When You See What This Supermarket Was Forced To Apologize For, You’ll Want Off This Planet Immediately

(Liberty Bell) – We are living in the strangest period of human history that has yet come to pass, and if you don’t believe that’s true, if you think this is just another day in the neighborhood, then flip on the local television news reports and see the utter insanity unfolding in culture across the globe right now.

In fact, a prime example of the insanity that has infected the world in modern times, a supermarket located in the United Kingdom was actually forced to apologize for asking customers not to steal female menstrual products.

Yes, that’s right. The thieves didn’t have to apologize, the store did. For asking people not to steal, which, is an illegal activity.

Want off this right yet?

Here’s more from Summit News:

A UK supermarket was forced to apologize for asking people not to steal female menstrual products, because shoplifting is apparently ‘woke’ now.

Yes, really.

It all started with a tweet which received nearly 15,000 likes.

“We really need a genuine conversation as a society about what ‘safety’ means,” commented Oonagh Ryder alongside an image of sanitary products on a shelf behind a sign which read “Help us build safer communities – report shoplifting to a member of staff.”

Respondents to the tweet asserted their human right to steal tampons and sanitary towels.

“Sanitary products should be free for anybody who menstruates,” said one.

“Women, trans men, or anyone who menstruates should not have to worry about being reported for taking a necessity that I personally believe should be free,” added another.

And if you think that’s the end of the absurdity, think again. After BuzzFeed picked up the story, the supermarket in question, Tesco, actually apologized for the sign.

Tesco “removed signs placed above tampons and other menstrual health products that asked people to report shoplifting of these items in its store in Kensington, London” after the signs caused “mass uproar online.”

The company said it was “very sorry for any offense caused” and claimed that the sign was placed “in error.”

“Once, rights were meaningful,” comments the Moonbattery blog. “People insisted on fundamental rights such as free speech and self-defense. But then liberals perverted the word “right,” just as they perverted the word “liberal.” Now we are told that we have a “right” for other people to be forced to provide us with what we want for free. For example, thanks to the predominance of feminism, someone else being made to pay for a woman’s tampons is becoming a right.”

Apparently, it’s now OK to steal things from grocery stores because some ‘woke’ imbeciles on Twitter were offended by something.

Good luck with that, Tesco.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the world you now live in. How does that thought make you feel?

What these ignorant folk don’t seem to understand is that there is no such thing as free. In order for these products to exist, someone would have to own the machinery and various materials needed to make them. Where do they think the money for this is going to come from?

Taxes? Is that what these people want? Government subsidized pads and tampons? The government can’t even run the DMV and these people want them to create personal hygeine products? Seriously?

Enough is enough.

Source: summit.news/2020/02/06/uk-supermarket-forced-to-apologize-for-asking-people-not-to-steal-female-menstrual-products/


  1. It’s even simpler if they do want their period, just get knocked up and we’ll support their kids for free too. The worlds coming off its hinges

  2. If you believe these items should be free, then you should order a truck load of them and offer them for free in a kiosk in front of your home. Keep the kiosk well supplied. Soon you will realize what ‘free’ really means.

  3. In many countries, girls stay home from school, etc. when they’re having their period, as they do not have Kotex. not available or parents can’t afford. Sad state of affairs.

  4. I save my ire for the activists & class that educated and conditioned these people…….either with gubmint money jobs, or insurance paid ‘treatments’ and ‘surgeries’ and drugs…..and which then goes about preening in self-righteous frustration.

    God sees the sin of both & the un’evolved’ Authorized Version still has the power to change any life & to show any of us the end from the beginning so we can gain perspective. Unfortunately, that majority of men are still ‘too good’ for that. We’re trained to look to men for answers by religious Nicolaitan and atheist, ‘right’ and ‘left’, ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’ ….and with choreographed kneejerk reaction those on the broad way still deny& censor the word of God regardless of all evidence to the contrary & their own ignorance as to its evidenced contents and Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ according to the scriptures. Top to bottom, and bottom to top. No sign of repentance anywhere.

    We have Babylonian hierarchy & religious humanist sorcery calling itself ‘Christian,’ and community this and new point that in service to the god of this world all over the place….BAH. Useless. Of course, to honestly hang out the Babylon: Kingdom of Man sign isn’t the way of those who shy away from the unshadowed light & that old sharp, double-edged spiritual sword of truth that exposes all & cuts both ways! Hebrews 4 and ‘the rest’ of John 3.

    This is just more of man’s ‘wisdom’ and idolatrous crafted ‘conscious evolution’ working out in reality and as the Lord warned. It’s presented with crafted dialectic CRAP (what comes out of a man and defiles) to stoke rage & frustration & division bringing about the next ‘crisis’ for the handlers to ‘manage’.

    Isn’t Babylon wonderful? Wait until that old bloody manipulating whore of craft and the spirit behind her is fully in change again, & that old figurehead fake ‘Christ’ and ‘godman’ is completely filled with & controlled by Lucifer-Satan. Men forget the evil of those old Dark and Inquisitional days when nicolaitan godmen reigned supreme over the sheep save a tiny remnant God preserved outside the Whore, & from whom the incorruptible & preserved word of God was restored to mankind at large. Men forget, or don’t want to know: and some of the forgetting was craftily aided along by the deceiving and being deceived. Liars lie and manipulators manipulate. Take away the truth and men will believe anything & succumb to the manipulations & the merchandi$ing. Look around.

    Those old Dark Ages were nothing. Now they have Google and social media and an incredibly dumbed down & superstitious populace with a form of religion but denying its true power & source! Some of these have a lot of initials behind their names, a whole lot of ‘self-esteem’, and haven’t a clue how blind and robbed and manipulated & ignorant and needy they really ARE! But John 1,3 & 8; Romans 1-8; Psalm 2 and 1 Corinthians 15, and 2 Peter 2&3, Jude KJB. Revelation 1-3, 17-20. The time of Jacob’s trouble and Daniel’s 70th week draws closer.

    Hang on to the truth little flock. Warn whoever will still listen. All the signs are coming together & evidencing the faithful truth of God’s word. Even as they are faithfully warned by the few, the majority of men refuse to heed or to hear. Worse than in times past. Still, keep pointing men to the word of God….for God will be glorified & vindicated, & the word & wisdom of men just leads to more of this insanity preceding the hammer by the ‘masters’. And the merciful judgment of the Lord to bring it to a quick end.

    There is a greater and only Master they willfully remain ignorant of and try to forget. He doesn’t need men as the merchandizers and their spirit do, and when he speaks, he means what he says. He is the Faithful and true; not to be confused with that old liar and father of lies, the god of this world, the prince of the power of the air. Hot air.

    It’s best to cast your lot with the Lord Jesus Christ according to the scriptures than with the ‘builders’. Psalm 118. Matthew 21:42 Jesus saith unto them, Did ye never read in the scriptures, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes?
    Mark 12:10 And have ye not read this scripture; The stone which the builders rejected is become the head of the corner:
    Luke 20:17 And he beheld them, and said, What is this then that is written, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner?

  5. Simple fix. Tampons behind the check out counter, along with the booze and cigarettes. Or have the products behind a lockable glass, or metal screen door. If they want the product, they have to ask. And then have it brought to the register, not given to the customer.

  6. Christopher B: Right now, I have to look for a clerk to unlock a glass cabinet to purchase an electric toothbrush replacement head at Walmart, and be walked to the checkout counter to pay first. In Food4Less, many things are locked up, like AAA batteries.
    People walk into stores, and open containers of food to eat, and then leave. Employees are not allowed to interfere. Even security guards serve no purpose, other than a possible visual deterrent. People refuse to return shopping carts to their storage stalls, and just leave them wherever in the parking lot, where you are reluctant to park, due to the very real potential of damage to your car. People can break into your car and steal items, as long as it is less than a certain amount in California. What do you think the effect of these policies have on the values of people in general? On their psyche? When I was a kid, no body bothered to even lock their front door. Once, a man drove to my house to return my wallet that had fallen off in a gas station. It had less than $20
    in it. And I dont’t think he even checked…. These are the contrasts that stuck in my mind, within my own lifetime. The problem is that there even worse examples that I can relate to others. I wonder what their experiences were?

  7. Everyone seems so excited about supporting the new Democrat “free” Party. It is being dumb and self centered. I remember years ago when visiting Denmark. The students were protesting that they should be paid to attend college! I wondered what kind of degrees they would get. I think it might be called “free and stupid”.

    • Milt Heger you have hit upon exactly what almost every Neo-Marxist philosopher has ever said. They never meant to espouse logic or make sense. They just hid that in a bunch of fancy prose that the “intellectuals” ate up.

  8. I am laughing as these same people who would think stealing is within their proper rights are often the same ones who would support removing the Constitution and establishing a Socialist State in the remnants of what was once the United States. So, IF and When this once proud nation succumbs to becoming a Socialist State, they will have two problems. First, IF caught stealing in a socialist country, your ass is going to prison, no matter how small of an item is stolen. And second (more likely) the shelves will be bare of such needed products as they will no longer have a company to produce such items. For now, I can see stores pacing feminine hygiene products behind a glass case with electronic alarms on the case and security devices attached to the said items. Much like many stores now do with electronics such as video games and even electric shavers. Some Pharmacies even have to do this with cold medicine as people abuse it by making meth out of it. Despite everything happening today, stealing is still a crime and should be held to that standard and anyone who steals anything SHOULD be arrested and prosecuted! I don’t care if they are stealing tampons, chewing gum or birth control products! Parents do not seem to teach their kids the difference between what is right and what is just plain wrong. So many today have no morals or even a sense of morals. They equate NEED with WANT and WANT with Emotions and see no crime or anything immoral about their actions.

    • yeah, I dont suppose they would like it as much if someone came into their home and stole all of theirs.

  9. LMFAO,
    So, according to these radical ☭Leftists☭, they must believe that TP should be free as well.
    Where’s my free lifetime supply of schiff wipes???

    • But first you’ll have to go down to the corner stationary supply depot (no longer a stationary STORE) to get your free paper and pen to write the letter. Then you can walk to the post office where you can drop off the letter to be delivered for free. Where will it stop?!?

  10. Gotta read this yet, but just the 1st sentence was a bit funny enough to crack on it here.
    right under the Tampax picture, “(Liberty Bell) – We are living in the strangest period of human history that has yet come to pass, and if you don’t believe that’s true,”
    Was that intentional & If not, did they not see what they were writing?
    If they had, could they not have easily just used “the strangest era, or, of times…” instead of “strangest period”?

  11. The mistake of so many businesses is to care about online rage, especially of the liberal variety. Let them whine for a day. Next day they’ll forget about it and whine about something else. Just like the spoiled children they are. And definitely arrest them when they deliberately shoplift. If they punch and spit, swear out an assault and battery complaint. Make them pay personally. They really hate that. And perhaps get a good punch in ourselves as well.

  12. Many years ago stores who sold “Girly Magazines” as well as tobacco products were forced to put them behind the cashier. Guess now the next thing will be to put fem products behind the counter also. Next the poor cashier will have the store behind her and you will have to ask for products of all kinds.
    Or will the stores be forced to put anti alarms on everything from a can of beans to meat and then some?

  13. I think we need to start prosecuting stupid people like this. Also, every time someone steals, let’s send the bill for the loss of stolen item(s) to all the idiots who advocated this nonsense.

    • In some countries if you are caught stealing your hand is cut off. Hmmm wonder how many one handed people would be walking around?

  14. They Must Have Been Conversing With That Blathering IDIOT, A O C !!! Let’s Get Free Super Glue ,To Glue These MORON’s Fingers And Lips, So We Won’t Have To See Or Hear Any More Of This $HIT !!!

    • John you have a great idea. Just think how effective it would be in Washington. Old Lady Pelosi, bugeyed Schifff, the flab Nadler, pointedhead Chucky all of the goofy Democrats could not utter a sound. What a glorious thing to behold. Do you think it could be done by tonight?Boy I Hope So!!!!


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