Tulsi Gabbard Raked Across The Coals After Dropping From Race And Endorsing Joe Biden

(Liberty Bell) – Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is catching a whole lot of flack for dropping from the presidential race and throwing her support behind former Vice President Joe Biden for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, and she truly has no one to blame for the criticism but herself.

What did she do that earned the ire of folks on the left? Well, she basically built her prominence in the party and in the movement on standing up to the establishment of her party. Now she’s actually backing the walking definition of the establishment for president, all because she and other Democrats are desperate to try and defeat Trump in November.

It’s not exactly a good look.

Check out the details from BizPacReview:

Yet early Thursday morning, she sacrificed her entire non-establishment persona and bona fides by withdrawing from the 2020 race and endorsing the Democrat Party establishment’s preferred nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Never mind the non-establishment’s preferred candidate, socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders.


And thus began the end for Gabbard and her prospects in Washington. Not only is her congressional career now over thanks to her decision to not run for re-election, but so is arguably any potential for her to ever succeed again in the world of politics.

It’s probably not an overstatement to say this move may have cost her any future she wanted to have in politics. Folks aren’t going to back someone so openly hypocritical, who says one thing and tries to act like she stands completely on principle, only to turn right around and trash it all by picking the very person who is part of the movement she claimed to oppose.

Not even folks on the left want a complete phony as their presidential candidate. Something politicians of all stripes don’t seem to understand is that Americans want people to say what they really mean, and then do what they say. We want cohesiveness between what a person claims to believe and the actions they take. This isn’t rocket science.

Here is some of the heat she’s taking from folks on Twitter:


The lesson Gabbard and other politicians of both parties need to learn from this whole debacle is that people want authenticity and consistency from the folks they put in political office. If you aren’t going to live according to the principles you claim to believe in, don’t claim to believe in them to begin with.

That’s not how the world works. You can’t bash the establishment and then turn around and support them in the election. Folks won’t ever forget that, which is why Gabbard might have self-destructed here.

And to think, she might have thrown away her future all just to beat Trump. Is it really worth all of that? Seems a bit extreme, don’t you think?

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore – flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/48609637988/

Source: bizpacreview.com/2020/03/19/unforgiveable-tulsi-feels-leftist-wrath-for-endorsing-establishment-fav-warmonger-joe-biden-899214


  1. Compared to the rest of the Dem pack, she seemed pretty reasonable. But you can’t plant your flag and then when things go against you simply toss it to the enemy. Tulsi is finished. Aloha! Bye bye!

  2. Tulsi, Just as every United States citizen, you have your opinions and I have mine. Joe Biden was Vice President for 8 years of tearing this country apart. Racial divide was never stronger than it was at the end of the previous administration. They also gutted our military and were proud of it. There was plenty more damage done during those years, but I believe very little, if anything, good came out of the last administrations 8 years in office. I once thought you were a candidate with somewhat of a head on her shoulders with some sort of reasoning. Well, I’ve been wrong before and I’ll be wrong again but with your backing of Joe, I’ve lost all respect for you.

  3. Another example, among many, that whatever a Democrat says about bucking the Party establishment, when the screws are turned they will knuckle under. Remember those 30 Democrats who were elected in districts Trump carried, who promised they would be bi- partisan and work with Trump? When the vote to impeach came, only one voted against. If one of them were my Representative, I wouldn’t forget. Integrity is like virginity, you can only loose it once, and once gone, it’s gone forever.

  4. I am a conservative Republican who contributed to Gabbard’s campaign. What a fool I was. So disapointed! Turns out she is a phony!

  5. Another one bites the dust. She and every other Democrap who threw their support behind Biden sold women and especially little girls down the road. Biden has abused women and girls openly during his time as the Democrapic VP candidate and has not stopped. The younger the girl the bigger his smile. His Alzheimer’s while bad does not excuse his actions. Any female who supports him supports abuse of all females.

  6. Maybe there’s a vice presidency offer in her future? As usual the media puts in their brainless, knee jerk opinions out there like anyone cares.

  7. LOL…what difference does it make? over three hundred million people in this country, and the best the DemonDORK party can cum up with, is a communist curmudgeon, and an idiot. So much for the diversity of of the coonRAT party.


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