Whoa: Candace Owens Just Made Shocking Revelation About Her Future

(Liberty Bell) – Conservative powerhouse Candace Owens made a statement on Twitter that ended up drawing in a total of 200,000 likes, and is something that a lot of us probably never thought we’d see the pundit giving any sort of consideration to.

According to WND, Owens posted on her social media that she’s giving serious thought to running for president in the future. This, of course, would be totally awesome. We need diehard conservatives who are intelligent and possess a backbone, to stand up to liberal bullies and push back against the madness of progressive ideology by running for office.

And hey, if Donald Trump can become president, anybody can. That’s one of the main things that made his election to the highest office in the land so amazing. It really did prove that you don’t have to be a career politician to win a big race. If you actually listen to the people and address the issues they care about, you can get them on your side.

This, of course, is a novel thought to establishment politicians. These individuals, who really have no principles at all, often buy their victories through doing political favors for businesses and other folks with power and influence in the culture. No effort is put into listening to the people and working for their best interest.

“I love America. Thinking about running for President,” Owens posted on Twitter over the weekend.

Not long after she posted her thoughts about running for president, a Twitter user said the Republican Party is “an authoritarian white nationalist party.” Owens destroyed that with her trademark snark.

Back in 2019, Owens stated that, “If I were President, the punishment for burning the U.S flag would be the renunciation of citizenship. No jail time, no fine— simply one year to liquidate your assets and get the hell out of our country. In exchange, we’d extend citizenship to a hardworking LEGAL immigrant.”

Was this an indication that she was mulling over thoughts of running for president one day? Is this a decision that’s been in the making for a long, long time?

Of course, the real question is what other people thought of the idea of Owens doing a run for the White House. Let’s just say there was some serious buzz about it and it was very positive.

We already know Owens is a strong woman who would have no problem standing up for herself and fighting back against the media. She’s done it all before. Given this, her obvious intelligence, and her love for America, I’d say she stands a good chance of winning. Especially since she’s an outsider and not part of the political establishment.

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  1. About flag burning,I feel it to be disgusting.However if one owns the
    Flag then that is their property and it represents freedom to protest
    Peacefully.Passing such a law to punish someone for destroying
    their own property,would diminish the values that the flag stands for!
    Think about it .It stands for your right to burn it.Thats what makes it so valuable.I love what it stands for,because we are free to protest!

  2. I don’t think I would have to ponder the thought to long for her to get my vote! Please give it some serious thought and do the right thing!


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