Try Not To Burst Out Laughing When You See Who CNN Included On Its ‘Expert’ Panel For Climate Change

(Liberty Bell) – We all know that CNN is pretty much the scum of the earth as far as news organizations go, what with the ridiculous left-wing slant they have — and yet try to pretend like the rest of us don’t notice it — and the war they have against President Trump, but the ridiculousness of this network keeps reaching new levels I didn’t even know existed.

Heck, the way it is now, none of us probably realized just how far gone down the rabbit hole this company has gone, but we can get some sort of idea by taking a gander at who they put on their “expert” panel to discuss the issue of climate change.

None other than Greta Thunberg.

Yes, that’s right, folks. A teenager with basically zero science background who has suffered with mental health issues for years, is now being touted as an expert by CNN.

And they wonder why they have no credibility left?

Here’s more from NY Post:

An upcoming CNN town hall on the coronavirus pandemic will feature 17-year-old Greta Thunberg alongside a panel of medical experts.

The program, “Coronavirus Facts and Fears,” also includes CNN broadcaster Sanjay Gupta, 50, former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, 71, and former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Richard Besser, 60. CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, 52, will host alongside Gupta.

However, social media watchdogs are foaming at the mouth over the choice to place a teen climate activist on a panel with public health experts.

“What place does Greta Thunberg have in this town hall?” asks Twitter rabble-rouser Yashar Ali to his 618,000 followers. His rhetorical question was liked by more than 12,000 since this morning.

Her name is a top trending term on Twitter, with some 30,000 mentions on the platform in just a few hours.

And why wouldn’t folks be up in arms over this? You have a wacky teenage girl being used as a gimmick to help push a radicalized agenda over an issue that scientists don’t even agree on, which is no doubt eventually going to blow up all over this girl and cause her all kinds of problems in the future.

Liberals will do anything to make their solutions to fake problems, which also involve massive government intrusion into the private sector, easier to swallow for the masses, including using a child.

In a follow-up tweet, Ali clarified his rhetorical tweet with an explanation: “I understand that but this is a panel of top health experts and administrators. A climate activist would be better suited on a different panel. She’s not a climate scientist. It’s a matter of placement.”

CNN’s social media was soon served with an onslaught of virtual eye-rolls.

“Greta Thunberg? Now, she’s a COVID expert? @CNN is a joke!” reads a top response to the network’s Wednesday announcement. “Not picking on the kid,” said another. “Picking on a ‘news’ network for featuring a child to inform the public.”

“I remember when my thread about E. coli in Romaine lettuce went viral and trended on Twitter only to have CNN put Food Babe on the air to discuss the issue,” tweeted Dr. Eugene Gu, referring to another controversial health “expert” in the media. “Greta Thunberg on this panel is an improvement from that at least.”

Of course, liberal loonies from Hollywood rushed to defend Thunberg as some sort of child prodigy who possess the key to solving all of the world’s issues, starting with climate change.

“Unqualified men appear on cable all day every day, bloviating endlessly, but Greta Thunberg is a bridge too far? Ok,” tweeted writer Roxane Gay.

“She’s has extraordinary knowledge and she is the next generation that is left to clean this mess we’ve made. They wouldn’t have her there if she wasn’t a powerful voice,” wrote Oscar-winning actor Patricia Arquette.

“It’s a town hall, not a meeting of scientists,” another follower noted. “Some of their previous guests have been chef Jose Andres, director Spike Lee, author Laurie Garrett, etc etc.”

Look, no one truly understands climate change. So much of the science available right now contains contradictions that it’s really hard to know what is really happening. Even if it is happening, there are no doubt free market solutions that exist to help stop it from continuing. Government is most definitely not the answer to what ails us and the liberals in this country need to stop using a kid to push their agenda.



  1. I sincerely believe that Greta’s parents and CNN are doing her a huge disfavor. Yes, some notoriety now, but not in a good way…and it will certainly prevent her from doing any good toward what idiots are calling “climate change” when she goes into an insane rage because people aren’t listening to her misguided tropes. I blame her parents for getting her into this. It’s certainly child abuse. What is truly needed is to find out why her parents encouraged this? Did they put her up to this, or were they so enthralled with her enthusiasm about the beginning of the end of the world that they pushed her, since they couldn’t be considered credible? This child needs mental health care and separation from her family, since they don’t know the difference between mental illness and rage.

  2. Greta is a total ignoramus as far as science is concerned. When and where did she study rates of change, which requires elementary calculus, but really needs advanced calculus, theory of probability, statistics, and some courses in medicine and human anatomy.
    GIVE US A BREAK. Next you will have kids with no education in math. and science telling us what to eat, what medicine to take, etc. THIS COMPLETE STUPID JOKE HAS GONE WAY TO FAR. Greta, finish high school, then complete a science curriculum in college and then get a graduate degree in some scientific field that you choose – and only then will I take anything you say seriously, and only in what you have a graduate degree in. Cheers.

  3. Cnn is so effed up you only have to look at its talking heads like Blitzer of the blank stare along with Cooper of ???? and a blank stare and Lemon of the ???? and stupid grin and now they bring out Gretchen of the totally blank brain. I don’t give a chit that she is only a “kid,” she has entered herself into a grown ups discussion even though she is a “stupid” kid. Her parents must really be total jackasses and therefor democrats.

  4. Remember another littiLe smarty at14 now hes got us in his control with communists soros. Polosi name starts with z has facebook

  5. Yes indeed. Journalism has died for sure. These morons are definitely trying their best to start another Civil War. The last one they started didn’t end very well for them. Why would they think another one would be any different? Weakening this country with another one will for sure result in China being the lone super power.

  6. How did she get here? Was she flown in a private jet? Has she learned anymore information, she knows nothing about? If it isn’t scripted or rehearsed, she doesn’t know how to answer questions on her own. She’s just a young version of Hillary or AOC.

  7. Just a minute! This child is the best CNN can come up with?!? SERIOUSLY???
    Oh, wait. This is a comedy show, right? I’s so sorry; I wasn’t aware CNN could actually joke!!

  8. It amazes me to see Idiots supporting Idiots. If you can take all of the Brain Cells from All of the Democrats and CNN people, you still would not have the same as the Dumbest Republican

  9. Do her “handlers” get to sit on the panel too? She will disintegrate if asked to answer a simple question like…what day is it w/o them!!! This is deliberate child abuse!!! Her parents are responsible and should be prosecuted!!! This kid needs help and is being denied same. CNN’s leadership should also be considered for prosecution on the child abuse. Greta should be enjoying school and growing up! H er parents have robbed her of her childhood by brainwashing her with this bogus climate change science(????) To allow her to be subjected to the cruelty and pressure the maniacs related to this so called panel should be considered reckless child ENDANGERMENT!!!

  10. Probably smarter than Anderson Cooper … but who in his right mind would include a 17-year-old in any type of adult discussion -“How dare you!” … get real, CNN – you’ve already embarrassed yourself beyond redemption; try to regain some respectability …

  11. Wow. I expected to see Ocasio Cortez’ picture pop up and I got Greta! Even greater expertise on all subjects. You just made my day.

  12. Why would anyone deny Greta, the 5 year old intellectual leader of the left, a place on an “expert” panel on CNN? How is she any less an expert than the parade of “experts” they have on their network on a daily basis?

    • She, Greta, is most likely better than Don Lemon and the rich bich es prodigy, Anderson, and that moron Blitzer so why not?

  13. CNN lost all credibility long ago, but this is beyond stupid. This little girl has no business being touted as someone who knows what they are talking about. She has been thrust into the limelight WAY to young, and should be sent home!


  15. The kid is a farse but then again, so is “Clinton News Network” (CNN). Her father is the one who has put her up to the gross climate change agenda and the LibTURDZ just took the ball and keep running with it… shortly run it into a solid wall and fall on their butts… AGAIN! No, this is a total publicity stunt and chlld abuse to boot. She is no expert and absolutely nothing more than a puppet kid. Sad that the rest of the world continues to see America through the eyes and sad voices of CNN around the world at International airport spewing their ignorance while the world thinks that all of America is CNN. Why has CNN contioued to be the news casters of international travel, is completely beyond me.

    • The Democrats are campaigning Biden, the best candidate they can muster, for President of the United States. Other potential candidates included a Communist, a fake Indian and one whose “first lady” wouldn’t be a lady. Their Speaker of the House can’t utter a coherent sentence. The House Intelligence Committee Chairman is Adam Schiff – Intelligence? Seriously? And they’ve just orchestrated a three year coup attempt without the foresight to destroy the evidence as they go. In their defense, I submit that the Democrats consider mental disability a sine qua non of authoritative position.

    • Yeah, abuse on us from that little brat. They need that viral video woman on her knees screaming “NOOOOOO!!!” from when Trump won. Oh yeah, hey, Trump won! YESSSSSS!!!

  16. They just wanted another retard, to keep the other tards company. Someone should get arrested for child abuse.

  17. Actually, Greta fits right in perfectly at CNN! If she has mental issues, and has no credibility, she’s no different than the people that the Communist News Network, as I refer to it, have reporting for it!


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