USNS Mercy Leaves Los Angeles…Guess How Many Patients It Treated?

(Liberty Bell) – Is there any governor who more grievously overreacted to the coronavirus that California’s Gavin Newsom?

In mid-March, Newsom sent a letter to President Donald Trump claiming that 25 million people in his state would be infected with the novel virus in an 8-week period.

Newsom requested that Trump deploy the USNS Mercy hospital ship “to help decompress our current healthcare delivery system in the Los Angeles region in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.”

“In the last 24 hours, we had 126 new COVID-19 cases, a 21 percent increase. In some parts of our state, our case rate is doubling every four days,” Newsom wrote. “Moreover, we have community acquired transmission in 23 counties with an increase of 44 community acquired infections in 24 hours.”

“We project that roughly 56 percent of our population — 25.5 million people — will be infected with the virus over an eight week period,” he continued.

Trump obliged, sending the ship to Los Angeles to assist with the pandemic at the end of March.

Now, it has been 8 weeks and California has only 71,000 confirmed cases of the virus and 2,934 deaths.

The Mercy only treated a few dozen patients.

And so, on Thursday, the ship left Los Angeles on Thursday, headed for its home port of San Diego.

NBC Los Angeles reported:

A Navy hospital ship temporarily docked in Los Angeles Harbor to help during the coronavirus crisis left for its home port on Friday.

The Mercy arrived at the end of March to provide beds for non-coronavirus cases to take the load off regional medical centers expecting a surge of COVID-19 patients. The floating hospital was docked in LA to help in the event of a patient surge as coronavirus spread trhough the region.

“Having successfully decompressed the health care delivery system in the Los Angeles region,” the Mercy will return to its home port in San Diego, said a statement by the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.

Los Angeles, however, despite experiencing no surge in coronavirus cases and no overwhelmed hospitals, remains on lockdown until August.

In fact, on Wednesday, during an appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” LA Mayor Eric Garcetti said they won’t completely reopen the city until there is a cure for coronavirus.

The crisis wasn’t bad enough to justify the use of a Navy hospital ship, but it’s bad enough to keep the whole city on lockdown indefinitely? Insane!



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