Uh-Oh: Will Kamala Harris Be Biden’s Downfall? Swing Voters Share How They Really Feel About VP Pick

(Liberty Bell) – If voters across the country liked Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), they probably would have voted for her during the primaries.

But they didn’t.

She dropped out of the race early on but has found herself on the ballot under Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.

VP picks aren’t always the top concern for voters, but when it comes to Harris, she is so very repellant, she’s been a game-changer.

BizPac Review reports:

A group of Michigan voters who cast ballots for President Obama but then voted for GOP nominee Donald Trump in 2016 said they’ll back him again in 2020 because of Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris.

In a post-event focus group forum hosted by Axios following Harris’ debate last week with Vice President Mike Pence, the vast majority said they were going to stick with President Trump because they believe at some point during a Biden presidency Harris would ascend to the Oval Office, and they don’t want that.

“Biden’s not going to make it four years, so Kamala Harris is going to be president and I have zero trust she can be president, so I’m just picking the lesser of two evils at this point,” one participant, ‘Shelley D’ said.

All 13 members of the group agreed.

While polls show that Biden leads Trump in Michigan by 6 points according to the RealClearPolitics average, Trump did win the Democrat stronghold state by very slim margins in 2016.

Now, he’s got a record to run on, and hasn’t neglected campaigning in the state or speaking directly to iron range workers often during his run.

“I’m going to have to stick with [Trump] because I don’t know if the left will make due on the promises they’re saying right now,” Adam M. said.

Some members of the focus group thought that Harris had won the vice presidential debate, which actually has them “scared” that Biden might win.

“I’m fearful of this woman because she knows how to strike chords with the people of America,” said Matt T, according to Axios. “She’s basically utilizing everything that has happened this year to attack the Trump campaign and she does it in such a way that she’s making really strong points, but I don’t think they’re true. So she’s coming across very powerful.”

A focus group of 15 undecided voters put together by pollster Frank Luntz had strong feelings about Harris following the debate, but they weren’t good feelings.

She was described by this group as “abrasive,” “evasive,” and “unpresidential.”

“They gave us three conclusions,” Luntz said of the swing state voters in his group. “The complaint about Kamala Harris was that she was abrasive and condescending.

“The complaint about Mike Pence was that he was too tired but vice-presidential, or presidential,” he explained. “If this is a battle over style and substance, which is often the case with undecided voters because they simply do not choose on policy — they also choose on persona — this was Mike Pence’s night.”

When these voters were asked by Luntz for a word or short phrase to describe the Democrat vice-presidential candidate, they used words like “evasive,” “nervous,” “focused on the past,” “shifting blame,” “snarky and sarcastic,” and “unpresidential,” among others.

Sounds like Harris all over.

While Pence sat on that stage, cool as a cucumber, sticking to the issues, and ignoring the fluff, Harris’ face was in spasms the whole time. She either looked snarky or completely uncomfortable the entire time. She never managed to get under Pence’s skin, but he sure got under hers.

Who knows why Biden picked her…but it clearly wasn’t a great pick.

Featured image credit: Joe Biden – flickr.com/photos/bidenforpresident/50225902396


  1. The alternative to TRUMP is “FASCISM” the ideology of
    the Democrat Party! They represent “FASCISM”!
    TRUMP is not a “FASCIST”! LIBERTY gets the vote!

  2. Kamala Hareis was, is bad for California. A Biden/Harris presidency will be the demise of this country. Democrats are not for those who vote for them, they never were, they only want power at any cost, even if it means to sell their souls to the devil.

  3. People need to wake up & wise up or Joe & Kammela will sell us down the river faster than you’d go on a raft in a classy whitewater! The fact that she was his staunchest denouncer in the Primaries speaks volumes! She was the top cop in California and now she’s bailing crooks outta jail so they can commit MORE CRIMES! Make no mistake about it though, if she get ANY MORE power… we’re all DOOMED!

    • Every thing you said Steve is right on the mark! But, what do you do when a large potion of the voting populace are locked in to the mentality of, “I’m a Democratic, my folks are Democrats and, regardless of the consequences, nothing else exist!” This mind set could be even diagnose as a form of social, mental illness! I have family that will not even talk with me about the probability that the Republican party may be right! When I address positive Trump/Republican party accomplishment, they blabber on with unprovable, childish rants and name more ridiculous calling.

  4. He didn’t pick her. She was chosen for him. She only qualified in two categories. Female , and Democrat. She ain’t really black. They know he won’t survive a full term. Could be the know just how long he will survive. That is the only way for them to accomplish their socialist agenda.

  5. Well, she is after all, just another Hillary just this one’s on steroids.Just as unlikable, just as unqualified, same idiotic “laugh”, same lack of respect for anyone else around her. What’s not to like?

  6. One look at her record in San Francisco, of all places, should throw up a red flag. She is not presidential material. There’s a glitter in her eyes that leaves me with the impression that her mouth is saying one thing, but her head is somewhere else. She also reminds me of Whitmer, the Governor of Michigan. It will be a disaster if she somehow walks up those steps of the White House.

  7. Women “know” other women. Harris is that girl in high school that other girls avoided. Her lack of self confidence that she tries to hide through aggression, is so very obvious. Her snarky attitude and ridiculous facial expressions make her very unlikable. She’s the last person Joe should have chosen for a running mate.

    • The Bigot Biden didn’t really ‘choose’ The Whore of Babylon. He’s only a puppet after all.
      She was chosen to replace him as soon as he’s elected (what they hope). The demons have crossed a line they can’t come back from, and they are going all out to save their fortunes.
      The Whore of Babylon will do anything for power, and has shown it. She represents the best of the demons. It’s why they chose her.


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