Watch Joe Biden Scramble, Drop His Mask After Being Asked This Explosive Question

(Liberty Bell) – Joe Biden’s strategy is simple really. It’s two-fold. The part is to throw out radical views and stances on platforms that Americans care about, you know, like fracking and ongoing lockdowns, and based on the public’s reaction edit and modify stance. The other part is to deny, deny, deny and avoid taking questions from reporters when possible.

As for the first part, Biden has literally done this with both of the aforementioned topics. Out of his own mouth he said he would end fracking and just Thursday night at the last presidential debate he said he would “transition from the oil industry.” In between his extreme stances he pretends to be in the middle of the road and OK with fracking. He talks out of both sides of his mouth in an attempt to appeal to two completely different voter groups.

He has done the same thing with his stance on coronavirus lockdowns. When questioned about the lockdowns he has consistently said he would “listen” to the scientists and “experts” and said in an ABC interview that he would “shut it down,” meaning the whole country. He says this to create a juxtaposition with President Trump’s decision not to make national mandates where lockdowns are concerned but rather leave it up to the states, which are all extremely different from one another. Clearly, President Trump made the right call and even Joe Biden knows it.

That’s exactly why on Friday during remarks he delivered on the coronavirus from Wilmington, in his actual home state Delaware (not Pennsylvania), Biden said, “I’m not going to shut down the economy, I’m not gonna shut down the country.”

When Biden’s not pandering, he’s backtracking. He proceeded to lay out a plan for dealing with the coronavirus that is literally exactly the same as what President Trump is already currently doing minus the universal mask mandate. Joe Biden said his administration would issue the universal mask mandate, make testing available, provide enough PPE, follow scientific guidelines for reopening, and get Americans safe and effective treatments and a vaccine.

If that sounds familiar, it should, it’s literally what President Trump has been doing. Joe Biden has some serious gull to accuse President Trump in front of America of mishandling the coronavirus ordeal and then turn around and basically spout off a list of things he gathered from watching the Trump administration handle the virus.

This leads to the second part of Joe Biden’s strategy: deny, deny, deny, and avoid taking questions when possible. As soon as Biden was finished delivering his remarks he jetted off the stage, even dropping his facemask on the floor on the way out.

As per usual and per his strategy there were no questions taken from the press. What if they ask what Biden plans to do differently than President Trump to handle the virus? What will he say then? Have his handlers even prepared him for such a question.

Worse yet, what if they ask him about his son Hunter Biden and the growing pile of evidence suggesting that Joe Biden has been the head of an unscrupulous criminal organization that used his position of power and influence as the vice president to leverage international business deals resulting in millions of dollars in profit? That would sure be embarrassing.

Good thing Biden refuses to take questions and in the off-chance that he does, he just denies, denies, denies and blames the Russians. Thus far, all that Biden has said about the Hunter Biden laptop situation is that it’s a “smear campaign” against him and his family. Well then what does Biden call the Russia-collusion hoax perpetrated against President Trump??

Until the Biden team can figure out how to use a teleprompter to take live questions from reporters, we can expect him to keep fleeing them and calling press lids for days at a time in the remaining days until the election.

It’s all just part of his strategy.

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  2. The other people are part of the brainwashed but also Nazi brigade for Trump, our Criminal-in-Chief. They shame themselves, their families and our country.

    • Why don’t you go take your little potty mouth and crawl back under your rock!!! You are only here to be argumentative with people and add nothing of any value to this conversation. Children shouldn’t interrupt, when grownups are talking! Especially when all of yours is babble!!!

  3. We are now oil independant and they want to make us beholding to the middle east and their oil industry again!!! Don’t let that happen!

  4. One should say nothing about someone or something else unless one can say something good. That being the case, when it comes to the Bidens and Democrats in general, I have nothing at all to say!

  5. Biden’s plan to eliminate fracking and the petroleum industry will also eliminate our ability to defend our country. The Army, Airforce and surface Navy with the exception of aircraft carriers all run on petroleum fuel. 1. Defund the police. 2. Confiscate our guns, and 3. Eliminate our ability to defend our country.

    • Biden and Obama made this country energy independent. 1 Biden and 99% of Democrats don;t want to defund the police, 2 No one wants to confiscate guns, just better background checks. The Republicans want to allow people on the terrorist list to buy guns 3 We defend the country best under Democrats, even your god Trump said that Bush brought us into the disastrous Iraq war. FDR saved us during WWII Wrong on all accounts

    • The only crime family is the Trump crime family, it has been in operation for generations and if Donald wasn’t so incompetent with all his bankruptcies he wouldn’t have had to turn to crime to get back the money he blew that his daddy gave him. Or if he had any morals.

    • That is not true but Trump blamed Obama and Biden for the deaths of about 10K one year. Meanwhile Obama was the steady force that allowed only two to die from Ebola. Could you imagine Trump trying to contain the very deadly Ebola Disease. Maybe many thousands would have died with that too.

  6. He’s a senile old fool. Oh and a liar. Jill Biden should be ashamed of letting him go on like this. But she’s an old greedy person herself.


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