What Rep. Illhan Omar’s Daughter Called American Soldiers Is Horrific And Completely Classless

(Liberty Bell) – So it seems that Rep. Illhan Omar is just as bad at being a parent as she is at being a congresswoman, though she’s apparently succeed in passing her hate on to the next generation via her daughter, who decided to go on a tirade against American soldiers, calling them all sorts of uncouth and unsavory names.

Gee, mommy dearest must be oh so proud of her little hater bot. You know, if a conservative person’s kid said something this awful in a different context, people everywhere would be demanding someone call Child Protective Services and all sorts of things. Yet, here we are, no such threats being made against Omar. Crazy the double standard that exists.

Here’s more on this from Gateway Pundit:

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s daughter said during a video livestream that American soldiers are “bitches” who are “furthering American imperialism” and “actively killing innocent children abroad.”

The congresswoman’s 17-year-old daughter Isra Hirsi made the comments during a TikTok live video captured by conservative activist CJ Pearson.

In this video, @israhirsi – the daughter of Congresswoman @IlhanMN – calls American soldiers “bitches” and accuses them of “furthering American imperialism” and “actively killing innocent children abroad”.

Where does she get these views from? I guess the apple doesn’t fall far!

“I know this is a joke, but the fact that these men are calling me a bitch when they are actively killing innocent children abroad and also furthering US imperialism makes me think that they are actually the bitch,” Hirsi said with a snarky imitation valley-girl tone.

The video quickly went viral, as did calls for Rep. Omar to comment about whether or not she shares her daughter’s views, since apples generally do not fall too far from the tree.

Look at the ingratitude of this kid. The soldiers who serve our country do so knowing that they may have to die in order to preserve liberty, peace, and our way of life. Many of them sign up to go out there and try to liberate other nations and help them to be free from the tyranny that is strangling the God-given freedom they are supposed to have. It’s no easy thing to make sacrifices like that for your beliefs, yet our soldiers do so all the time. But Omar isn’t teaching her daughter to appreciate the folks who have shed blood so she can be free. Instead, she’s filling her with hate, indoctrinating her with falsehoods about the country she lives in so as to create a future generation of statist robots, her daughter numbered among them.

Hirsi may be young, but she is already an engaged and influential political activist and co-founder and executive director of the U.S. Youth Climate Strike — the American arm of the global youth climate change movement. She has been featured in glowing profiles in Time Magazine, Jacobin and Vice Magazine, among others.

The congresswoman’s daughter launched U.S. Youth Climate Strike the same month that her mother was sworn into office.

Liberals don’t want to make this nation better. They hate everything it stands for. What they are aiming to do through the brainwashing of future generations is to tear down what makes this country special, our liberty, which is founded on timeless truths found in the Bible, and rebuild it on the flimsy rules of man. It’s a disaster in the making, but all that matters to them is accomplishing the mission and securing money and power for themselves at the expense of everyone else.

And people like Hirsi is how they plan to do it.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com/2020/05/rep-ilhan-omars-daughter-calls-american-soldiers-bitches-killing-innocent-children-abroad-video/


  1. Yes she and her daughter should be sent back to the country they came from no drought. But the sad thing here is the American people won’t let that happen, and so many Americans are so twisted in believing what they say that they keep voting her into office and they support her sick minded daughter. All because they don’t want to be the ones called racist.

  2. It’s funny coming from this idiot of a person like her mom Omar they say all this nasty things about our military, but yet our military saved her and Omar from the real problem where they left from. Omar and her stupid ass daughter she go move back to Somalia since they are better.

  3. Illhan and her spawn from whomever are equally disgusting individuals. The daughter is just stupid, but mom is a criminal and needs to be prosecuted for all of her MANY crimes to the fullest extent of the law. Lock her up or send her away from our country.

  4. I dont understand why we keep talking about this instead of finding ways of eliminating ALL of Congress! At the same time voting for term limits for these people. What are we waiting for ?? Do they not work for us? Well no they dont actually but are they not supposed to work for the American People ?? Your Fired!!-

  5. This Country would be much better off with shipping them both to GITMO and get rid of the hatred that these two Muslim brotherhood goons keep spewing. I hope ugly omar doesn’t win re-election and then ship them both out.

    • Yes they should if they dont like are soldiers and they dont like America ship them out especially congress and senates

  6. The American army is the most humane army in the world. That is our greatest strength and our greatest weakness. In the the battle field the enemy uses it against us.

  7. all coments here are factual and to the point but the fact remains that our DOJ and FBI have done not a damn thing to get this trash out of our government or the us and she is still allowed to spew her trash on line

  8. Is this kid from her first husband, her brother (her second husband??) or her second/third husband, or the guy she’s screwing now?? Send this ugly POS whore back to whatever s**t hole she came from!

    • Absolutely, without any further reservations –
      It appears that the “O’Bu**h*le Conflagration”, where Barak O’Bu**h*le illegally directed transporting individuals of a specific “towel bearing” persuasion into this country, to certain states within the United States, in the dead of night, so no one can protest their presents, has never provided anything but the worst of circumstances for the United States citizenry. It equals having Al-Qaeda spawned sub-humans to enter our society for the specific purpose of undermining our culture, and societal mores of any or all western civilizations.

  9. Greta Thunberg and Irsa Hirsi. The left wing’s new salt and pepper team of teenage brain dead. Once Omar is out of office, Hirsi will be on the street selling drugs or herself. Thunberg will be back in her parents’ basement sponging. Or they may well turn terrorist and finally meet their ends courtesy of a SWAT squad or drone.

  10. This is what we get for allowing this trash into our country. She has broken so many laws, why hasn’t she been tried and sent to prison.

  11. That is teaching the next generation the “love” that they have for people. When a Cancerous sore festers, you cut it out of the healthy body.

  12. It just proves that crap does not fall from Anti-American Muslim TRAITOR IN CONGRESS, She and her Illegal family should be kicked out of the USA, and to sneak back in would be the DEATH Penalty on sight, as goes for all of the Anti-American democrats of the New World Order of Nazi-Socialist party aka DEMOCRATS!

    • It just proves that crap does not fall far from Anti-American Muslim TRAITOR IN CONGRESS, She and her Illegal family should be kicked out of the USA, and to sneak back in would be the DEATH Penalty on sight, as goes for all of the Anti-American democrats of the New World Order of Nazi-Socialist party aka DEMOCRATS!

  13. Has anyone actually checked to see whether Omar and her daughter are even citizens of this country? If so, who in the name of let them in in the first place? If not, rip them up and put them on the first slow boat to their point of origin. Refugees from what?

  14. When one takes into consideration the usual ingratitude of Muslims here in the USA, Ilhan Omar and her ungrateful scrod should get top billing! They rather graphically illustrate the meme with the caption “We are not here to become PART OF America. We are here to TAKE OVER America!” Such an attitude deserves the same contempt and non-acceptance of Muslims in THIS country that THEY convey to Non-Muslims and others in THEIR countries! Hot news flash for ALL ragheads: in THIS country, YOU are the INFIDELS, and don’t ever forget it! Now, what was it from the Quran, where it stated, “Slay the INFIDEL, wherever you may find him!” All ragheads in this country should be advised that a raghead ass doesn’t automatically convey or bestow automatic immunity from ballistic justice! Either change your godless attitude or pay an otherwise unacceptable (to YOU) price!

  15. The whole point about Omar is that she shouldn’t be in office because she was sworn in on the Korean and that is against the constitution of the United States of America. Also, she is radical Muslim and a threat to our country.

  16. If the American people are stupid enough to continue to put people in the congress, who have no business being there, like Omar, Tlaib, AOC, and I could go on and on, this country is screwed! Abe Lincoln said, many years ago, that the only way this country would ever be destroyed would be from within, and folks, that is exactly what is happening!

    • Roger, you may be on to something here! I don’t understand how Omar, Tlaib, AOC and Pressley (aka “the Squad”) ever got elected in the first place, but the voters who elected them are either gullible to a fault or else they’re considerably light in the loafers, maybe both! They’re all mistakes in judgement that should NOT be made again!

    • Right on the money. In 1969 I did a term paper on the Communist take over of the US., In the books I read for the term paper, it said exactly that. One statement I will always remember is” we will feed the Americans enough rope to hang themselves and where will we get the rope, the Americans will give it to us.”That is exactly what is happening now.

  17. The inbred female dog would look more appropriately dressed in a black dress with a brown blouse wearing a swastika arm band and goose stepping when she walks screaming zigheil!

  18. Please don’t give this little TWIT her 15 minutes of fame, as that is what this is all about. I would hazard to say most kids her age can get pretty nasty, but not against the country that saved their butts!! This is a poor choice of people to report on since this is what they are begging for!

    • However, let us say, Sandy, just as many of their ilk should be expelled from this country post haste………thank you very much……….Then you can go on and on about the, “little TWIT her 15 minutes of fame……….


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