nothing. Unreal. So many lives were saved. Brian, wake up. You’re delusional. By the way, look up in the dictionary and see what a dictator is. I know u saw that word used so of course u use it again without investigating. It is impossible to have a dictatorship in this country. That’s why we have all different branches of government. It is a system of checks and balances. No one person can rule this country. Get your story straight. Don’t listen to what other liberals are telling you.

  3. Brian, I cannot express my disappointment with your hatred filled comment. Yes, there have been unfortunately two many deaths from COVID. However, one might argue he has saved millions by closing our borders when he did in late January. You claim he has gotten wealthier, how? Give us some examples ! I do believe you are watching too much CNN or reading the Washington Post or NY Times. Yes, the President can be caustic, harsh and abrasive but you know what, he addresses issues and gets results.

  4. Right, those racist PIGS probably would vote for Trump the Traitor! Trump has made BILLIONS from being President (probably violating the emoluments clause in the Constitution), he’s a tax cheat, a draft evader, he’s trying to turn our great country into a dictatorship, he’s made us a joke in the rest of the world (how many of them PITY us now?) Plus his incompetence has killed 215,000 Americans — and you’re proud of THAT? You must REALLY HATE AMERICA then!


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