Uh-Oh: Bernie Sanders Is Going After Biden! Here’s What He Said

(Liberty Bell) – Bernie Sanders doesn’t have a chance of beating Donald Trump in 2020, much less getting the nomination for his own party (although to be fair, he did get it once. He was just robbed by the crooked Clinton-cabal/DNC).

But he’s being bluntly honest about former Vice President Joe Biden’s chances at beating Trump, and he’s absolutely right.

Sanders his throwing his primary opponent under the bus, saying that his “baggage” is going to make it tough to beat the incumbent, were he to secure the nomination.

“It’s just a lot of baggage that Joe Biden takes into a campaign, which isn’t going to create energy and excitement,” Sen. Bernie Sanders, (I-VT) said in an interview with The Washington Post which was published Thursday.

“He brings into this campaign a record which is so weak that it just cannot create the kind of excitement and energy that is going to be needed to defeat Donald Trump,” Sanders said of his fellow career politician.

“It doesn’t take much imagination to understand that Trump will be saying, ‘You see this guy? He voted for NAFTA,’” Sanders continues.

“People are tired of the traditional types of campaigns in which candidates like Joe are running to wealthy people’s homes and raising large sums of money,” he continued.

This is something Bernie is banking on, since he’s always managed to be an outsider among Democrats with his particular brand of Marxism.

What he and Biden both don’t get is that Trump is an actual outsider candidate.

Bernie Sanders has been in the Senate for decade and he’s a millionaire–he’s as establishment as it gets!

Trump is the true outsider, a patriotic American who made his own wealth here and loves his country.

A man who knows how to run a business and knows how to bring our country back to its full glory and beyond. He’s not interested in propping up the bloated Washington establishment, who has been profiting on our backs while selling us out to the globalist agenda, he’s interested in making our country strong, prosperous, and great again.

Neither Biden or Bernie have a chance against Trump in November, and what’s even more pathetic, is no one can tell if they even have a chance to win their own nomination! It’s all pathetic!


  1. Old crazy Bernie should really take a minute and listen to himself. If he had any brain cells left he would know he sounds and looks like a raving manic. He is a big old gas bag full of old relic junk that only free-loaders listen to and think it to be true. What a pity he should be put someplace before he hurts himself. VOTE. TRUMP 2020!!!!!

  2. I don’t see many Trump bumper stickers or other signs for Trump on cars or lawns.
    Are you ashamed to show your colors?

    I have had a sticker fo TRUMP on my car for about four years now. I get positive comments and thumbs up, once I. Got a finger from a passing van, figured it was a teacher.

    • Beautiful,I went to a standout in support of President Trump and it was just about all positive in this liberal state of mine ! MAGA 🇺🇸 Trump 2020

  3. Instead of name calling and using epithets and stereotypes, which are fun and easy to use to blow off steam against opponents, it would be good to see some serious discussion of real constituent issues in this column.

  4. Biden was, is and always will be a crook
    He was a bag man for Democrats for years and then one day, a community organizer needed a stupid white guy with rich, influential friends to help get him elected to the White House. Obama stabbed Joe in the back by nodding to Hillary in ‘16. And notice how “O” is backing up his old Veep now….nary a peep.

  5. AH YES the long anticipated (D) party Fascists Banquet of CARNAGE feeding on each other is HERE ……………..Let the FUN begin!!!!

  6. Bernie can not possibly be a serious contender anymore. He has gone on record before many witnesses (and on videotape?) bragging about how he forced the dismissal of the Ukrainian prosecutor who had been investigating the company that his son was involved with by threatening to withhold military ray aid. That being the case, if elected he would face immediate impeachment.

    • Oh he IS serious!! Communists always are until someone Decimates them…..QUID pro JOE ain;t strong enough….and Warren lost her TEEPEE … let’s see whoch BILLIONAIRE makes it to 5% Natinal approval before the TRUE FEAST on each othrr BEGINS

  7. I am hoping and praying the politicians e replaced by outsiders. These poli9have been in politics in forever and have done nothing. Do Nothing Democrats is exactly what they are. They take and give nothing. Everyone of them have gotten filthy rich off of taxpayers. I perp will never vote Democrat. Never trust a Democrat or believe them. Rinos are just as bad. They are Democrats in disguise. Both parties need to go.

  8. Biden…. The pedo weirdo. Obamas yes man. Bend over again. Be quiet this time. We the people need you…. In Gitmo, not the White House.
    Sanders…. The weird old guy who sits in a lazy boy in front of a window and waits for the unfortunate kid who enters his lawn (see monster house). They are on your lawn again, Bernie, Go save it! We the people will manage without you, somehow…
    To both….. Take Warren with you, ya I know, no one wants to claim her, do it anyway. We DEFINATLY DO NOT need that fake @ss
    Matter of fact…. Why not just vote present on stage, refuse to actually debate. Most entertaining possible (for you guys)

    • 2020 will be fun as the demos now have to blast their own. They need the nomination. A shout out for old guy who started . At the present time I do not see any one in the D party that could win.Baggage everywhere.No real leader. Hey voters ok you might hate Trump. I would like to mention that socialism is not great. If you vote for it you will be part of the problem. I also believe that Trump is the best.
      Perfect no, but please consider the alternatives , Donald Trump thank you for being my President.

    • Sanders is an old Gaga who has not learned that socialism miserably failed whenever and wherever it was tried…he should RESIGN and enjoy his millions and dacha by the sea.

  9. Yes please everyone energize everyone you know. Please vote and vote red for every office. The communist must be defeated period.

  10. RICH SOCIALIST PUNK just running OFF his STUPID mouth…….as USUAL….WHO can take this RICH fart even serious…………….A TRUE SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST is NOT RICH, but lives a life of SPARTANISM like Stalin actually did……!!!!!

  11. As the primaries heats up on the month or so, the poop is going to really fly. Crazy Bernie let HRC off the hook back in 2016 and tried playing nice all the time she was sticking it to him. I don’t think the Bern is going to keep his nice guy facade to his fellow candidates. If he does, he will get “Berned” again and won’t be debating DJT next fall for sure. The old fart is a real nut and DJT will beat his butt.

    • Sanders is an old Gaga who has not learned that socialism miserably failed whenever and wherever it was tried…he should RESIGN and enjoy his millions and dacha by the sea.

  12. Wouldn’t it be hilarious at a debate if, while in the middle of one of his rants, Comrade Bernie’s dentures fell out? And then Biden laughed so hard that his dentures fell out? That would get a trillion views on YouTube.

    • hahahahahaha….all they need is Warren to do her rain dance…she always jumps around and waves her withered arms, the old emaciated scare crow

  13. The last thing the American electorate wants is a bitter, nasty old Bolshevik liar running an authoritarian government over and bringing poverty to the middle class. Imagine having to hear him berate the United States of America every day in the news by cooperative media lackeys. Bernie IS the cranky old uncle that everyone hates to have to put up with at family holiday dinners.

  14. What a pair. You got Grouchy Bernie and Gropey Biden. One will be yelling at kids to get off his lawn and other will be sniffing their hair or man-handling them. Two very scary guys.

    • When Bernie does that hump back pointing it is real scary looking.

      Can you imagine him doing that up in South Bend, on the Notre Dame campus????

      Hey, let’s face it, the Big Bern make Charles Laughton look tame!!!

  15. what has bOINIE DONE???? Other than Flailing his arms he has rivalled Quid pro Joe in Speaking Millions of words while saying ABSOLUTELY NOTHING worth remembering !

    • EXACTLY…..EMPTY, HOLLOW rhetoric….just like oblahblah…..That’s HOW oblahblah EARNED “my” nickname……Now, we have bernblahblah, bidblahblah as well…!!!! Actually, THEY are ALL the SAME…..AIRY BLAH, BLAH, BLAH……!!!!

  16. And now we SEE how Progressive Ciomunists will begin the game of sELF ELIMINATION. IMMOLATION and Destruction all based on TDS and STUPID POLITICAL PIMPING POLICIES…..Let the Games begin…

  17. gary i agree with you one hundred % you are right but to get the Democrats out of office
    is vote them out in 2020 but i was doing some thinking there part of congress
    and that would be hard to do; you can get some out but not all and you are right about
    them lobbying money and that money that your talking about it in those other country’s
    that’s were Hillary was getting her money pored in to her foundation vote for trump
    he will do the american people right

    • Trump is the only candidate that gives a shit about America. The rest of those idiots only care about 1.destroying America,2.letting in all immigrants across any border anywhere to vote while we support them,3. Self enrichment. American Politicians start government employment with jobs in the 100 plus thousand dollars. Give them a few years and they are multi millionaires living in multi million dollar homes. There is something wrong with this picture to me.You say what,how,no way,what the f…. I say that and more because this is part of the swamp problem. No reason to change anything because it works out good for them. Not so good for us. They just want to be reelected and say and do anything to do so. It is way past time for “term limits “,for any and all political jobs. If it has a democrat,republican,independent or any other party to itself must have term limits. Along that line of thinking. All top law enforcement agencies must have time limits for all top supervisory positions heads.The heads of these agencies must be rotated to other law enforcement positions, non supervisory lead positions. The head position may only held one time.Comey,Clapper,Brennan come to mind. This would limit any possible damage that an individual could do.

  18. Bernie saying Biden brings in “a record that is weak” is a walking, talking example of the pot calling the kettle black. Yes, Biden is a blowhard lightweight, but for all his years in the Congress What exactly has Bernie done?

    • what has bOINIE DONE???? Other than Flailing his arms he has rivalled Quid pro Joe in Speaking Millions of words while saying ABSOLUTELY NOTHING worth remembering !

    • Those two and most of the demos want us to be socialists.
      that doesn t begin to meet any standards and is only a way to overthrow our country and our way of life.

  19. Be careful Bernie you just had heart surgery, and look at the anxiety in your face if you get elected you won’t last a year.Your heart can’t continue to take that anxiety I don’t care how much you dislike uncle Joe. You may not even make the election with all that anxiety and stress at your age. Are you forgetting you’re an old man.Also your facts are extremely in accurate.

  20. My concern isn’t so much for the present time… but for the future. If we as a nation aren’t able to turn things around now, it probably won’t happen, ever. There are multiple reasons why we are in the situation we find ourselves and “higher education” is one of the culprits. Political professionals are a large part of the problem. For me, we need term limits… with no retirement… no gold plated health plan… go to Washington for no more than two terms and return home to live under the laws we all live. No moving from elected office to a high paying job as a lobbyist… I have one lingering question that perhaps someone can answer and that is… how do our politicians gain great wealth in a short period of time on salaries that don’t support the math?

    • It’s called graft and corruption Gary. Graft and corruption. If they weren’t elected to Congress, they’d have to work for a living like everyone else.

    • Unfortunately, there is a law on the books that prohibits former government personnel from working for companies that are conducting business with the organization(s) they used to be employed by. However, it has been largely ignored and they immediately violate the law with impunity.

  21. there’s one thing that history will do is repeat it self our founded father’s stood
    against solecism they new it would destroy our country when you try to do the right
    thing on your job working hard just about every time somebody try’s to come against
    you and want lit you do the right thing you now why because they are a soleclist
    group that try’s to stop you that’s why there trying to stop trump Bernie sanders
    is one of those groups and the only way we can stop it is vote republican all the way
    to the ballot in November we the people is what its going to take; the Democrats
    has expose them self’s to the people who they real’y are if you want more money
    in your pockets vote for trump if a Democrat get it again you will never see your
    money they will start enforcing laws on the american people were you will have
    to pay for insurance to do your taxes again don’t let that happen vote trump 2020

    • Please consider the following:

      If you want to know how evil Adam Schiff is, just consider the fact that his great, great grandfather Jacob Schiff, Chief of the Kuhn-Loeb Bank of New York gave Leon Trotsky several million dollars in 1917 in New York City to head off to Petrograd, Russia to ignite the Russian Revolution. Talk about the communist acorn not falling far from the tree…just consider THAT.

      But what made the Trotsky collusion so nasty was that the Woodrow Wilson Administration even gave Trotsky a U.S. passport so the Brits could not hinder his passage over to Russia by ship from New York City. A communist in the White House in 1917……..YES!!!!!!

      The point I am making is that communists and socialists do not rise up from the people as they would have you believe. Those movements are not grassroot movements. Communism and socialism are movements financed and bankrolled by the huge Western private central banks/Rothschilds.

      You see it’s all about the absolute and utter control of all the world’s resources and all the world’s people, and the imposition of totalitarian communism and socialism gives the Rothschilds and their lackeys the instruments with which to enslave humanity while making them extremely rich and powerful!!

    • Many don’t know Sanders is a red communist,his brother in the UK is a flaming red communist. Check out the communist manifesto. That is their Bible. Communist China is their model, after they eliminate all over 70 yo. And continue the aborts of all they seem unworthy of educating. So all the little soldiers are in a row. The squad of horny hirn rimmed neanderthals in the house want the same. But a goal massively larger. Like OBAMAO they want every caucasion DNA eliminated from the earth. Do that it becomes a dog eat dog heathen society. No rule of law. Just 24)7 feel good,with cannibalism,necrophilia,

  22. It is hard to believe that anyone who has watched the Democrats in action for the last 3+ years, would want them in control of our country. The dishonest, underhanded, and downright evil way they treated a president who was elected by the people is disgusting. I cannot imagine that any honest individual could bring his or her self to vote as a Democrat in 2020.

    • All they have to do is look at what’s going on in Virginia right now. The Dems that went to D.C. to get some of those taxpayer dollars so prevalent there found they couldn’t afford to live there, so went to northern Virginia, where they outvoted the people in the sane part of the state and elected Governor Blackface Northam, a shrieking Libtard. He has promised his first act in office will be to outlaw all guns, not just making them illegal, but going door to door to confiscate them. The prediction here among sane people is the second Civil War, and a lot of people will die. If he is successful, the Constitution will be abolished for the joy of a Socialist government in every state. Are you ready?

    • bob collingsworth. you are right on. Our crooked demos are the cause of big things. Ie how did Obama send 150,000,000. Bilion to Iran. *That a lone , in my mind is an impeachable event.

  23. And Bernie is so anti-establishment. A Marxism/Communist trying to soften
    his image by saying he is a Socialist.
    How Commie is he? Didn’t he honeymoon in Communist Russia? Now claiming he is anti-capitalist yet he and his wife have conned their way into millions.
    Only someone who has been educated in our corrupt or defunct educational establishment or who believes in the myth of socialism would vote for him for anything except for manipulator-in-chief.

  24. I love your comments as they are right on and tell the truth! Go Trump 2020!!! The Bidens are a disgrace to the human race and need to be prosecuted for all their wrong-doings! Lock them up NOW!!!!

  25. If at Democrat wins in 2020, we will lose the Republic handed to us by our founders, never to regain it.
    I don’t believe the Democrats will regain power for at least a decade, that is why they are so desperate.

    • When it comes to the DCPA (aka democrat communist party of America) it is the radical elitists like Pelosi, Schumer, Shiff etc. that select the nominee, not even the primaries that people think have any effect. Super Delegates are used by them to subvert the election process. Sanders was beating Clinton in many primaries but Clinton was handed the delegate votes, even Donna Brazille admitted that. If America has finally seen the light and come to it’s senses, albiet a decade late, they will never let another democrat get any federal political power where they can damage our government / country.

    • Well one thing for sure is that Bernie’s being honest about excess baggage Joe. As Americans watch Creepy Slow Joe in action in public and on the campaign trail, they can see that he’s nothing more than a child molester, not to mention his paper trail of criminal felonies around the world. Yet, the Dems are going for him as number one and are also still trying to revive Crooked Hillary. Just imagine, the Dems want Crooked and Crooked running the nation along with Windbag Pelosi, Lying Shifty Schiff, Whineey Butt Schumer, and Chief Liar Nadler. No wonder this nation went down the toilet. That’s where the Democrat lawmakers can be found- home of the swamp rats 🐀! At least real American people know why President Trump and Republicans are having such a hard time draining the Swamp. The ROTO ROOTER auger isn’t large enough to reach the rats. Will have to dig our way to China 🇨🇳 to get rid of them and drain out the Swamp but the Chinese won’t like the smell once we dig our way through.


  26. bernie is just about a political irrelevancy anymore; who takes him seriously, except himself? biden and his crime family should be more worried about prison than about the Presidency.
    It is up to the American people to seek justice for our government and for our people by urging for the prosecution of the bidens. Their money laundering and other criminal activities are a disgrace to us all. Unless we prosecute the bidens to the fullest, these atrocities will simply continue by whatever stripe of politicians comes along to manipulate the American people to make vast personal fortunes at our expense.
    VOTE RED!!!


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