Watch: Liberals Absolutely Melt Down As Families Burn Masks In Anti-Lockdown Protest

(Liberty Bell) – Leftists have a ridiculously loose definition of what constitutes valid, protected protest.

Rioting, looting, arson, shootings, and violent beatings are completely justifiable in their book if it’s all done in the name of “racial justice” and, no matter how frequent such occurrences are, they insist that it’s only ever part of an “overwhelmingly peaceful” movement.

Meanwhile, families who are fed up with lockdown measures preventing them and their children from living their lives and growing up in peace with a good education burn masks outside the capitol buildings of overreaching state governments, now that’s just absolutely horrific.

What a twisted standard, don’t you think?

Idaho families rallied outside the state capitol over the weekend in protest of lockdowns that are continuing in several places around the country as well as their own state governor’s actions.

Over a hundred and fifty people gathered in Boise where some were seen burning masks en masse.

They were protesting in part Governor Brad Little’s emergency powers, but some were also seen burning a photo of “Sleepy Joe” who has strongly signaled support for continued lockdowns, mask mandates, and more.

Naturally, leftists absolutely melted down on social media.

Imagine thinking you’re a “liberal” and both objecting to protest and supporting things like mask mandates and other over-reaching actions taken by elected officials in a constitutional republic.

It’s extraordinary.

As Infowars notes, Governor Little has not actually imposed a mask mandate, but several counties and mayors did so.

While mandates have been lifted in some counties, others remain.

This week, Texas and Mississippi are both lifting their statewide mask mandates.

This has increased pressure on other localities to lift theirs as well as we are looking at a full year since the pandemic was first declared.

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  1. What happened to being able to live your own life if want to mask mask up but shut up and let me live my life if I dont want to mask so be it not your business I don’t tell you what to do if the nurses and drs want more mask then buy the stupid things I bought these so I can do what the heck I want with them

  2. I have “bad news” the majority of “those mental deficient”(sic) will not be fatally infected, since the survival rate of Covid is approximately 99.8%

  3. Apparently liberals looting, destroying, and burning cities in riotous ‘peaceful’ protests are all right, but burning used masks in an organized, peaceful demonstration is dangerous to the Republic ?!?! typical perverted, convoluted, cool aid-drinking liberal logic !

  4. Fortunately, the majority of those mental deficient will be infected and, with. luck, fatally. That will remove the defectives from the gene pool.

  5. Just shame on any American that thinks for themselves. Goose stepping behind democrat dogma is required in their minds to maintain a safe space. You’ll have to mix stronger Kool-aid next time that has a nose ring chaser to corral nonbelievers.


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