Watch: Swamp Creature Christopher Wray Lies, Throws Trump Under The Bus

(Liberty Bell) – When James Comey left the FBI in disgrace, his post was unfortunately not eventually taken up by a no-nonsense, law-and-order man who was ready to hold everyone in Washington DC accountable for any brazen, partisan disgregard of the law.

No, swamp creature James Comey, who quite frankly belongs in jail, was replaced by yet another swamp creature, Christopher Wray.

When Wray was selected to run the FBI, instead of devoting energy to angry slander, the fake news New York Times praised him, saying that “Trump’s Pick Is Said to be Low-Key and Principled”.

As the Gateway Pundit notes, “We suspected if the NY Times was praising Trump’s pick that he would be a Deep State crook and we were right!”

Good point.

TGP further opines:

We noted in December 2017 that Christopher Wray worked on the Enron team along side Mueller, Comey and Weissmann.

The gang that oversaw the indictment of Enron’s Chairman and CEO Kenneth Lay are all the members of today’s crooked and criminal FBI and DOJ team – James Comey, Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissmann and Christopher Wray.

Christopher Wray is a card carrying member of the Deep State. He worked closely with three of the Deep State’s most notorious criminals – Mueller, Comey and Weissmann.

This gang attempted a coup of the US government.

And Wray is running cover more adamantly than ever with the release of the DOJ IG report from Michael Horowitz on Monday.

The director of the once-great law enforcement bureau told NBC News that he did not, in fact, believe the Trump campaign was unfairly targeted by the FBI.

No one in their right mind would make this kind of statement unless they thought the Deep State was right.

Chris Wray: “When the FBI opens an investigation it does so with proper predication, with proper authorization based on the law and the facts and nothing else.”


    • The Fat Boys Institute (FBI) needs to be taken apart before it can be put together as an honest working department—–just as bad as it was now as when J. Edgar swore “up & down” that there was no MAFIA—-and Oswald was a LONE NUT—time to re-arrange the WASHINGTON SWAMP.

    • Trump needs to go out to the heartland and get a list of principled Assistant Directors and weigh their assets and their shortcomings before making a decision on Wray’s successor. We also need to know who gave Trump Wray’s name as a legitimate counter to Comey. You apparently can’t trust most apparatchiks in D.C. That city, my birthplace, was originally a swamp. Just can’t escape it if you live there.

  1. Mr. President, Mr. Barr:

    Hope an old cop who has worked with the FBI since 1970 starting with the Dissent and Disorder Management Group, Office of Military Support and wrapping up as a Counter-Terrorism Consultant in 2005 can sway you two guys just a little. They even sent me to the FBI National Academy in an attempt to scrub some of the raw off an old raw-bone cop (my wife said it was only 40-50% effective). In short, I have seen the same problem year after year since the death of J. Edgar Hoover in 1972 (we all hoped Nixon would give us a cop, but he just started another string of politicians with no tested leadership skills). Each director and most the senior staff have always been lawyers with no or very little field agent experience. Sorry to second guess your appointment of Mr. Wray, but he has proven to have that same lawyer lay back style as every director since 1972. Gentleman, I hope I can encourage you to consider bringing a raw-bone special agent with about 20+ years field time. I will give some names if you desire. I know a couple of guys who left before Obama tainted the FBI and DOJ who know how to inspire good folks and kick the goldbricks right out the door. Just a thought. Thanks for all you both have done to date. Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

  2. I don’t think Trump ever believed he was a good guy just assumed he was not stupid enough to go this far but then he did give him enough rope to hang himself. Being never trusted I would not be surprised if Trump didn’t have someone keeping notes so when he fires him there would be enough evidence to put him in jail with the rest of the swamp. After all Trump made room in the prison for real criminals of this country.

    • Their hatred of President Donald Trump is the most important detail of this absurd impeachment charge and they think that is enough without any evidence that warrants it. They hate that he is bringing the economy to the greatest point in recent history, trying to stop illegals ( their voters) from just coming into our country committing crimes including murders and the liberal Democrats turn them loose to kill again. Trump has changed the way our country has been taken advantage of with trade deals, so that we the people are getting the best deals and not letting all these countries push us to accept the absurd deals. Maybe it’s because of the favors and corruption on the part of the Swamp they have gotten in the past ! This is all leading to the point of that we need TERM LIMITS so that these liberal democrats pushing impeachment don’t think they have superior power to do what they want and screw our people and country for their benefit. Stay strong Mr. President ( my president) and continue to bring our country back to the greatness we have had in the past ! And thank YOU and your family, especially the First Lady, for enduring the absurd treatment that all of you have endured and don’t deserve !!

  3. Get rid of the lying Wray. He is from the Deep State with Comey, Mueller, Shiff, Pelosi, Schumer and the DNC and all democrats. Vote all the democratic scum out of office.


  5. From a former lifetime Democrat. My big question is why are the Christians not bucking up against the killing of heart beating babies, Jesus said let the little children come to me and he did not say, IN LITTLE PICES. Why are the Christian people, especially Pastors, Priests, Rabbis, News Media, Politicians not saying and doing something about this? 70 million Black Babies have been killed, and millions of other races, in 4 years alone, 2 million 800,000 thousand babies were killed. THIS IS WORSE THAN WHAT HITLER DID IN WORLD WAR 2 AND PEOPLE WERE HUNG FOR THAT. Murder is murder and if the HEART is beating it is murder.

    • …Wray and his treasonous-buddies need to be legally convicted for treason and legally hanged from lamp poles.

    • I look at a person’s eyes when they speak as it tells a lot if one knows what to look for. I knew the day he was appointed as the new Director of the FBI that he was not the person who should have been appointed and not properly vetted for the position. He then proved it by continuous stonewalling and protecting those in the top level of the FBI who were effectively working to unseat President Trump.

  6. Wray is a scum bag POS, he’s Deep State and President Trump should get rid of him. I would have fired all top three people in all departments, especially if Odumbo appointed them.

  7. The entire management portion of the FBI, CIA, and others are beyond corrupt. If we are to save our republic and ensure legal elections, then there is no other road to be taken. President Trump needs to clean house of all these vermin now.

    • IF you will notice, all of the rats are hanging themselves, Wray will be gone in the near future. Trump will have to go down several levels to get rid of them all, after all, these were appointed and came up through the system under Democrat control. He tried to put a Republican in the AG office and it did not work out, but it did bring out how corrupt the Muller deal was and all associated with it. Folks, the swamp is being drained and it will take 4 more years of Trump to get most out. I wish we could give him 8 more, perhaps JR. can run and with his experience and dads guiding him, we can finally have a honest government working for you and I .

  8. The country must not have checked out this FBI director–before hiring him–or the members of the crooked side of the FBI covered for this person. Time to fire him and charge him with some very big crimnals charges. Get rid of WRAY now.

  9. So this is a conspiracy site right, do you issue tinfoil or do your readers need to supply their own? Wray was appointed by the president and confirmed by the Republican senate and was confirming what the IG said, and you turn this into a “deep state” conspiracy to undermine and overthrow the president through illegal and unconstitutional means. None of what you have here is actual truth. So sad anyone believes your…feces.

    • So he can be handy when Schiff wants to illegally get phone records…because Congress has no authority to get them on their own…had to go to FBI and Wray did it for them.

    • Nothing you stated means Wray is innocent of mis-conduct. Wray appears to be in on the attempted coup up to his ears like the others. Let’s see what the next report from Barr or Durham turns up and consider all the evidence rationally.

    • Wallowing in FECES seems to be YOUR MO, how do I know? I can SMELL your sorry ass all the way over here, GFY!

  10. Thank God we have Barr as Attorney General! I want Wray’s as fired two years ago. What surprise me, was not vetted thoroughly.

  11. I said from the gitgo he was a political hack. Trump is being ill advised on many of his picks as he has had so many turn against him. Trump is being duped and used by the Deep State that includes more than just the radical Democrats but a deeper movement that has been broiling under the surface for years. A movement of destroying our Constitution and Republic in favor of a European-style socialist nation. Hillary in my opinion was the “icing on the cake” or Obama’s third term. Both embrace socialism and had she won we this would all have been swept under the carpet and a huge one party government would have reigned! Unfortunately, other than the Republicans that fought back against Schiff and Nadler, the rest are mamby pamby’s. The crimes and corruption of the Deep State of which they are trying to pin on Trump are well-known by Republicans but they aren’t out fighting back! Wray as well as others need to be fired and replaced by preferably outsiders or those who put personal and political bias aside and do their job by upholding their oath under the United States Constitution. And some people wonder why Trump gets so defensive at times. Duh! He doesn’t know who to trust and not trust half the time. This is a sad state we live in today. In my 65 years I’ve never seen such animosity, corruption, coup d’etat, etc. until Obama took office. I saw through his “hope and change” and what we are witnessing today are tenets of socialism. We are divided as never before. I worry for the future of my young grandsons and all future generations unless we as Americans put our political leanings and/or personal biases aside and vote out those who are hurting our country. Mainly Democrats but there are plenty of RINO’s too. We need constitutionalists in both parties to once again legislate from center-right and under the Constitution to ensure that our government operates as the Founders created and all three branches of our government work together especially the executive and legislative branches. There are too many issues domestically and foreign that need fixing and strengthening to ensure or prosperity, safety and security. These baffoons in Washington who play political Russian Roulette only weaken us and embolden our enemies. Hopefully Trump will fire Wray. His right as the head of the executive branch! Doesn’t have to give a reason. But we would know why!

  12. God bless President Trump. He’s kept more of his campaign promises than any other president and he’s made the lives better for most Americans and he is making America great again and he’s almost doing it single-handedly. The Democrats have done absolutely nothing for the last 3 1/2 years and for that matter for the last few decades for the American people and the United States. The Republicans were against President Trump when he got elected and it was all because the Democrats and Republicans didn’t want to change their corrupt political anti-American way of doing things. They wanted to keep the corrupt status quo which is detrimental to not only the US but to the American people. It’s no surprise that President Trump is being betrayed by just about everyone except the American people who support him completely in cleaning the swamp and doing it now. The Democrats are literally committing political suicide and they’re too arrogant to even consider and realize it. The only ones they’re destroying is themselves. We the people need to stop this and we need to stop at now. We need to demand and get term limits and kick these corrupt career politicians who ate only concerned about their own reelections and all retiring as Millionaires all on the taxpayer’s backs to the curb and we must do it now.

  13. I believe you have to dig deep into the personnel of the FBI to come up with a person of substance. What was once a great organization and trusted by the American public is now a disgrace. I fear them. If they are testifying and I am called for jury duty I speak right up and question their testimony before it is even given.

    • Maybe their initials should change to FIB. How appropriate. They finally admitted that, over a 20 year span, they used fabricated evidence to send innocent persons to prison and some to death.

  14. WRAY even SPEAKS SWAMP LANGUAGE just like COMEY … He MUST be FLUSHED ASAP as DURHAM PROVES him to be just another TURD from the Obama ERA of CORRUPTED SWAMP CREATURES … he was hiding under a dESK just tp appear to MIS PEAK about the TRUTH that HOROWITZ provided

  15. I agree with you Danny. Wray was a shock appointment when it happened. I love Trump but I’m afraid that even he has not grasped the depth of this cabal. If we emptied the top floor of the FBI building we wouldn’t come close to getting all of these weasels. Maybe AG Barr will make this right.

  16. I always was suspicious of Wrey: where did he come from, and so fast. He smells like the best example one could find of an insider in any “Old Boy” network. He never worked his way up in any career; he was placed there by string pulling in the right circles.
    The Swamp is moving ever higher in the Washington, DC crowd.

  17. Does this surprise anyone? He is another DC Swamp Creature. Take Trump out and few other people and they nuke dc won’t miss it. It is an embarrassment.

  18. Wray all along has been fighting the investigation of the FBI ; he’s a liar & fell right into the swamp where he most feels comfortable; FIRE him Trump he’s one useless pos like Comey ! He’s a comrade of Mueller get rid of him now!


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