Watch: James Clyburn Just Compared Trump To Third Reich In The Most Despicable Way

(Liberty Bell) – There is nothing too low for the Democrats.

Even as our president boldly leads us through one of the biggest crises our nation has faced since 9/11, they’re not above bashing him in the most appalling way.

Are we going to stand for this now, of all times? And from one of the top Democrats in Washington DC?

This is truly shameful.

House Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), one of the most prominent Democrats in the party, declared that Trump could turn our country into 1930’s Germany because he’s (say it with me now) a racist.

Clyburn told Axios on HBO on Sunday that Trump could make our country “go the way of Germany in the 1930s.”

The interview was published by Axios on Sunday, which read:

Rep. James Clyburn, the top-ranking African American in American politics, told “Axios on HBO” that President Trump is a racist who hired white supremacists, warning America “could very well go the way of Germany in the 1930s.”

Why it matters: Clyburn is a force in Democratic politics widely credited for resurrecting Joe Biden’s campaign with his South Carolina primary endorsement. He warned in great detail of what he sees as troubling parallels between America today and Nazi Germany.

“I used to wonder how could the people of Germany allow Hitler to exist. But with each passing day, I’m beginning to understand how. And that’s why I’m trying to sound the alarm.”

Clyburn compared Republicans’ coalescing around Trump to Nazis supporting Hitler amid his rise to power. He argued that falsehoods in Trump’s State of the Union address showcased the issue.

On February 4th during Trump’s State of the Union address he discussed the impending coronavirus threat, which wasn’t very well-known among Americans at that point.

As you probably will recall, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripped up the president’s speech when he was finished.

Clyburn compared Trump to Adolf Hitler, although he tried to clarify that he was not comparing Republicans to Nazis, only the “dynamics” through which the Germans allowed Hitler to rise to power.

He also declared that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was the “poster child” of someone who sacrifices principles for power.


  1. Racism: n. heinous racially-motivated behavior exhibited by liberals and Democrats.
    Racist: n. Democrat or liberal.

  2. he sounds like that other racist black man in congress can’t think of his name for some reason. these black democraps along with sharpton and jesse jackson always like to sound smarter then they are. he and his kind are never happy unless their putting someone else down. he’s nothing more than a race and bigot. not happy here go to africa and make changes over there.

  3. He is just another dumbass Liberal. Stupidity is still running rampant
    in the Democratic Party. This dunce is running his mouth without his
    brain in gear, that is if he even has a brain. It is amazing the ignorant
    statements these Lefties will make trying to get their lost power back.
    Hopefully, that will never work because they are totally incapable
    of running this country except into oblivion. Look at what Obama did.
    If he had stayed much longer we would not have had a country left.
    The Democrats in office now are no better at economics the Obama was.
    They will drive the country into the ditch and we will never get it out. Sadly
    they are using the Coronavirus as a means of doing just that. So much for
    caring for the American people. Just their personal power and pocketbooks.

  4. Clyburn is an idiot especially supporting Biden who is mentally losing it! I agree he is more like Waters and they should both be removed from office! Democrats hopefully won’t be re-elected!

  5. Clyburn, I won’t even call Him Mr, is a stupid and ignorant Man. Hitler was not even a Conservative and Trump is doing more good for our Country than any President before Him, including righting the wrongs of Obiden-Bama!

  6. Classic democrat, you have to slam the president possible to fit in club demon what a bunch of evil hateful demonic animals!

  7. hitler started his hate and better than others in speeches at bars and AOC was/is a bar tender, now that’s a true comparison…..

  8. It appears, ever so evidently, that this individual is deflecting in his “Democratic art of deflection”, straight out of Hillary Clinton’s play book. The only party here, out of the two parties, that are branching out into Socialism/Communism is the democratic party. First led by Obama and now transferring the torch to Bernardo Sanders! If this were the case, and if Socialism/Communism makes you go into a rant, why would Bernie Sanders be allowed to even be in any kind of power? Also, why are there not laws that would stop wife/girlfriend beaters, those on illicit drugs or self-medicating w/o prescriptions and so on to run for any kind of office? What ever happened to representatives being of good moral fiber? Clyburn is nothing but another deflector who wanted to talk trash about Trump to spread more lies when he is really trying to deflect the fact that the Democrats are a party of baby killers, liars, Socialists and Communists doing their best to ruin or destroy this country. One “glitch” came between their plans by the name of President Donald Trump and he’s been kicking all your a**es for nearly 3 1/2 years and hopefully, an additional 4 more years! Shut your lying mouth, Clyburn!

  9. When Mr Clyburn says what most people who study history all ready know and have previously voiced from the first year of Trump’s Presidency. Now to those who do not believe why not just look it up as to how Hitler got to power and compare that to Trump at this point. Leading the blind uneducated down the garden path that since the beginning of time has lead to failures which the people pay for even if the person who caused it is dead.

    • true clyburnhole and that hore maxipad headwaters sure make folks wonder what went wrong in the early 20th century.. why give fools and females the right to vote ?.. look where we are today.. have the racist clowns in the congressional darkie carcass acting like the ignorant fools that they were before they were elected by other ignorant fools.. then you have the fools in crapafornia commie land voting for that african that does not even live in the district that she feeds off of.. 30 years stealing from the treasury for 3 bills.. ?? then there is that worthless $lut from san fran sicko by the bay.. a hore whose democrapo hores think letting folks crap in grocery stores is acceptable.. hey about those moron hos on the view, now there is a bunch of estrogen and little or no brains..

  10. Most slaves were better educated than this moron. He’s the racist and hates the fact that educated Blacks from inner cities are going repub and leaving disaster cities run by Demonrats. BTW Jerome, you’re just a CNN koolaid junkie without a brain!

  11. Mr. ClyBurn, generally I like African Americans as my best friend is African American. I find that your red-a rick is more racist than most people in the United States. People need to change their attitude and learn to love one and other as GOD loves us and intended us to. that is the only way we can straighten out this country support not criticize

  12. I think possibly we are being a bit harsh on mr Clyburn. He appears to be the result of his excellent socialist commiecrat education and village upraising.

  13. People like James are the problem to everyone, he is a RACIST, who most likely is a Disgrace to his Family. He can always go back to Africa if he does not like the USA. He thinks we owe his something, well wake up old man, we don’t owe you nothing. Your ancestors SOLD the USA their Less Desirable, so check the History, and you will see that the Republicans has helped the Blacks, were as the Democrats still want to mistreat you. President Trump has really helped the Blacks, that is the ones that want help. I can see that you are on e that don’t want help. You would rather be a Democrats Puppet, and complain about everything. Like I said , if you don’t like America, go back to Africa. Maybe you can be a Slave over there, since they still have a lot of Slaves. Call me if you need help packing!

    • If any one is a racist, look in the mirror. U trumpites ignore the fact that when going thru the presidential transition, Pres. Obama pointed out what trump shd be aware of and to make provisions , just in case. Being an innoramus, ur “leader”. fired the government agency responsible for protecting us from this very happening. He squandered weeks of preparation, using that time to continue haranguing that, this was “a Democratic hoax”.Don t even start about this demigod, has been there for the country, unfortunately, there shall be countless bodies that shall speak of his lack of leadership. Some of the afflicted, probably, even Republicans, should have been able to live longer lives, except for his lack of guidance. Saaad.

  14. President Trump has done more for the Black community than anyone in Democratic Party. And you’re a idiot for even comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler your a Democratic Party Disgrace And a racist to boot. If getting people off of welfare system and becoming independent with good paying jobs back to work your dumbest person that ever lived and you have so much hatred and like to many Democrats fail to see the truth?

  15. Lol his is a full blown idiot you can look into his face and it is blank an for some of these comments to up hold this idiot is amazing what planet did you fall off of ??? Tell me one good think the Democrats have done for this country in the last 20 years plz can answer this ??? I have been around a long time and I haven’t saw a thing worth while

  16. Clayborn is just like his buddy Lewis ( Rep of Ga.) being members of Congress for years and years and have NEVER held a real job and have survived on the backs of we the TAX PAYERS ever since they walk into the hall of Congress. Clayborn, like Lewis, hates AMERICA, they are RACIST to the core, and would do anything to do away with the white community. Neither idiot cares about making AMERICA a better place for ALL AMERICANS, just for themselves.. they are two despicable individuals, who have caused nothing for hurt & harm to all AMERICANS, Black and White…

    • Never held a job, living off the tax payers, and he has the balls to compare our wonderful President to a Nazi? He is a worthless human being, who has done nothing to the black people of our country.

  17. I am German on my Dad’s Side, and i have German high command in my family- they hated Hitler at the time they could do nothing, less their Families would be hunted down and killed!! My question is What does a nigger like this James Claborn know about The Third Reich and Germany —– Absolutely NOTHING!!!! Garbage like this Monkey Piss me off,

  18. House Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), one of the most prominent Democrats in the party, declared that Trump could turn our country into 1930’s Germany because he’s (say it with me now) a racist.

    Truth is our country “go the way of Germany in the 1930s.” if any of the Nazi-Socialistic Anti-American is allowed to take over the House, the Senate or the Oval office. The democrats are bound by hatred against America to put this Nation into a Dictatorship of Anti-American socialist-style of third world countries of the new world order of the Nazi-Socialistic demoparty where one is only arrested if they are against the socialist pigheaded demos.

    Demo wants open borders, Demo wants open prisons, Demo wants ICE shut down, Demo wants the Border Patrol shut down, Demo wants to remove the police from our streets, Demo wants illegals to have the citizens property, Demo wants illegals to have more rights and sel-protection than we do.

  19. Give them an inch and they will take a mile. Clyburn should be glad he lives in this country and not Germany-even today. I invite Clyburn to take a trip to Cuba in hopes it will make him appreciate this country more. Maybe he liked the way Barack ran the country-a complete do nothing president just like Goober Carter. It is totally disgusting that Clyburn would compare Trump to the likes of Hitler.

    • Stupid Bob, Hitler killed millions of Europeans and destroyed Germany. Trump killed nobody even if he had the opportunity to bomb Iran in several occasions as examples. He wants to bring the soldiers back home and to use financial weapons instead. All wars have financial objectives- so far all administrations use actual weapons to fight them., Trump used financial weapons instead. Do you understand that DUMMY? Read some history books to educate yourself you idiot and stop exposing your illiteracy to the public.

  20. Clyburn is comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler and says now he is starting to understand how Hitler got support. Well first of all moron Hitler was Time magazine’s man of the year in 1938. He was also the only leader of an industrialized nation to statistically improve his economy every year he was in power during the great depression. If he had not started WW2 history would have remembered him differently. Trump is not going to start WW3 and he is not going to fall in line with the new world order and he is not going to allow us to become a socialist society. Now for the real reason we as Americans support our president, look in the mirror you idiot. It is because of you and those like you. All you have to ask yourself is Donald Trump, Great President? Or Greatest President?

    • I agree I even heard about his movie, “Black Klansman”. I am surprised this guy is not a former Nation of Islam member or an ex-Black Panther. Oh that’s right he likes to shoot off his mouth but if real fighting were to go on he would curl up in the fetal position and poop his pants just like any liberal.

  21. Whatever Mr. Clyburn is accusing Trump of you can be absolutely sure that it’s exactly what he, Clyburn, is doing or, given the power would be doing. He is jealous of Trump and has zero comprehension of what and why Trump is doing what he is doing. Clyburn thinks ONLY in terms of politics and has a non-existent grasp of our country’s situation and the forces at work in the world that are set on destroying us. In fact if he did understand he would do nothing more than try to assure his own position and to hell with the rest of the human race, including blacks, yellows, browns and (need I say) whites. What a lowlife.

  22. I don’t know what is wrong with Clyburn. Maybe he is just getting old an senile like his buddy. Godwin’s Law is certainly applicable to this situation. Once he made the Hitler analogy, he lost all credibility. It is a form of reckless behavior, driven by hatred and fear.

  23. I am in complete with mr. wil Rodgers. Mr Clyburn is not thinking clearly. Mr. Clyburn, with all due respect, you are a government official. You were one of the chosen few to represent this great America we all live in and to serve this country to the best of your ability. If you want to lead and want us to follow your leadership, lead with dignity. The message you just sent out for all of us to listen to and follow is sooo beneath you. If you are the man I believe you to be, lead by example. You owe all of us following you an apology for what you put out there. Shame on you. That is not worthy of who you are!!!! Is it???? You are so much better than that. Again, shame on you. You embarrassed all of us that believe in you.

  24. Clyburn is acting out his emotions, and not thinking of the long term negative consequences of his words. While we are all watching our fellow Americans of every race color and creed get sick and die, it is not the time to call people horrible names and denigrate the one person in the White House who is doing his level best to save US all. Please stop being part of the problem, Listen to the President, pause, think of what you can do and become a part of the solution.

  25. He reminds me of the black lady that is yelling at another 2 porches down that she got her welfare money before her and the house she is in is paid for by fed. funds – and all her kids are running around loose who all have different last names – oh yea – the hood

  26. This is just another liberal nobody trying hard to get attention.never heard of him before he opened his trap and removed all doubt. MAGA 2020

  27. Sly Clyburn is suffering from a double dose of Trump derangement syndrome. He needs to get real or retire….His blinders are so full of hatred

  28. Cylburn just shows how stupid he is to real world History. First of all he supports the very slave party that supported slavery and were the slave owners themselves. After they lost slavery they have used African Americans for political gain. Today the very Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party is still using them. They promote hate, racism, violence and murder to further their agenda. They first removed God and prayer from our education system and replaced God with the religion of atheism and Evolutionism. Second they formed the dept. of indoctrination education. Third, they want to control our country with freebies and bring back a form of dependency slavery. The progressive socialist communist fascist racist Democrat Party is actually the Nazi Party of today. They are exactly following and duplicating what Hitler did in Nazi Germany. Also, accusing, calling and blaming their opponents for what they are.
    Tragically, they will do use anything even this Coronavirus. They helped spread by accusing our President of racism because he wanted to close all our borders and restrict anyone from entering our country. Instead of supporting him and helping
    to deal with this threat to American Citizens they are name calling, lying, using fear, racism and hate. What a disgrace, pathetic and enemy the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party is to America.

    • Jo. You have hit every point concerning the racist Democrats. I would only add that the entire nation is tired of hearing these people play the Race card because they are always holding a losing hand. BY overplaying this race business they actually divide the country even more, and they enslave themselves with this 175 year old VICTIMHOOD thinking.

    • And how did Hitler take over so quickly? Who is trying to take our guns away? Clyburn is like a hyped up fat gorilla in a cage that wants a banana really bad.

    • Jo, may I plagiarize your exact comment?

      You shared the Total Truth, in the fewest words, I think possible! Wow! Thanks for sharing your most brief truth of the Real Nazi history! Thanks.

  29. Hey James… Hitler hung out in beer halls.. Trump doesn’t drink. You need to get yourself a copy of Mein Kamph.. and read up on a little history because it is obvious you know absolutely nothing about Germany during the 30’s and or Hitler… These Dem’s just enjoy flapping those lips without the facts.

  30. Mr. Clyburn, while you are enjoying the free speech this country affords everyone, your hateful and inflammatory comments are no less destructive than one who yells “fire” in a clouded theater. Shame on you! Your reference to Germany 1932 is telling. You are stealthy in your innuendo. But you most definitely are comparing Trump to Hitler.
    What we need is an end, even temporarily, to this vitriol, this blatant anti-Americanism from you and your partisans. Time for you to act like the adult you profess to be!

  31. At the end of the day this is a society, and way of life and world created by people like Donald Trump. Don’t agree or like it go where ever else you belong. James Clyburn saying the things you say shows the difference between you and Trump. I will say nothing further. Whose talking about race.

  32. this guy, as al Sharpton, has made a living crying racism. they’ll continue another 400 years as being victims. it will never end with the likes of this senator pushing the message. everyone of us has our moments when we feel as though we are on the bottom. I am so very very proud of people like Candace Owens, not because of her skin color, but because of the message she brings to those willing to listen and logic, let us not get all emotional about. even ole Kanye needs to be listened to, I’d never buy his music, but his message most worthy of today’s reality. mr. Clyburn please stop dividing us…I am not a Nazi and I respect and appreciate our President….Thank You

  33. This Inanely Stupid, Liberal Communist/Socialist better be very careful what he says, where he says it, and where he does it, there are MANY people of all political parties watching what these fools are doing and saying!!!

    • You just made Rep Clyburn’s point for him. It’s people like you, “dave,” that keep the fires of hatred and fear alive. Just because you disagree with him (as do I), you do great on-going damage by hateful imaginary threats. You are no better than Black Panthers shouting “Kill the Cracker babies! Kill ’em all!” A pox on both your houses.

    • Fan the flames and validate the wildest and worst accusations and claims, little man Dave. It’s bad enough to hear unfounded accusations of racism from the extreme left. It’s far worse, however, to read this comment on a conservative website. I don’t know what lives in someone that would allow him to sit at a keyboard and actually type that comment. I suspect boredom and ignorance are two factors. Neither is an excuse and neither is excusable. Just for the record, you and your vile comment are not representative of any of the values held by true conservatives. Representative Jim Clyburn is merely ridiculous with his parroting of Nazi/Hitler talking points. You, on the other hand, are disgusting.

    • I am Half German ,Claybon knows nothing about the third Reich of ww2 , Boogers like t him should never be put on a court Bench, he makes me sick and shows his ignorance 100% and hate of others!!!


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