Warren’s New Plan For “Race-Conscious” Laws Casts Aside Equality Before The Law

(Liberty Bell) – Aaaaand they’re off!

Primary season has officially kicked off–pathetically, of course, in the case of the Iowa caucus–and the candidates are ramping up the volume on their rhetoric to try to entice voters.

For Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who is dropping in the polls, this took the form of calling for intersectional politics to be enshrined into law.


Warren made the call for “race-conscious laws” during Friday’s Democratic presidential primary debate where all the candidates tried their darndest to out-virtue-signal one another.

“We need to rework our criminal justice system from the very front end on what we make illegal all the way through the system and how we help people come back into the community,” she said as the topic of the debate centered around race and criminal justice.

“But we cannot just say that criminal justice is the only time we want to talk about race specifically,” Warren continued.

“We need to start having race-conscious laws.”

Sort of like Hitler?

He used her housing plan as an example.

“I have a great housing plan to build more housing in America. But understand, it was the policy of the United States of America to discriminate against African-Americans and any other people of color for buying homes until 1965,” Warren said.

“You can’t just repeal that and say, ‘OK, now everything is even.’ It’s not. We need race-conscious laws in education, in employment, in entrepreneurship to make this country a country of opportunity for everyone, no matter the color of their skin,” she continued.

Warren is exactly right to point out the dark history of our nation when it comes to race.

Which makes it all the more ironic that she’d rely on this while arguing to put race-based laws back on the books.

As WND explains:

Ignore for a moment that America has come a long, long way in recent decades toward becoming a fairer country for people of all colors.

What makes America great is that we are all considered equal under state and federal law.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence.

Again, all people are created equal. Black people should not be put in a special class just because they are black, and the same is true for white people.

Implementing “race-conscious laws” would ignore this important principle.



  1. Imagine telling this same story at the Long Island City welfare office.Out of say 400 people passing through maybe 2 might listen.1 might decide they are tired of the games and lies of the Communists.

  2. Elizabeth Warren is only a symptom of the problem, the public representation of the problem and that is a moral decay in this country and people in Massachusetts and the rest of this nation who support her are the real examples of moral depravity. Knowing what she is, and all know, and still supporting her is absolute Moral corruption.

    • She’s so desperate to come up with anything that will cause controversy to get attention and continue her failed campaign, regardless of consequences. That drive caused to lie throughout her life and achieve fraudulent results. She’s such a fanatic and zelot, she’s further poisoning and already rotten bunch of “apples and eggs!”

  3. Race based/Ethnic based mandates did NOT WORK will foe Jewish Germans BUTT IT WOULD CERTAINLY WORK IF WHAT’S HER NAME TRIED IT!!! 🧐🤔🤪
    B S = Bravo Sierra!

    • There’s no reforming her. She’s gone! Way past any resonableness and logic. She needs to be medicated and/or institutionalized. Also defeated in her next election. ENOUGH OF HER TYPE OF CRAZY!

  4. affirmative action for the drug addled criminals.. way to go.. this is another reason why those great minds, our Founding Fathers, suggested that all political candidates and those that vote for said candidates should be from landed gentry… now we have the crap we have dealt with since 2008.. the next civil disturbance will not be a little street confrontation between idiots with masks on and Real Americans with MAGA hats on..

    • Whatever happened to discipline,hard work,saving and living within your means. I come from a very poor hard working family of 10. I own my house and am retired. There have been problems years ago, but it is time to move forward

  5. As a 67 year old woman who began a 41 year career as a professional and worked her way up to executive management in the financial field before retiring, I learned a few things along the way:
    1). Hard work combined with education and intelligence is what will allow a person to succeed, not being aggressive or pushy about one’s gender, race or religion.
    2). All the laws and proposed laws to provide more or better opportunities for women and/or minorities only serve to create more disparities and negative feelings and thoughts in our country.
    3). With the proliferation of internet use, particularly Twitter and Facebook, there has been a marked increase in lack of respect for one another in America. The ability to be anonomous feeds this disrespect. And, unfortunately, it’s not just within the general populous, but most notably our elected officials. Neither the Squad nor Trump are innocent of these transgressions. There will be no change in attitudes until our elected officials begin to show more respect for each other, their constituents and their country, America.
    4). Socialism does not work. Even those countries with Democratic Socialism have large segments of the population that, having no incentive to work, live on the working taxpayers’ money. Socialized medicine leads to long waiting periods to see specialists. For example, Canadians frequently wait 5 – 6 months for a specialist appointment. England’s nurses are extremely unhappy, overworked and underpaid. Free college education does not incentivise students to study hard and achieve good grades. It is more of an opportunity to party. When a young person realizes that they will be responsible for at least part of the debt, they will work harder. That being said, college tuition is horrendously expensive, due in part to excessive administrative costs. Colleges should also place more emphasis on teaching students critical evaluation and thinking skills, rather than allowing professors to brainwash young impressionable people with their own socialist agenda. Lastly, middle class citizens of these countries pay tax rates of 45 to 80% of their incomes. Americans would not be happy with such high tax rates.
    5). Our elected officials and those seeking election should be more cognitive of the financial implications of their proposed laws. Certainly, better control of immigration, our borders and deportation of illegal criminals is less costly than open borders, rampant illegal activity, and medical, housing and other social programs for non-citizens. A degree in economics does not constitute expertise in financial management.
    5). America cannot solely be blamed for climate change. We as a people have made tremendous strides toward reducing our carbon footprint. Progress takes time and scientific advances. China is far more polluted than the U S., India, with its huge population, is a trash heap in many areas. There are very few countries that do not contribute to pollution. However, we can’t stop the use of fossil fuels without having viable energy replacements, which we don’t have – yet. Plus, as we phase out an industry, we must reeducate those employed in that industry to make a viable living elsewhere. It cannot be done without a lot of planning and forethought. Climate change hysteria will not lead to good solutions.

    All that being said, I’m glad I’m not young. I fear for the future of America.

    • please continue to use your experience and maturity to bring sanity to the unwashed.. and always keep the faith as there are millions of us that put on the uniform to help others around the globe to enjoy democracy(or a republic), capitalism, and a chance at an education that helps with forging a country with participants instead of subjects.. and we are still ready and able…

    • Absolutely correct! When it comes to health care you only need look as far as Massachusetts. Romney care has really screwed it. I moved back to this state recently and ready to get out. People do not realize how screwed up everything is here, they all think it is normal. Talk about brainwashed and conditioned.

    • You’re so right. Please run for office. Any office. You’re logical and a realist. Warren is the opposite and pure societal poison!

  6. Warren has proven to be a lier, hypocrite and unsure of what she really is. The only thing Warren for sure of, is how to lie to get whatever she wants for herself. If being native american or black or white, this is what she will tell you she is. Concern for the environment is only for the people, not her. She was just caught using a private plane to get around and she tried to hide behind one of her flunkies when she saw the cameras. But we know that ObamaCare was only good for the people, not congress, so why would we expect anything else from one of them! Continue on, tell us lies. we will believe you.

    • She’s also STILL LYING saying heshe is a woman- what a joke- if it walks like man , talks like a man, acts like a man , LOOKS LIKE A MAN – IT MUST BE A MAN !!!!!

  7. These silly democrats think there going win with socialist and Muslims. Ha ha you can fool a few silly people with that bs. The real problem facing our nation is coming from the way left. The majority of Americans believe in god and don’t want all the bs the left is dealing. You can’t push all the white race down and try and make them feel ashamed to be white without them fighting back. This is causing a race issue in the USA that really does not exist. Obama started this bs. I used to vote for who I thought was the best person but now I see the democrats are so crooked that I’ll never vote one in again

  8. She died the day she announced her decision to run for POTUS. She just dosen’t know it yet. Wonder what life story she will use when she wakes up and finds it out? Oh right! she ‘s thinking one up now!!!

  9. Warren would be better suited as a fantasy story writer, for Disney maybe, than she ever will be as a law maker. She’s quite delusional and clearly pandering to the criminal element. Has anyone ever told her that most of those folks don’t want help, they want things THEIR way no matter what.

  10. Oh! How soon they forget. Wake up people, it was the democrats who bought the slaves from the slave traders, it was the democrats who fought the republicans during the Civil War. It was the democrats that suppressed the freedmen after the civil war. It was the democrats that reintroduced slavery of minorities (low income blacks and Hispanics) through welfare. When will people learn that democrats have never done anything positive for minorities.

  11. Warren is scary. Everytime I see her give a speech, and I usually click off just because she is so evil and ugly, I could just throw up. God forbid she would become president of our great nation.

    • @Eileen,

      I don’t whether you’re a Democrat, as I am. But take heart to know that the hope and future of the Democratic Party lie with Democrat Women of Color, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren.

      When we win in 2020 (and we will), we will impose a NEW ORDER, one that is about equality of rights and incomes, with people of color and Muslims (who are also POCs, btw) being more equal.

      Stay tuned.

    • Zinc – Forcing your values on others is not going to happen, just like Democrats will be squashed at the polls this November. We had a small glimpse of what hatred and racism looks like being spewed out of the mouths of liberals over the past 3 years and we’ve had enough.

    • that ignorant leftist eileenihole is even more of a problem.. those clowns have been electing idiots like occasionalcortezhole and those middle eastern $luts like the MOFOHO from Michiganistan and the sawed off member licker from Minnesotastan.. look at how many children that have been indoctrinated in our pubic education system and now are old enough to vote… after listening to communist professors in university, cnn 24/7, was they get drugged up ready to take exams, then for entertainment they watch aholes like stepheni “cokholster” colbert or those other mental midgets on late night TB…

  12. Some of the wildly liberal suggestions being floated by current Democrats, in their effort to sound more progressive than all the others, simply defy gravity… don’t make sense at any level.
    And to think there are some among us who actually believe them, is a measure of what our educational system has been turning out for the past 30 years.
    It would help greatly if we taught those issues that made the country better than others and explained why our form of government is better (even with its’ flaws) than the others left behind in Europe.
    I go back to the basic… if “they” were better than us, if “they” provided the general public with better opportunities to succeed… immigration wouldn’t be toward us, but from us to them, whoever they might be.
    So lets stop trying to be like them… never socialism.

  13. How do Warren (and everyone) think she will implement her “race conscious” laws? With a “pen and a phone,” as did Our Lord the Obama, the first African-American White president (whose initials, OLO, are pronounced as the acronym, “Oh-Low,” which rhymes with “Jay-Low,” which is the nickname for Jennifer Lopez, the popular female White Hispanic entertainer)?

    Here in the Racist Republic of AmeriKKKa, Warren cannot do this on her own (though OLO could). That’s because the US Constitution, which every Leftist dismiss as a set of documents that were written by and ratified by long dead white men, many of whom owned African-American Negro slaves, declares in Article 1, Section 1 that “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and a House of Representatives.” The Constitution also mandates that before a piece of legislation becomes a law, it must pass both the Senate and the House and THEN the President must sign it. (Hey folks, as the saying goes, “Read the Constitution, you’ll know the correct resolution.”)

    So Warren, when she’s elected president (and she will be), could Constitutionally propose her race conscious laws to Congress, and then wait for the Senate and the House to pass them and then she can sign them into law. Of course, she must go through this process for ALL her other laws on her platform.

    Don’t you just love our Constitution?


  14. Agree. She’s a liar. Cambridge, Ma where she teaches is full of drug addicts. They ran out of narcan 2yrs ago and asked residents to keep it on them to treat addicts. On news. As a senator if she can’t help her cities n towns resolve drugs she can never run a country. Shes not well liked in Mass. Lied about her Indian heritage to get a free ride to Harvard. Never vote for her.

    • Sounds like what the left does every single day that they exist. Just more “vote buying”
      ramblings. Every single democRAT candidate still on the stage has their own “vote buying” smoozing message. Nothing in life is free or can legally be called “government money” because the government has absolutely no actual way to make or earn money. All they can do is confiscate money from the people who actually earn it. Donal Trump has given more people more money by saving the U.S. economy from the previous 8 years of economic disaster caused by “the anointed one”. What Obama did was the first two steps to creating a socialist empire. The first, he chose/created the necessary scapegoats. Second he raped the U.S. economy by wild government spending and job destruction.

  15. She still wishes that she could take advantage of the race-conscious policy that permitted her to fake being a Native American. As well as jumping onto the “reparations” bandwagon in a desperate attempt to gain attention from the more welfare, tax you and spend on me contingent. She truly is an example of the Peter Principle. Comptroller of the Currency is as far as she should have gotten and then gone once Obama was out.

    • Despite all of the actual evidence presented by members of our First Nation organizations that Warren has literally no proof she can claim to be even a smidgen indigenous, she still wants to ignore the truth. Sounds like the white woman who worked for the NAACP and claimed she was black, only to have her parents step forward and debunk her claims. Maybe Warren can use the now very common ploy that “she deems to be Indian” just like men can now present themselves to be women. Pure liberal nonsense !!!


  17. Warren is a nut job, all these race conscious laws do is generate more problems. Wake up people, race was less of an issue before Obama. Except for small pockets of inbred idiots, race was no longer a factor in the majority of lives. Now this idiot wants to stir it all up again.

    • You are absolutely correct. Obama was the biggest “racist” imaginable. Everything he did was affected by race. He did absolutely nothing of value/benefit for black Americans. That had a lot to do with being brought up by his white communist grandparents. He never knew is Kenyan communist father but his mentor as a young man Frank Marshall Davis, a openly registered communist. He made many attempts to start a race war by condemning law enforcement at every opportunity.

  18. Wtf!! Thank god she is politically dead as a candidate. After 200 years of ridding ourselves of “race conscious” laws, she wants them back!!!

    • There are colleges that are trying desperately trying to have segregated student bodies. And it is the black students demanding this. Can’t remember which colleges but I’m sure it can be found on the WEB.


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