Trump Shreds Nancy Pelosi During Prayer Breakfast…Right In Front Of Her Face! This Is Glorious!

(Liberty Bell) – This week has been a contentious one between President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. It all started with high tensions during the State of the Union address which culminated in Pelosi breaking all decorum and ripping the president’s speech to pieces during the live broadcast.

Then came the impeachment vote on Wednesday which found President Trump acquitted of all charges brought against him by Pelosi and House Democrats, something that no doubt infuriated the Speaker. However, that was just the beginning.

President Trump spoke at the Prayer Breakfast this morning where he shredded Pelosi, right while she sat on the stage in his presence. Ouch.

Here’s more from The Gateway Pundit:

President Donald Trump spoke at the Annual Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC on Thursday morning after his acquittal in the sham impeachment investigation on Wednesday. This was also two days after Nancy Pelosi ripped up his State of the Union Address on Tuesday night.

President Trump opened his talk to the faithful with a dig at Nancy Pelosi and her evildoers who have put this nation through so much.

President Trump: As everyone knows my family, our great country, and your president have been put through a terrible ordeal by some very dishonest and corrupt people. They have done everything possible to destroy us and by so doing very badly hurt our nation.

Here’s more on that whole speech ripping fiasco from The Hill:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Wednesday trashed President Trump’s raucous State of the Union address while huddling with rank-and-file Democrats, and explained why she dramatically ripped up his speech as he wrapped up his remarks.

“He shredded the truth so I shredded his speech,” Pelosi told House Democrats during a closed-door caucus meeting, according to sources in the room. Like she did the night before, she called his 90-minute address “a manifesto of mistruths.”

“You are supposed to talk about the State of the Union,” Pelosi continued, “not the state of your alleged mind.”

Trump, Pelosi said, “disrespected” the House chamber and used it as a “backdrop for a reality show … to give a speech that had no connection with reality.”

Wednesday’s private remarks marked the first time Pelosi had addressed the Tuesday night incident to House Democrats. Pelosi said she had not planned to tear up Trump’s speech, but she felt “liberated” when she did so. Her actions came after Trump, as he entered the chamber and ascended the dais, appeared to snub Pelosi by ignoring her extended hand.

“I didn’t go in there to tear up the speech, and I didn’t even care that he didn’t shake my hand. In fact, who cares?” Pelosi told her caucus, according to sources in the room. “But I’m a speed reader, so … I went like this through the speech. So I knew that it was a pack of lies. I knew it was a pack of lies, but I thought, ‘Well, let’s see how it goes.’

“About a quarter through it I thought, ‘You know — he’s selling a bill of goods like a snake oil salesman. We cannot let this stand,’” she said. “So, somewhere along the way realizing what was coming, I started to stack my papers in a way that were tear-able.”

Democrats rallied behind Pelosi and her gesture the night before, erupting in a standing ovation in the meeting, lawmakers said.

“She ripped it from top to bottom,” said Rep. Lois Frankel (D-Fla.), speaking metaphorically of Pelosi skewering Trump’s speech.

Democrats were still fuming at Trump on Wednesday morning. They were furious not only about Trump insulting Pelosi in her own chamber, but also about his claims that he alone had fixed the economy and reversed what he called years of “American decline.”

Democrats griped that Trump had tried to erase from history eight years of economic growth under President Obama, who had inherited a financial crisis from his GOP predecessor.

Republicans directed their fury at Pelosi. Some called for her to be censured, something that would never happen since her party controls the chamber. Vice President Pence, a former House colleague who stood next to Pelosi as she tore pages of the speech into pieces, described it as “a new low.”

Pelosi deserves every drop of criticism she receives for pulling the stunt she did during the SOTU. And that’s precisely what it was. A political stunt. It was meant to appease the base of voters and again make her appear as some sort of champion for the modern Democratic Party.

Anything and everything Pelosi does has some sort of political value assigned to it. All she cares about is continuing to occupy that same seat in Congress and take up valuable resources while she does nothing for this country or its people.

Pelosi and her buddy Adam Schiff have failed in their coup attempt. It’s done. Over. Now, if they want to actually be adults, they should focus on the upcoming election and how they can best serve the American public.



  1. Pelosi has no shame, she thinks she owns the Congress.
    What a rude awaking she has coming. She is just a washed up old woman that thinks she is the Queen of something, I don’ know what,but she still thinks she so. Just wait Nancy… the POTUS will have his day.

  2. Soros is the biggest problem in our country , he owns obama and who knows who else . He wants to rule the world and maybe before Donald J . Trump he might of ruled the USA .

    • Nancy is is time for you to resign. You lost and you said from that lying mouth, you would resign. We American’s are waiting, not to see that twisted smile anymore. Was this another lie?

    • Nothing. They have been receiving pay for dereliction of duty. They are to govern the country, not “play act” some soap opera make-believe world. Notice is along mostly party lines, yet most all claim non-partisan walks. Only one walked on water. The proof of words is results.
      What he said will be done, and what has been done from current and prior President (s) words, and what does the historical records show? The truth doesn’t lie.

    • Charge a buck to watch live and pay the National Debt.
      Five get ya to strop the blade.
      Ten get ya to dull the blade.
      But that comes later.
      Did ya hear the one about the guy with the chewing gum holding a jar of peanut butter?
      I got fifty.
      Seriously though. Term limits.

  3. If I was a Democratic I would change party,After been disgraceful like that in front of the whole world.but knowing Nancy she probably doesn’t think she did anything wrong.

    • This person belongs in an asylum with padded walls where she can thrash around ranting and spouting the democrat communist party “talking points” because she is such a hateful person it has damaged what might remain of her brain. She and the entire democrat party act like petulant little juvenile delinquents. If anybody is “unfit” for office it is this piece of garbage. However, I am glad she threw her little fit because it put the demented democrat mind on full display.

    • Amen. And they just cannot fathom that they can not control the man through money. Just kills them. So what do they do they lash out by inventing crap and get so deep nm in they actually believe their tripe is fact. Just sad.

  4. Everyone screams about Trump’s behavior and words. Do they cover their eyes and turn off their hearing aids when Pelosi and her gang of liars speak? Because they say and do despicable things and no one says a word. Trump is 100% about the unfairness extended to him.
    They can hate him but keep it to themselves.

  5. She also commented that if Trump is acquitted she would leave. Let’s hold her to that comment. It should be televised over and over to shame her into leaving. Just like all those in Hollywood said they would leave the country if Trump was elected. They’re still here spewing their hate.

    • Maybe they are still looking for countries that will accept them to enter?
      Maybe other countries will not allow them? Who wants people like that around? It’s kind of like being offered cheap air tickets to China nowadays.

  6. The problem with the Media and the Democrats is they have a problem with what is the truth. They are no above reproach and the Dark Princess Nancy Pelosi needs to go and she act like she has already sold her soul to the devil.

    • She did years ago when she supported all forms of abortion. The Archbishop of S.F. refuses to present the Eucharist to her. Actually he should have pushed to kick her out of the Church.

  7. The problem with saying Trump was lying on his SOTU speech, is that the employment numbers came straight from the IRS and the people off assistance came from Welfare Department. Those statistics were accurate. The rest were anecdotal evidence like calling out the sanctuary cities and states were some individuals were injured or killed as a direct cause because those flawed policies. So Pelosi can scream lies all she likes that Trump was lying, but it doesn’t do any good. Her behavior was disgraceful. However, there is such a thing as civility and being a troll to her is also not going to help the situation, We need to come together as a nation and start pulling together or we will come apart at the seams.

    “A nation divided against itself can not stand.” Sam Houston

    • Ya funny thing about that is no matter how much of a fact it is, since those idiots are steered by “emotions” is best term I can use instead of logic then what they perceive is reality and they get so mad when the american people look at them like they are stupid. But bbn of course there the ones that buy into their lines, schemes, hate, and prejudice so it’s an evil circle we keep going in. Time for us Americans to remove them by whatever means and start again. Um remember why the revolution came about. Too too many similarities to what’s going on now. Just ow they think they are above the law due to their positions. Guess what so did the British and see how it turned out for them. Ugh enough ranting sorry ;(

  8. It’s a cryin shame that these elected government officials are not doing their best to “embolden” this country. Instead they have disgustingly, openly, and very sadly tried to
    “force their will” on us. They have done absolutely nothing to help “make this country great again”. Sanctuary cities are illegal/UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and yet the “democrats” in their infinite..oops ignorant wisdom, think it’s the proper thing to dew. Their demented policies allow these people to drain our economic resources that we so desperately need for our own “american citizens”… As a nation, we need to repent of our individual sins and the sins of n union. God please continue to blessed this nation and your people….AMEN!!!

    • That is what communists/fascists are all about. They slip into politics stealthily, chose a scapegoat to crucify, make all sorts of impossible promises to gain the support of the downtrodden and then create a dictatorship. These ideologies cannot exist without a dictator and a military to force their will upon everybody but them and their close friends. Study world history. It been happening for millenniums.

  9. Please, this is America not some child play, fussing back and forth. Stop the ugly words, both parties ,and get along with the business at hand of running this country.

    • Nice thought, only problem is the DIMS will NOT even try to “come together”. With the DIMS it is communism or nothing.

    • Pelosi is the cancer of this country. She is lower than low. I see the Democrats causing the division in this country.
      It has to stop. Removing Nancy Pelosi is a good start.

  10. Solution to the Pilosi virus, send her home permanently to play in her wine garden living like Marie Antoinette.

  11. Actually there is a old law anyone destroying government property is among other things not allowed to hold public office. Unfortunately I don’t think anyone will hold her to it

  12. I did not disagree with a word of his speech at the Natl Prayer Breakfast. I noticed San Fran Nan was a bit uncomfortable though…

  13. Hey PIGosi, do us ALL a favor and take a LONG walk on a SHORT pier, but LEAVE ALL of your ILL-GOTTEN fortune on deck where it COULD do some good, you should be FLUSHED like the piece of crap you are!

  14. Nancy pre-planned this tantrum before she heard the speech,m so she was lying again by saying the speech was lies She tested the papers to see how many would rip at once. She is a disgraceful human who disrespected the House Chambers for all time. She is too childish and vindictive to stay in politics.

  15. She should go back and fix the drug infested, homeless district she is supposed to represent. Democrats seem to conveniently forget they are elected to represent THE PEOPLE not themselves.

    • ALL the Democrats care about is controlling everyone in every area of our lives and using tax dollars to fill their pockets to buy yachts and mansions. They could care less about the citizens of this nation. Everything they do is to gain attention to themselves. How in this world did they ever get elected into office ? What have they done to help this nation in all the years they have been in office ? Does any state in this nation REALLY want to be like California? God help the United States if democrats ever do control this nation again. It will be totally a socialistic impoverished nation.

    • They know. They are upset that our Chinese borrowed money might not be available to them through corrupt governments.
      Romneys top adviser works for burisma. In ukraine.

  16. “I didn’t go in there to tear up the speech” That was a total lie. She had pre tore the pages in put them in small stacks, she knew exactly what she was going to do and did it! After we win this election we need to regain the House, its imperative!

  17. The Democratic party accelerates toward complete non-relevance in the political world. It will be surprising if the Republicans do not keep the presidency, keep the Senate, and regain the House. The well being of the country depends on that happening. Since the Democrats gained the House there has been nothing accomplished in Washington except through Executive Order by the President. Absolutely nothing! The Democrats are totally obsessed with hating Trump and yet they cannot point to one single, logical reason for those thoughts. Not a single one! Their single-minded hatred has become so obvious to the general public (who are getting disgusted by it) that their party is continuing to lose votes in November, so maybe it is a good thing.

    • The problem with the republicans is they seem to miss the ball as we get nearer to elections. Instead of scouring the countryside for good strong conservatives to run for House positions they insist on looking only at current politicians. Trump has proven ten thousandfold that there are many good conservatives outside the political arena they just won’t consider them because they are not part of their “click”. The average person does not have the funds nor the connections to run. That seems to be the way politicians want it.

  18. I thought this post was about President Trump’s speech but it seems to be more about Pelosi and what she did and what she thinks. One paragraph about what Our President Trump Stated to the prayer group and the rest about Pelosi crap. Why is she getting all the coverage?

  19. When she talks about truth why doesn’t she admonish her lap dog Schiff he is such a pathological liar he doesn’t even know what the truth is, in my opinion he should be tried for subversion and kicked the hell out of Washington or put in prison

  20. The sad woman has no shame! That would mean she might lose some of her power, and you can bet, she’d commit suicide before giving up any power and since she is in hopes of extending her power, she can’t afford to appear weak by behaving like a typical human being!!


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