Trump Supporter Fears For Her Family’s Safety After Being Doxed By Unhinged Kathy Griffin

(Liberty Bell) – The left is full of truly despicable humans and not-so-funny comedian Kathy Griffin is at the top of that list.

She has always been on the controversial side but when President Trump was elected in 2016, she went from being mildly offensive to full-blown deranged. You probably remember the images of her holding up a bloody plastic “severed” head that resembled President Trump.

How could you not remember? She has shared the image numerous times on social media over the last four years including most recently in January. She is sick in the head.

Griffin is a nasty vile woman and she has no problem attacking regular everyday Americans over their political beliefs. One Virginia woman has found that out first hand after she made the mistake of tagging Griffin in a tweet.

Griffin has made it her personal mission to destroy Trump supporter and mother of two Danielle McCarty after McCarty tweeted, “The despicable Kathy Griffin is at it again” in response to Griffin’s tweet featuring the severed head in which she said, “Just resign now. You lost. It’s over.”

Really, the problem in America is that there are millions of people who don’t find Kathy Griffin despicable or, at the very least, the ugly, violent picture she is so fond of sharing.

Griffin is always ready and willing to show others just how tolerant and accepting she is. After McCarty tagged her Griffin went off the deep-end and doxxed McCarty to all of the 2.1 million minions that follow her. As you can imagine, things got ugly quick.

Griffin warned in a Jan. 9 tweet that McCarty, a stay-at-home mother, is a “domestic terrorist.”

Ever since Griffin labeled McCarty as a domestic terrorist, Griffin’s deranged followers took it upon themselves to send hateful, violent messages to McCarty. You know, to show love and inclusivity, of course.

The ugly messages numbered in the hundreds.

McCarty said one day she was out playing with her family in the snow and when she went inside and checked her Instagram, it was flooded with nasty messages along with all of her other social media accounts.

McCarty’s husband is “freaked out” she said in an interview with The Gateway Pundit. She said, “He’s scared for his family. He’s scared he’ll lose his job. We’ve received threats. They’ve doxed me. They know where we live.”

Things have only gotten worse. On Jan. 30, a few weeks after the initial interaction between the washed-up, irrelevant Griffin and McCarty, Griffin was apparently still obsessing over McCarty.

Griffin tweeted a screenshot of McCarty at the “Save America” rally that took place on the National Mall on Jan. 6 and warned that “the FBI now has the video.”

Apparently, to Griffin and her rabid follower, every single Trump supporter who was in Washington DC on Jan. 6 is a “domestic terrorist” and should be reported to the FBI. McCarty, however, isn’t really worried about the threats of being reported to the FBI, as she told The Gateway Pundit, since she knows she did nothing wrong.

“That doesn’t concern me much because I didn’t break any laws. I was there, I never even went into the building. I wasn’t involved in the rioting. I was there praying.

“They are calling me an insurrectionist, a domestic terrorist and telling me that they wish that I would die.”

And the attacks kept coming. Message after message after message from tolerant, loving liberals calling McCarty a terrorist, telling her to kill herself, making fun of her appearance, mocking her for supporting Trump, and threatening her and her family came for weeks.

Griffin wasn’t done yet though proving just how mentally-ill she really is. On Jan. 30 she also shared pictures of the McCarty’s children holding up a crossbow and a new BB gun that they had got for Christmas. Griffin simply remarked, “Oh Danielle,” as if there was something egregious with the pictures.

The rabid leftist mob showed just how hypocritical they all really are. While they celebrate Griffin’s disgusting and violent picture showing her holding a bloody (fake) severed head, they find the image of a young boy holding a BB gun highly offensive.

It’s truly mind-boggling.

The attacks just kept coming and coming and even the crooked mainstream media eventually decided to pile on, writing stories about the situation but never once contacting McCarty for comment.

The Raw Story called McCarty a “MAGA bully” despite McCarty being the one who been being relentlessly bullied, the Wall Street Rebel heralded Griffin for helping the FBI “Track Down [a] Capitol insurrectionist,” despite McCarty having nothing to do with the riot, and LGBT Nation applauded Griffin for getting “the ultimate revenge on MAGA harasser.”

The hypocrisy is absolutely astounding.

The left is full of deranged people, indeed.

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Copyright 2021.


  1. Hmmm,why is it that sooooo many washed up Hollywood elitists have the idea that they can’t be touched,that THEY are invulnerable to experiencing what they themselves dish out? Kathy,you ARE NOT invulnerable! You CAN be ‘touched’ just like EVERYBODY else! Hee! Hee! Hee! Have a nice day……

  2. How is it not against the law to incite people to “kill them self”! Why is this Woman not protected against these unhinged people? It is truly sad that some have sunk this low.

  3. Kathy Griffin’s most recent image at the very top of the article above, appears to be an outstanding attempt to portray an ugly skinny balding man, all dressed up with a fake looking wig and way too much makeup caked on, pathetically pretending to be a woman. Very convincing. Add a deep baritone voice and she has it locked!

  4. Griffin is the real domestic terrorist and needs to be dealt with as one. The mental illness of this woman is at a high percentage and needs the care of a mental institution!


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