Whistleblower Drops Bombshell About Obama Treasury Department Concerning Flynn, Manafort, And Trump Family; This Is Huge

(Liberty Bell) – According to new claims by a whistleblower, the Treasury Department during the presidency of Barack Obama, regularly spied on Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s financial records and transactions, starting back in December of 2015 and continuing into 2017.

Is this really surprising to anyone? The Obama administration is probably the most corrupt group of individuals that have ever served in the United States government in the history of our country, and that’s really saying something. It’s always been about transforming America into a socialist country with Obama and his progressive friends. Whatever it takes to accomplish that goal, they’re willing to do it, including violating the rights of American citizens by abusing political power to spy on people.

Neil W. McCabe, a national political reporter for the Tennessee Star and The Star-News Network published an interview with this whistleblower on Monday.

Here’s more from BizPacReview:

“I started seeing things that were not correct, so I did my own little investigation because I wanted to make sure what I was seeing was correct,” she told the newspaper group. “You never want to draw attention to something if there is not anything there.”

The whistleblower claimed that she only saw metadata — names and dates when the former national security adviser’s financial records were accessed.

“I never saw what they saw,” she told the newsgroup, without saying who ‘they’ were.

By March 2016, the whistleblower and a colleague who was on detail to the Treasury Department from the intelligence community said they were convinced that Flynn’s surveillance was not part of any legitimate criminal probe or national security issues, but instead was being tracked for obvious political reasons as part of other illegal activity taking place at the agency.

“When I showed it to her, what she said, ‘Oh, s**t!’ and I knew right then and there that I was right — this is some shady stuff,” said the whistleblower.

She added: “It wasn’t just him. They were targeting other U.S. citizens as well.”

There are only two names that appear on her official whistleblower paperwork, Star Newspapers reported. The second is Paul Manafort, who once served as Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Unreal. It’s totally unreal that this is happening to people, right underneath our very noses. It’s time for some sort of action to be done that will hold individuals in the Obama administration accountable for their corrupt acts. If we do not take that action, others in the future will think that it is acceptable and will continue this awful trend of working in the shadows to undermine the very values that make our way of life so special.

Other names include members of Congress, top 2016 campaign staffers, and members of the president’s family, the whistleblower noted.

“Another thing they would do is take targeted names from a certain database – I cannot name, but you can guess – and they were going over to an unclassified database and they were running those names in the unclassified database,” she added.

That was done, she said, in order to bypass the need to use classified resources to spy on Americans because the entire operation was off the books — meaning it was never authorized through the proper channels or the Justice Department.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, folks. When all of this spying happened, Trump had just announced his candidacy for president. These people have been keeping tabs on him from the very beginning of his campaign. That’s how threatened they felt by him and what he planned to do in office. Obviously, Obama and friends felt that Trump was a threat to the plan they had for transforming America. They knew he would do what he said and tear down a lot of the infrastructure they built during the former administration.

A billionaire real estate developer and host of a successful reality TV show at the time, Donald Trump announced his bid for the GOP nomination in June 2015 during a speech and subsequent rally at Trump Tower in New York City.

Flynn met Trump in New York in August 2015, spending 90 minutes with him in a meeting that was only supposed to last for thirty. He left the meeting highly impressed. “I knew he was going to be president of the United States,” Flynn told New Yorker magazine.

In December of that year, Flynn took a paid trip to Moscow, where he dined with President Vladimir Putin at an event for RT, the state-run television network. But it wasn’t to hobnob with the Russian leader; Flynn was invited to speak as head of the Flynn Intel Group Inc., a company he formed after he retired from the Army in 2014. The company provided intelligence services for businesses and governments.

Why did Flynn retire? Because he was fired as the Defense Intelligence Service director by President Obama, who had appointed him.

Why did Obama fire him? Because Flynn was very opposed to the Iran deal Obama was trying to make.

Flynn’s December 2015 trip to Russia came shortly before reports noted that he had become an adviser to the Trump campaign.

The future short-lived national security adviser’s trip to Moscow after his lengthy visit with Trump a few months earlier could have provided the impetus for the Obama administration (and, possibly, the ex-president himself) to order surveillance of Flynn and other Trump officials via a non-traditional channel: The Treasury Department’s Office of Intelligence Analysis.

Just imagine how many other people the Obama administration probably treated like this during the eight years he was in office. It’s astounding to think of all the abuse of power this man committed, right there in the shadows of the Oval Office. As more of this gets uncovered, we the people need to stand up and demand justice.

The Deep State must be dismantled and removed from the inside of the government. Trump must be surrounded by individuals who have his best interests at heart and believe in his America first agenda. Here’s to hoping we see it sooner, rather than later.

Source: bizpacreview.com/2020/05/18/whistleblower-claims-obamas-treasury-dept-spied-on-flynn-manafort-and-trump-family-regularly-922670


  1. If Barr will not prosecute then Barr his staff and all must be dealt with too. This trash must be brought to justice – Ukraine and Mexico must be induced to prosecute.

  2. Consequents of some of the policies of Mr. Obama; Mr. Obama allowed Individuals from the Middle East to come to the United States as refugees. Out of 1,000 refugees 97% were of the Muslin religion, 3% were Christian. Christians were being kill, homes and Christian churches burned in the Middle East. Christian women and girls were sold into Muslin marriages by the hour. Mr. Obama introduced the Muslin religion into the Military as a major religion. The F.B.I and the C.I.A. introduction to Muslin religion was changed to a peaceful religion. This influence how agents looked at and reacted to terrorist acts. “It could not be Muslins, they are peaceful.” Mr. Obama changed the health insurance business which represent 1/6 of the G.D.P. of the United States to allow 15,000,000 individuals to received “free” health insurance. At the last Census the United States populations was about 360,000,000 individuals. Mr. Obama health insurance program benefited 4% of the United States.
    Businesses stop health insurance benefits for employees. Businesses reduce hours of work to part-time, thus individuals not only lost insurance benefits but also, vacation, sick leave and pensions funds. This negatively affected a large portion of workers. Doctors and hospital income were negatively affected. A large portion of older doctors left the profession, hospitals closed. Today surgeries that were once hospital stay over are “day” surgeries. Why? Monies from the “Affordable health care Act” does not cover the costs. Mr. Obama moved money from different departments such as, D.O. J., Housing, Education, and others to fund “Affordable health care Act” for the last two years of his presidency. Today, an individual is paying three to four times the cost of insurance because the government is no longer paying part of the cost. Mr. Obama encouraged movement of business and manufacturing out of the United States by higher taxes and increase regulation by Environmental Protection Agency. He allowed social experiment with the military. He allowed undocumented individuals to enter the United States by the millions. He encouraged illegal individuals to vote in the 2016 election. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) was not voted on in Congress however, Mr. Obama illegally encouraged children of illegal individuals to believe they have a “Right” to be call citizens. Today millions of adults from 18 to 30 years of age live in the false belief that they can stay, work, build a family and enjoy United States citizenship rights. Mr. Obama destroyed the general belief of ‘Law and Order” that the police are there to help people. More police were ambush during his watch than every in the United States.
    A concern United States citizen

    • Thank you EJP. I know there is more, but you did a good job and stated it well. Liberty is not free, thank you all that have served to protect this awesome but wounded nation. God bless America.

  3. Yep, no one thinks of the Obama administration as corrupt….I think his was the most corrupt. Why would anybody catch him, most of the media was too busy kissing his ass and the rest of the Democrats were up to their necks in Obama’s filth and corruption.
    Why do you think the Clintons got away with so much..I am quite sure they all their voices of dissent or whistleblowers murdered.

  4. Well..AG Barr has already stated that Obama and Biden will not be charged with anything..and McConnell will not go after them either..McConnell is a RINO!!
    Two face fake! He needs to go too!

  5. A military tribunal is the only avenue severe enough for Obama’s crimes and treason. The Clinton Mafia used confidential “files” but Obama had everyone spied on through digital tracking……not to be trusted. Since Obama lives down the street from the WH in D.C., I believe he is a danger to our President’s life.

  6. Obama is a crook ,and that’s why his crooked Congress has been in Trump face for 3 1/2 years.Believe me were not ever going to find out the worst that Obama and his administration has done.Mueller and his18 crooked democrats had 3 years to cover things up.DO YOU REALLY THINK IT WAS ALL ABOUT INVESTIGATING TRUMP,NO THEY NEW IT WAS A HOAX BEFORE IT STARTED.FROM THE TIME TRUMP WAS INAUGURATED THE DEMS WERE SCREAMING SPECIAL COUNCIL.And that’s the real reason they needed one,for there cover up.

  7. I hope Obama gets convicted and put in jail as he should be. He’s trying to put off everything off on Susan Rice who is no angel herself. Hilary Clinton told Susan Rice
    told Susan Rice to lie to the American people about Benzanzi! they are all so crooked!

  8. well kenyan boy and other mental defectives have repeatedly said that there were NO SCANDALS during the african’s time squatting in the oral office… looks like someone was wrong bout dat…

  9. This is way worse than Watergate ever was. This is the ultimate acts of treason then and now. Multiple acts of treason at that. Remember the cast of characters that were all party to this come election day.

  10. Obama’s position and behaviour before during and after his so called presidency are the ultimate proof that he was never a true American. And the main reason for assuming he was not born in America. He didn’t experience true American Life until after he became 19, when he finally set foot in the real America. IF he was born in Hawaii, he spent his formative years in a place where people considered America and the occupiers, having become a state just two years before Obama was born. Not to mention his mother and her parents were Communists, just as his father was. A genuine American who understood what America really was would have never decided that it needed fundamental change.

    • He did not like the country as it was. This is why he said that he wanted to fundamentally transform the country. I can vividly remember the news clip reporting on him when he made this statement and thinking how dangerous this man was to the country. His policies proved this. The current revelations about what was done to Flynn and others clearly show the depths to which he is willing to sink. To my fellow citizens I offer this for consideration, a vote for Biden is a vote to reinstate this unthinkable corruption in the highest levels of the government. Trump is quirky, but he must prevail in 2020 to save the country from those who would destroy her and us from within. Trump 2020.

  11. Obama could not have done what he done without the RACE CARD and help from Congress. Where was his opposition? hiding they did not want to be labeled as racist. If you opposed his policies you were ostracized and a racist. As many had found out.Justice must prevail, but who do you go after, Obama or those that enabled him or both.

  12. The only way the US will ever get justice from the obama administration is if Mexico charges obama and holder with gunrunning, extradites them, and throws them in a Mexican prison.

  13. It is time for these jerks to pay for their crimes and corruption. It is appalling that the first black president would be so corrupt. This is not a good example for the black community. The Democrats or whoever that was behind tbis travesty need to be punished and their deeds brought to the light so all can see.

  14. If I am not mistaken, there once was a time when spying of any sort, domestic or foreign, was a capital crime subject to expeditionary judgement and summary punishment unhindered by the superfluous hassles and waste of time and money that characterize the endless monotony of judicial proceedings! Put succinctly, one SHOT, one KILL! Wiser heads generally prevailed under those conditions. Old school!

  15. But yet nothing will be done to the “Brown Clown”, but he had the “Race Card” and loved using it !!

    • I actually believe that the Obama administration and others including those in the mainstream media will be held accountable. They will have to for this not to happen again. That’s why President Trump needs a second term and we need Republican majorities in the House and Senate.

  16. Obama and his administration was the most corrupt administration in history! They all need to go to jail!


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