Voters Make Terrifying Comparison About Democratic Party Attempts To Steal Election

(Liberty Bell) – Many users on social media platform Twitter have started to compare what appears to be the Democratic Party’s attempts to steal the 2020 presidential election out from underneath President Donald Trump to elections that are run in socialist countries like Venezuela, where the government has been accused on many occasions of rigging elections.

Folks, this kind of comparison is really, really scary. This goes to show you that the same kind of radical, power hungry socialists that have destroyed Venezuela are alive and well here in our own country and, while right under our noses, are attempting to utilize similar strategies to take over the greatest nation in the world.

A report from Newswars notes that Monica Showalter, a writer for American Thinker, pointed out that delaying and then playing around with election results is a tactic ripped right out of the socialist playbook.

So are we really watching the first ever American presidential election get stolen right in front of us, in the same way that citizens of Venezuela have had to watch Hugo Chavez do it in the past, despite the fact huge crowds would protest against him? Scary thought.

Other users on Twitter have made a similar comparison.

What I’m seeing from Michigan seems like straight up voter fraud like Venezuela. See my other Retweets. Insane.

100% of ALL BALLOTS in PA are for Biden?!? Where tf do we live Venezuela? How are we allowing this?

I remember Americans laughing at the election process of Russia, Iran, Iraq, Cuba & places like Venezuela. We would laugh thinking that could never happen in America & think how lucky we were to have a fair election process. Well those countries are laughing at us tonight.

This is not a republic. This is a third world dictatorship. It won’t succeed. I’m just going to keep saying this over and over.

Incredible damage! Happens the same in Venezuela, they like chaos, anarchy, and they are playing with fire!

We are witnessing mad socialists come into our nation and attempt a coup by trying to twist and control an election to suit their fancy. And it all comes down to President Trump. The left hasn’t deployed the same level of opposition to many of the House and Senate races as they have against the president, which means he is who they feel most threatened by.

That doesn’t mean they weren’t trying to sway those elections too, but just not necessarily on the same scale.

However, the American people have made it clear they repudiate radical left-wing progressivism and want no part of it in this country. For the most part, we’re a center-right nation. The radical left wants desperately to swing us their direction, but as radicals get older, they move more toward the middle, as they face the realities of life. Some cross all the way over to conservative.

Will Democrats ever learn that lesson and move back to the center?

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  1. What BS! The “the first ever American presidential election get stolen right in front of us” Nonsense, it’s hardly the first

  2. Very sad … I am a Naturalized American citizen from Latin America and as time passed and weeks I keep witnessing with repulsion the same socialists/ communists ideologies here in this great nation by her own sons and daughters those born of her on this rich soil dipped in the blood of past patriots for freedom those very same freedom they had taken for granted and now are throwing it aside . President Trump won this election and if Americans don’t decry this farce then America will no longer be the home of the free because of the brave . May God bless America and may God bless us all !

  3. IF the Communists/Democrats succeed in stealing this election for Biden-Harris, armed insurrection on the part of American patriots may be the only option open to us to return the USA 🇺🇸 to a reasonable facsimile of a Constitutional republic! Whatever course is ultimately pursued, Antifa and BLM are likely to be priority targets for total elimination, followed thereafter by anyone with a “D” after their names! In this case, ENOUGH is MORE THAN ENOUGH!

    • well stated. I am a 80 year old veteran of the cold war and had my butt on the line to protect against this kind of crap.. I swore an oath when I went into the service “to protect and defend the constitution of The United States, against all enemies both foreign and domestic” Upon my discharge from the service that oath was never rescinded. As far as I my concerned that oath is still active. Thank you for your comments.
      Ray dvorak

    • Ellie, go back to your homeland, Trump is a nazi and for you not to see that is pure ignorance, brainwashing or evil.

  4. Don’t worry the democrats will F everything up the next 4 years and people that voted for them won’t be getting those free sneakers and tv’s unless they steal them. No free education no free healthcare after 4 years it will end the socialist communists democrats. They just elected the big guy that has brain damage. Give it one year and the big guys party will use the 25 th amendment on thier own party president. Then Kamala becomes president and Saturday night live has more skits! Can you imagine her making a decision to bomb Iran or any other country that threatens the USA. Be smart and pull all of your money out of the stock market! You are going to see record unemployment and the socialist will just try to print money which will make the peso a better buy than the dollar. Get ready for the worst 4 years of the United States! These people are the same old politicians that have no idea how to run an economy. The socialist in the Democratic Party will eventually revolt against thier own
    Party because they don’t get free sneakers!

    • Don’t count on it Jeff.

      We have millions trained in universities to buy into this insanity.

      They cry for health care and BLM. They identify with anarchy and destruction of communities. There is a disconnect from the past history of sacrifice that most who died for are being left to lay with in Vain.

      No body got a guarantee they would come home, stranded on an island in the Pacific surrounded by take no prisoners opposition. What good was health care for them?

      Many in this country fly by the seat of there pants. Build business and do whay ever they can to be a success. They do not buy health care, they invest in what they build. Then a President cones along and says, “you didn’t build that?”

      People voted for that Chavez lover

      And that in a nut shell this is why we are so
      Unable to get rid of the headless monster.

      The Bush and Blozo admins played footsy with China. W gave them most favored nation trade status. Blozo let them build military installation on islands errected in the south china Sea.

      Is it any wonder that after the CCP gave crack head Hunter 1.5 billion that investment from the ccp was made in oyr military contractors and the Cfius approved it.

      That means Blozo, Kerry and Comey all signed off on it.

      But don’t pay attention to facts folk.

      If you give people the facts you are just a right wing extremist, bible thumping, gun totting deplorable.

      I am none of those things.

      Go read the Lenin election play book.

      This is nothing new

  5. They don’t even bother to try and cover it up, because they know that the state run press will do it for them. Fox is no better than the rest. We are now entering into a dictatorship. All the signs are there.

    • Point to yourself in a mirror and see what you say. The court will decide this and there is absolutely nothing you can do about. So call names all you like. Nobody or no party is that powerful that they can’t be beat in court.


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