What Antifa Did To BLM Photojournalist For ‘Snitching’ To Portland Police Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Them

(Liberty Bell) – If you think that you’re safe from the angry mob of violent left-wing terrorists known as Antifa because you buy into the rhetoric and ideology of they espouse, you better think again. The only thing that can guarantee you safety among these radicals is your full cooperation and your willingness to be part of the groupthink with no deviation from the program they lay out for you.

Choose to break their rules, to deviate from their belief system in the slightest, and you will pay the price for it. Still aren’t convinced?

Look what happened to a pro-Black lives Matter photographer named Mason Lake. Lake was accused by Antifa of communicating with Portland Police and promptly beaten for the allegations.

Here’s more on this from The Postmillennial:

Antifa black bloc militant beats up BLM supporting photographer @MasonLakePhoto. Mason Lake was accused of communicating with Portland Police and a bounty had been put on him on social media by #antifa. #PortlandRiots

A bounty had been placed on Lake’s head by Antifa via social media as instigators began to dox him, publishing his work address and phone number.

“Give him a call and let him know how you feel about him keeping a file of bloc folks that he turns over to pigs,” one harasser threatened before revealing Lake’s phone number. “What’s that saying, snitches get…” This was tweeted with the below video.

Came upon this streamer doing the same thing he was the other AM: angrily getting into it with someone I know over them being a “cop,” for one. “You anarchists, you’re full of shit.” I don’t care if this makes me look bad. I was exhausted, in pain.

After that, when you turn on someone I know and you don’t, start yelling at them that they’re a cop with what sure sounded to me like some bullshit “reasons,” then accuse me of being one too because I vouched for them and tell me to GFTO, OK. Fuck you.

“Portland Snitch Warning” published screen shots of a text exchange last month, revealing that Lake had admitted to stockpiling footage and pictures of rioters and submitting the evidence anonymously to police.

“I’m not working with the cops technically. You know I roll ACAB,” Lake wrote. “They have been assaulting peaceful protestors and attacking journalists.”

So how bad did they beat on Lake? Well, the poor guy took at least a dozen punches to the head. But apparently he wasn’t the only journalist to get assaulted by the so-called “anti-fascist” facists of Antifa. Another journalist was also allegedly beat up in similar fashion. Lake pointed the finger at federal officers the attacks on members of the media, even though video evidence clearly shows otherwise.

Just think about this for a minute, dear leftists. These are your people. You instilled in them the ideology they are now pushing violently into the streets of our nation. Innocent people are being beaten and hurt because you radicalized a bunch of young people and worked to make them so full of rage that they are exploding all over the place. You did this. It’s time to take responsibility for it.

“The feds are taking us journalists out one by one with any means at their disposal,” Lake wrote on Twitter, claiming that federal law enforcement were framing, intimidating, and attempting murder, which are “all fascist, dictatorship tactics.”

Lake tweeted further: “Why are they trying to eliminate the media? What do they have to hide? It is war crimes. Pure & simple, they are trying to hide their war crimes against Portland citizens by censoring the press.”

Remember, folks. What the left wants is more than just their policies in place. They want all of us on board with every jot and tiddle of their philosophy. Anyone who dares to think differently will be silenced through the use of violence.

Continue to pray for our nation. We need it.

Source: thepostmillennial.com/blm-photojournalist-beaten-and-doxxed-by-antifa-for-snitching-to-portland-police/


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