Watch: Unsuspecting MSNBC Anchor Accidentally Interviews Trump Supporter

(Liberty Bell) – The liberal mainstream media is a mess. MSNBC, namely, had a rough day Tuesday, while out talking to voters in New Hampshire, outside of a rally for presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Anchor Katy Tur tried to get some real people perspective on Sanders but was instead surprised by a Trump supporter who absolutely demolished Sanders live on TV.

When Tur approached the man whom she believed was a Bernie supporter he proudly revealed that he, in fact, voted for “Donald John Trump.” She then asked if the man thought Bernie was an appealing candidate and the Trump supporter totally ripped him.

“Can you tell us who you voted for?” asked Tur.

“Donald John Trump,” the voter proudly told the anchor.

“You voted for Donald John Trump. Look at that,” said Tur. “Bernie Sanders is not appealing to you?”

“The whole ideology would be destructive to the country,” the man replied. “It’s anti-growth. It’s anti-family. It’s anti-American. And, as a Roman Catholic, it’s anti-life.”

To that we say Amen! He is absolutely right in his assessment of Sen. Bernie Sanders. It’s truly baffling how the people of Vermont just keep continuing to vote for this un-American socialist. He would do nothing positive for America. As a matter of fact, a Bernie Sanders presidency would utterly destroy this great country. Which is exactly why this man, and hundreds of thousands of others in New Hampshire, voted for President Donald John Trump.

Speaking of, President Trump completely dominated in the New Hampshire primary that day, crushing past incumbent presidents’ numbers by literally tens of thousands of votes.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale noted Tuesday night: “With approximately 54% of precincts reporting, President Trump has already received more votes than Presidents Barack Obama (49,080), George W. Bush (52,962) and Ronald Reagan (65,033) in their respective re-election New Hampshire Primaries.”

President Trump tweeted an image from Fox News showing how he obliterated former presidents.

Yet, MSNBC is out there blatantly and biasedly stumping for Dem candidates. The interview with the Trump supporter wasn’t the only shocking interview for MSNBC that day. When the network’s Ari Melber was speaking with one typical liberal about why she voted for Bernie Sanders, Melber got a dose of reality he wasn’t expecting and the truth behind the mainstream media’s propaganda was exposed, despite the fact that it backfired on them.

The Daily Wire reports:

On Tuesday, as the New Hampshire primaries kicked off, MSNBC’s Ari Melber found himself in a rather uncomfortable situation when a Bernie Supporter told him that his network’s unfair treatment of the senator convinced her to vote for him.

“I want to say, the reason I went for Bernie is MSNBC,” the woman said.

“Go on,” Melber responded.

“I think it is completely cynical to say that he has lost 50% of his vote from the last time when there were two candidates,” the woman continued. “Now there multiple, wonderful candidates that would be great candidates and people that we could unify behind.”

“The kind of ‘Stop Bernie’ cynicism that I heard from a number of people… It made me angry, so I said, ‘Bernie’s got my vote,’” she added.

“This is such an interesting point,” Melber responded. “What you’re saying is, and we take criticism because we’re journalists, you’re saying that hearing from people, whether it’s guests, contributors, the conversations you’ve heard, that you felt were designed to tear down Senator Sanders, actually endeared him to you.

“Absolutely, I could have chosen several candidates, but that’s what pushed me over the edge for Bernie,” she concluded.

First of all, this is how liberals vote, folks. If you just tug on their heartstrings enough, you’ll earn their vote. Apparently, this woman has no concern whatsoever for the actual issues facing Americans. Her biggest concern is sympathy for Bernie Sanders, who is a socialist hell-bent on destroying American democracy. What an informed voter!

Then to have her sit there and completely destroy MSNBC for being completely biased and blatantly sending the message that they are anti-Sanders, really says something about the news network, who the lady says she watches “constantly.” Talk about interfering in an election. That’s exactly what these liberal mainstream media outlets are trying to do.

Unfortunately, their efforts have backfired and it seems they are driving people to vote for Bernie out of sympathy. The left is a mess.


  1. Bernie is a fat grateful dead loser. His balls have cheese from the 60’s. If he ever gets elected to anything he’ll probably pass away thank goodness.

  2. What a jackass this reporter looked. Its obviously she tried to cope with it the best she could. Those watching this take would agree the voter spoke the truth.

  3. I am insulted that the writer of this article thinks the “people of Vermont ” keep voting for sanders. That is absolutely not true. It is the flatlanders who oozed up here out of the cesspools of new york and new jersey who vote for him. Of course, that is probably because he oozed up here from nyc.

  4. Notice that Melber said “guests, contributors conversations” ……. but no mention of the so-called journalists or the hosts that are the truly biased ones !!!

  5. Well thankfully the MSM and MSNBC and CNN and other left wing outlets have been exposed again on how biased and left wing they really are when it comes to reporting the political news. They seem to be one-sided and instead of reporting the news the all seem to think they are political scholars. They are programmed to spin every thing in a negative way when it comes to the POTUS and the republican’s when they should be “reporting” the news and stop trying to increase their ratings and securing their job. People see right through them and that is one of the reasons FOX is outdistancing themselves from the pack. They report both sides of a story.

  6. Oh boy!! I am not surprised at all, and have known all along that there are thousands of voters who DON’T DO THEIR HOMEWORK when it comes to voting!! If you want proof, just look at our Country and how many people want full term abortion, or to let everyone in to our country without vetting them, or giving out ‘free’ health care, tuition, etc.!!! GUESS WHAT? NOTHING IS FREE! THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT HAVE A SECRET STASH!! IT COMES FROM THE TAXPAYERS PAYCHECKS!! THAT’S WHERE THE MONEY COMES FROM. So, go ahead and vote for anyone on the left if you want your life completely taken over. It would be goodbye America, the place where people who DO come from socialism and are trying to get away, come to!! Oh the irony.

    • Yes you got it right. He said she said comes from fake news. If people would judge who is taking care of us over who thinks that money gets everything done. Then no doubt we would make America greater than ever.

  7. The godz of have monitored my posts for moderation for the last time!
    I have decided to watch the shade move across my lawn, read the scriptures and turn on and unsubscribe from the bilge in my day!
    In my departure from your site, I would make one last suggestion:
    Contact your proctologist and reschedule your weekly cranial colonoscopies! Once your cranium has been successfully removed from your colon, you may view 1A more clearly!!! O B TW – stool softeners are to be taken orally!

  8. Democrats and the fake news media know that President Trump will win in November and there is better than a good chance Republicans will win back the majority in the House and keep the Senate. Hopefully the Republicans will have overwhelming majorities in both houses. We can’t afford for the Democrats to have majority power in Congress. Look at what they been during since they won the House in 2018. It’s absolutely ludicrous and pathetic.

  9. You may not be able to judge a book by looking at the cover, but you can definitely recognize an ideological imbecile by analyzing their voting rationale! Anything and anyone with the term(s) Marxist, Communist, Socialist, Liberal, Progressive, etc, will tend to vote for candidates who “feel” the same way! Chances are better than even that no one on either side of the equation were anywhere near the top of their graduating class!


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