WARNING: Teenage Boys 6X More Likely To Suffer Heart Problems From Vaccines Than Covid

(Liberty Bell) – The Biden regime has declared sweeping vaccine mandates that will affect 100 million Americans including many teenagers. While the vaccines have yet to be proven effective or safe, Biden is demanding Americans either get injected or face unemployment.

This could mean major trouble for teenage boys who seem to hold a significant risk of adverse reaction to the vaccines. While some teenage boys may face severe health defects as a result of the experimental mRNA jabs, others could possibly die.

A study was conducted by the University of California and it’s findings are just downright scary for teenage boys. The study’s conclusion was that teenage boys are 6 times more likely to suffer heart conditions after taking the injections than they are to require hospitalization from a COVID-19 infection.

A team led by spine and regenerative medicine doctor Tracy Høeg investigated the rate of heart inflammation and chest pain in children 12-17, from January to June of this year, following the youth’s second doses of the COVID shots.

Høeg’s and her team discovered that boys in the 12-15 age bracket were the most at risk of suffering a dangerous adverse reaction especially related to “cardiac adverse” events.

“Researchers found that the risk of heart complications for boys aged 12-15 following the vaccine was 162.2 per million, which was the highest out of all the groups they looked at,” Telegraph reports. The second-highest rate was among boys aged 16-17 (94.0 per million) followed by girls aged 16-17 (13.4 per million) and girls aged 12-15 (13.0 per million).

Meanwhile, teenagers who contract COVID-19 are highly unlikely to require any hospitalization or medical attention at all. Their chances of suffering from myocarditis and heart inflammation after the vaccine are exponentially greater.

“Evidence from studies show it is unlikely for boys to suffer either heart problems from the vaccine or be hospitalized by Covid,” Telegraph notes. “The risk of a healthy boy needing hospital treatment owing to Covid-19 in the next 120 days is 26.7 per million. This means the risk they face from heart complications is 6.1 times higher than that of hospitalization.”

Naturally, the corrupt mainstream media outlets are outright ignoring Høeg’s vital research exposing the effects of the COVID injections. She’s also been censored on social media for daring to speak out and share the truth.

In May, Høeg stated that she decided to quit using Facebook after the platform deleted her factual posts about COVID.

“Part of the reason I have (for the most part) left Facebook is they delete my post/responses that are factual, which I triple check,” Høeg wrote in a Facebook post. “I was responding to a question about what the number of pediatric deaths were due to COVID in April. I don’t feel like directly citing numbers from CDC and AAP should be deleted as spam, but maybe that is just me. I have moved to Twitter FYI.”

There are no experts outside of who the left has deemed to be experts and the only experts allowed are the ones that echo the COVID lies and maintain the left’s false narrative to keep people scared and vulnerable to manipulation.

#ProtectYourFamily and refuse to allow your children to be injected with these poisonous, experimental shots.

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  1. All positive covid-19 tests are categorically false for the following reasons:

    1.) Covid-19 has not been isolated. The CDC has confessed that it does not have the genetic sequence to covid-19, or even SARS, for that matter.

    2.) All RT-PCR tests have been contiminated with N1, N2, and N3. N represents the highly prevalent enzyme known as neuraminidaise Neuraminidase is referrenced in influenzas, such as H1N1, H1N2, H1N3, etc. The test makers claim that these are primers, but they are contaminants. You could test distilled water and it could reveal a positive test result.

    3.) RT-PCR tests reverse transcribe RNA into DNA. All corona viruses are RNA viruses and do not contain any DNA what so ever. You cannot claim that you have identified something for what it is by
    turning it into something that it is not!

    The fact that everyone involved has ignored these basic indisputable scientific facts reveals that they are guilty of fraud, racketeering, willful misconduct, or functional illiteracy.

    Andrea Iravani

  2. Al Jazeera reported:

    “During several hours of discussion, the FDA panel of scientific advisers voiced frustration that Pfizer had provided little data on the safety of extra doses. And they complained information provided by Israeli researchers about their booster campaign was not useful for predicting the US experience.” -Al Jazeera

    Biden wanted booster shots for everyone, but was met with opposition, agreement was reached that people over 65 are a burden to society that should just be killed. They decided that America cannot afford senior citizens, seventeen intelligence agencies, a colossal bureaucracy, a stock market supported by continuous bailouts also through the Plunge Protection Team, over seven hundred military bases in foreign countries, even though the Latin Americans have launched a foreign invasion with over 220,000 illegal immigrants A MONTH which they would rather support, most of whom end up on public assistance programs, including food stamps, child care and public school use, energy assistance, food pantry use, public housing, legal aid, Medicaid, college scholarship programs, and welfare payments, rather than American citizens over sixty-five. So you can have pensions, Social Security, and Medicare and pay into them, but if you want to collect them, well…

    This should particularly concern millennials who are now the largest segment of the population. If this is the governments solution for the baby boomers, it will obviously be the governments solution for the millennials. They always recycle the same methods and policies, in case you haven’t noticed. If not, take it from me, a GenXer. The reason for this is that the charitable trust foundations by the robber barons including the Rockefellers, the Carnegies, the Mellons, The Fords, The Johnsons, and the Kellogs have been running policy, universities, public education, the media, healthcare, and controlling the narrative for over a century. Now the Gates and Zuckerbergs among others have been added to that list. They are an unqualified, unelected, group of functionally illiterate psychopaths that control the world from behind the scenes. It is why America sucks. They sponsor terrorist groups which they label as NGOs.

    This is what is known as breach of contract! So are all of the constitutional rights violations! It is also high crimes, crimes against humanity, elder abuse, gericide, and treason!

    Andrea Iravani

    • The robber barons are already responding to their existential threat of having their charitable trusts busted by pretending that they are adding more human rights to the UN declaration of human rights, while the UN has engaged in mass murder with the scamdemic! Claiming that people have the right to be remembered, which includes things like the right to own a museum, or house of worship, which all of the US presidents do, as well as the Ghettys the Morgans, and scores of others. This then would require the right to have a charitable trust, and they would still be controlling the narrative long after they are dead in the most diabolical ways possible! How would such matters be decided between the Palstinians and the Israelis or between the Turks and the Christians, or between the Montenegrins
      and the Serbians? These are extremely complex issues. For the UN to pose as a crusader of human rights during the scamdemic that they planned in lock step is disgusting and offensive as hell! Who in the hell do they think they are?! They are abusing every right in existence right now! What they are asking for is the right for them to continue doing it through chraritable trusts! Unsurprisingly, they are also asking for the right to be forgotten in Europe when journalists write damaging expose’s on them!

      Andrea Iravani

      FCOL! They have violated every right that WE THE PEOPLE have, and they think that they have a right to own a museum through a charitiable trust after they die! That is just offensive as hell to listen to such a disgusting sense of self-entitlement!

      Oh! They are threatening my right to own a museum! My life is so difficult! What will I do without owning a museum? How will I survive without owning a museum?

  3. The Republicans have failed to deliver. So has the medical community. So have the universities. So have public schools. So have the corporations. So has the media. So has the military. So has the judicial branch. So has every attorney in America.

    Meanwhile people are dying and having their lives endangered by the medical mafia and Gestapo government policies engaging in pre-meditated, cold blooded mal practice for profit.

    Of course anyone of them could stop it immediately if they chose to since even the CDC has confessed that they have not isolated covid-19 or even SARS.

    It is obviously impossible to test for a virus that they do not have the genetic sequence to, and it is equally impossible to develop any vaccine for something that they do not have the genetic sequence to.

    The Republicans are just using it as an opportunity for a power grab.

    To allow this to continue, while knowing all of that is diabolically evil.

    They will just let it continue.

    I do not believe that the seventeen nurses that have filed suit for a religious exemption on the grounds of opposing abortions will win since there are no major religions opposing the covid lethal GMO bioweapons shots, and are in fact encouraging their parishners to get the shots, with the exception of Christian Scientists that oppose all medical intervention.

    But, who knows?

    The activist judges suing silicon valley tech companies, and everyone else that they feel like suing, fail to act during the most critical hours of history.

    It is simply not possible to believe that every single judge in America is oblivious to those facts.

    Law suits filed by New York nurses union revolved around religious exemptions and abortions, using it as an opportunity to both allow the blood letting continue, and use it opportunistically as a fanatical zealous anti-abortion campaign. They are obviously not pro-life, because they would not allow this to continue if they were. They are just pro slavery.

    Well, now I found out why, The Epoch Times, then Natural News then Global Research have reported that congress has not only expempted USPS workers, but has also exempted congress and their staffers, and federal judges and their staffers. They have conspired to murder a large segment of the population, which is a diabolically treasonous act in addition to crimes against humanity, and violates the Nuremburg code, which the U.S. never even signed onto, after forcing it on Germany, and have conveniently exempted themselves.

    They want it both ways, same with UNCLOS, laws of the sea, which they have not signed onto either, but accuse China of violating UNCLOS, and I happen to agree that China is violating UNCLOS, but it looks ridiculous to accuse China of violating UNCLOS when the US refuses to sign it. The US continuously violates UNCLOS in the Straits of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, encroaching on Iranian territory, while simultaneously engaging in multiple acts of war against Iran which has not done anything to provoke these hostile acts of war.

    The constant hypocrisy is resulting in constant diplomatic crises.

    They are violating our constitutional rights, and liberty, and depriving us of the justice that we are entitled to for the inside job of 9/11, destruction of liberty, justice, and constitutional rights, seven false flag violent extremist terrorist Jewhadist wars, $21 trillion in Pentagon accounting errors, the scamdemic, and the scamdemic response, and simultaneously accusing China of human rights abuses.

    They have decided to replace us. This cannot be denied, with 220,000 Latin Americans crossing the border every month and mass immigration of Middle Eastern people that fought with the military to overthrow governments in the Middle East being the new wave of Middle Eastern immigrants, unlike the old wave that simply abandoned the countries that they were from for political reasons, or opportunity. There is obviously no more freedom in America, so this is obviously a completely different wave of immigrants. They certainly are not coming to America for liberty and justice, because they no longer exist in this piece of land that is now nothing more than one giant organized crime ring filled with functionally illiterate Gestapo lunatic terrorists. 

    220,000 illegal immigrants a month by all standards is a foreign invasion and hostile coup. The Democrats forgot about the Alamo.

    That is now the culture. You cannnot even escape them in the privacy of your own home, since they spy on people in their homes, and they spy on people all over the world too. 

    Of course I hold the Democrats equally accountable, but it is the Republicans that are using it as power grab that have acknowledged the unconstitutionality and the complete fraud of it in some instances,  so they obviously have disqualified themselves as being worthy of the public trust unless they stop it immediately and in full force with mass prosecutions for conspiracy and corruption violating RICO laws, and scientific and medical fraud. We are talking about people that are willing to have their own family members, spouses, and relatives vaxxed to death who are really nothing more to them than pains in the ass that are destroying their legacies,  so, it probably won’t happen. 
    It reeks!

    Andrea Iravani

  4. You lost InfraTards! Exercise your only remaining right! The right to remain silent! Shut your mouths! Stop blasting me with short wave radio signals that I am not trying to tune into!

    Just accept that you can’t win, because in order for you to be able to win means that you must have victims whose constitutional rights, and liberty you have abused and whose justice you have denied!

    You are totally illegitimate hard core serial psychopaths that are in the category of monsters!

    It is not illegal for you to talk about what you have been doing! It is illegal for you to do what you have been doing, which is why you say that you can’t talk about what you have been doing!

    Your rightful places in this world are on death row or dead! Just accept it! You are in the category of sadistic monsters!

    I know my rights and I know the law, and I know that what you have been doing to me is in total violation of my rights and the law!

    My constitutional rights, liberty, and justice are non-negotiable! All other issues are inconsequential fluff! What good is material wealth without constitutional rights, liberty, and justice? I refuse to captiulate and adapt and adjust to your sick, perverse, collectivist, criminal, lifestyles! You are in the fate worse than death category! 

    Nowhere in the bill of rights, or any of the following amendements does it state or imply that only the government is prohibitted from violating any of the constitutional rights of others! Only a retarded peeping tom serial criminal psychopath that was violating, let’s say, other people’s 4th amendment rights would believe that it is permissible for someone to do if they do not work for the government! If everyone in America respected everyone else’s constitutional rights, there would be no crime! Theft is a violation of other people’s 4th amendment! It is a seizure of their property without a warrant! Peeping Toms are also a violation of other people’s 4th amendment rights, and functionally illiterate intellectual property thieves are violating other people’s 4th amendment rights!

    Who in the hell do you think you are ?! You are the scum of the earth!

    Live free or die!

    Andrea Iravani


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