Dem Rep. Warns Trump Team May Compare Capitol Riots to $2 Billion in BLM Rioting Damages Last Year — Which Would be “Race-Baiting”

(Liberty Bell) – Rep. Hakeem Jeffries commented on Sunday that he believes former President Donald Trump could possibly attempt to equate the riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th to the riots that took place last year during Black Lives Matter protests as a defense in his impeachment trial.

According to Breitbart, Jeffries appeared on MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show” stating that such an argument would be a “false equivalence.” Then Jeffries wondered how these two events could possibly be compared when BLM protests were peaceful 93 percent of the time and were “consistent with the First Amendment” whereas the riot at the Capitol was totally incited by Trump.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a prime example of why so many conservatives are starting to believe that liberalism is a mental disorder. The BLM “protests” almost always ended up with people rioting and looting, burning people’s businesses to the ground and causing massive damage. How much damage? Try $2 billion worth. These riots were sparked by words from folks like Rep. Maxine Waters and other liberal politicians and members of the news media.

Remember when CNN host Chris Cuomo asked why protests needed to be peaceful? Apparently that was okay for him to state because he’s a liberal Democrat. Had he been a Trump supporter folks would have called him a Nazi and demanded his career be destroyed for inciting an insurrection.

“[I]t’s absolutely ridiculous, but it’s not surprising,” Jeffries said. “It’s a false equivalence, and I believe it will be an attempt to engage in vicious race-baiting. The notion that you are going to equate some sporadic instances of civil unrest … how can you compare that to a violent attack on the Capitol when the president at the time summoned the mob to Washington, D.C., then incited the mob, and then directed the mob to march on the Capitol as part of an insurrection to halt the peaceful transfer of power, undermine our democracy, and resulting in the deaths of several Americans, including Officer Sicknick. The two cannot be compared, and it shows the weakness of the argument that President Trump should be acquitted. He should not. He should be convicted.”

Yes, Rep. Jeffries, the two absolutely can be compared. And the fact that this man somehow thinks it is acceptable for protests to be peaceful 93 percent of the time instead of 100 percent of the time speaks volumes about how far these nutjobs will go to protect their foot soldiers. And make no mistake about it, BLM and Antifa are foot soldiers for the Democratic Party.

Former President Trump told the crowd that day to let their voices be heard in the time honored tradition of protest, but urged them to be peaceful. The individuals who stormed the Capitol did not heed his words. And, while we’re at it, let’s not forget that it’s entirely possible that the so-called “Trump supporters” who rioted could have been undercover members of radical leftist groups.

Anyway, the point is, the left is full of hypocrites. Jeffries is one of them.

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  1. A president inciting a riot is so different from a looting mob that the distinctions shouldn’t need explaining. The looting mob should end up in jail and the President should be removed from office for damaging the democracy he is supposed to defend, and violating every rule of good behavior we rightly expect from him. He should never be allowed to serve again.

    • You see Philipson they stole the election in everyway they thought they could get away with it but were caught time and time again but the left wing press would not ever print or speak about that communistic partys don’t do that they know full well that if Trump could run again in a honest election he would beat the pants off them and the shit the liberals pulled off in this election might be corrected in such a way they could not cheat so best to try to paint your opponent and railroad him if you can and make sure he can’t run against your Chinese lap dog you have in their now

  2. Jeffries has his math in reverse order. He needs to get the facts correct. The riots of BLM were more peaceful for less than 1% of the time and outright destructive 99% or better. No matter how you cut the cake, one is not granted the right to destroy property just because you might be upset about some doing by your government. The U. S. Constitution clearly states that one has the right to peacefully assemble and protest griefs against your government.
    Perhaps Jeffries should take the time to read the provisions of the Constitution before speaking up. He is making this a race issue which it is not.

  3. A. The communist BLM engaged in riots, arson, looting, destruction of whole businesses, homes & churches, destruction of historical monuments, injuries to thousands of citizens and police, murders and defunding of police that led to massive increases in crime rates.
    B. The FBI has stated that they found evidence that the DC riot was planned well before Trump spoke one word about January 6 in the Capitol. The Dems intended to create their own horrible event to blame conservatives.


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