What This Texas Doctor Just Said About Trump’s Hydroxychloroquine Treatment Will Trigger His Critic’s To Tears

(Liberty Bell) – On Monday, President Donald Trump revealed that he has been taking the controversial coronavirus medication hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure against the coronavirus after two members of the White House staff tested positive for the novel virus.

His critics, naturally, freaked out.

We all know they’d be much happier if he croaked, don’t we?

They’ve been trying to tell us for weeks now that the drug is highly dangerous, despite emphatic support for its use in treating the novel disease among thousands of physicians around the world.

They can’t risk their precious crisis facing an end too soon!

On Monday night, Dr. Ivette Lozano joined Laura Ingraham’s Fox News program to discuss this news.

Dr. Lozano has been treating patients in Texas with the drug and has seen great success.

She also praised President Trump for his great leadership.

“I think the people of the United States need to know they have a brilliant President of the United States and that he wants to keep himself safe and healthy so that he can guide us through this pandemic,” she said.

“He’s done an incredible job. He is saving thousands and thousands of lives. And I commend him for coming out publicly and sharing with his people that he is taking this drug, that it is completely safe, and that doctors need to start prescribing it immediately,” she added.

The doctor then weighed in on the group of far-left, anti-Trump doctors who are putting American lives at risk by lying about the efficacy of the drug.

“Well I’m not sure those doctors are actually seeing patients or they’re just high up on the scale of the bureaucracy. So what I would tell them is to come over to my office and let me show them what it does,” she said.

This is well worth watching!


  1. The Demorats and their media clones will never ever admit that PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP WAS EVER RIGHT ABOUT ANYTHING, for they believe the likes of Pisslosi, Schumer, Pinnochio Schiff and no nothing Nadler, I forgot even Obummer, BiteMe, and Crooked Hillary.

  2. If low life bottle hugging Nancy says it is poison then I am going to take it. Whatever she says is bad must be good.

  3. don’t know if this is true but i read yesterday that the major owners of the company that produces this WELL known, effective drug leaves everyone between a rock and a hard place–this is the Rothys and Rockys-they are the very ones trying to make bank off of killing 90% of the population–so they could be adding poisons to this drug to both make loads of money and at the same time killing loads of people-and blaming the people themselves when they told them the drug was dangerous.. ROUND AND ROUND THIS NINTH CIRCLE OF HELL. Until these people have all their assets seized and them and their cut outs like Soros ELIMINATED-as well as all their proxies and clones and body doubles-NOTHING CHANGES.

    • When it comes to abortion, they insist and pound the table that it’s just between a women and her doctor. When it comes to Hydroxychloroquine, a 60 yr old drug used by millions of people, it’s between a doctor, the patient, cnn commentators, and everybody who has an opinion.

  4. He is under a doctors care so what is the problem ? If he found a cure for cancer they would still hate him ! There have been people cured by this drug. So follow the science if he wants to take let him be.

  5. Democrats only want what’s bad for the citizens of this nation. I wouldn’t doubt in the least if all democrats are not on the medication themselves now, but they would NEVER admit it as our honest President has done. Though they would probably give it to illegals who are in our nation RIGHT ?!?! After all democrats are all out and determined that American citizens support illegals through high taxes in any way they need support, even free college ?!?! Now what’s wrong with that picture ??? They should ALL be thrown out of office, totally demonic. As the Bible tells us” Things that are RIGHT, will seem WRONG to them;… and things that are WRONG will seem RIGHT to them.” Does that not totally describe a Democrat ?!?!

  6. Once again we see President Trump doing all that he possibly can to help people get through this pandemic…. even taking a drug that could possibly be the answer to this virus. He is making himself a human trial for the virus being he is out there every day fighting this horrible killer. What are the people that only attack everything the president does is doing to help ? Nancy and her cronies staying home for vacation and just complaining is not helping. Her showing her expensive refrigerator filled with expensive ice cream is not helping, it only keeps her ugly face in the spotlight. This woman should be removed from office ASAP because she is only slowing everything important down. Like spending forty million dollars on a phony investigation and now they want another investigation instead of trying to help the president get things needed done. When someone wins the office of the President both parties are suppose to join him and help, not do the opposite. Come on people just open your eyes and see the truth and vote for someone we know is making America great.


    • I don’t see why not! I’m 72 next month, have had discoid lupus erythematosis (DLE) for the past 16 years, and have been taking HCQ for it for the past 15-and-a-half years! I have not felt particularly threatened by the pandemic anyway, but when I heard about HCQ (Plaquenil) being reported to be effective against COVID-19 my optimism knew no bounds! My wife’s sister is 73 and just recently began treatment with HCQ for rheumatoid arthritis! Apart from our chronological ages, I guess one could say we’ve got it good both ways! The drug has been in use since 1955 (65 years ago!) as a remedy for malaria, so it can’t be like those on the Left would have you to believe!

  8. Nancy and the other leftist bimbo’s whats wrong with Trump taking the medicine? I thought if was too dangerous, you would LOVE for him to be on it! Trump gone! This just goes to show you that you don’t want him showing the people that this medicine is totally safe and beneficial and people can back to work sooner! You would love the economy to tank but it isn’t going to work!

    • You know Democrats can’t actually say what they feel!?!? They are all Christians who pray for the President’s good health and safety, right? 😉

  9. As a retired physician, I am in whole hearted agreement. I spent time in Africa and still have many friends practicing medicine on that continent. They report that the incidence of COVID-19 in sub-saharan Africa is probably due to the fact that almost everyone takes hydroxychloroquine to prevent malaria.

    I too am encouraged that President Trump took the drug and told us all.

    Allan Clemenger, M.D.

    • THANK YOU! – Dr. Clemenger, for a clarification as to why the number of COVID-19 patients on the continent of Africa have consistently been very low, for most of the area, at least according to the NY Times map that shows those numbers. Have asked myself many times, now, just why is this? Why aren’t there studies made to track what they might be doing differently? They, too, have busy, urban areas, but seem to have, so far, missed getting the worst of this virus, even though they have suffered from many diseases, viral and otherwise, in the past. This is the very first logical explanation for this. You should make it more widely known, sir, for the sake of us all. IF it were more readily available in the USA, I, too, would take it!


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