What Rand Paul Proposes Be Done With Cuomo Over Failure With Coronavirus Needs To Happen Immediately

(Liberty Bell) – At this point in the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of us can look back and see that there have been a lot of very bad decisions made by governors and state officials in their attempts to keep this virus from spreading and overwhelming hospitals. Much of this can be attributed to a lack of information. Many of these individuals truly thought they were making the right choices to keep their citizens safe.

And then there are people like Gov. Andrew Cuomo in New York, who made such horrible decisions that he cost the lives of thousands upon thousands of individuals. Then he had the gall to try and pass things off as if he did a stellar job and helped his people overcome the illness and is a beacon for how other states should handle the situation.

This is the same man who sent patients with coronavirus back to nursing homes, with other high risk individuals, a choice that single-handedly killed large numbers of people.

Sen. Rand Paul recently said that Cuomo needs to be impeached immediately for ignoring medical facts and making this decision.

We couldn’t agree more.

Here’s more from The Hill:

“The people we are lauding are actually making catastrophic decisions,” he said.

“I think Gov. Cuomo should be impeached … for the disastrous decision he made to send patients with coronavirus back to nursing homes. … Virtually half his people who died were in nursing homes,” Paul said on Fox News’s “Rundown” morning podcast.

According to data from the New York Times, the state of New York reported nearly 6,500 fatalities due to COVID-19 stemming from residents of long-term care facilities.

Earlier in the show, Paul called in to question the pandemic lockdown imposed in New York in March, referencing the surge of cases across the state despite the shelter-in-place orders.

“New York had a lockdown and had 30,000 people die. New York had the worst death rate of any place in the world amidst a lockdown. So perhaps a lockdown didn’t do any good, and perhaps a lockdown killed our economy but didn’t do anything to stem the tide of a virus.”

Paul, a physician, said he thinks pandemic lockdowns “killed the economy but didn’t do any good for trying to contain the virus.”

Commenting on recently reimposed restrictions in states that are seeing new COVID-19 spikes, Paul said individuals “need to assess their own risks with regard to the virus,” saying that for “those under 18, the risk of mortality is about one in a million or a little bit less. For those ages 18 to 45, it’s about 10 out of 100,000 for the mortality.

“Under age 45, this disease we’re looking at is less dangerous than the seasonal flu. Above age 45, it’s more dangerous than the seasonal flu,” he said.

A spokesman for Cuomo said Paul’s attack was a retaliation to the governor’s remarks about Kentucky Republicans during a press conference call earlier on Wednesday.

“Every study has shown that when you starve the state and local governments, the economy does not recover as quickly,” Cuomo said during the call Wednesday. “Also, it is really the epitome of hypocrisy for these Republican senators, particularly from the southeast, to say they refuse to fund state and local governments, because they’re concerned about the amount of spending that the federal government is doing.”

Cuomo has accused Kentucky of taking up more funds from the federal government than they’ve paid into it. A rich accusation coming from someone like Cuomo.

“Kentucky takes $37 billion more every year than they pay in to the federal government. If a Senator from Kentucky was concerned about the federal budget, well the first place to start is in your own home, the first place to start is in your own activity,” he said.

Cuomo needs to be booted. His direct decisions led to people dying. If he were a Republican he’d already be out on the street, no questions asked. This is an offense that’s truly impeachment worthy. Here’s to hoping folks follow through and hold him accountable for what he’s done and his failure to keep the citizens of New York safe.

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore – flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/35561996444

Source: thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/508581-rand-paul-calls-for-cuomo-to-be-impeached-over-coronavirus-response


  1. Killing the economy WAS the left’s intention.
    I believe they knew from the start that (this) SARS-related virus would be about the same as SARS-1 — when Obama did not shut down his economy.
    I hold no hope that New York voters will boot Cuomo. They are the reason he got elected in the first place. There’s too many who want a welfare type of existence, and he was their best choice. That type of individual will never improve. They will always seek a parental provider, and only vote for their welfare benefits.


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