Want A Prime Example Of Liberal Corruption? How About Maxine Waters Giving Her Daughter Over A Million Bucks In Campaign Cash?

(Liberty Bell) – If you want to know just how deeply corruption goes in the Democratic Party, a prime example can be found in California Rep. Maxine Waters who has helped to funnel more than $1 million in campaign cash to her daughter.

According to WND, the Federal Election Commission records reveal that ever since 2003, Waters has paid her daughter, Karen Waters, around $1.13 million in the form of 163 payments. Must be nice to make enough money to just hand a million bucks to your kid, right?

Most of the cash that’s been passed on to Karen Waters is related to “slate mailer” fees. Slate mailers are mailings that have been sent out by Waters that she charges other Democrats so she mail her endorsements to those particular candidates’ constituents.

The folks over at Fox News referred to slate mailing as “an uncommon practice in federal elections” and then went on to say that Waters was “reportedly the only federal politician to use a slate-mailer operation during the 2020 general election.”

Guess who else has used this practice? California’s very own Gov. Gavin Newsom. You know, the same guy that shut down indoor dining as part of his strategy to contain the coronavirus, demanding his constituents not eat inside restaurants before being busted doing that very thing?

Our new vice president, Kamala Harris, also used slate-mailers during her campaign for the U.S. Senate.

“The practice has also come in for criticism from CalMatters, a nonprofit journalism group in California, which noted in October that the mailers include “a phalanx of candidates and proposition positions on the same glossy postcard” and call on voters to “support the ‘slate,'” WND reports.

“The catch: While some of these mailers reflect the earnest political values of the organizations that put them together, many are pay-to-play money-makers that blur the line between endorsement, paid advertisement and extortion,” according to CalMatters,” the report continues.

Along with the fees from the slate mailers that Karen Waters received, she also pulled in a $1,000 payment for “Walker payments.” She also got payments of $900 and $5,000 for “GOTV” known as get-out-the-vote operations.

Mike Miller commented on the revelation in a post on RedState, saying, “Daughter dearest could use the cash — or maybe mommy dearest just wants to funnel it to her — so Mad Max creates what appears to be a bogus job — given that she was the only federal politician in the country to use it. Mission accomplished. Yep, I believe I’ve got it.”

Gee, it almost sounds like Joe Biden abusing his authority as vice president to help his son Hunter’s Ukrainian energy company avoid getting tangled up in a corruption investigation, doesn’t it?

These people are corrupt to the core.

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  1. Over 75s in RI can’t get vaccinated because Liberal blue state RI is sending most of the doses to inner cities to build their political base.
    This insult is added to the top state income tax, state sales tax and the death tax/Estate tax.
    Don’t retire in RI.

  2. “Water is raising her arm in the Hitler Salute”! “ She needs to be cleaning “Shit Houses” in “GITMO” for her “Seditious Threats” against the “America Voters” and Congressional Colleagues”! “What a piss poor example of an elected official” “She should resign in shame and give the Million $ back to the taxpayers that she gave her daughter”! “She is a prime example of a “Bottom Feeder” in the “Swamp” of “Sedition” fostering HR 1”! A REAL LOSER”!

  3. Waters is a “THREAT” & DANGER”to our Society! She is a ‘FEAR MONGER” stoking “HATE” & divisiveness throughout our country! Waters is the one who
    is guilty of “INSURRECTION” & should be impeached!


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