Trump Explains Why He Should Win A Nobel Peace Prize

(Liberty Bell) – President Donald Trump held his first major campaign event of the year in Toledo, Ohio on Thursday, after a week of military skirmishes with Iran and their proxies.

While the Democrats and their stenographers in the media declared we were on the brink of WWIII, POTUS, true to form, argued that he was deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize.

Declaring he’d been overlooked for the honor last year the same week after taking out Iran’s top miliary general?

If there was a top international honor for trolling, Trump would most certainly win.

“I’m going to tell you about the Nobel Peace Prize, I’ll tell you about that,” he told the lively crowd.

“I made a deal, I saved a country, and I just heard that the head of that country is now getting the Nobel Peace Prize for saving the country,” he explained.

“I said: ‘What, did I have something do with it?’ Yeah, but you know, that’s the way it is,” he continued.

“As long as we know, that’s all that matters… I saved a big war, I’ve saved a couple of them.”

So who was the president talking about?

The BBC explains:

Although he did not name the Nobel Peace Prize winner or the country, it is clear that Mr Trump was referring to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Mr Abiy, 43, is Africa’s youngest head of government.

He came into office in April 2018 after months of anti-government protests forced his predecessor to resign.

Mr Abiy has introduced massive liberalising reforms to Ethiopia, shaking up what was a tightly controlled nation.

He freed thousands of opposition activists from jail and allowed exiled dissidents to return home. He has also allowed the media to operate freely and appointed women to prominent positions.

And in October last year, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize – the only head of state to win the prize since Mr Trump was elected in 2016.

It is likely that Trump was referring to a role he played in brokering a peace deal between Ethiopia and Eritrea.


  1. Penny:

    I think you meant legends in their own minds.


    The people of Iran are protesting because they do not believe what you are saying. They praise Trump for helping them. They LIVE there and KNOW the leader and his terrorists personally. Do you really think you know better than they about what really went down. You only get your info from the drive-by media. They get theirs firsthand. They are being killed right now for standing up and telling the truth. Over here, so many are lying constantly about this, but we have freedom of speech to tell a lie or the truth. They have no such option. Except probably die for speaking up about it. Cherish your freedom to promote the propaganda you are soewing!

  2. Trump is responsible for the plane being shot down in Iran. If he had taken a less aggressive approach against Salamini then the Iranians would not have been afraid that they were being attacked and mistakingly shoot that plane down. Cause and effect. He is so bent on trying to undo what Obama did and outdo what Obama did that he became overly aggressive. Comparing Soleimani to Osama. Peace prize, that’s a joke, he bullies too much to think he deserves a peace prize plus All the LIES, little foxes destroy the vine. God hates a liar. Trump should read Proverbs 6:16-19. That is why he should not receive any reward. He does why he thinks elevates him. He will surely have to answer to a “higher power“.

  3. Insane people like Trump are legions in their own mind. Egos this large are usually associated with sociopaths. When in reality he is actually that black crust on a turkey turd.

    • Sorry being a born and bred American. I don’t think it’s ok that salami was to be let off the hook for all the Americans deaths with IED Penetrator he developed. Later

  4. Dems are blind to all that President Trump has done and will do for America. They are stuck in whatever the fake news media spews. Wake up Dems! We know your lies, projection and manipulation are pure evil. Keep America Great!

  5. Let me ask some basic questions:
    1) if a man gets you a job, do you care if he can’t golf?
    2) would you rather go to war against Obama or Trump? Remember our current enemies see kindness as a weakness and taught to attack a weaker enemy.
    3) would you go to one of the countries on the blocked list and stay for a month? How about a week? Maybe one day, at the airport? Then why would you allow them to come here without being heavily screened?

    I am a middle of the road voter, I make my choices without anger or emotion. The more you scream, the more I think you are hiding something.
    Best Wishes,

  6. If he ever received the Nobel prize he give it to the betterment of our country as
    he does his salary. Not like other greaty presidents, especially the last one. Did
    Little for the country, but gain monies from all who would give to him. Impeach
    he’ll be re-elected because without him we’ ll be socialist going down the drain
    To never return to power.

  7. Alivin, I don’t know if you’re a Russian or if you are simply an uneducated dumb ass that doesn’t give a damn about our country. Either way, f u and your kind.!

  8. We have our national treasures, and then we have our national embarrassment – a mental case that likes girls to piss on him. That’s an embarrassment. This guy has got to go.

    • If you really believe the fraudulent, DNC/Hillary/Fusion GPS-funded Steele Dossier, then you really are beyond hopeless.

      OBTW, does your junior high school really approve of you stealing someone else’s name for a moniker?

    • You actually believe the Steele dossier.i have some land for sale in the middle of Pacific ocean just for you!!

  9. Now those that think Trump has done mpore than any other President do not read what the Presidential Historians write about him, based on the same rules and guiides that have been in place for over 150 years now. One thing they say is Trump has said more false statyements than any other President in the history of this USA, they also say that Trump has aleniated more nations than any other President. When you play like the Don of the MOB telling evryone what they are to do or not to do about anything that is not diplomacy which rules the World, that is being a BULLY, and very few like bullies, except other bullies.
    Trump does not even deserve to be in the Office of the Presidency let alone get a NOBEL PRIZE, they are awarded to those who have donme extra ordinary rhings in this World not to the bullies on the block.
    The only reason Trump ordered the Iranian General Killed was for the noteriety so he had some bragging right, nothing to do with National Security.

    • You are living proof there is no cure for stupid. Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize just for putting up with your kind. WHAT THE HELL DID OBUMMER DO FOR HIS. OH THAT RIGHT GOLF expensive vacations all compliments ofthe taxplayer, while the media sucked up day and night to him. Get a clue mister. The Nobel Peace Prize has become a joke. Alfred would be rolling in his grave.

    • Who really cares what 150-year old Presidential Historians (who were around at the founding of the American Communist Party in 1920) think? Talk about Alzheimer’s!

    • Sounds like you are deserving to become President . Do you Robert? Are the historians you’re referring to democrat? Possibly you should”go to your room Robert!”

  10. Hardly. That he is being impeached is exactly what he
    deserves. He is a criminal and has taken action against a foreign country by bombing Bagdad International Airport without consent of Congress . . as required by our Constitution.
    Trump does not honor our Constitution as his Oath of Office requires. He chooses to call our greatest enemy, V. Putin, friend while he insults and isolates us from our allies.

    • Before you post about anything more that you obviously know little about, look up War Powers Act of 1973 and also AUMF 2002 – neither of which have been rescinded (but course, since Nancy Pelosi doesn’t even know about them either, why should I expect you to)?

  11. There could be NO person in office LESS Deserving for any award associated with the word PEACE in it. He has done nothing since taking office than create never ending chias- domestically- because of his constant negative comments regarding the institutions that have helped make this country GREAT . He has worked over time Tweeting & on National TV putting down anyone & everyone who disagrees with him or tries to bring out how the constitution is the frame work for helping keep this country the GREAT country it is before he started tearing it apart with his negative rhetoric. His lack of understanding of what our forefathers designed making it The Great Country it WAS before Trump got into a P- contest with Obama…. in the process the disrespect he has shown toward our Allies, Environment,the Constitution & our Judicial system – PEACE should NOT be associated with Trump in any level.

  12. No one deserves it less. He is a racist, a bigot and has done more to harm the United States that any living or dead President. He has pulled the US out of NATO, estranged all of our allies, thinks Putin and Kim Jong Un are his friends, has bankrupted our farmers, shut down commerce with China because of the tariffs, locked up children and taken them away from their parents, defrauded student with the Trump University (paid 25 million to settle lawsuits), bankrupted several businesses and didn’t pay the employees, hired illegals to work for his companies, tried to get the Ukraine President to help him win reelection, lies every day about something, and that’s just a start. No, he does not deserve a peace prize.

  13. The main reason Trump thinks he should get the Nobel prize is he is sooooooooooooo jealous of Obama it drives him crazy. Well, crazier than he normally is.
    Why anyone would be honored with that prize who so blatantly throws the laws of the country under the bus, who lies every time he opens his mouth, every time he calls someone who disagrees with him a name, he should be moved further down the line of recipients for the prize. Right now he would be a negative number on that list.

    • Barbara, Robert, Carol, Penny(copperhead snake), Samual, Al S (simpleheaded), Gloria, V.putin and all of the other uneducated jerks who would not know a Great President if they saw one, should not say things they will have to take back in a few years, when history proves Donald Trump is and was for 8 years our best and greatest POTUS.

  14. He can “strike” a replica of the NPP anytime he deserves it. Alfred wouldn’t mind at all.
    And award himself the cash (from his own account).

    VOTE RED!!!

    • And he also leave every summit in shame. That is why he cancels talking with the press and hurries to his ‘safe place”, Air Force one to get him home to his beddy bye so he can pout.

    • U r living in another world. If he’s done so much to bring nation’s together, why r our allies distancing themselves from him? Why r they joking about him? What nations has he brought together? Trump is inept. He’s an actor playing a role and he and his family take advantage of American taxpayer every day. His jealously of Obama is sad. U r suffering from Fox brain fog. The anecdote is to watch at least four networks to get different opinions and not allow Fox to lead u around like a lost sheep.

    • Alivin, I don’t if you’re a Russian or if you are simply an uneducated dumb ass that doesn’t give a damn about our country. Either way, f u and your kind.!

    • Are you as stupid as Trump is?
      He was confusing Egypt with the other African “E” countries.
      What a dumbazz!

    • Al Sharpton Jr: You left our other possibilities, such as Alvin looked at the fraudulent processes used by the Nobel committee in 2009 and other years and figured that maybe they could use this year as a way to change things for the better.

      PS: I love your totally-uneducated speech. And you even backed it up with a total lack of intelligence.

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