What Biden Said To Trump During Debate Is Utterly Deplorable; Do You Support The President?

(Liberty Bell) – The first presidential debate was held Tuesday evening and while it started out somewhat civil, it didn’t take long for things to transform from a political debate to a down right brawl, with the president swinging haymakers all over Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

However, Biden swung back and boy did he fight dirty. Trump’s hard hitting, aggressive approach left the former vice president visibly rattled, something that become more and more clear as he devolved into juvenile name calling, something the president himself did not resort to.

During the event, Biden actually called the President of the United States a “clown” and told him to “shut up,” in an extremely deplorable and disrespectful tone of address. This was definitely punching below the belt. However, Trump did not allow that to rattle his cage.

Here’s more on this explosive exchange from Newsmax:

The 90-minute faceoff played out in a makeshift debate hall with a crowd of under 100 people due to coronavirus safety restrictions, in an atrium that previously was set up for use as a hospital for COVID-19 patients.

Trump kept up his badgering of Biden, drawing a string of rejoinders from the Democrat, including a plea to “just shush for a minute” at the half-hour mark.

At other points, the two candidates dialed down their rhetoric, but then the interruptions would spring up again. When Trump was fielding a question about reports he paid just $750 in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017, Biden was the one interjecting: “Show us your taxes. Show us your taxes.”

The reaction from the mask-wearing crowd was inaudible on television as Trump frequently talked over Biden. There was no discernible response when the former vice president called the sitting president a “clown” and frustratedly told him to “keep yapping.”

In the first head-to-head debate, the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic could not be missed. Crowds and pageantry were out. COVID-19 tests and masks were in.

Trump came out of the gate looking to challenge Biden at every turn — and the former vice president’s patience was soon spent.

“You are the worst president America has ever had,” Biden said.

Roughly 50 minutes into the debate, moderator Chris Wallace’s frustration came to a boil, as he tried to remain even-keeled and stop the rivals from talking over each other.

“Gentlemen, I hate to raise my voice, but why should I be any different than the two of you?” Wallace said.

Trump blamed Biden, but Wallace firmly pushed back to the president, “Frankly, you’ve been doing more interrupting.”

To be fair, Wallace was incredibly disappointing as the debate moderator. As someone who was supposed to be invisible and non-biased, he was the opposite of both. He interjected often and seemed to be debating with the president too. This isn’t surprising. Wallace has made it clear over the last few years that he is not supportive of President Trump. It’s not a shock at all to see him so hostile toward him.

Still, at one point, Wallace chuckled and cracked jokes with Biden. This is not a good look for an “invisible,” objective moderator. It definitely lended to the appearance that Wallace was already rooting for Biden in this event.

Regardless, the president should have been treated with respect, but Biden showed his true colors and his lack of self-control.


  1. All Americans who love this Nation know Pedo Joe for what he is a LIAR and FRAUD who has Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Pedo Joe won’t be the one to take the White House if Democraps can cheat his ticket to a win. The Ho will be the one to be sworn in. The DNC will have Pedo Joe declared UNFIT. While both are UNFIT Pedo Joe is the most unfit of the two.

  2. Biden was the first to interrupt! He speaks lies all the time….The one about the riot in Charlotte is such a big one! Trump did say, “there were very fine people on both sides.” but he followed that by saying he “wasn’t talking about white nationalists and racists; they should be prosecuted.” When Biden left about the final line, Trump said, “Continue the statement” and Biden continued to talk his lies and by the time Trump got a chance to speak, he had forgotten about the story out of context. How does Biden get away with accusing the President of lying when we know what Biden’s track record is about lying. The debate was not handled fairly!

  3. Whenever Biden gets beaten down in a discussion, which actually is quite normal
    During the event, Biden actually called the President of the United States a “clown” and told him to “shut up,” in an extremely deplorable and disrespectful tone of address. This was definitely punching below the belt. However, Trump did not allow that to rattle his cage.

  4. Wallace is openly biased against President Trump, and he was ill-prepared as a moderator. He repeated falsehoods that were put out there by the fake news media and had been totally debunked. He thought the Proud Boys were a white supremacist group when in fact they have a black president and clearly state on their web site that they oppose racism. Wallace is both dishonest and incompetent and should be fired by Fox News, which would free him up to go a fake news network such as CNN where he would be more at home.

  5. Personally I think Joe Biden is a disgusting person who has no respect for our President or our Country he needs to get back in the basement and stay there . He is just a Puppet of the left wing Radical he should just let the Harris Administration run the Show . Then we will all go become left wing Radicals .

  6. The reason I believe the debate was such a horrible event was the attempt to impose a two minute time limit. It allowed no time for either candidate to rebut. Sorry Chris, your format was just awful. Your obvious attempt to overstructure everything was a mistake. Huge. Your inherent bias was apparent.

  7. Biden showed himself to be a very low class person.
    If he were president would he say “shut up” to Putin–and what would that accomplish?
    It will be interesting to see if Kamala Harris adopts the same tactic with Pense.
    Or will she just whine about her school bus?

  8. It was obvious that Biden was being told what to say through an earpiece. When he said that someone on Pres. Trump’s staff said that the protests and burning was being done in Trump’s favor, the president asked him who said it. There was a pause while Biden listened in his ear and then he said “Kellyeann Conway” as if he was just prompted to say this. When Biden talked about the number of Covid deaths he blurted out a number before his “earpiece” finished……20, 20,000…..200,000 deaths. Before any other debates take place, the candidates must be checked for wiring and earpieces.


  9. IN the end,TWO OLD FARTS,bickering over who should win..One is “somewhat new to politics”. The other has been around for years and seems to stuck in the past.
    Question,When Joe B should have run for President WHY did he pass?? Don’t bring in “BO”..Could ask Obama tho………..

  10. Lets try again,The Pres & the VP should stand at each podium as gladiators. Each have one spear to bang on the floor when not happy….
    IF one throws his spear, HE MUST GO HOME!!!!!
    Remove all “mikes” after storytime………..

  11. wallass should be FIRED WITH PREJUDICE meaning he can never wok in the media again,.

    And would biden lose his temper and call Putin a Clown?
    or tell Xi to SHUT UP MAN?

    And, just to wipe the rest of the polish off THAT APPLE….

    Neither of CAMElass parents have ever become Citizens, and she was raised from age 6 through high school in Montreal Canada. So she has no CULTURAL US knowledge.

    BOTH her parents were in the US on “NON-Emigrate Student Visas” which assigns her ‘citizenship’ to that of her Father.
    EXACTLY THE SAME as any child born to Foreign Diplomats in the US.

    It’s PAST TIME for those FACTS to be shoved out into the open!

  12. I was really disappointed at the debate. You would think that these two men would have tried to show a little respect for each other. But it went as one would expect; The same old child like bickering between Democrats and Republicans, that has been going on for the last four years: Does our government consist of boys and girls or men and women. Over all the debate was more in Presidents Trumps favor: not Mr. Biden’s.

  13. I personally think Wallace should be disqualified. He was clearly not at all qualified to do this job. Who picked him anyway. Obviously the Left did this. It would have been better if they had Sean Hannity as the moderator or Larry Elder.

    • Wallace is one of your Fox cronies but even he was getting headaches from Trump’s sick attacks, lies and interrupting.


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