Watch: Here’s What Happened When A Pro-Trump Protester Crashed Impeachment Hearing…

(Liberty Bell) – On Monday, the House Judiciary Committee held their second sham impeachment hearing.

All across the country, Americans are concerned about the pressing issues affecting their community and their country.

An insecure border and illegal immigration. Human trafficking. Jobs. National security. The opioid epidemic. Immorality. Insanity.

We elected Donald J. Trump to defend the best interests of our country. We elected him to get the job done.

And he’s done it.

The left hates this. He was never supposed to win the election. They aren’t punishing him.

They’re punishing us!!

So, as yet another sham impeachment show trial took place in the halls of Congress, where the will of the American people is supposed to be represented, one bold Trump supporter decided to stand up for the rest of us and tell Jerry Nadler and the rest of the House Democrats exactly how we all feel.

As soon as the hearings began Monday, the proceedings were interrupted by J. Owen Shroyer, who stood up and started yelling at Nadler what we’ve all been yelling at our TV’s for the last month.

They’re all traitors!

“You are committing treason. We voted for Donald Trump. Americans are sick of your impeachment scam,” Shroyer yelled.


  1. I guess Free speech is ok if Antifi is doing it on the street while trying to beat the Heck out of some one but to raise your voice to the mighty Democrats in their lair you get arrested. We have important things that congress needs to be doing, not made up charges to get revenge for a perceived loss.

  2. As a member of the Jewish community, I can tell you that a good 85 percent of observant Jewish-Americans are appalled by the behavior of our co-religionists such as Rep Adam Schiff, Rep Jerry Nadler, Sen Richard Blumenthal, et al, to say nothing of “journalists” such as Jake Tapper, John Berman, Donny Deutsch, etc. According to Jewish tradition, all Jews have the obligation to recognize the good others have done for us as a community. It is called Hakarat HaTov. President Donald Trump is probably the most philo-semitic President in US history, and, as such, it is imcumbent on the Jewish community to recognize him with gratitude. Instead, we see the opposite from too many of our own. Working to impeach this President is a Chillul Hashem, which, in Hebrew, denotes a desecration of the Lord’s name. It fills us with embarrassment and shame.

    • Nah. “As we would expect given their majority-Democratic political identity, Jewish voters overwhelmingly (but not monolithically) voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

      Exit polls from the 2016 election show that of the 3% of voters who identified their religion as Jewish, 71% voted for Clinton and 23% for Trump.”

  3. No said anything when that Oboma gave 1.5 Billion to Iran. He should have never been president as he was never a US citizen. Why do you think he has all of his records sealed. The entire Washington DC needs to burned to the ground and started over. Nothing but a bunch of crooks and traitors who don’t give dam about the American people. But how they can get rich from robbing us.

  4. It was long ago said that “Every nation gets the government it deserves” and it will always remain so until the People learn to think for themselves. Americans are too easily swayed by unreasoned and emotional political statements by those seeking access to the public trough. This is why the Founders did not favor the presidential election by the uneducated and easily led masses by only allowing the states through the electoral process to choose our executive head. It’s a small difference considering the rampant corruption of our Constitution by those in elected office. A massive housecleaning has been in order for many generations and now is the best time to rid the government of unnecessary and wasteful people in positions of power that only serve to harm America.

  5. I ask every God fearing American to begin to step up to the Democrats and be prepared to fight to save our country. I pray everyday God will help me because I truly Love my country and have hate in my heart over what the Evil Democrats are doing. Please pray for me that I will not succumb to the Evil ways of the Democrats because I still love my country enough to die defending her.

    • James, you need to start with prayer! 2 Chronicles 7:14 When Americans repent, then God will step in. This is a spiritual battle and will be won by prayer and love, not hate and violence. The best way to root out hate is to pray for your enemies. Remember, they are only deceived like we were, believing the lies we were told. I’m praying that their eyes, ears, hearts and minds be opened to the truth – that they would #WalkAway
      Many Democrats are disgusted with the impeachment agenda, too! God is on the throne and He is working a miracle in our time.
      Be patient. Be blameless in righteousness. No grumbling or complaining. Rather rejoicing and giving thanks!

  6. Now we can see what we got for the $2billion Nancy pilfered from the SS trust fund to finance this travesty of justice and outright demolition of the Constitution.

  7. Amen to that brother Republican/ American. It would be nice if there was a million of us there. We have one problem being conservatives, we work for a living. We respect our jobs and employers not to just up and rush to Washington D.C. and stage a set in.
    There is no Soros or Bloomingdale to pay us to just drop everything and rush up there to disrupt this sham. All we can do is get out in 2020 and vote out these traitors.
    That is that they do not rig the elections!

  8. Mr. Nadler sat there looking threatened throughout the scam proceedings. He was obviously ill at ease with every challenge to his authority as he attempted to railroad through the impeachment hearing. He lied repeatedly, especially his on again off again “he can be here because he’s not a witness…now he’s a witness protection of the Dems legal counsel. He acted as if everyone in the room should simply accept the rubbish he was spreading, and seemed shocked that he was being challenged.

  9. I find it ironic that the democrats are hiding behind the Constitution by saying they’re duty bound to conduct their witch hunt and have taken an oath to defend the Nation and the Constitution. WTF, these are the same people trying to suppress our rights and dismantle the Constitution to suit their needs and secure their political dominance. They must think that we’re ignorant and insignificant. That’s pretty sad.

    • I am so proud of you for sticking up for us people that voted for our great President. Sorry you got arrested for speaking the truth about the lying, speaking about God, the wrath of God will not let you Democrats continue. May God bless Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler, they will get what is coming to them. Thy are so IGNORA

  10. Arrest those f…. liberals like idiot milano.
    Well done sir.I wish I would have been there I would have applauded you.
    My respect!

    And Janie that black buffoon ruined thus country!

  11. The sad thing about “ALL OF THE POLITICAL BS” is that underneath it all both sides are working together. They confuse and befuddle the masses into choosing whether they are republican or democrat. Then they trick you into thinking you must believe this way or that way depending on what you choose. In the meantime they are controlling what you can Drink, Smoke, Eat, Drive, What form of power you can use, What kind of education you can receive, and a sh*t load more. Not to mention that they get you hating one another for no good reason (and there really are no good reasons). The saddest part of all is that the powers that be are doing all of this and the masses are following right along…………. AND FORGETTING ONE THING…………………….TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES!

    • The existing situation in 2016 is exactly why “thinking” Americans voted for the Man that ran on a promise TO DRAIN THAT SWAMP and expose all it’s creatures, like that scum bag George Sorros; a string puller.

  12. During Kavanaugh hearings they had idiots dressed as “The Handmaidens”, Alyssa Milano taping illegally people @ the hearing & they didn’t get arrested but just voice your 1st amendment right freedom of speech & they arrest him for impeding Congress they should all be marched to Moscow, flown to Havana Or any other communist or socialist nation get them the hades out of here!

  13. I must say, while I enjoyed reading many of the above comments, I do have one small problem with- I believe- two of them, namely the use of the words “treason” and “traitor” to criticize one’s opponents.

    Those of you who know and love the Constitution as I do, should know that “treason” is defined in the Constitution as follows: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open court.”

    • Robert
      You just described the Democrats by quoting the constitution . This is just a continuation of the Russia Hoax started by Obama and his cabinet of bandits.
      The IG report just confirmed the FBI , Justice department , CIA , NSA and Obama in the loop tried to overturn our 216 election ..and this SHIFF show is just a continuation .
      If you love the constitution as you say then your chanting ” Lock her up ” !

  14. As an American Tax paying citizen, I want to know why this man was arrested–when the asses like nadler-schiff and the nazi members of thee democratic party can get away with attacking US Citizens and make all kinds of comments on the floor of the house–what is the democratic doing? Turning my country into a nazi-commie–socialise state. I hope the person who was arrested on the floor of of circus was released and with no action.. If so a few members of the Congress police are in trouble with the US Americans.

  15. Janie, pls move to Venezula, that’s where things are more to your liking. Oh, and please make it a one way ticket while you’re at it. The ppl in Hong Kong know more about what’s going on than you do, Ms. idiot.

  16. all the hillary supporters and anti trumpers can bring against Trump is that they don’t like him because he won the election and be the dems. I didn’t like him at first either, but I like him a whole lot better than the clinton-obama-biden clan. They are all dishonest, crooked thieves that get away with uh, murder, breaking the law, and steeling large amounts of money. Now we see all the dems are all the same and they are responsible for the division and unrest in this country. We finally have a president that is going to push back against quid pro quo!

  17. Under what charge was Owen arrested? That is just wrong. Someone please tell me what charge was made against him? Disrupting the Democrat Circus?

  18. That was awesome finally someone tells it to Nadler and the dem dawgs !!! They are liars and have a much larger agenda ! This impeachment clown show with shifty shaft, butch Pelosi and the nazi Nadler what a joke ! We are sick of it ! Vote Trump 2020 and clean out the rats

    • You mean like all the code pink pussies who were lauded for their activism when it was done against Republicans?

    • The libs not only crash Trump’s rallies, they also beat ppl up, Antifa jerks. Owen gets a big warm welcome and kudos from me. Thanks Owen and God bless you

    • Remember Joseph, the people you support are communists in disguise and out, therefore you are a communist supporter. Go to your favorite communist country and stay there until you rot

    • I’ll tell you what, Joseph Leslie, if Owen showed up at my front door, he would not only receive a “warm welcome”, he would be the recipient of a “HERO’S WELCOME” for having the nads to stand up to these communist “Dim-O-Wits” and call them out for the one-sided, communistic, banana republic garbage that they are pushing on our President and the American people. What they are doing is completely unconstitutional…and all of this from lawmakers who took an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution from ALL enemies, foriegn and domestic”! Every single crook that is party to this “Schiff show” are guilty as sin and should be charged, tried and convicted of their crimes against the President, Constitution, and the American people…and then be sentenced to a minimum of life in a Federal prison with no possibilty of parole, and at best, to face execution by a firing squad or the electric chair or “hanged by the neck until dead”…convicts’ choice.


    • Hi, Joe, what are you doing on this page, didn’t I see you at President Trump’s great big rally last nite? Were you the the jerk they had to throw out of the arena? Did you get arrested? I don’t think so.. So there is an old saying, “what’s good for the goose is sauce for the gander” also “what goes around comes around”. So if you nuts can scream and hollar so can we. Get a life, do your self a favor, VOTE for PRESIDENT TRUMP, the REST Of AMERICA WILL…

  19. To Janie:
    For me the earth stood still when O’Bummer was elected. He was so bad, that he’s likely a major contributor to President Trump being elected.
    Trump wasn’t my first choice, but has done an amazing job since, he was elected.
    Other than you just don’t like him, do you have any actual real complaints or is it all sour grapes because the Queen of the Clinton Crime Cartel is NOT currently in the White House. She should be incarcerated due to her mishandling of classified information.

  20. You radical trump-ites have lost your mind. I cannot believe you ignore facts of marital infidelity , lying as a constant, ignorant statements, inability to bring the country together, stupid school yard name calling, ego driven bs (such as knowing more than anybody on everything), the criminal convictions of so nany of his “best people”

    • We are coming together…we don’t need no commie stinking loon’s to do it!..thats the problem you sit on your dead buts scream impeach!…please help or get out of the way!..typical loon!

  21. When will the dems stop wasting our money on hearsay and guesses and when will the real investigation of the Biden’s begin. There are real crimes that need dealt with and that should happen NOW

  22. I did not vote for the orange buffoon and the only thing that bothers me about the impeachment proceeding is that it has taken this long. In fact, there are more people who did not vote for that amoral imbecile than did. The day that the majority approves of a dotard occupying the White House is the day that the earth stands still.

    • Janie If you want to see an buffoon look in the mirror. If you want socialism then go to a country that already has it. We want freedom.

    • We gave O’Vomit 8 years to almost bring our Country down. Can you think for yourself, without SinNN connecting their erroneous dots for you. Borders more secure, 401K’s at all time highs, just completed an historic trade deal with Mexico and Canada, GNP at record, economy growing at over twice what is was before he took office, respect for our Military again. All this and much more accomplished while he was daily bombarded with hate, lies and innuendos by the Socialist/Progressive Demonrats!!!!

    • Janie maybe you should try a different country. The Dems socialist agenda seems to suit ! Have a nice trip don’t let the door whack you in the ass on the way out oops that was my foot !!!! Lmao

    • Janie, Immorality is not just a Trump attribute, Bill Clinton was allowing his cigar friendly piece to listen in on phone calls while she was between his knees. He also has accusations of rape in his past. Hillary sold uranium to the Russians for money into her foundation. Kennedy slept with Marilyn Monroe and who knows whom else while married to Jackie! Slavery was practiced by some of the founding fathers. This was a waste of taxpayer money unless you go after Hillary, Schiff, Nadler, Comey, And a whole host of other bad actors. I just heard Hillary is leading in the polls. I am a ANYBODY BUT HILLARY person so bring her on and she will go down in flames. Biden should be investigated as well as his son,

  23. The out of control Democrats are making fools of themselves. 75 years ago my Mother told me “never trust a Democrat!” Oh how right she was!!!

  24. I know there is truth & lies on both sides but this whole charade is disgusting! Wasting time, money and sidetracking the government from doing what needs to be done! I am, of course, speaking of the impeachment.


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