Tucker Carlson Exposes Truth About How ‘Corporations Are Aligned’ To Silence Conservative Voices

(Liberty Bell) – Fox News host Tucker Carlson did a segment on his nightly primetime program that fully exposes the vile hypocrisy of the radical left concerning the topic of violence as he examined how corporations are now colluding with Democrats to silence the voices of the opposition.

Carlson delivered a long and very serious monologue that assessed the current coordination happening between Big Tech companies that in reality is a violation of U.S. antitrust law. These corporations have “fully aligned” with the Democratic Party and together, as a team, they are willing to do whatever it takes to destroy dissent among the people.

According to a new report from BizPacReview, Carlson once again condemned the violence that took place last week in the U.S. Capitol building, stating that “every person who broke the law this past Wednesday should be prosecuted.”

“This show is for law and order. Period,” the host said. “Many of those currently in power or not, they believe instead in selective enforcement. Selective enforcement is not law and order. It is the opposite.”

“Laws must be applied equally to every citizen or else they are not laws, they are the whims of a tyrant. Punish the guilty, spare the innocent. That is the most basic definition of justice. But that is not what’s happening now. The crackdown on civil liberties we’ve watched over the past five days amounts instead to collective punishment,” Carlson went on to say.

“People who had nothing to do with the violence in the U.S. Capitol are being punished for that violence, and that is repugnant and immoral and anti-American. It should shock our sensibilities,” he stated.

“He has watched the recent crackdown in this country by Joe Biden and his allies in Big Business and Big Tech with growing concern and then horror. Here’s his conclusion,” Carlson said. He then went on to quote Navalny. “Even in Russia, they know what’s happening here is dangerous and wrong, because it is.”

Carlson then went on to attempt clarifying the definition of the term “insurrectionist,” which he said Congress seems to think it means “anyone who sympathizes with what happened on Wednesday.” He then noted that it seems no one is pushing back against this censorship, saying that the largest corporations in America “have decided to radically expand the definition of what is now illegal.”

“Insurrection, according to this new definition means questioning any part of last November’s election. So you thought that your birthright as an American was the right to ask questions, but not anymore. That’s now a crime,” Carlson said.

Carlson also pointed out that corporations have now cut off donations to Republicans who objected to the results of the 2020 presidential election, highlighting the hypocrisy of taking this action against the GOP, but not against Democrats when they have objected in the past.

“In other words, dare to hire someone from the presidential administration, that’s many thousands of people and we will destroy your business. That’s healthy and normal?” the Fox News host asked.

“You want your country to fall apart completely? Keep up fascist insanity like that, because it definitely will,” he continued. “But it turns out this is the new normal: silencing, blacklists, social credit scores, threats.”

Carlson is exactly right. Corporations have more power than they have ever had previously at any time in our nation. And they are colluding with the Democratic Party to try and ensure that conservative voices, the voices of dissent against their big government fascism, are forced into silence by any means necessary.

“This is not what we were promised. The election is over. You thought things would calm down. Again, even if you voted against Joe Biden. You thought they would calm down. No chance. That’s one campaign promise they didn’t intend to keep,” Carlson stated.

“Corporations are fully aligned. This has never happened in our country. They are fully aligned with a political party” the primetime host warned once again. “How much distance between the Biden campaign and Google, the most powerful company in the world? Right around none.”

We are living in scary times.

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  1. It’s uncanny. Unprecedented malicious attacks… What the hell are they afraid of the world finding out?! Why such a degree of bullshit? Definitely wreaking havoc for no discernible reason. Yep- those conspiracy theories are legit!!!!!!!!! Leave Pres Trump alone and focus on the poisonous water in Detroit and find those E-mails Hillary lost! Pay back all the money for all that fake impeachment!!!!!!!!! The New Nazi Regimen….
    Spent 4 years tearing up our country- just like California and New York!!!!!!

  2. -Fox News _sold out Trump, so me and others I know move over to newsmax. I loved foxnews, but after the elections. I couldn’t believe it, their no better than cnn and all the other trash!!!

  3. Yes, understand Soros’ role in the strength of the socialist-Democrats for one thing, but true US History and Civics must be returned to our school systems or the US citizenry will ultimately become indoctrinated away from patriotism.

  4. Things aren’t calming down because of the big lie. The election wasn’t stolen but some conservatives have continued to push this falsehood and support the Trump fantasy that he actually won. The election wasn’t stolen, and the congressmen and women who say it was know better and are just lying. These people are seditious and sedition is a crime. The damage they have done is incalculable so they should apologize or be removed. Free speech doesn’t mean free lies. You lie and you pay a price.

    • You are a blind and stupid talking turd. You know what I think of everytime I see one of your online regurgitations of crap you have undoubtedly swallowed? I see Mr Hanky the Christmas Pooh from the South Park animated show. A dancing piece of shit that leaves a mark everywhere he touches. That’s you R Philipson. Don’t be a singing turd man.

  5. This form of economic terrorism needs to be labeled for what it is and heavy consequences need to be applied to these corporations including criminal intent to extort . This is exactly what there doing there extorting the public’s opinion by demonizing and bankrupting them if they don’t follow the corporations political views . Stop the madness now this is a George Soros weapon against our moral fabric and one that is extremely dangerous


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