Trump Sends Hand-Delivered, Engraved Envelopes To Every Dem On Capitol Hill…You Won’t Believe What Was Inside!

(Liberty Bell) – If you ever had any doubts that Trump was a master troll, what he just did to Capitol Hill Democrats will solidify this legacy forever.

On Wednesday, the White House sent a handfull of staffers over to the halls of the legislative branch to hand-deliver beautiful, engraved Christmas cards addressed with hand-drawn calligraphy.

Inside, however, the POTUS’ warm holiday wishes were accompanied with copies of President Donald Trump’s lengthy, scathing letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“True story: there is a White House staffer going around the Senate delivering to each office, as a package, the incoherent, scathing Pelosi letter AND … wait for it … a giant 16×12 White House Christmas card (along with, implausibly, a second smaller Christmas card). What a day,” Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) wrote on Twitter.

They made sure not to forget little AOC, who shared on Twitter that she’d received one as well.

“They’re coming into the House, too. (No Christmas card here – but no coal, either),” she wrote.

Murphy responded to AOC’s post by quipping, “I’m gonna start making that my new Christmas tradition – send out my Christmas cards with an attached screw-off letter listing all my grievances for the year.”

In the letter to Pelosi, Trump slammed her caucus’ impeachment efforts.

“You are the ones interfering in America’s elections. You are the ones subverting America’s democracy. You are the ones obstructing justice,” he wrote.

“This is nothing more than an illegal, partisan attempted coup that will, based on recent sentiment, badly fail at the voting both,” he continued. “You are not just after me, as president, you are after the entire Republican Party. History will judge you harshly as you proceed with this impeachment charade.”

“I have no doubt the American people will hold you and the Democrats fully responsible in the upcoming 2020 election. They will not soon forgive your perversion of justice and abuse of power,” the president wrote.

Trump also made sure to shred Pelosi’s absurd claims to be praying for him.

“You are offending Americans of faith when you say, ‘I pray for the president,’ when you know this statement is not true, unless it is meant in a negative sense,” he said. “It is a terrible thing you are doing, but you will have to live with it, not I!”


  1. If the President can serve no more than two terms, why can’t we have Senators serving no more than three consecutive terms and House Representatives no more than five consecutive terms?!?
    They could be re-elected after someone else filled in the gap. That way if they really want to ‘serve’ the people, and not just themselves as most Democrats do, and if the people approve of them, they can come back. No more ‘career politicians’ who use the office to line their own, or their family’s, pockets like Biden and so many other Democrats have done without any shame.

  2. President Trump has the good of America as propiority number one. We all loose it and sometimes say the wrong thing, but President Trump will go down in history as one of the best we ever had.
    My heart breaks that this man has had to put up with so much garbage from the jealous left that just can’t understand what Americans really want and need. We don’t need the world elite, bilderbers if you will, “think” tankers, or the low lever money and power hungry group, that are trying to hang onto the coat tails of the world elite. They can’t see they are being used. Clinton’s are using poor minorities to further their game, and at the same time, a group higher than the Clintons are using the Clintons as pawns and the Clintons are too stupid to realize it. In the end, we will all answer to Almighty God for our words, thoughts, and deeds. Time to get right with God!

  3. I feel there must be a master christmas card to the president somewhere -if any one knows where it is please post it i would truly like to sign it–
    also for our great military as well—
    TRUMP 2020-

    • I got a text alert from the campaign website about signing a Christmas card for the president as I was reading your comment.

    • Why would Trump give out coal? It doesn’t fit into the Alexandria OSSAHOLA Cortez green new deal……….I guess she doesn’t even believe in it if she was looking for coal…..

  4. Trump-envy demons only prey – it’s not the character of a snake to pray. Support your elected president Trump or find the respect you have given returned. You decide. You can read about it in the Bible.

  5. Dems need to remember “No one is above the law” when Durham report comes out! We already know FISA ABUSE – can’t believe they used opo research (Russian disinformation) to spy on our President! Their criminality will come out revealing Dems as the “threat to our National Security”. Whatever they are doing, they turn around and say Conservatives are doing! Pure hypocrisy

  6. To Chris Murphy, the only incoherent person is cracked face Mafia princess Pelosi. Chris and the rest of the Congressional Democrats have a comprehension problem when ‘reading’ the U.S. Constitution. This happens to all LOW IQ people. Hope there is enough ‘safe rooms’ for the self important self esteem crybaby Democrats. Need to stop smoking Obama’s marijuana to stop frying their brains.

  7. Truth but if you want America saved each and everyone of us has to do something. Writing here or voting is not enough. Boycotting libturd companies is a start but not enough. Martial law would be a good start. Armed resistance in Virginia would be a good dtart. Myself I hope Democrats start committing suicide like anyone who Opposed Hillary did.

  8. This is what makes Donald Trump the best President this nation has ever had. What Pelosi got was what Pelosi deserves. She has the unimaginable gall to keep saying she is ‘praying for the President’ when it is she who needs prayers. When one looks at her recent actions it can only be said that the prayers of the entire nation will not save her from the upcoming 2020 elections.

    • First thanks liberty Bell for finding me glad to get your thoughts opinions on your newsletter we have I think s strong list of GOP house candidates and in senate as well find resume for lawmakers I know because they email me asking for my support donation they will be revoit Patriot civil war against Democratic progressive socialist party for America because almost a year in power over 62 million plus Americans have had enough Nancy Chuck Adam Jerry mad Max Waters and that list goes on and the rest on radical Dems as I call them every body is catching on with that media TV network newspapers company right after they won the house I said on my porch those darn Dems I voted here in Lansing Kansas at my church for Steve Watkins us rep 2 he won and I will be ready on November 3 like president Nixon said the Democrats must go I’m asking everyone ❤️ to stand United for America and our president who is right up there with Reagan in some way vote help GOP on your donation I do each month for many of our incumbents candidates want that to happen to see Nancy Chuck in power again like they were with president Obama that why they want senate they want white house to but they don’t have candidate look who they got do want right don’t believe them your brain twist they gotcha send you email a laugh at you only your vote money they don’t care what happens to you join us better future America happy holidays everyone may God be with you

  9. Remember “57 states”, “Marine corpse- instead of Marine Corps”, 26 times on national TV saying we could keep our doctors & our existing health plans, & a multitude more of similar examples!
    Do you want to see how bad so many in our electorate can be so easily misled? Google up the name “Frank Marshall Davis” & read all the way through. Then thumb through Obama’s first book, that referencing his Father’s dreams. The name “Frank” is referred to 26 times in that book. Obama’s grandfather assigned Davis to be Obama’s mentor, at either age 10 or 11. Davis evidently had a powerful influence over Obama. Be ready for a grand surprise!

    • Amen! I read both of Obama’s best selling books. He made no bones about his leanings!! How come so few paid attention!?

  10. I believe it to be divine intervention that Donald Trump was sELECTED as president of this great nation. It puts tears in my heart, the realization that when a democrat is finally elected to the highest office again, that we are not far away from socialism,and the demise of the greatest “man made” government ever in history. Keep in mind, a house divided(congress)can not stand. One side of the isle that embraces our constitution and the excruciating forethought to make and keep this republic viable for 250yrs. And the other(under)side of the isle, that will dew everything within their power to make this country a s!!!hole of socialism. Not to long ago America was the becon of hope for the rest of the world. Now President Trump is our becon of hope for the RIGHT reasons. US against dem… praise GOD almighty


    • As the Dims will be demolished come November, and then comes 2024, can the joint House and Senate conscript Mr Trump for 4 more years to 2028?

  12. I agree with you President Trump. When will any meaningful legal action be taken against the criminals in the Democrap party.

  13. MR President
    I agree with your tatics Unfortunately the liberals have no sense of honesty
    Please look into Google and their workings of changing the 2020 election for the dems
    this rumour is circulatimg in Nor Cal

    • Folks like you are just too wed to conspiracy theories and rumors. I recognize that there has always been such nonsense, but the internet and other electronic media give it a legitimacy it has not earned.

  14. Obviously none of y’all know the Constitution nor care about our democracy. No one is above the law and all of the ranting , raving, name calling, and ugliness shows that the populace has been reduced to liking a personality over the truth of inviting a foreign government to interfere in the next election. Not defending himself speaks volumes about what he knows he wants to stay hidden. What is important is the survival of the Constitution and our democracy—not personalities!!!

    • It should be remembered that the allegations against the Bidens involved a co-conspiracy with Russian actors. I have been involved in defending a number of cases in which foreign governments were requested to investigate what happened in their jurisdictions. That is not at all unusual or improper. It is unusual to come through POTUS rather than DOJ, but there is no constitutional bar: The office of Attorney General is not a constitutional office and reports to POTUS just like every other member of the Executive. However, given that the allegations involved a former Vice President and his family, I do not find it improper for the request to come from POTUS to the President of the foreign government involved. A simple Russian bureaucrat might not have the corage or the authority to carry out such an investigation or cooperate with the US DOJ on his own authority.

    • @Deeply Concerned .. It is the Dems who want to shred our Constitution .. They want to re-write the first amendment by adding Harare speech and these ridiculous pro-noun attachments !! They also want to completely abolish the 2nd Amendment which whether you believe in gun confiscation or not .. their reasoning and interpretation doesn’t matter .. the debate on gun control ended in 1785 when the Forefathers wrote it into OUR CONSTITUTION !! That’s all they’ve been saying lately .. is the forefathers would want this impeachment !! NI THEY WIULDN’T .. Especially the way the Dems choreographed it .. behind closed doors .. no cross examination of witnesses .. and no one is above the law
      Except Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama, Holder, Comey, Brennan, Joe and Hunter Biden, Cory Booker and the liberal list goes on and on !!
      Pelosi says her Catholic Faith has her praying for the President .. but what does her Catholic Faith day about Aborting Babies at birth .. Time for you to digest ALL THD FACTS .. before you convict someone if something the previous administration did and it was not held accountable !!

    • Since when is it illegal to find out about a corrupt vice presidents son? President Trump promised to drain the swamp! Hunter Biden and daddy Joe are guilty of corruption!!! The demorats are making all sorts of lies !! They even accused Devin Nunes of traveling to Ukraine when he was actually some where else! They made up stories of Russian interference in our election…simply because Trump is married to a woman from that region? Why do you believe that he’s violated our constitution? Because the Democratic party aka Pelosi and Schiff’s lackeys say so? California is so screwed up because of demorats like them and I’m from California so I see first hand what happens when you believe the non stop lies pouring out of their mouths… More people are leaving taxifornia than coming in!…

      TRUMP–2020- KAG

    • LOL at the left trying to defend the constitution when they don’t even know what bathroom to use, much less what rights are actually protected by the constitution. The electoral college is part of the constitution. The right to keep and bear arms is a part of the constitution, and specifically stated in that is that it shall not be infringed. The president being able to decide who and how many immigrants will be granted the privilege of coming into our country is part of it. Activist judges, DACA, abortion are not.

  15. The only thing better than his Christmas card to the idiot Dems would be another letter to them in November saying how he kicked their stupid asses at the ballot box !

  16. There should definitely be a term limits for Congress and a mental health check for people like Nancy Pelosi. The Dem’s partisan Impeachment will not hold water! It will get President Trump four more years! (an ex-Democrat).

  17. God Bless President Trump & Family. TRUMP 2020! VOTE RED Senate, Congress, State and Local 2020! Dems cannot be trusted – so hypocritical. Dems work together for the good of their party, NOT for the good for America!

  18. I have already commented on this article but just want to point out how calculating Commrad Schiff is (yes, his mother was a Glovsky of the well-established Glovsky and Glovsky law firm, Boston. Can’t get any more Russian than this). He sought a wife whose name was Eve so they could be the first known couple – Adam and Eve.

    We are pretty sure he conjured up the whistleblower in his demented mind and paid some sap to say he was one and the same. Now he is working on a play about a spy. His impeachment plan achieved, he will now incorporate all of the last three years of lunacy into his “factual” script. His other plays have been round-filed by the Hollywood powers that be;this will surely follow.

    Meantime, he is gloating about the stir he has caused. Reinstate mental institutions!

  19. Just like the Troll that he is, I bet he never paid for the cards, enveloped or delivery but had us taxpayers, which he is not, pay for them. He just takes advantage of conditions and his position to get everyone else to pay for his needs and his stays at his properties. He’ll say that he is not taking his salary from us, and has given it the EPA. Well, someone has to give it to him, for him to give it away, and probably gets a benefit for it as a charity gift from his taxes.

  20. No good wishes for the dems from Florida. If this Trump stronghold is any early indication the dems may want to just not put up any candidate for President as we are looking at a Republican landslide. We just have to keep the illegals and the already dead from voting democratic as usual.

  21. We need to ask what is being done to stop illegal aliens from voting? States such as New York, New Jersey and California changed laws allowing illegal aliens to acquire driver’s licenses! So what is being done to make sure they do not vote?

    • I live in CAlifornia and believe me, many of us hate what our state is doing. JUst as corrupt as our democrats in Congress. It is frustrating to see what goes on here.
      So, please, do not judge everyone who lives here. We fight back as hard as we can.
      This is where are the elite (movie stars who think theirs doesn’t smell) live.
      Everything so unjust.
      God Bless our President. May he stay strong and move forward to take care of the swamp.

  22. With all of us pro Trumpers, I can’t see how he could lose. We must keep the electoral college so the state’s with the most voters (democrats California and New York) don’t win by popular vote.

    As for terms: one each – 4 years for house, 6 years for senate and 8 years for President. That way there will be no need for re-election. Television shows will not be preempted by ridiculous debates, meaningless lying commercials, and synthetic journalists. Retirement from Congress will not be possible. Only dedicated individuals with our freedom at heart (i.e., DJT) will serve and then return to their chosen profession from which they will retire. This is ideal but how many states can we get to support the amendment. Millions, no, billions would be saved.

    • Amen . But we the people will have to be the ones that vote on that . It is not right that they get to vote on their own term limits( or not) and their own salaries. That needs to be addendums directly to the voters.

  23. Term limits sound nice, but they wouldn’t be needed if the populace took the election control back from the political parties. No need to outlaw political parties though. They serve the freedom of assembly we are rightfully owners of. But we DO need to take parties off of all voter registrations and off of all ballots. No more party primaries disguised as “primary elections”. Have a single primary on a set day in every state, and the top three vote getters go on to the main election in November, unless a single candidate takes a super majority (two thirds of cast votes) , then that is the next elected official. Do the same on state level in every state/district for members of Congress and state officials. These private political parties will then have to spend their own money and time to decide beforehand who they will back as a candidate. You will see the size and purses of the political parties shrink enormously and the power of the ballot will revert to the people.

    • RBG stated quite concisely that the Republican Senators better be neutral or they will not be allowed to work on our POTUS’ impeachment in the Senate, but the House has Never be neutral! Where was RBG in the bogus impeachment proceedings in the House? Crickets!!!! These demon rats must be held accountable for breaking the Law! Don’t they say repeatedly, “No one is above the law!” Well, they should go to jail for breaking our Laws!!!! Comey is a serial pathological liar who must be held accountable for his treason! Now he is going after Pence. These swamp rats are pure demons who never rest in causing trouble for the innocent!

  24. Please get them for what they’re doing to you and us ,all the media creeps to and the college’s that are teaching anti American and Communist beliefs to the druggies who are oblivious to the power of suggestion Pound them out Mr. President

  25. JOEY “the bagman for bath house barry Hussein seotorro” Biden is the seven dwarfs rolled into one big dwarf, Sleepy, Gropey, Touchy, sniffy, feely, dummy and dopey.

  26. This is a two fold attack on America:
    1. One is from the NEW WORLD ORDER who wants America to become a 3rd world country so that they can issue in thei One World Leader and stay at the top of the food chain and remain as the staff for the dictator.
    2. To attack Trump because he wants America to be great again, which the Bushes, the Clintons and the Obama’s took us down, attempted to give away our Sovereignty and cause a divide that left us open to the likes of IDEOLOGIES that have destroyed ever culture, every country where they have by their numbers, birth’s and getting into Local City, State and Federal Government infiltrated and taken down that country to ruin.

    Think about your country and think about what has happened to it since Bush H. because he promised you a New World Order.
    Clinton gave you lasciviousness and a free pass for Reprobates.
    Bush W gave you Islamic Infiltration into our government, our the demise of our constitution being given a new set of rules.
    And then Obama:
    He PROMISED TO FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE AMERICA and suddenly it seems, but not really, we have Snowflakes, Antifa, Murderous Gangs, a Loss of Direction, hate for our Country and Laws and giving our worth away to other countries in building them up while tearing ourselves down.

    The 2020 VOTE is up to you and your responsibility. If reprobates and country haters and underminers is your thing “VOTE PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRAT”
    If your desire is to make America stable and #1 in the world, then “VOTE CONSERVATIVE” With people who give a rats rear-end about this country and your worth.

    • People PLEASE listen to the above comment. PatriotForever is right on the money!
      We are ONE President away from losing our country. And don’t think for one second it can’t happen. Pray, Pray, Pray for Trump to survive this mess the Democrats HAVE CREATED and that for Trump to win in 2020. Our country’s very survival depends on it.

    • You both are spot on. We came very close to a tragic end and proof of that is the energy and effort that has been expended to undo the election since the day before he was even sworn in.
      I never thought we would ever find ourselves in this position.

  27. The Democrats all have a terminal case of stupidity. This disease is incurable. God rest their soul. It also appears to be infecting much of Hollywood and the MSM.

    • Absolutely, 100% , sir!, Poor pitiful things absolutely can’t apparently help themselves, it’s goes back to their heritage, I would think, I really guess,though it reallyvery unfortunate that this could happen, but I guess S*** happen, so they say! Lol

  28. Term Limits. No time in office should exceed the Presidential her limit. Lifetime terms promotes complaceny, greed and ability to write their own benefit package. Lifers feel
    entitled with no accountability to we the people. They develop a mob rule mentality of a monopoly. It is time to thin the herd and establish a real rule of law.

  29. Only the Demoncrats would illegally fix elections to install a Kenyan Muslim Terrorist in the White House, then commit TREASONS for the next 20+ years to hide their TREASONS in an attempt to save their own Traitor asses from the firing squad and Hangman.

    • The Dems’ and the entire DC Establishment’s hatred of Trump for being a political outsider who keeps campaign promises and is effective despite unprecedented opposition and obstruction has resulted in the “Swamp” denizens revealing themselves to make it easier for voters to identify them.

    • Sorry but you got that wrong! Trump did not add to the swamp……But, the list of swamp rats IS growing by the day because more and more are being exposed as the days go by!!!

  30. Term Limits. No time in office should exceed the Presidental term limit. Lifetime appointments promotes complacency, greed and ability to write their own benefit package. Lifers feel no accountability to we the people. They act on a mob rule monopoly with intidalment power. It is time to thin the herd and establish a real rule of law.

  31. Term Limits. No time in office should exceed the Presidental term limit. Lifetime appointments promotes complacency, greed and ability to write their own benefit package. Lifers feel no accountability to we the people. Instead they have the mob rule mentality associated with a monopoly. It is time to thin the herd.

    • This will not happen as long as our ‘esteemed’ government is controlled by other than “We The Serfs.” Everyone should get their respective state on board calling for an Article 5 Constitution of States! This president can try to ‘drain the swamp,’ however, the swamp is so full that NO president in just eight years (given two terms) can make much of a dent on that entrenched slime pool! As with the Chinese, and other despot countries, the swamp creatures are patient and can simply ‘wait out’ any president, until once again running the train!

  32. Term limits for congress. 3 terms
    Senators. 2 terms
    President. 2 terms
    Once elected and done with your term no compensated or voluntary lobbying work for 10 years

    90% of existing problems will go away
    So far the only people supporting it
    Senator Scott. Rep Fl
    Senator Cruz. Rep Texas
    Congressman Buchanan Republican FL

  33. Term Limits. Time in office should not exceed the Presidental term limit. Lifetime terms ensures complacency, greed and power to write their own benefits. Easy street for these lifers. It is time for accountability to we the people. They are out of control with mob monopolies that subverts our laws for personal agendas.

    • term limits will NEVER be the law. The criminals will never give up their cushy positions and lucrative deals. Unfortunately the peasants have been dumbed down so much they don’t realize they should enforce term limits at the ballot box 30% of the people polled thought Trump was fired. 30% of the population has an IQ of between 80-90 25% has an IQ less than 80, 45% has an IQ above 90. So more than half the population is stupid.

  34. CLASSIC Donald Trump! You are the PERFECT person to call out and fix today’s political corruption. The last eight years have been destructive to our Republic. I only pray you have an inkling of how loved and appreciated you are. Never change! ♥️♥️♥️

  35. If the Founders could even have imagined that being a politician, which was supposed to be a part time position of service, could evolve into a life time professional career, I believe they would have created term limits. But being men of integrity and honor their minds could not grasp such a thing. During the Revolutionary War non true patriots were hung or shot. It’s what should be done today. It is the only true deterrent.


    MR President .. Good Job..I have been LOL from the very first word on the sending of your great CHRISTMAS CARDS LOL..


    Sincerely (true)
    Grace Karausky

  37. Unfortunately no one has found a cure for dementia which is a plague amongst so many democrat congresstheys (pfft!). So no amount of response in logic or fact is going to help these idiots.

  38. Amen president trump….just think…we are still fighting the same war as our forefathers did over 200 years ago …for the basic principals of freedom and liberty against tyranny.

  39. Dear Mr President,😁😃 I’m glad you understand that God is using you to keep America the way our FATHERS intended it to be. They to were lead by God 👍💯 Continue to be lead by God you and the V.P. will be just fine. My wife and I do pray for you every day and we mean that 🙏 We know you are doing this for me and the rest of the country. We love you and your family for what you are doing. 👍👍💯 KEEP 💪 Patriot Rick and Kara Harris 😁😃

  40. The whole reason for what the Democrats are doing is because they are all running scared. President Trump
    promised to”drain the swamp” and they know who he means. I hope he can accomplish it, but I’m afraid that he won’t be able to. I have been for term limits for years–8 years. Same as the president. That way, maybe they all can’t get rich off of us, the tax payers.

  41. Trump is a brilliant genius and hysterical merry x mas to u and ur family and to all the great men and women republicans were behind trump forever u dems wow u love being humiliated and laughed at cause that’s what us Americans are doing love trump the greatest Pres ever😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗

  42. Thank you Mr. President for waking up the American people to all the corruption in our government with their underhanded dealing with foreign powers, bad trade deals. Ending NATO’S failure to meet their fair share of the cost. Placing tariffs on unfair trade deals with foreign countries. Bring back manufacturing jobs and reducing unemployment rate to a fifty years low. Security at our borders trying to end illegal immigration, and fraud within the welfare system. The best thing is that you will not be intimidated by corrupted congress politicians? Another four years of you as president is what this country needs and you need to MAGA AND DRAIN THAT SWAMP. The time is right to put a end to the Democratic puppets and their Pipe piper illusions of free lunch someone always pays the Robin Hood Theory is a farce this will destroy our country? This is another example of hair brain ideas with no Substance.

  43. It is safe to say that Nasty piglosi ,Jabba the hut Nadler and bug eyed pencil neck freak little Adam completely full of shit will get their Christmas stocking of coal delivered in November of 2020.The Don will make them slit their wrists when he gets re elected in 2020 MAGA.

    • I pray that the many analysts are correct in stating that the recent British election fully supporting conservative Boris Johnson and Brexit will be a harbinger of our 2020 election. And I pray for the safety and security of DJT. Nothing is beyond the hateful realm of socialism/communism. The past three years have proven that without doubt.

    • So true, Maxx! DJT NEEDS our prayers!

      Remember actor John Wilkes Booth was a Democrat.

      There are many nowadays who wish death on President Trump. From Madonna wishing to blow up the White House, to that so-called comedienne Kathy Griffin-who held up a severed head effigy of the president, Larry Wilmore, Charlie Sheen, Snoop Dog, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vetter, and Ellen Barkin, to name but a few.

  44. It is probably true that the founding fathers could not imagine that mankind would live to such an old age, therefore, limiting terms was not even dreamed of.
    Too bad, because it has helped destroy this once great nation!!!

    • Their thinking, according to many documents, letters, etc at the time, was that Congressional representatives would be everyday people. They would come to Washington and represent their districts for two or four years, then return to their farms and their communities to live again as a private citizen, living among those who have to live with the decisions made in Congress.

  45. I’m so thankful that President Trump is my president. I wish you could be my president for the rest of my life. I have confidence that you’ll keep all your campaign promises, which includes draining the swamp!

  46. Our President is correct as the Democrats left wing are anti American and trying to ruin our country. Impeach the Democrats for Obstructing and being Anti American

    • I keep wondering if there is a way to legally disband/disable a political party? Those who are not card carrying democrat communist party of America members know what the purpose and agenda of the DNC really is. I thought subversion, sedition and treason are all crimes against the people and the government they support.

  47. The cancer in our various branches of government metastasize due to the lack of term limits. Congress should have a 16 year limit, Senate and House combined. Judicial branch should have 24 year term limit. No more lifetime appointments.

    • Nobody should be in office for even 16 years. Some terms are too long to begin with. Maybe we should try required terms of service for all of us. When your number is drawn you serve. That way nobody can cause too much ‘planned’ trouble. It would also give all of us a vote. But there would have to be exclusions in the lottery as well. Age and mental state being two.


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