Where Elizabeth Warren Is Putting The Blame For US Embassy Attack Is Absurd

(Liberty Bell) – 2020 Democratic hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is doing her part for her party as they circle their wagons in the wake of a US Embassy attack that couldn’t look worse for their party.

So she, like Benghazi hoaxer Ben Rhodes, is just blaming Trump, in spite of the fact that the leader of the militia forces that attacked the embassy once visited the Obama White House and when a US embassy was attacked under POTUS 44’s watch, he and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton let Americans die.

But no, somehow this is all Trump’s fault, with Warren hilariously blaming Trump’s “reckless” decision to walk away from the horrible Obama-era Iran Nuclear Deal.

This is the kind of attitude the Democrats think someone who leads the free world should have: we should be nice to terrorists and give them money otherwise they’ll attack our embassies.

That is not how we do things in America, little lady.

On Tuesday, an Iranian-backed militia group angry over US airstrikes on Shiite militia group Kataib Hezbollah (KH) in Iraq, attacked the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. The U.S. airstrikes had come as a response to the death of a U.S. contractor in Kirkuk, Iraq.

As Breitbart News reported:

KH vowed to seek revenge for the airstrikes on Monday. Both KH and the Iranian military unit that supports it, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), have been designated as terrorist organizations by the U.S. government. The government of Saudi Arabia also described KH as one of several “terrorist militias supported by the Iranian establishment” in remarks on Tuesday condemning the assault on the U.S. embassy.

The attackers were able to smash open a gate and push into the embassy compound, lighting fires, smashing cameras, and painting messages such as “Closed in the name of resistance” on the walls. Gunshots were reportedly heard near the embassy, while tear gas and stun grenades were deployed by its defenders.

A uniformed militia fighter on the scene in Baghdad told Kurdish news service Rudaw that attacks were also planned against the U.S. consulates in Erbil and Basra, with the goal of destroying the consulates and killing everyone inside.

While the president said that Iran would be “held fully responsible” for “orchestrating an attack on the U.S. Embassy in Iraq,” the left reminded us where their loyalties yet again lie.

“Trump’s reckless decisions to walk away from the Iran Deal and now to launch airstrikes in Iraq without Iraqi government consent have brought us closer to war and endangered U.S. troops and diplomats,” Warren wrote.

“We should end the forever wars, not start new ones,” she added:

In May of 2018 Trump announced the historic decision to withdraw the US from the awful Iran Deal, which he quite accurately described as “a horrible one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made.”

“A constructive deal could easily have been struck at the time,” Trump added. “But it wasn’t”:

He denounced the Obama administration for sending billions of dollars to a “regime of great terror” including vast sums of cash. He denounced Iran for using that money to further sponsor terrorism and violence in the Middle East, pointing out that the regime’s military budget had grown 40 percent since the deal was reached.

“At the heart of the Iran deal was a giant fiction: That a murderous regime desired only a peaceful nuclear energy program,” Trump continued.

“Today, we have definitive proof that this Iranian promise was a lie,” he added.


  1. I attended a peaceful stand out ( 40 or so people) supporting President Trump (in MA) . It was the Saturday after Christmas, I live in a tourist area. The standout was at one of only two roads off the peninsula. Proud and happy to say we had literally 100’s of cars tooting Yay! Thank you! Love our President! Only a few fingers and verbal F-U . Most f-u’s were from people with Vt, NY, RI and Ct plates . Many thumbs up from law enforcement! So it does give me hope there are some that appreciate the America way and fewer walnuts !

  2. There is NO TELLING how FAR AFIEDS IDIOTS can go and Warren as a STUPID IDIOT keeps going for “BRIDGES TOO FAR” and hence falls on her A%S

  3. Warren is a completely crazy. All she does is lie, create ideas that are finacially insane and say what every the non working non tax paying live in mom and dads basement never have grown up idiots want to hear. This womans entire life is a lie. Here unicorn and rainbows life cannot happen. Take an economic course crazy lady. She is totally out of her mind.

  4. Elizabeth Warren need a good dose of Reality – WE are a free Nation,intend to remain free and we do not need or want her lies and Communist Virtues put upon us!!~!!!!!


    • There is no doubt in my mind she would ! For someone who taught in an Ivy League school, and to say something like that, all I can say is that school was hard up when they hired her. I guess at this point, she’s trying to appease every imbecile that will listen to her and vote for her.

  5. Lizzie just got in line and blames Trump for everything.

    She is a liar and will always be.

    Dumb too. She doesn’t understand how government works and can’t understand how revenue and expenses work.

    She is fading and is done.

  6. Who believes liar poca anymore? She was a miscarriage in thinking from the start. Her brain is pickled by too much fire water. She is a disgrace to her family and to America.

  7. Look Elizabeth… President Trump’s first term has been about cleaning up the crap left over from the previous administrations. Yes this Iraq event is just a part of that. Street smarts say that if you don’t want to get burned… stay out of the neighborhood you don’t belong in. So… these Iranian generals and their men? What is their actual business in Iraq? Learn something from their experience Elizabeth. If you don’t want to get your fanny spanked and to be further exposed for the mindless person that you are proving yourself to be… drop out of the American political scene and take up knitting. You’ll do more good for America that way.

  8. I seriously doubt there is a demonrat that would really & truly protect America. They would give away the store, like obummer. Their main job as they see it, is to take care of any & all illegals, nothing for American citizens.

  9. If Trump did nothing then the Democrats would say he should have protected the embassy and the American people. He did something and he’s still wrong. I for one wants a president who will proect and stand up for us. Obama and Clinton let Americans die but that was ok. God forbid we kill a terrorist. Why don’t we let the plan more attacks. They were planning attacks on U.S already. Hey democrats why don’t you blame him for 911 too. You people are weak. Send Middle easterners back. Let them deal with their own radical government and bring our troops home from theses places where nothing is ever going to be resolved. It’s another Vietnam. Point the bomb at them and problem solved. I wonder what would have been said by these democrats today if Japan had happened during their era.

  10. Mike, Trump never once crapped on the working men and women of the Intelligence Community. Only on the duffous leadership like Brennan, Clapper, Comey et al! Also, something I don’t think that the lying libs understand or probably believe in, AN ATTACK ON AN EMBASSY IS AN ATTACK ON THAT SOVEREIGN NATION!!! To explain further for our libratards it’s like an attack and invasion of WASHINGTON, DC!!! The Iranian regime will think a little harder before the accelerate any further mischief..

  11. The blame for the embassy attack lies squarely with Nancy Pelosi. She was so busy with coordinating the attack, she was unable to send the impeachment lies to the Senate. President Trump knows she’s responsible, which is why she won’t act. The Deep State is far deeper than anyone can imagine. It’s tentacles reach everywhere, more than half of the House have been actors in it for decades. How else, on just their salaries, could so many retire as multi-millionaires? AG Barr is doing his level best to find them all, but he’s just one man. The Deep State and the Democrats are one and the same, trying to turn the Federal Government Socialist. We can’t let them win!

  12. After the comments Trump has made about the intelligence community in the past, that they were useless and he believed Putin in preference to them we are left wondering what the truth is. You can’t have it both ways, either you believe them or you don’t. We have a president who is an inveterate liar, (15,000 approx in less than 3 years) so who do you believe?
    Could it be a diversionary tactic? Take the public’s attention away from his up-coming trial in the Senate and show what a ‘tough guy’ he really is.

    • Oh, stop it. THAT intelligence was under Obama’s disastrous years. Different President, different times.

    • I would like for you to list those 15,000 lies. You are just quoting what someone else made up. President Trump is tough. Obama never stood up for America. He loved to give the taxpayers’ money away to other countries. He also went on the great apology tour, if you remember. Our country does more for the world than any other nation, so what was he apologizing for?

    • Shame, Mike, that you failed to learn from history; back when our nation was still counting it’s birthday in numbers you could put candles on the cake to cover without a fire permit, we were having run-ins with Muslims over them pirating our ships, enslaving or killing their crews and passengers, and stealing their cargos. Both Washington and Adams tried paying the demanded ransoms, but the piracy continued and the random demands got bigger. Jefferson put his foot down and instead of money, he sent the Marines, to explain why that was unacceptable , and was to cease promptly.. we had no further trouble with them pirating until the ’70s when they took to skyjacking our airliners and then invaded our embassy. Appeasement DOES NOT work with bullies, whether individuals or nations. Just as Jefferson sending the Marines made the point in the early 1800s, so, I suspect, will this response make the point. For over 40yrs, appeasement has NOT worked; it was past time to try a different tack.

    • The true liars are the democrat party,communists against the constitution and the nation,your like all those other losers,your in the minority Mike,a commie,do you hate america like them?

    • The truth is…. no doubt.. Trump stepped into a hornet’s nest. He knew it before he took office (word gets around). He knew the FBI was tainted. He knew that Washington, DC was a quagmire of swamp monsters; he was right! Unlike Obama, who purposely and knowingly told lies, Trump seems simply to have a common mouth. He thinks he’s being humorous half the time. Different strokes for different folks. Nonetheless, he loves America. It’s obvious that he’s putting U.S. citizens first. At last, a president who is leading us to new highs in all aspects ~ despite three years of road-blocks and misery put forth by the left. If only the Democrat leadership worked as hard for US!

  13. All Americans who are against killing the Iranian General should all move to Iran and hug the country. They’d be happier there…. If you see a huge snake in your backyard, you kill it…. It’s stupid to take a chance….

  14. Let’s see: President Trump listened to his advisors. He was told more imminent attacks were planned. He is the Commander In Chief. He doesn’t have to go to Congress. He didn’t declare war. He eliminated a threat to the world. Also, Congress has proven time and time again that they won’t work with him but they will leak. So, any info leaked to the world would have been catastrophic. President Trump did the right thing. Thousands of Americans of Persian birth agree with him.

  15. Those useless pieces of CRAP (DEMOCRATS) should be loaded onto a plane and taken over to the U.S. Embassy in Iran For the rest of their life. They are so anti-american that no one would miss them.

    • Donald – take them to the Embassy, have them sign legal documents revoking their Citizenship and then kick them out the door. Problem solved.

  16. “We should end the forever wars” – I’m very surprised to see Warren advocating the U.S. backed overthrow of the Iranian regime that’s keeping them going – since that’s the only thing that’s going to end them. Something the majority of us learned by the time we were out of first grade: Backing away from confrontation does not eliminate the problem and does nothing good for your perceived status. It makes a target of you.

  17. A little history lesson for Dizzy Lizzie and Queen Palosi Et AL: As General Sherman supposedly said as he marched from Atlanta to Savannah to end our Civil War; “War is hell.” So, does President Trump and his troops have to get Queen Palosi or the UN’s permission to take out a terrorist whether he be an Iranian general or Osama Bin Laden? Obama had our military go into Pakistan and take out Bin Laden without getting permission from anybody as I understand. The White House estimated that during Obama’s administration, between 64 and 116 civilians had died in drone strikes, and between 2,372 to 2,581 combatants; he didn’t ask permission. Hey Palosi, hear that? The deaths occurred in 473 strikes from January 20, 2009 to December 31, 2015. President Trump is trying to make peace as he says: “I love peace” but his job is to protect Americans first and he will do whatever it takes to protect all peoples of good will. God bless him indeed.

  18. I guess she feels the world would have been a better and safer place if this guy lived. Politics, Politics, Politics. That’s all these people know, they don’t care about the country, instead of backing the POTUS they play politics looking for (what they think) is an advantage. Shows some guts and come out and say, “ I stand behind the President on this”, the truth of the matter is it would win you more votes than lose.

  19. All of these candy ass, ass kissers blaming trump for our people being attacked. Funny how noone has died. And this is being called Trumps Bengazi. Stupid twits. I was reading a story yesterday, that this could have been Obama orchestrating what a coward President Trump is. In your face Obama your paid thugs didn’t fair to well. I will vote President Trump again. Go play in the sand box with Warren. She needs Daddy time.

  20. Warren is an idiot who wants to be President. Her supporters are idiots for wanting her to be President. This type of blatant mind-numbing stupidity defies all logic. Not to even mention the fact that she is a pathological liar.

    • How are she, Obama and Clinton not traitors to this country. Seems the wrong person is being impeached.

    • Hey Mark, you shouldn’t lump Pocohantus with the idiots. That will give all the idiots a bad name. Warren isn’t smart enough to be an idiot, she is much, much worse!

  21. Hey Lizzie, you look like a Howdie Character, Ms Bluster! Is Georgie Soros pulling ur strings too? Go play jacks on the 395 and hopefully someone will run over u and put us out of our misery.

  22. It looks like LIAWATHA POCOHUNTAS has gine bAT CHIT CRAZY …….alomng with Biden and Hunter who shpould go in hIDING … WOW is this kind of NUT JOB that the USA ever need as a CIC???? WAKE UP Amarica we have been invaded by MARS with mORONS like THESE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Warren drops another
    “STUPID BOMB” on the
    Democrats, and of course
    Their personified stupidity
    Will gobble it up.
    When will America wake up. Selling out this
    Great land that all of our
    Heroic World War II
    Veterans and their fallen
    Brothers fought so
    Valiantly to protect and
    Defend is in a state of
    Cardiac arrest- thanks to
    The Leftist morons being
    Elected in government.
    WAKE UP!!!!!!!
    America is being
    Plundered by radicals who
    Are the secret enemy of
    Watch out for
    North Korea – the “White
    Horse” is the signal.

    Phil J

    • Look at Virginia after the “leftist moron” Democrats took over. Then we have Congress funding the UN and the UN hiring an English speaking arms control expert to enforce the Small Arms Treaty that Obama had one of his lackeys sign. Do you think these traitors are not out to disarm us with the help of our own government and the UN? This is why Warren is blaming Trump for this violence — everything is the Republicans fault, but Trump was not going to have another Clinton Benghazi.
      And yes, God is still in control.

  24. Warren and the other democRAT swamp rats are NOT fit to be in government office.. they are BAD for America… if people would wake up and actually listen to their garbage they spew and the policies they want to implement on us, they would know that they WILL destroy our country AND the American people…
    (and vote ALL democRAT swamp rats out of office)


  26. How do you negotiate with terrorist. You can’t just like with the Democrats giving into 1 demand leads to many more demands. Like a bully there never satisfied they always want more.

  27. It is a shame that her parents did not abort her, the world would have been better off. But with that said, maybe when she dies somebody can receive her brain, because it will be like a new one. Lord knows it has not been used.

    • Her own brothers have called her a liar and that’s all she is good for. Would love to see President Trump tear her apart as the lying Pocahontas that she is. Mendacity is her middle name. We need to be grateful she will never be president. Still have visions of her and Hillary dancing on stage during the 2016 campaign like the two goofballs that they are. She wants to put a guilt trip on our president for standing up for us and defending us when she would run to her mentor George Soros who funds her while she turns taxpayer dollars over to him. He never pays out of his own pocket, just keeps getting richer and richer from the idiots who support the monster.

  28. Just goes to show and prove that Democrats like Warren would not have the gumption to stand up to terrorists and attacks against the US and our Democracy. They rather spout rhetoric and always find blame on someone else than accept responsibility as an American diplomat and person of voice. As Americans we all need to accept the responsibilities of protecting our freedoms and right to live without lethal prejudice. If you can’t defend our cause and rights, then you can’t lead either.

  29. Look, we have a Full Moon ,its Trumps fault. Hey , we have fires in aussie land, its Trumps fault. Hey, there are alligators in the Florida Everglades, Its Trumps fault. The down fall of America is the democrats and fake media who is to Blame. Period.

    • Well said. You forgot the hurricanes though. Those too are trumps fault, just ask the sissy racist Cory Booker.

  30. She also needs to explain why her “Consumer Protection Agency” charged corporations with offenses and fined them 5.2 million dollars and then took the money from the fines and sent it to George Soros and his left wing activist organizations. She needs to be charged with corruption for that. She is a first class liar since she faked her ancestry to get a job as a college professor which should would have not obtained if she put her normal race; Caucasian, in the first place. I am especially upset about this as I did not get my dream job when I graduated from college because I was not a minority. They told me that they wanted to hire me but could not because I was not a minority or disabled. I also didn’t get a promised promotion that they, my employer, had trained me for the position, and was forced to promote a woman (the secretary) for the job. Right is right and wrong is wrong.

    • Too bad you are a person of conscience.
      If you the lack of morals, like the dims, you would have claimed to be a minority or a “transgender” and had the jobs.

    • You folks may think this is something new, discrimination in jobs that is…. I returned from the military, Aug 1970. Late 70’s had to use my GI bill and go to school to feed my family. I was out of work, had a veterans preference points, which didn’t help anything. The state unemployment office told me, FACE TO FACE, If I was black or female, I could have gone to work that day, as an apprentice with a major electrical supplier. The Tennessee Valley Authority. (TVA) NOPE! there’s nothing new here….

  31. These Democrat Leaders in our country are all mouth and stupid. The let the bad guys come and wine and dine them then when the bad guys kill Americans they blame Trump.
    Why do the voters in their district allow them to be elected ??

  32. God bless President Trump, his administration and his family!!
    Warren and the rest of the liberal leftist idiots, demonscraps & sorocrats the lot, please go to some nation that shares in your desire for globalization. No doubt you’ll love all the sand and tents. But its either that or Gitmo. We the people are coming for all corrupt officials, currently in office and has beens

  33. She knows exactly what she’s doing. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. The Democrats are following marching orders to spew out anything and everything negative about Trump and Conservatives knowing some small percentage each time influences some voters who only read the headline and never research the truth. The sad thing is, this is very effective and will result in voting results that will leave those of us who know better asking “how can this be happening in this country”. Democrats as a party are purposely breaking ALL the rules and precedents established over the years and at the same time, they are using those rules and precedents to hold Republicans accountable. Please take some time and watch Glenn Beck’s Youtube video, The Democrat Hydra and it will be clearer why Democrats continue to act the way they do. It is intentional and it is dangerous. Bold Republican politicians know, the Dems are not going to stop, even after the impeachment fiasco is over. There are still millions of other US citizens that WE need to reach so the 2020 election is a landslide for Republicans.

  34. Don’t vote democrat at any level of government. They all want to destroy our country and take away our constitutional rights especially the right to bear arms by law abiding citizens. Punish the ones who break the laws. Go back to firing squads or hanging for the ones who commit murder. If the Democrats doesn’t like our country then move to China or some other country but stay out of Texas

    • TDS. They hate Trump so much, they want this country to burn so he looks bad. Economy crashing and dead Americans, that is what they are hoping for. Traitors, the lot

  35. Warren is about as qualified to be the President as my dog is! Fact is my dog would do a better job than her and he wouldn’t have to lie! She has no sense of any kind except to lie, deceive, and blame the wrongs of the world on the President! She is just mad because she was called out for being the lying sack of horse crap that she is! You were busted fair & square Pocahontas, liar, liar, pants in fire!! Trump/Pence 2020!

  36. Way to go, Lizzy. Of course, it was Donald Trump, not the serpent, who gave the apple to Eve in the garden! Love Ya, Roger!!!

  37. No more talk, no more voting.
    Civil war is the only answer to dealing with the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical leeches.

  38. All I can say at the voting box vote these Democrats out of office. You would be crazy to vote for them . Democrats have done nothing I mean nothing for the America people. Every word out of there mouth Trump Trump lets Blaine Trump. Not one of them would stand beside him to help American or our country
    VOTE Republican Let’s continue to keep our country great.

  39. This Elizabeth Warren…… is He married to another man ? Is Liz really a man – it walks (honestly) , talks like a man – looks like a (fugly) man or……a woMAN ? It’s hard to stay focused to what he/she’s saying due to trying to figure out what “it” is – let’s vote on it : a) 🧔🏼b) 👨‍🦲 c) 🤡 d) all of above ……. ding ding ding and the answer is…..D !!!!!!!!!

  40. Why are we paying her salary when she is away from Washington working for herself. Those running for Office should take a leave of absence. We should not have to pay only to see her not get elected.

  41. Warren is a proven liar yet the people of Massachusetts continually vote for her or is this another Democratic controlled “voter fraud” election she benefits from (like in California). If you look at the people the Democrats have put in office over the last few decades you can see evidence of communism’s influence in America. Warren goes with what she thinks pleases people and socialist idea are what the Democrats think people want. Real Americans need to stand up in 2020 and tell the Democrats (like Warren) we have had enough! Real Democrats need to “walk away” from the Democratic party in droves, telling their leadership they have had “enough” as well! What the Democratic party is today (i.e., socialistic, readily accepts voter fraud to gain power, Washington “do nothing politicians, Pelosi “puppets”, etc.) is not the Democratic party you originally supported many, many years ago, so please, please “walk away”.

  42. Just when you think there isn’t any more stupid left in Lizzie, she digs deeper and comes up with another crackpot statement.

  43. She is delusional and lying to protect the Democrats but the truth will prevail she needs to step down and stop the lying

  44. Maybe Pocahontas should go home and open a bottle of fire water and chill. She is fading fast in the presidential race. Her lying is catching up with her.

  45. News flash! Everything she says and does is absurd! Even more absurd, is the fact that there are that many people dumb enough to believe her.

  46. It’s great to see that poca’s popularity and fund raising are both dose diving! She simply has had too much fire water over the years to have normal perception. This is dangerous for a panderer and inveterate liar. The rest of the world simply sees through her lunatic schemes.
    VOTE RED!!!

  47. this women must not have a brain. proof that she is tied to socialism. if you don’t like the way this country has run for the last 240 plus years I suggest to move out if it.

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