Tucker Annihilates Climate Czar John Kerry For Being A Total Hypocrite And Using Private Jet — He Deserves This And Then Some

(Liberty Bell) – Fox News host Tucker Carlson lit into Climate Czar John Kerry during his Wednesday evening program over his blatant hypocrisy for using a private jet to fly to climate conferences where he no doubt looks down his nose at everyone for not doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint or some other sort of nonsense.

According to BizPacReview, Carlson isn’t the only one ticked off at Kerry. Other Republicans have also come out and nailed Kerry for his hypocrisy. Apparently, the left lives by the old adage, “do as I say, not as I do.” However, that’s not true leadership. Real leaders lead by example. Being consistent is important for being taken seriously. Thus, the reason why we laugh Democrats under the table.

“The climate czar fights climate change. And if facts or common sense get in the way of that, the climate czar will fight those, too. It’s the perfect role for John Kerry,” Carlson said with a serrated edge of sarcasm. “John Kerry has devoted his entire life taking on the global warming by contributing as much to global warming as he possibly can.”

Carlson went on to point out that Kerry has spent more than 20 hours in 2020 flying all around on his private jet “emitting in the process more than 100 metric tons of carbon emissions.” When you think about the fact that Kerry is scolding everyone else for not lowering their carbon footprint, this number is staggering.

The Fox News star then went on to discuss how that amount far exceeds the emissions of the average American citizen in an entire lifetime. He then referred to Kerry as “the kind of leader who leads by negative examples.”

“Well, in 2019 the world finally recognized John Kerry’s sacrifice, his enduring commitment to doing precisely what he wants while preventing you from doing the same. John Kerry was given in recognition of this something called the Arctic Circle Award. That Award recognizes his effort to, quote, “Tackle environmental matters,” Carlson said, pummeling Kerry.

“Naturally, John Kerry flew all the way to Iceland – that’s 3,000 miles away – on his private jet to accept this honor. In his acceptance speech, John Kerry made it very clear people like John Kerry make him angry. In order to fight climate change, John Kerry said, we need to do exactly the opposite of what John Kerry himself is doing at the moment,” he continued.

Kerry once fumed over people not taking enough responsibility for caring for the environment, saying, “I get angry when I look at what public responsibility is supposed to be and I don’t see people doing it.”

“There are mudslides and floods and fires so therefore I must have more power. And if you don’t give it to me, I will be angry,” Carlson said with a mocking tone. “And to prove that point, John Kerry will personally cause as many mudslides and floods and fires as it takes to wake you up to this problem. That is the cross he is willing to bear. Any questions?”

So how did Kerry justify using the private jet?

“It’s the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle. I believe the time it takes me to get somewhere. I can’t sail across the ocean. I have to fly to meet with people and get things done.”

“It’s the only choice for someone like me,” Carlson continued his mockery of Kerry. “It’s the only choice for someone like me. Why do you have a 12,000 square foot house on the water in Nantucket? It’s the only choice for someone like me. Not a choice you are allowed to have.”

This is why most of us with two brain cells to rub together don’t take anything seriously when it comes from the mouth of a Democrat. Most of what they say, the beliefs they espouse, are not ones they actually live by. How can we take the situation seriously if they themselves are not taking it seriously?

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