While Nancy Pelosi Was Signing Impeachment Articles For Senate, Trump Was Making History In The White House

(Liberty Bell) – You’ll hear all the cable news personalities fawning over the “historic” action that took place Wednesday afternoon as Nancy Pelosi signed the articles of impeachment and brought them over to the Senate to initiate the third impeachment trial in US history.

This truly is historic, in so many ways. It is a historic attempt to usurp a sitting, duly elected American president. It is a historic demonstration of depraved party politics, of establishment desperation to maintain the status quo. It is a historic attack on the sovereignty of the American people and on our elections which empower us to send the representatives and the executor to Washington DC whom we elect.

This is historic because never before as the core of our republic been more ferociously attacked.

However, over at the White House, President Trump was making the kind of history that’s going to make our country great.

The Washington Examiner reports:

President Trump and Chinese negotiators signed a hard-fought trade agreement on Wednesday that provides big wins for U.S. farmers, energy companies and financial-services firms, a historic breakthrough in the lopsided business dealings between the world’s two biggest economies that Mr. Trump achieved through his unconventional use of tariffs.

The president and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He signed the “phase one” agreement during a White House ceremony, after nearly two years of trade tensions that saw both sides impose escalating tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of each other’s products.

The 86-page agreement calls for China to increase its purchases of U.S. goods by more than $200 billion over the next two years, from soybeans to automobiles. It also adds new restrictions against Beijing forcing U.S. companies operating in China to disclose their technologies and against devaluing its currency.

Mr. Trump pronounced the deal “a landmark agreement” as he shook hands with Mr. Liu, China’s top trade official, and other Chinese dignitaries. The president said the deal is a “momentous step” that puts the two countries on the path “toward a future of fair and reciprocal trade.”

“Together we are righting the wrongs of the past and delivering a future of economic justice and security for American workers, farmers and families,” Mr. Trump said from the East Room, which was filled with lawmakers and business leaders. The agreement takes effect in 30 days.

More winning!

Even as the Democrats volley their sham impeachment over to the Senate, Trump is worried first and foremost about the economic health of our nation.

The Deep State is running out of tricks. It won’t be much longer that they can stave off the tide of justice that’s coming.


  1. Amazing comments about the positive aspects of Trumps presidency of only three years. I’m 75 years old and can only imagine what this Man can achieve in the next five years.
    We could send him a wish list of our expectations. At the end of his tenure a standard would be set for future Presidents and State Governors.

  2. President Trump will go down in history as one, if not the, greatest president despite what these commie creeps are trying to do. Four more years of making America strong & great.

  3. TRUMP is doing great for America’s economy. Now he needs to work on the Virginia gun ban laws and the threatning of the 2nd and the rest of the constitution! People need to start voting and voting smart! If they wanna keep America a great country that is was in the past!

  4. Why has not one admitted traitor met our gallows! The only way this crap will stop is if our military marched into the house and senate, the dnc, the fbi, the irs, the cia, the state department and more-physically arrest every deep state traitor, have a very quick military trial and let the public hangings begin!

    • Great idea Ronald. A military coup would be the quickest, most effective and efficient way of restoring law and order to a truly lawless nation so far as politicians go; each and every one of which is guilty of treason for “adhering” to the central bankers who are enemies of our Constitution. No elected official has made any effort to bring monetary policy into compliance with the Constitution. Unless it is and our confiscatory system of taxes are corrected it is a mathematical certainty the central bankers will one day hold title to all real wealth of the choice, a mortgage on the remainder and a claim on all future production.

  5. Isn’t it treason on what the Democratic party is doing, just a question does anyone have an answer and what would be the penalty be for whom signed those papers

  6. OUR PRESIDENT is continuing to do the job he was elected to do despite the Demorats trying to “railroad” him from doing his job.

  7. I am an American.Just that,and with that said I am so proud to see so many of my fellow Americans support A “REAL” president that we haven’t seen in decades.
    Correct, no one alive is perfect but my goodness I finally feel that the Commander in Chief is just that , we’re allowed ,and we allow our selves the luxury of feeling that new confidence that we’re back in being one of the world fearless and powerful countries being led by our confident and caring president.

  8. God placed President Trump in the Oval Office at this time in American history for HIS purpose and HE is using president Trump mightily because HE knows President Trump has the courage and stamina to face the world for the rights of all mankind. President Trump’s VP Pence is just as dedicated to the tasks at hand as he is. This is real teamwork!

  9. They are all the same. One party is bolder than the other, but they all say what the voters want to hear. (Balanced budget? HA! Just more and more and more DEBT!) Vote them all out. End career politicians.

    • No, Mike, they are not all the same. There’s a huge difference between democrats and republicans. There are some in each party that are better or worse than others, but it is our job to vote for the best candidates for the House and Senate and urge our leaders to do the “right thing” and hold them to their promises. If they aren’t living up to their words, then vote them out at the next election…it’s that simple. It takes a nation full of people, however, to make a real change at the ballot box. Unfortunately, we never get everyone’s vote, so we can’t complain if we don’t vote, ourselves. I’m for a country that lives up to it’s beginnings…for freedom, for faith, for honesty and fairness. The left is marginalizing Christians and Jews, demanding abortion on demand, even up to the time of birth. That’s Stone Age thinking, and is opposite what God wants for us. I am so sorry that so many people believe the lies of the left, and yes, Mike, there are a lot of lies going around, especially about our President, but through faith and sincere prayers, we can discern the truth.

  10. If they impeach Trump bet your ass Pence is next. Already bringing his name into it. Nancy wants to get rid of them both so she can be named President. America will not let that happen. She knows it and is trying to cement her name in history by saying she was saving our constitution and was in charge of impeaching President. People need to come out in record numbers in November to vote these democrats out, otherwise our country is truly screwed and will no longer be a democracy. This corruption has to be brought to light and prosecuted otherwise it will continue for another 5 years.

  11. Wow,,,,,while Pelosi was busy using approximately 16 to 20 different pens to sign articles of impeachment, which were then funeral marched to the a Senate,,,our President was busy using ONE pen to initiate and sign the biggest trade deal our country has ever had with China,,,,our farmers, ranchers and industry complexes will see great compensation from this new trade agreement,,,, which will have a great trickle down A+ economic boost for our economy,,,,while Pelosi will most likely be trying to sell her pens on Amazon,,,,the articles needed a funeral march to the Senate because they really are dead on arrival,,,,the democrats will finally see that a sham kangaroo court is NOT the way we do business in this country,,,there are over 125, 000,000 people in this country that will not allow a coup to usurp the great things our President has accomplished and more great things coming,,,be aware Democrat politicians,,,,your lies and traitorous deeds are getting ready to be exposed in a huge way and the effects of your traitorism will ruin the Democrat party in this country for a long long time,,,honest hard working democrats are jumping across the aisle in record numbers and that will increase with this trial in the Senate,,,and I for one say Good riddance to the most dishonest group of democrats I have ever seen assembled,,,,the shameful dishonest traitorous acts by a group of dissidents is unprecedented in the history of this great Nation ,,,,,,so ,,,yes,,you will make history for being the worst of the worse,,,congratulations ,,,,you must be very proud,,,

  12. Dems have lost all control and have destroyed themselves trying to get rid of Trump. Trump has been able to do more for our country in three years than the last five Presidents combined all while fighting off Dems and the left medias scams the whole time. Now Dems are trying to fix the Dem election by getting the candidate they want, not who the Dem voters want. Just like when Dems and Hilary screwed Bernie last election they are trying to do it again. Not only have Dems turned most Americans against them, now they are trying to split the voters they have left against them. All Trump and Republicans need to do is sit back and watch Dems finish themselves off.

    • Yes Chris and if EVERY registered Republican would vote that would produce a “landslide” for Pres. Trump even it the Demos use the “dead” and the “unregistered voters.”

  13. The left-wing, kissing Democrat-ass, MSM would not have covered DJT and the Chinese trade-agreement signing anyway. These are the REAL American traitors of our country. They are such a sad lot. Conservatives may be deplorable, but the liberals are despicable.

  14. Nancy Pelosi, a bitter old woman who is staring failure day after day in the course of her life. Donald J Trump, a successful business man and so far the best President for the USA.

  15. Keep up the good work president Trump. The insanity that is driving the Democrat socialist congressmen, is damaging our country. Looking forward to many of them being replaced in the next election.

  16. I’m 92 yrs. old today, folks and I’ve seen several Presidents come and go, but I do actually believe Our President Trump is by far the best, he’s done SO much for America, it absolutely unbelievable, our economy is absolutely fantastic, u must agree, folks!

    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY , Helen !!! And I Hope You Have Many More !!! D.J.T. Has Been The Best President That I Can Remember , And I Just Turned 61, 8 Days Ago !!!

    • Helen, I am 85 and Pres. Trump is the second best President in my time. Ronald Regan is my choice as “number one”.

  17. President Trump is the best President we have ever had – without exception! Name one other President that has ever made so many promises to improve the country and kept so many promises to improve the country. Yes, we have had other President that have done great things but nothing even close to what President Trump has done and continues to do. God bless President Trump and his entire family. They are good people. It is as simple as that.

  18. May the entire Democratic Congress supper the pains of Hell for what they are doing to AMERICA AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. THEY WILL SUPPER HERE ON EARTH BEFORE THEY ENTER EVERLASTING HELL

  19. Worst political theatre in history. This will so backfire on Dems in November. Pelosi needs to solve real problems like the homeless problem in her district.

  20. Rape, Pillage,Plunder; America, You’ve Been Had!

    How much more before you stand up to those who have made the following lessons learned facts?

    1. The American people are the most effectively lied to people in modern times thanks primarily to the American political class, the American bureaucracy, the American media, and American academia.

    2. Arrogance coupled with ignorance equals stupidity.

    3. The greatest threats to the American people are the corrupt and/or incompetent politicians/bureaucrats/academicians found at every level of government/academia, and the majority of the American so-called media.

    4. Most of the politicians/bureaucrats/academicians I have encountered during my years as a soldier/cop I most kindly refer to as; self-serving, witless, cowards.

    5. The American Profession of Arms and our brothers/sisters in blue have failed to protect the American people from all of their enemies, both foreign and most especially domestic.

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

    PS These lessons learned were first presented to a gathering of Americans in 1989. The only positive change to the American political environment since then has been the arrival of one, Donald J. Trump! Since D.J. Trump took office I have added two more lessons learned thanks to the overall behavior of the parties highlighted in lessons learned 1-3 above. Seems approximately 25% of the American population has declared war on the rest of the nation!

    6. After carefully watching the whole of the political class since Donald J. Trump walked down that escalator in Trump Tower to date, I can say without reservation that most of the group will sell their souls and our bodies just to remain in power. (Added 2019)

    7. Want to see what the United States of America will look like if the left takes control of the government? Take your pick, New York City, Baltimore, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or the complete package; California. (Added 2019)

    • Hopefully , You And I And The Other 75% Of Us Patriots Are Gonna Round Up These Liddle Cowgirls And Wanna-Be Cowboys And Send Them To The O.K. Corral (A.K.A. GITMO ) When They Are Busted For This Soft Coup !!!

  21. President Trump is the most dedicated president we have had in a very long time. He truly is working toward
    making America great. May god be with him with all this opposition. He has not faltered and deals with his enemies head on. Keep it up Mr. president we are all with you. People like you is what makes America great. You are a true American. Beat those socialists down. Make us proud.

    • The only way to keep what President Trump has started continue is to acknowledge what has been made all to evident. That is, that the democrat party IS THE INTERNAL ENEMY OF AMERICA. For decades the left / progressives / communists or whatever they want to call themselves have done “nothing” to make America a better place for anybody but themselves, criminals, foreign invaders and a long list of miscreants. We need a movement to put these political criminals where they belong; anywhere but here in the U.S.A.

  22. 60 million real americans will rise up and set the record straight with democrats evil attempt to over throw our constitution we fought and died for never but once before have we been so out raged possible civil war is coming god help us all

  23. Now we will see how this works out in the end, so far Trump'[s actions have cost the US citizen a total of about 7 Trillion dollars in tariffs and ost the Chinesa nothing, now who was the winner. Trump is constantly tooting his horn but in most cases it turns out for nothing.


  24. You are fantastic, President Trump, keep up the good work and I and many, many Americans support you and appreciate all that you have done. God Bless.

  25. Maby the Democratic party will finally realize that they are barking up the wrong tree. They think that they are very smart. They are very wrong. They will loose very big the next election!


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