Trump Stops Iranian Foreign Minister Headed For UN To Condemn Soleimani Strike Dead In His Tracks

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(Liberty Bell) – Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Iranian Foreign Minister who was headed to a United Nations meeting this week to condemn the Trump administration for killing their top terrorist, Qassem Soleimani, is going to have some trouble getting into the country now.

Trump just denied his visa.


According to three diplomatic sources who spoke with Foreign Policy, Zarif had requested a visa “a few weeks ago” to enter the United States so he could attend the January 9th U.N. Security Council meeting.

Iran was awaiting approval from the visa on Monday (January 6th) when a Trump official called UN Secretary-General António Guterres to inform him that Zarif would not be allowed into the United States.


According to diplomatic sources, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “in recent months had sought to restrict the ability of Zarif — a skilled debater who has studied in the United States and has extensive contacts with American journalists — to make his case to the American public.”

Pompeo is also limiting Iranian official’s access to the United States considering their, oh I don’t know, constant threats to kill American citizens.

The visa request was died based on the escalating threats of retaliation on the part of the Iranian regime and their louder cries of “Death to America.”

The daughter of the slain terrorist mastermind, Qassem Soleimani, also issued a death threat against the thousands of American soldiers who are deployed in the region under Iran’s eye.

Biz Pac Review notes:

Moreover, Iran announced that it will enrich uranium to build a nuclear bomb in defiance of the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal, which President Trump pulled out of in 2018.

Many say Iran was already enriching uranium even AFTER Obama gave them $1.7 billion in cash in 2016 under the disastrous Iran nuclear deal. Obama also lifted economic sanctions that had crippled Iran financially for decades and unfroze $150 billion in assets.

Mojtaba Zonnouri, a member of Iran’s Parliament, said Iran will attack 124,000 Americans in the name of the 124,000 prophets in Islam. (Sure, keep saying Islam has nothing to do with politics.)

Zonnour said: “If they want to hit 52 sites of ours, we will hit a number of U.S. targets that will be as many as the number of the verses (6,236) of the Holy Quran. We will target 124,000 of them. That equals the number of 124,000 prophets [in Islam].”

Mojtaba Zonnouri was reacting to President Trump’s tweet, where he threatened to target 52 Iranian sites if Iran’s terrorist regime kills any more Americans.

Fox News host Pete Hegseth — a decorated Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan — said all the manufactured media outrage over Trump’s tweet is so stupid.

“Soleimani was a terrorist who has killed over 600 [Americans], at least,” Hegseth said on The Five. “He has American blood on their hands. Men and women I served with on the battlefield — we know he had intentions in going to Baghdad…to kill more Americans.”

Hegseth continued: “It’s disgusting the amount of hatred they have for this President. Their inability to step back for one moment and realize the world is a better place when a terrorist like Soleimani is dead [is pathetic].”

Compare the grief that the leftist mainstream media give President Trump for killing a mass murderer versus the boot-licking praise it showered on Barack Obama for killing Osama bin Laden.



    • I have read the koran, twice. Once as it is presented today and once in chronological order. That book makes Stephen King’s novels seem like fairy tales. It should scare the crap out of anyone reading it.
      The koran is filled with passages of hate and death for any non-believer of islam.

  2. Hey 1% JO,

    Your reference to “the hate machine under Trump’s desk in The Oval Office”…made me LOL! Do you remember what happened at that very desk and chair when Pervert Clinton was President? Just keep that in the back of your mind when you criticize President Trump!

  3. To Jo
    Your comment posted today, is an insult to the 99% of the people that you refer to! I suppose, like all other far left, greater than thou creatures… you believe that you are the 1% that disagrees with the 99%. The law of averages proves you WRONG, and proves you are ignorant (1)%.

    To anyone reading this post… please look for my posts of 1/8. And PLEASE google these sights: The Clarion Project
    The Faqra Files
    Ryan Mauro
    I can not figure out why this documented, proven, and frightening situation is swept under the rug. I am a true supporter of our President and have tried through email, snail mail, and phone calls to get an explanation of why America is not being educated regarding these camps and the implications they pose. Is it because it would cause a panic among us?

    If you decide to see what this is all about… please post your impressions here, or anywhere visible to people like JO will read it.

    Thank you for your time! God bless America and God bless our amazing Republican Party!

    Let the TRUTH be our guide❣️

  4. 99% of the people who have commented on this report are ignorant . Reading the comments , sometimes I wonder to what extent such ignorants can be ignorants , except for their capacity for hate and their desire for violence . These comments seem to be generated by a hate machine under Trump’s desk at the Oval Office . May Trump take that machine with him on November 2020 ?

    • Antifa, the left.
      Leaders of the political parties calling for violence, the Democrats.
      People threatening our President, the left. How many “celebrity’s” have threatened assassination all on the left.
      Which party wants to silence anyone that doesn’t agree with them? Democrats
      If you are right and believe in your opinion, why not have a conversation to lay out your point? The left wants to silence everyone and when they can’t articulate their ideas, they name call. Who is listening when all they do is call for violence and name call? Talking about ignorant.

  5. “Soleimani was a terrorist who has killed over 600 [Americans], at least,” -hmmm, were these Americans whom Soleimani supposedly killed soldiers or civilians? and does that make him a “terrorist” if he was responsible for sponsoring the killing of those soldiers during the American occupation of Iraq?

    Btw- I believe the US is under treaty obligation not to interfere with member states of the UN having their diplomats be able to attend UN meetings.

    On the whole this article was pretty pathetic.

  6. I have several Iranian friends that came to America, legally, in the 1960’s. I love them very much.

    The Muslims, and Muslim converts that are living and plotting in the camps in America are NOT good Muslims! Besides… I resent ANY Muslims being offended by “Merry Christmas” or any reference to God in our schools! I am offended by the black tents, and often masks, that the women wear. They are a religious statement and if we can not say “God” or Merry Christmas. Then I don’t want to see them in their statement garb! You came here, adapt like all previous groups of legal immigrants did, or go back.

    • Actually you are wrong about the muslims in the camps plotting against the people of the USA not being good muslims. they are the ones that are following the koran. That book TELLS them to kill all non-believers.

  7. If the other UN members don’t start paying their FAIR AND FULL share of the UN dues, kick them out or dissolve the UN itself altogether. America should have had its fill of supporting a lavish country club in which most members can simply sponge off of one member — the USA!
    VOTE RED!!!

  8. Moses and Robert, I see by your comments and name calling that both of you are DEMOCRATS. Which shows neither of you have served in the military, nor have love for America. If you would do your research when the UN was founded the members were not as openly hostile as they currently are. Most Muslim countries In UN are openly hostile to any country not under Muslim Majority control. My comment to both of you is why should the United States not expel the UN all together. Why should we accept people entering America that have only hate for America. It doesn’t matter if they are a Representative of a foreign government or immigrating.

    • i guess Moses and Robert became Asswipes for the A-HOLES in Iran . SOLEMIAMI WAS PEDOPHILE and MURDERER . GOOD RIDDENCE

  9. In my opinion radical muslims believe that if they kill people who don’t believe in their religion then they are automatically given rights to their heaven of milk, honey, etc. Christens don’t believe they are automatically given rights to heaven just because they kill people who dont believe in their god. Think if you are a muslim child and are taught from the day that you are born you will go to heaven if you kill people who don’t believe in your god and you get to go the heaven if you kill them. Unfortunately that is what is going on and that is the reason you cant reason with them because you can’t reason with an unreasonable person.

  10. Doug- You must be Satan, Only Satan would Know that! Satan could Only Wish to have Muslims Even say his title let alone his name, Without ordering Satan to Erect himself before All Mighty ALLAH!!

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Almighty allah?! Allah is the true and living God Jehovahs foot stool! They only one who is satan is you! Your people started this and our president will put a stop to your terrorist attacks! I am thrilled that devil is in hell with your false prophet and with satan aka allah! Your people have caused enough trouble wherever they go! We are not going to allow you to take over our country! You can choose your religion anyway you want, but you will not force us to bow to your false god allah! Our country was built on christian/Judeo principles so you need to accept that just as we don’t interfere with what you believe!

  11. Do to the emminent threats expoused by these muslim nations all muslim mosqes should be closed and all future bribes paid to democrat operatives should be paid in person all at one time beside one of their airport landing strips in daylight.

  12. Calm down,she’s just another proud democrat exercising her free speech,just like the four beautes who are inviting her welcome addition to the proud house of democrat representatives .By the way they all wear Judas Escariot scapulars.

  13. The same way General Giap stated in his memoirs, thanking Jane Fonda and John Kerry for causing political turmoil that kept North Vietnam from surrendering.

  14. It is not reasonable or just to dismiss all Iranian people as “evil” or even anti-America zealots. Many in this country came here to escape the radical hatred of the first Ayatolla back in 1979. It is likely that many now in Iran do not support the madness of the present Ayatolla either.

    However there is little doubt that Obama’s adherence to Islam and his determination to “fundamentally change” America along with hundred-million dollar donations of U.S. taxpayer money has emboldened the Iranian government to attack American interests around the world and to insert subversives into this country.

    I believe it behooves loyal Americans to avoid generalizations about non-Christian fellow citizens, but to maintain vigilance against the likelihood of domestic terrorist attacks. I also believe our national response to Iranian misbehavior beyond its own borders should be swift and painfully felt within its borders: expensive military installations, where Iranian civilian casualties would be few, along with tough fiscal sanctions.

    • The Iranian people are good people and most are devout christians! They are sick and tired of being under those tyranicle devils! I believe they will be set free and have their God given rights restored

  15. To Karolyn❤️
    The comment I just left cut out my first sentence….I don’t understand why these camps are not shut down by our government… could it be they were established and allowed to grow during the Clinton and Obama administrations? I hope our president can make it part of his mission to close them. Democrats will say they are “religious” compounds! Well, wasn’t WACO a “religious” compound??? Sharia law, now there’s a sick religion! Maybe our president can concentrate on the problems created by Obama if the Democrats will shut up and get to work!!! Enough of their BS!

  16. One can only imagine the impact of eliminating Soleimani would have had on Iran if the Washington politicians were together on this. When America has the political divide present today, our adversaries are sure to use it against us.

    • The same way General Giap stated in his memoirs, thanking Jane Fonda and John Kerry for causing political turmoil that kept North Vietnam from surrendering.

  17. To Karolyn❤️
    Thank you, at times I wonder why these camps (read The Clarion Report) frightening!
    The REAL war against the USA will be from within. The Clarion Reports identify the more than 60 ISIS training camps, the fact that no law inforcement here is permitted inside, and the testaments of some that have defected from the camps. In one area of New York State with a massive Muslim population, there is a highway sign reading “Welcome to Islamburg”.
    They have paying jobs in our airports, banks, food processing plants, water treatment plants, and most disturbing…they have high level positions in corporations that are responsible for data backup of the US Treasury, air traffic control, all ATM systems, the list will make you nauseous. They are drivers for America’s refineries, and drive fully loaded tankers on our roads. In essence, they could bring this country to a halt without the use of one weapon. They are radical Muslims and recruits from our own citizen population. But the most incredible fact is they are elected US politicians!!!! WHAT IN THE HELL ARE AMERCAN VOTERS THINKING? These facts should frighten all of us! Get them out of here, save our country…..

    • It is sad that our government is so concerned about terrorism from within. Would they have had that insecurity knowing that we had better border security? Open borders is going to come back to haunt the politicians advocating for illegals.

  18. 1. Doesn’t matter who the iranian envoys are; iran is a state sponsor of global terrorism.
    2. Strip away all diplomatic immunities of iranian envoys AND the envoys of diplomats that support iran.
    3. Have State, DOJ, DOD, and Executive Office inform and notify U.N. Security Council and General Assembly that any/all U.N. diplomatic envoys representing/supporting Hezbollah, Hamas, islamic state, muslim brotherhood, CAIR, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and any/all other shari’a-based islamic countries/terror groups, SHALL BE, by U.S. Codes, Laws, Statutes, including enforcement of the USA Patriot Act, deemed as PROBABLE Foreign and Domestic Terrorists, stripped of ALL U.N. Diplomatic status, rights, protections, visas, passports, et al, and shall be subject to IMMEDIATE deportation, arrest, and imprisonment, as DIRECT THREATS TO THE NATIONAL SECURITY OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES.
    4. All U.N. military forces currently standing on Sovereign United States soil shall be deemed as an invading foreign army, and must be removed from U.S. soil, and any/all actions by the U.N. refusing removal of said U.N. military forces, shall be deemed an Open and Hostile Act of War, and dealt with accordingly by U.S. Forces.
    5. Non-cooperation with all terms, U.S. Codes, Laws, Statutes, and Regulations, shall result in immediate revocation of diplomatic sanctuary status, immediate seizure of ALL U.N. properties, assets, files, all electronic mediums, and immediate shutdown/closure of the United Nations at New York, by Federal Authorities.
    6. Deportations and potential arrests of any/all U.N. personnel refusing to vacate shall be swift and immediate.
    7. Any/all current funding of U.N. agencies, departments, offices, outreach programs by the United States shall be immediately rescinded and withdrawn.
    8. The United States shall not, in any way, shape, or form, surrender any portion of the Sovereign soil of this Republic, including the Sovereign soil of any of the 50 Sovereign States within the Republic of the United States, to any real or imagined “jurisdictional authority” of said United Nations; neither shall the Republic of the United States surrender its Constitution, and the Constitutions of said 50 Sovereign States, to any/all real or imagined “authority” of the United Nations.

    • Well said brother. Can’t think if anything more appropriate than this post. The brothers and sisters in arms have your six.

    • I don’t disagree with you, but don’t you think we should first get rid of the Shari’a loving members of our own congress before demanding the UN get rid of theirs?

  19. All of these years and all the idiot could kill was 600. It should have been zero, but only 600, what a failure. And now, he was their best and they are promising hundreds of thousands. If they could have done it they would ne dead already. The only thing they are good at is killing their own. Lets help them.

    • Another Genius joins the child like dialogue! The exception is- you are a bunch of barbarians! You are absolutely clueless to these events! You people Do Not even have a clue to what’s going on next door or your own back yards! But you’re dragged into one situation after another and given MissInformation to throw around and that is precisely what you are doing, Just to sound patriotic and clever!! You Really Need to THINK. Think for yourself-and start asking the right questions!

  20. Good for Trump.
    The best way to protect America and her allies is to….TAKE OUT THE IRANIAN URANIUM NUCLEAR SIGHTS WHERE THEY ARE PREPARING TO USE AGAINST ISRAEL AND AMERICA.PROOF IS, they threaten it everyday and the fake news REPORTS IT…
    No one has to know who did it”!! It needs to be done

    • It’s time for the B 52 treatment. It is wonderful that old technology can eliminate the problem with a little help from some of the new technology. The B 52s are at least 75 yrs old and need a little more work.

    • Marlene- please join your friend Karolyn in class! Maybe, Just maybe between the two of you genius’s, you can find your way to the door that could possibly lead you out of this darkness!! Join the blind- leading the blind! This is precisely why this country (world) is in so such Turmoil!!!

    • Lon j Loren- You Need to join Karolyn and Marlene! Please-Do Not be the role model for your children!!

    • Hey now Lon, lets not make the B-52s older than they really are. The oldest ones still in service are younger than I am. The first deployment of them occurred in the year I was born. None of the A, B, C, D, E, F, or G models are still flying and only the H model, which first flew in 1960, is still in active use. In fact, the one most recently brought back from the boneyard was 60-034. 5 years younger than me.

    • Marlene,
      NEUTRON BOMBS the perfect answer! probably have a pile of them just collecting dust……. might as well put them to good use

  21. My assumption is that the strike on Suleimani was a warning to the Ayatollah that he will be next if anything too serious comes from Iran. My other assumption is that Trump is looking for a reason to once and for all destroy the Iranian PT boat and shore missile bases that threaten the Strait of Hormuz. These are Iran’s main threat to the West but we can’t just go and do it. Take out their air defense radars at the same time so they will be vulnerable if they try the uranium enrichment gambit. The Ayatollah may be crazy but is not entirely stupid; hence their so far measured response to our action on Suleimani.

  22. Don’t allow any Muslims in our country and deport those who are here, especially Omar, well maybe not deport her, she knows to much about our government now that she would leak, so put her in prison! Also to make it safer on our own soil we need to attack and rid of the hundreds of Isis terrorist camps in our country

    • The Oklahoma bombing was done by a white Christian. Now do we not let any Christian to cross our borders and do we put deport all christians. Mmmm it’s not the religion its only a handful of crazy people who just happened to be Muslim.

    • Isn’t it strange that we do not hear anything about that cozy relationship. The Nuke Deal was contrived by the Islamic Fraud & Kerry but NEVER approved by Congress, therefore it is NOT a treaty. Approved or not, don’t forget: these crazed Muslims have never, nor will they ever honor any agreement with a free nation, especially us. All of them believe it is ‘honorable’ to lie to “the great Satan.” Those that have flooded our borders, thanks to the Fraud, will NEVER assimilate into America; they’ll never respect our flag, our laws or customs, just like the Fraud.

  23. Robert, you really need to pull your head out or your ass and give some thought to what you just said, I am sure that you are a true Obama lover

  24. Got to love our anti American fake media, maybe we should rush raid them. They show the terrorist smiling while they show our President always serious looking. And they wonder why their revenue is drooping. You got to wonder what their agenda is?

  25. Hey Robert, Karen, Park your camel elsewhere, Americans are talking. If we need comments from the walking dead (Iranians) or anyone else we choose to point our missiles at, we’ll slap you around. Now for those worth talking to, what we really should have done was flew a few of those missiles at that goat lovin generals funeral attended by the rest of their top leaders and a million followers where apparently more than 5200 of them trampled each other to death. Figure in the couple hundred thousand deaths from our missiles and the over half million dead from the iranian reaction. We could probably count on complete extinction of the Iranian people from the resulting funerals and trampling’s to come.

    • Hey Herbert g broughton- if that is your real name? I’ll bet it’s Goldman or Saks Silverman or maybe Rosenfeld who changed his name to Roosevelt! There are reasons to why the U.S of Israel uses weapons (brawn) over brains to make its point! That major reason is fear!! Insecurity! Insanity! Unrighteousness Nature! Beast like behavior! Rape, Kill, Pillage and Burn has been the Motto! The Fear is Not of God-and that is the problem!! You people can through around Christianity all you want, If you think this is Christ like- what the hell does that say about You?? On the other hand Iranians and all Muslims Fear God!

  26. Robert: Are you serious? The “Foreign Minister Zarif” is NOT the official UN representative. It’s possible, but Majid Takht-Ravanchi is the real UN rep of iran. If you had tried Google, Bing, or any search engine; you wouldn’t seem as foolishly incorrect as you obviously are.

  27. We should bomb Iran back into the dark ages before they can kill any more Americans.
    We should then pull all our troops out of the Middle East. BUT THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN BECAUSE OF THE ‘Military industrial Complex , that President Eisenhower warned us about in a 20 minute speech he gave before leaving office. It’s all about THE OIL, they don’t care about the people, just the riches they can extract for oil. And don’t you for one minute think it’s about anything else.

    • Sorry to disagree with your assessment of the Middle East.
      Eisenhower served in another time period and the situation in the Middle East is much different now. Also, I don’t hold the admiration of Eisenhower that many do. He disregarded information on where to send forces into Europe and it cost the lives of thousands of our soldiers at Normandy.
      While I agree we should not be in the Middle East, not having a presence there would mean Iran would have already ruled it but the strategy we are using now I believe is wrong. We have the ability to strike quickly with our Special Operations and Special Forces and this is what we should be doing with a naval presence in that area. Our soldiers are sitting ducks now and neither the countries or Iraq, Pakistan or Afghanistan can be trusted to protect against their forces being infiltrated by radicals while propping up a corrupt government. I believe all our military assets should be removed from these countries.
      I was in high level intelligence for many years. I studied all the countries in the Middle East, their economy, customs and traditions and type of government and military structure so what you see above is my opinion of why our forces should not be stationed in them and the alternative.

    • Scorch and burn! 2,500 Iranians equal 2,500 suitcase bombs. Obamao knew why the non congressional nuke treaty was a farce. But he got his cut,of 150 billion ,what was his cut from Kenya,Somalia,Ukraine,UK,Libya,and uncle Assad, Syria.

    • To-Nc Parrot and MAXX. You people should really study history! It was in fact the people OF the Middle East that civilized Europe! Who do you want to bomb back into the dark ages?? Those that took you and your fathers out of, The dark ages?? That to me soundz a little Ungrateful!

  28. Islamic leaders around the world will be paying attention to what happens in Iran.
    The Iranian war machine which has corrupted its government relies on religious fervor to fuel its citizens anger. They strap bombs onto their own children and sacrifice them in God’s name in order to kill innocent civilians. To anyone, it’s easily recognized as evil incarnate. Evil, like cancer, spreads quicker the longer it’s left untreated. Let’s treat them like cancer.
    Irradiate them.

    • Wow! One evil after another. You guys just keep crawling out of that hole one after another with so much wisdom! From Don to Dolor to Gerald to Preston and on and on, Thank God they will All crawl back into their holes when done spewing that garbage they eat like the sheep they are!! Robert is just One of a few who actually employs his god given sense and decency!! Thank you!

  29. Now this is interesting, when the UN was formed an agreement was signed by the USA and would allow all World Leaders or their Representatives to come to the UN for offical business, why would you have a United nations if the Country it is in can restrict those that it disagrees with from attending the UN.
    Sounds like childish BS, “you can not come to my country for offical business because i do not like you.”
    What is Trump afraid of from a Iran Representative, maybe the truth about the entire matter, because trump only wants one side of the story told.

    • Wake up! We’ve been unofficially at war with Iran for 40 years. They just attacked our embassy in Baghdad, and you think it’s “official business” for their rep to come to New York so he can slander DJT??? You’re on the wrong side. The President is trying to protect Americans and our interests. What is wrong with that????

    • Well Robert, I guess you like the enemy in our country, bad mouthing it. You sound like a DemonRAT.

    • The doors open for you to head to Iran Robert. See how long for them to torture, kill and drag you through the streets.
      Adios to all America Hating P.O.S.

    • If the UN isn’t happy about our refusal to let terrorists into our country, then they have the right to move to another country. I will offer to assist them.

      If they don’t want to go that far, we could help them move just a few hundred yards to the east.

    • You need to stoop over. Put your left hand over your left ear, your right hand over your right ear, and pull your head out of your ass!

    • Hmm…great argument…for why the entire IN should be kicked out of the US and why the US should resign from that anti-American organization.

    • I believe the UN has over 90 member countries. The massive operating budget of the UN should therefore be divided equally between all those members. However, the US carries 85% of the financial burden. The UN is just a renaming of the socialistic League of Nations created by Woodrow Wilson, a known socialist. The UN has yet to actually accomplish anything worthwhile on any event it gets involved with. In fact many of the previous UN heads were nothing but social criminals filling their own and their families pockets.

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