What FNC’s Chris Wallace Just Said About The Democrats’ Argument For Impeaching Trump Will Surprise Absolutely No One

(Liberty Bell) – It’s no secret that Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace hates former President Donald Trump with the intensity of a thousand burning suns. He always has had it out for the guy ever since his first run for office back in 2016. Each time Wallace has hosted a debate as the moderator, he inserted himself into the mix and became a secondary opponent for Trump to deal with.

Well, according to Breitbart, Wallace is absolutely tickled pink by how the Democrats are building a case against Trump for a post-presidential impeachment trial, gushing during the news network’s coverage of the event about the left’s “very strong” case.

“I thought it was a very powerful opening,” the Fox News host stated. “It had a lot of substance to it. It had a lot of technological slickness to it. The video of the events of January 6. The use of graphics to make the point about what’s in the Constitution. The historical precedent. I thought what was particularly in a legal, as opposed to the emotional side, in a very strict legal argument. I thought Joe Neguse, the congressman from Colorado, made a particularly strong argument. What he did, he took a conservative legal philosophy, originalism, textualism, read the Constitution exactly as it was written, and used that against the president.”

“I thought his close was very strong. ‘What happened on January 6,’ he said, ‘is the framers’ worst nightmare come to life,’ and that a president can’t enflame insurrection and run away. You are going to hear this over and over again — ‘January exception.’ The idea that a president commit crimes, allegedly, and then leave office, and somehow he’s thereby off the hook,” Wallace added.

“I will say one last thing as someone who’s covered a lot of trials. When you hear one side’s argument it seems like that’s overwhelming — and how could there be any argument on the other side? The defense is going to take two hours now to present the reasons why this trial shouldn’t be held, and I’m sure they will make a lot of good points, too. So let’s just wait and listen,” he concluded.

Yeah, there’s no bias here at all, right? Wallace is a totally objective voice in all of this. Said no one ever.

Wallace has time and again sacrificed journalistic integrity and objectivity to deliver scathing rebukes to former President Trump simply because he is not an establishment pawn that can be pushed around and controlled. Wallace represents everything that is wrong and broken within the Republican Party. People like him are why the GOP has gotten so used to losing in recent decades.

Let’s hope that one day he grows up and actually does his job with honor and integrity.

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  1. Sad to say. We cannot have Fox on when Chris Wallace is in control. His intense dislike and distortion of the truth and failing to acknowledge all the good Pres. Trump has done is sickening. Fox would be wise to replace him.

  2. Wallace and Juan Williams lend credence to Fox’s claim of ‘fair and balanced’
    by giving them a chance to voice an opposing view, regardless how absurd we may see it. Better than fake news where there is only one view, or else !

  3. His father would be extremely proud of him. Fox has to have him around to have an opposing, although losing, view of the news. He and Juan Williams are two of a kind. This makes Fox a better news network in that they have liberals to make jackasses out of themselves and make for a little balance. MSNBC and CNN are both one sided in their reading of the news.

  4. If Fox continues employing this clown and his obvious biases they will just lose another viewer here . I am now only watching Tucker, Hannity and Ingram now. They do have Trey, they can groom, and Mark Stein as well for some key slots but Wallace and others like him should go over to CNN .

  5. “Wallace is a spokes person for “GITMO” and should be cleaning “Shit Houses” and taking statements from his followers being detained”! “Also, he can brush up on his journalistic gravity on the cell walls and make his broadcasts to the detainees”!

  6. Wallace has become extremely biased when it comes to Trump. This became totally clear during the debate with Biden. As so many said “Trump was debating Biden AND Wallace”! Worst case of dislike and partisanship I have ever seen. He is just another hack trying to be relevant which is akin to all the democrats, media, big tech & democrat voters. All ruled by obsessive hate for a man who never hurt them. I just wonder how long the press will put up with Biden walking away when he doesn’t like a question, snapping at them, and giving less news conferences than any president before him! Are these idiots missing Trump yet?

  7. C Wallace should be impeached, or fired from FOX. Trey Gowdy works for FOX news now. However, Gowdy cannot get FOX News ratings back tjo what they were. Unless, they get rid of C Wallace and maybe a couple of other. Otherwise, Fox is going to keeping being a failure.

    • They shouldn’t stop at Wallace. Some of the others: Cavuto, Ryan, Gasparino, Brazeer, (yeah i know, spelling, just thought it was cute) and not so sure about Parino.

  8. What Wallace failed to say was that the material presented by the Democrat House members was pretty much irrelevant to the charges. They did not make a case for inciting insurrection. Wallace is seriously biased against Trump and will not hesitate to lie or omit relevant information to make him look bad. I’ve said for years that Fox News should fire him for his dishonesty and incompetence, but now Fox News is just as bad as he is.

  9. Chris Wallace has always been biased and hateful
    Toward a person he did not personally like and it is apparent that he despises President Trump. He also thinks he is the ultimate judge of anyone he associates with or is in contact with on any program he participates in. A true KNOW IT ALL and no one else knows anything!!!

  10. Chris Wallace is the poster boy for a guy who learned be a democrat from his father and has really never been able to be open minded and objective regarding politics. Even though Trump got more accomplished than any democratic president in memory , people like Chris show us that they are not willing to give credit to someone they detest due to jealousy ! Even Trump’s wife was the most beautiful first lady our country has seen and with intelligence to complement her looks . Do you think the liberals would put her on magazine covers ? No , because the liberal media was again jealous of the Trump name ; they adored Obama’s wife and she couldn’t hold a candle to Trump’s wife with intelligence and looks . Our nation has to deal with a lot of angry and sick liberals who can’t get over the Trump families successes . They are to be seen as a bunch of people who are vicious and really unhappy with themselves. We really need to pray for the Nancy Pelosi’s and Chuck Schumers of the world because in Judgement they will real the whirlwind !

  11. Doesnt really matter how strong or weak the trumped up case is againsty president Trump. . . .ITS ILLEGAL SO SAYS OUR CONSTITUTION. . .Its really determined to be a way lesser known Democrat/Socialist office holders and other can get a little face time on TV ! ! !

  12. I didn’t like your dad because he too was biased no matter how the story is told. He was the beginning of how to make news rather than report the news. Both of you are hypocritical and both have deep pockets and integrity means nothing to you. Like father like son.

  13. Your credibility as a journalist has diminished considerably because f your hatred for Donald Trump. What would be a really good subject would be why you feel so strongly about Trump and who you think would have made the best successor to Trump. Certainly not Joe Biden, who has proven to be a very effective job killer. Seriously, please tell us.


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