Trump’s Vows On Gun Rights Remind Us Why We Voted For Him…And Why He’ll Win Again In 2020

(Liberty Bell) – If you ask most Trump supporters, one of the most important issues on the line in 2016, when Donald Trump was running against Hillary Clinton, was the Second Amendment.

There was no doubt that Hillary Clinton, one of the most prominent Democrats of the last three decades and staunch supporter of radical gun control, would allow for perhaps irreversible restrictions on our Second Amendment rights.

It was chilling to think of a nation where she was president, especially considering the foundation on which Obama laid for her to build on.

Now that it’s 2020, gun control will once again be one of the defining issues of the campaign and once again, President Trump wants to make sure that Americans know we can expect him to preserve our rights.

This is an incredibly important issue because it is one of the cornerstones of our republic.

Without an armed populace, the state would be in complete and total power.

This is exactly what today’s radical leftist party wants, of course, so they can enshrine into statist law their progressive, restrictive policies aimed at taking rights away from individuals and families and giving the state full power to hand out rights to whomever the wish, and, far more likely, restricting them from anyone they deemed an enemy.

In the vacuum left by Clinton’s defeat, far more radical leftists have moved in, promoting large-scale gun confiscations and so-called “assault weapons” bans which would more likely spark civil war than actually succeed at disarming Americans.

Which is again, exactly why we have the right to bear arms. So that we can stand up and fight should the government attempt to take ours.

So they’re chipping away with restrictions, Orwellian red flag laws, gun rationing, and other such unconstitutional measures to erode our rights slow enough to escape widespread notice, but fast enough that our rights could be gone before we think twice.

Speaking to another lively and well-attended rally in Manchester, New Hampshire on Monday, Trump promised he would defend “the right to keep and arms.”

He listed this among several other natural rights which must be protected.

“We will defend privacy, free speech, religious liberty, and the right to keep and bear arms,” he declared.

Trump added, “We’re going to protect your Second Amendment.”

He spoke to the Democrats eagerness to take away our God-given rights.

Trump said, “They are going to take away everything. They are going to take away your wealth, they are going to take away your guns, they are going to take away everything.”

He added, “We live by the words of our national motto, ‘In God We Trust.’”

The president then voted to the motto of this key primary state, “Live Free or Die,” saying, “I love that motto.”

Last week, POTUS also pledged to protect the Second Amendment, saying in his speech that, “So long as I am president, I will always protect your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.”


    • Lazy people .. Have you ever hear someone say — ‘ nah I’m Not going , My ONE VOTE isn’t going to MATTER ‘ !!!??? Well This is what Happen’s — people get lazy— Or they don’t FOLLOW or KEEP UP with what is going ON IN OUR COUNTRY OR GOV.
      many times I get In a Argument — with the wife about this — She Lives IN A BUBBLE — !!!! And When I start on a RANT ABOUT — Demos/ Our 2nd Amendment Rights / Taxes/ The Dnc and their Evil activity — She clams up — or says , not to worry — or why do you do this ? There Is nothing you can do ! REALLY ? If everyone says that – this is the problem we are in NOW —- Cause this is the ATTITUDE many People have — They dont care , cause they live in their own little WORLD— And this Is EXACTLY HOW WE GOT HERE ! So now all of a sudden – people are WAKING UP ! And Going ‘ WHAT THE FK IS HAPPENING ?’ see what i’m saying?

  1. Having reasonable restrictions such as universal background checks and gun show sales is hardly taking away someone’s Second Amendment rights. If there had been a check on gun show sales my sister might be alive. Her abusive husband was paroled from jail after assaulting her and he went to a gun show, no background check, and bang! No more sister! There can be reasonable restrictions that won’t make the Founding Fathers roll over in their graves!

    • My question to you, is; Why did’t she have the training, and a firearm of Her Own? Universal background checks are the prerequisite to confiscation.

    • That is the start of taking away our gun rights. They get their foot in the door and then another law until they strip you of all your rights

    • David I am truly sorry for your loss but can you please explain to me exactly which of the some 20 – 25 THOUSAND (plus or minus) currently existing “gun control” laws are not “reasonable” and need to have more added to them – and will NOT further restrict the rights of Law Abiding Citizens.

    • Want more gun control legislation? The state of California has over 215 pages of laws, rules and regulations having to do with firearms, yet the 2nd Amendment proclaims the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. So, what is the point? Don’t you understand that gun control is really people control? Either we own guns or the Government owns us.

  2. The U.S.Government has enough burial boxes for tens of thousands of people. Bought while Obama,was the President,along with many,many guillotines that were once stored at Fort Bragg, and they were being held under extreme security because the brass did not want it common knowledge. There were watches kept on these hideous things,with order to absolutely keep all “away”. Even other soldiers on the base were not to know.This was all on Obama’s watch. I know his plans went into the future and depended on Hillary Clinton being president. What do you think their plan was? Nothing good could ever come from any plan with a combination of 10’s of thousands of (extra large) burial boxes that could hold 10 people each and a large unknown quantity of guillotines. Anybody care to take a wild guess at what they had planned if H.R.C.,won in 2016?

  3. While DJT appears to be a supporter of the 2A – he has failed (IMHO) us on at least 3 issues. 1) Hearing Protection Act; 2) Nationwide Reciprocity; both of which SHOULD have been passed early in his term; 3) Bump Stock Ban – I still maintain he got VERY bad advice regarding them.
    He ‘sounded’ averse regarding overturning NFA ’34 – especially about exempting suppressors from it early on (after Virginia Beach) but afaik he has backed off on that stance – but has certainly done nothing regarding the exemption.

    • Yeah I’m not happy about those either, but what are the alternatives on the Democrats side. None I’m afraid…..

    • He has also come out in support of “red flag laws”, laws which scares the hell out of me.

      However, compared to the dims, ALL of the dims, he is a staunch 2nd supporter.

  4. I hear rhe president saying a lot about protecting our 2cd amendment rights and never let taking them away happen. Okay so far Virginia is enduring crazy leftist gun laws. being passed daily.Not just in Va but other states also. When dies he plan to start making good on that promises.The american people need actions taken on this now , not after these laws have done the damage to law abiding citizens. You know the same ones he is asking to vote for him.

  5. Without exception every country that has removed guns from it’s citizens have run a tyrannical Government and all of the rights of the citizens have been removed. That is what we fought against to achieve our Liberty. If we must, we will do it again.

    • Correct in every particular. Congress derives its powers from the Constitution, which, if abolished, would make Congress powerless, and the 2nd Amendment, an integral part of the Constitution, cannot be abolished unless the Constitution is abolished first. Therefore, Congress is without power to abolish or debase the 2nd Amendment and took an oath to support and defend the Constitution, which if rescinded would abolish Congress, the Judiciary and the office of President, and Government would be no more.

    • The great men that lived and died crying “Give me liberty, or give me death” because they have guns in their hands. By the same manner can we keep this legacy.

  6. Gun control is people control. The government under gun control will become the same as Royalty and the population peasants. The peasants will have no rights while the elites will be free to do almost anything they like. That is why the liberals, socialist and progressives want gun control and to destroy the Constitution.

  7. Turning gun owners and their guns against the law. In this decade will work as well as prohibition did in the 1930’s. It will just open up a new market for organized crime. And if anything eliminate the need for a tax stamp. As far as those with intent on causing mass harm and destruction will still do so. There are multiple methods available.

  8. President Trump has a lot of power when it comes to the comes to the second amendment., & his Republics are standing behind him, plus the America people. I hate to see a Civil War, but these democrats need to be put in their place if they are going to be part of our country. I think were the ones to do it, President Trump is not perfect but he loves this country & the people in it. Trump 2020

    • I agree the dummycrats should either straighten up or get the heck out of this country and live in the communist utopia of Cuba. Ever since Oboob was pretend president I’ve been stocking up on ammo and increasing my arsenal of weapons. I was somewhat shocked to hear anti gun zealots following burned out Bernie saying that IF Bernie wins, all non Bernie people should be sent to re-education gulags. And IF Bernie loses, then it’s civil war. Dummycrats said it and I say bring it on. The spoiled rotten brats think they should always get their way, well who am I to deny them their civil war. But dummycrats fail to heed words of wisdom. “Be careful what you wish for. You might get your wish.”

  9. Under democRATS we have tyrannical government. Their thoughts “No guns,No revolt”. If second amendment falls all the others will soon fall also.

  10. My question is what is he going to do about states like Virginia, they are passing gun control laws in complete violation of the Constitution. He may be able to block laws on the federal level, but what about the states, what they are doing is illegal but they’re getting away with it? There are now multiple states that have passed and are using Red Flag Laws. If the states pass these laws in spite of the Constitution, what will or can Trump do about it? These can only lead to civil war to stop the Democrats from erasing our God given rights.

    • In the case of Virginia, it’s up to Virginians to vote out the dummycrats next November. If that fails, then Virginians should wave their middle finger at Richmond and go west. West Virginia has already rolled out the red carpet and the welcome wagon is waiting to greet the newcomers.

  11. It starts with common sense! How many times must we say; If they take our guns, then only the criminals will have guns!!!!!! To hell with the demonrat, socialist, communist party!

  12. Look what is happening in Virginia, this is what the democraps want to do nation wide. If a civil war breaks out it will start in Virginia. Get out and Vote, do not let the democraps tell you your vote does not count. Our mission is to vote all democraps out of office! Then and only then we can put them on the domestic terrorist list.

  13. This is one promise I hope Mr. Trump is able too keep.
    People need to realize gun control has little to do with guns and everything to do with control. Disarm the people, get a left wing controlled government in place and we are finished. Watch how fast any and all excuses are used to suspend and eliminate the rest of our rights. Yeah, I know, “it cant happen here” So said the Germans in 1932. So said the Venezuelans a few years ago. So said the North Koreans in 1949.
    Three boxes secure your freedom. The cartridge box, the soap box, and the ballot box. Lose one and the rest fall as well.

    • Haugen – while you didn’t necessarily get the ‘boxes’ in the correct order, your primary focus is indeed correct.
      That being said, there is a fourth box that will come into play should the other three fail to achieve success – the pine box – and unfortunately there will be a need for a LOT of them – no ‘winners’ in a civil war – just survivors.


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