Whistleblower: The Communist Chinese Have Been Bribing…The Vatican?! This Is Insane

(Liberty Bell) – 2020 just keeps getting crazier and crazier.

Exiled Chinese dissident, Guo Wengui, has alleged that the Chinese Communist Party is paying the Vatican billions annually, Breitbart reports.

In a June 20th interview on The War Room, Mr. Guo said that the CCP “allocates $2 billion a year” to pay off the Vatican for its silence on Chinese atrocities as part of massive earmarked sums used to win the sympathies of nations such as Italy and Australia.

“The Chinese Communist Party allocates 2 billion US dollars each year,” he said, to pay for the Vatican’s silence on the CCP’s grievous human rights violations.

Breitbart notes:

Guo has previously stated that China has drafted a complete strategy for world domination known by the initials “BGY,” which stands for Blue (control the Internet), Gold (buy influence with money), and Yellow (seduce key people with sex).

Since 2014, the CCP has formulated internal policies to invest a certain percentage of trade with foreign countries in the BGY program to erode the local state system, Guo said Saturday, and the current BGY quota for the United States is 5%.

According to data from the U.S. Trade Office, the total trade volume between China and the U.S. in 2018 was $7.37 trillion. If calculated according to 5%, the amount used for BGY in the United States would then be about $36.8 billion, Guo said.

He said the estimates are similar for Australia.

“The trade volume between the CCP and Australia is about US $200 billion,” he said. “Previously, 1 percent was used for BGY, but it rose to 5 percent. That is, $10 billion was used for BGY.”

These massive amounts of BGY funds are used in a number of ways, including to bribe local officials, regulate media messaging, and control local resources, Guo says.

According to a 2019 report released by the International Cyber Policy Centre at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, hundreds of Twitter accounts linked to the CCP’s efforts to undermine pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong were previously applied to targeting those critical of the Chinese one-party state, including Guo Wengui.

These accounts made up part of a coordinated information campaign which worked for over two years to target Guo, as well as jailed publisher Gui Minhai.

“Those early efforts are an attempt to shape sentiment and the international narrative around these prominent critics of the Chinese government and to shape them in such a way as to influence the Chinese diaspora’s perception of these individuals,” Jake Wallis, one of the report’s chief authors, explained.

Breitbart explains:

For its part, the Vatican has been carrying on a charm offensive with the CCP for several years, and in September 2018 signed an important secret accord with Beijing concerning the appointment of Catholic bishops in China.

According to veteran Vatican journalist John L. Allen, Jr., the Vatican has spared no effort in its attempt to woo Beijing into full diplomatic relations, a key priority of the Francis papacy.

The Vatican is “covetous of a relationship with China, and often apparently willing to stifle objections and give away a great deal” in order to move toward that goal, Allen wrote last month.

In short, “the Vatican is moving full-steam ahead in its courtship of Beijing, with the ultimate prize remaining full diplomatic relations, a secure legal standing for the church, and partnerships on the global stage,” Allen wrote.

The Vatican’s 2018 overture to Beijing was sweetened by the May 2020 launch of a new Chinese edition of the Jesuit-edited journal Civiltà Cattolica, which enjoys a semi-official Vatican status, Allen noted.


  1. This is a reason as a raised catholic I don’t go to church anymore and don’t give any money to them. You don’t need to go to church to believe in God! They should change all churches, mosques and synagogues into homeless shelters! Don’t you think God would want that instead a bunch of hypocrites going to these places so they can fell good about themselves.

  2. Friends, read you Holy Bibles, all 66 books therein. There is NO mention of confession of sins to an earthly man (Catholic Father). As Jesus said, in the Lord’s prayer, “Forgive us our trespasses…” is your prayer to God Almighty, not what you say to a human man in a confessional booth. There are no Popes, no Cardinals, no Bishops in the Holy Bible. You cannot rely on today’s common earthly man. The entire Catholic Religion is tainted, and does not believe in adult baptism as outlined in the Holy Bible. All men and women are born into a sinful world. They mature, and hopefully hear the true word of God from the Holy Bible. They believe that Jesus was God’s one and only Son, sent to the Earth to save it, to be executed on a cross, yet only to rise on the third day as he foretold, to concur death. This demonstrates He has the power over sin and death. As men and women, we have the power to chose His teachings. If we accept His teachings, we outwardly confess our sins before men (repent) and become baptized (by full immersion). Only then, are we considered to we Christians. These are the teachings of the New Testament Christian Churches, a non-denominational group of independent churches all over the world, who answer to no one except God and Jesus, and seek to live our lives with the help of the Holy Spirit, who lives within us once we become a believer. We pray for all who are not in a personal relationship with their Creator, and that includes religions such as Catholics who misinterpret the Holy Bible and who promote false teachings. The most important thing you will do on Earth is reading your Holy Bible (not the Catholic Bible), all 66 books. Don’t rely on a man, preacher, pastor, relative, church deacon or elder, or Pope, or any other church official to tell you what the Holy Bible says. Read it for yourself. Start with the book of John, chapter 3

  3. I find this to be not surprising in the least. This Pope has consistently shown to have nothing in common with Holiness, and more in line with the evils that surround us.

  4. My dear Fellow Trusted Servants of the Holy Mother Church. “If you will visit the speech of 09-11-1990 by GWW Bush in Full Session before the Full Congressional Members, you will be Enlightened for what the plans of “Destiny” that are in place and being carried out against “WE THE PEOPLE”! “Remember “GRAB”, Government, Religion and Banking”, it is in place this very time in History and WE are Powerless”! Stay close to your Family andProtect them at all costs for THE Almighty is with the GOOD”!

  5. This is sad news if true, falls in line with the secret deal the Vatican made with the Chinese. The church is following the evil of the world culture instead of standing up for the truths of God and Christianity. How many times has Hollywood made movies of the Nazis and their evils, probably hundreds? How many movies about the evils of socialism and communism, Stalin, Castro, Mao etc, not many. How many churches and church goers approve of abortion. The Catholic church and all Christian churches need to get back to Jesus on our knees and ask forgiveness and teach of the promise of Christ about everlasting life and how we get there. I don’t remember ever hearing all we have to do is live or lives on earth like we want than die to get eternal life in Heaven.

  6. The pope is not a Christian. He is a Satanist who is sacrificing children in the bowels of the Vatican. He has a Serpents Sanctuary with children in cages awaiting their sacrifice and baby skulls lining the Sanctuary. He is an evil monster dressed in Papal clothing.

    • It is obvious the pope is not a Christian. He clearly is somewhere between a Nazi and Communist. Remember is is from Argentina, a stronghold of Nazi Germany during and just after WWII.

  7. Does the ROMAN Catholic Church need a new REFORMATION? By the way, as a former Methodist, I believe it also needs a reformation.

    However, folk, please remember this; no matter how bad or corrupted you church or denomination get, the REAL church is the body of all believers in Christ. So don’t give up hope.

  8. What do these fools think is going to happen when China buys them all out and takes control of the whole world. First they will collect them and kill all of them. Why do they think they will have any legal power or anything else to save their butt. All the money they got paid will be returned to the Chinese. unless they can haul it off the planet. What a bunch off fools. Satan is apparently at work at all levels. I pray that all these fools get what’s coming to them. God will get even for all their sins. Destroy the world for a buck.
    Now the commie approved (altered) bible will be on the book store for the left to push on us.

  9. Nothing surprises me with this pope. He is far too political and should stick to caring for his flock. We need a spiritual leader who defines what is good and what is evil. Not some blurred line of who am I to judge? I get that to some extent, judgement should be left to our Lord, but he should preach to his flock hate the sin, love the sinner.

  10. With all his way out Leftist pronouncements, this Pope has not been a favorite of mine in the least. I was aware that he was allowing the Chinese Communist regime to appoint Catholic bishops in China – – isn’t that akin to selecting which wolf gets into the hen house! If indeed Xi Jinping, the evil neo-Maoist Communist Chairman for Life, is bribing the Vatican to ignore the atrocities (“reducation camps” and “organ donations”), then this Pope should be forced out of office immediately by the College of Cardinals. That would be 2 in a row as the last Pope (Benedict) was Nazi Youth in his formative years and “retired” early. God save us. Pope John Paul II and Pope John the 23rd both brought qualities to the office for all the world to admire. There has to be another in the College of Cardinals of that quality at this time. Why Pope Francis would allow such heinous behavior is beyond all rational thought. With the Chinese on the move and progressively aggressive, in the end the Church, with the bribery now identified, will have secured its spot as the last to be eaten by the crocodile.

  11. Besides being a socialist, the Pope also appears to be a bit of a dumbass! One of the major tenets of the ideology known as Communism is that there is no God. Therefore, no honest deal could be struck with Beijing which would “secure legal standing for the Church” (in China), even if the CCP honored all other parts of such a deal! Oh, well, I suppose that being a socialist goes hand-in-hand with being a dumbass! Hell, AOC is a stellar example of THAT assumption!

  12. It seems like the Catholic Church is getting back to it’s Med-Evil times with crooked Popes and standing on the side of the Ruthless Kings forgetting about the true believers they have left to find for themselves. The Church has gone thru some disastrous times and once in a while a true Christian comes to lead them back to GOD,, It looks like we are at that crucial time again. Where are the True Christians today? WE NEED YOU KNOW MORE THEN EVER.

  13. That’s why Catholicism is at and all time low! Decades of perverts moved around which the Vatican was complacent in lost many Catholics to the church. God is not at fault! It’s the evil doing of mankind. The Pope is a figure head and as such he should practice what he preaches. As all of us he will answer to the Lord! I wonder if the Pope goes to confession!

    • We don’t worship the Pope, we worship Jesus Christ. The Catholic Church is the church that Christ instituted. The only church with the Eucharist, the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. Stay with the church. We know who wins in the end.

  14. Vatican, selling silence for power…drunk on power. China’s anti-Christian policy is used to bribe the Vatican into a bargaining relationship…..this will never work in the eyes of Jesus Christ who is the head of the church, not pope francis.


  16. This should be no surprise given the Vatican’s relationship with the Nazi regime and its more recent strange relationships with other Communist countries in Central and South America.


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