Watch: Harrowing Footage Of Protests Outside White House Which Led To Lockdown

(Liberty Bell) – As cities across America erupted in riots and looting in response to the killing of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer earlier this week, the White House briefly went into lockdown as protesters swarmed the gates of the people’s house.

This is a very disturbing example of how far-fetched the political narratives of identity politics are.

President Donald Trump didn’t waste a minute expressing his grief at Floyd’s death and instructing federal law enforcement agencies to ensure that justice was served.

Floyd, who allegedly was involved in an incident involving a counterfeit $20 bill, died after a police officer, who has since been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter, kept his knee on the back of his neck in an incident captured on gut-wrenching video which quickly went viral.

Despite the fact that the incident happened in Democrat-run Minneapolis, which is in Democrat-run Minnesota, and the police officer in question had been released from responsibility for previous suspicious incidents by none other than Democratic Senator and potential Democratic vice presidential nominee, Amy Klobuchar, protesters in DC somehow blamed the president.

As BizPac Review notes:

Fox News anchor Greg Gutfeld pointed out the hypocrisy of leftists protesting President Trump over the death of George Floyd when the murder occurred in a Democrat-run city with a Democratic mayor, a Democratic governor and a Democratic Attorney General (accused woman-beater Keith Ellison).

Minneapolis’ chief of police, Medaria Arradondo, is a black-Hispanic man who was appointed by a Democrat. Its Congresswoman is anti-American Muslim Ilhan Omar, a Democrat.

Gutfeld tweeted: “What a joke. So – who was in charge when this man was murdered? A Democratic mayor. A Democratic prosecutor. A Democratic attorney general. A Democratic union. A Democratic governor. The only person who acted quickly to bring justice was a Republican president.”

Remember when leftists blamed Barack Obama and protested outside the White House when black youth Michael Brown was killed by a white cop in 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri? Neither do we.

Not only did these protesters blame President Trump for actions that couldn’t have been further removed from him, but they seemingly attempted to storm the White House because of this.

What on earth would have happened if they had gotten through, one shivers to ask?

Would they have dragged out staffers or even members of the First Family, finally cementing, on the grounds of the White House, our nation’s public tendency towards revolutionary France?

God forbid.

BPR also notes that a dozen members of the media, covering the protests, had to be moved into the White House once it went on lockdown. Some “activists” wrote “F*ck Trump” on walls and a Fox News reporter was attacked and chased, but thankfully no one was injured.


  1. CNN calls them “protesters.” FOX calls them “looters“ and “rioters.” Don Lemmon says that they do not know how to express their emotions suggesting that we need a new administration. Chris ‘roid-rage’ Cuomo says,”I’m a lawyer,” every third sentence.” He then preaches ‘nothingness’ to the audience and to the point I have to kill the volume. Trump blames the Democrats. Biden blames the Republicans. I blame the knuckle- headed cops who are allowed to get away with just about everything, even with cameras rolling. And that is the fault of just about everyone. What do you expect would happen?

    • I agree, whole heartedly, but, just think of those poor souls in Hong Kong and other places with authoritarian rule coming down on them. If we did what you say here, what would happen to them? Their oppressors would have the perfect excuse to do the same….
      I read somewhere where the police sprayed rioters with synthetic Skunk Fluid. That was the end of the riot and the rioters were not even allowed back in their own homes. They were banned by family members for days….
      I think that that may be the hot ticket here….

  2. Protesters are protesting for George Floyd saying violence will not be tolerated so what do they do, do the same all over the country and maime, loot, burn, antagonize and knockout police cars, neighborhoods etc. so when your neighborhoods are destroyed and no foods to buy and no stores to open, don’t expect the Government to come in and fix it up.

    • May I play devil’s advocate and say the George Floyd episode is really White hatred. If all the participants had either been all Black or all White, or had the victim been White there would be no protests, no riots and the police would have been given a free pass. I guess White lives don’t matter, since a White victim would not have captured ongoing news headlines. I don’t condone the police tactics, but beware of those who use this calamity to divide and conquer us.

  3. This is a classic case of projection which is also the Progressive New Left’s primary means of deflection. Accuse the opposition of doing exactly what you are doing. Shift blame for leftist public policies on to the right. Note how these riots are happening in blue utopias. Note how these police killings are happening in blue utopias. There is something wrong in blue utopias and not in the rest of America.

  4. Majority of these so called people are
    non educated “wackos” with no interest
    in life itself but to cause trouble and
    destruction wherever they go!
    No mercy to be granted on these
    President Trump is absolutely correct on
    these issues!
    Seems like a lot of people got paid
    for these dirty deeds and all real Americans know the truth!!
    To “hell” with the sick protesters that
    allow such crap instead of truly trying to
    demonstrate peacefully and with respect
    for what happened in Minnesota!
    They will have to answer to “God” in the end!
    God Bless The United States and the truly good leadership of our country!!!
    Thanks Mr. Trump🇺🇸

  5. I keep telling everyone the Israelis have the BEST method of dispersing riots. They spray the rioters with a horrific smelling skunk spray. You can not wash it out. Stays around for days. The Arab families would not allow the sprayed one to come back into their houses. This would eliminate women protesters with just the suggestion. The men will show up…once.

  6. Unfortunately at least half of ‘we the people’ really are stupid, thanks to liberal political correctness indoctrination.

  7. BLM do not care about Black lives they care about making Blacks hate the police. If they cared about Black lives they would try to stop the cold blooded slaughter going on in inner cities all over this country.

  8. Ok…so you burned down parts of your cities…attacked police..injured dozens of police offers…allowed outside domestic terrorist to inflame and manipulate the locals…so now thousands of business were destroyed…and many gone forever..thousands of jobs lost…so while the locals are left with the ashes of their city…those outsiders go home to where they live untouched…and what in the end was accomplished….?

    • But he is in the background cheering them up! You act like this didn’t happen during Obama’s years, several times.

  9. Democrat run states continue to sow division and try to blame President Trump. Democrats must really think “We The People” are stupid


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