Trump Enjoys Easy Victory In Primary Elections. It’s Official…(Almost)

(Liberty Bell) – Even amid the greatest national crisis of his presidency, President Donald Trump is winning 2020.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump successfully secured the presumptive nomination of the Republican Party by securing the necessary delegates following primary elections in Illinois and Florida.

The AP reported on Wednesday:

Trump, who had only token opposition, now has more than the 1,276 delegates needed after winning Tuesday’s Florida and Illinois primaries, according to The Associated Press’ delegate count.

That makes Trump the undisputed Republican nominee as Democrats continue to wage a contested primary contest between former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

This is the earliest the delegate calendar permits a Republican to clinch the nomination.

What’s more, despite facing no viable opponents for his party’s nomination, voters are still showing up in droves for Trump.

“It shows the enthusiasm behind President Trump, it shows how unified Republicans are behind President Trump and how intense their support for him is,” noted Trump campaign spokesman, Tim Murtaugh, who pointed out that the incumbent has also set record vote tallies even in largely uncontested elections.

“Republicans and President Trump’s supporters have been just itching to get involved in the process that will end with his reelection in November,” he noted.

Going into Tuesday, Trump had 1,141 delegates and needed just 135 more to win. The wins in Florida and Illinois were significant because their respective primaries both awarded all delegates to the winner.

Trump’s campaign had, no matter what the results of the race, had intended to credit Florida for putting him over the top as the state was vital to Trump’s surprise 2016 victory and will likely need to play the same role in 2020.

As the AP explains:

The president had accumulated all but one of the available delegates this primary season, with former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld winning a single delegate in the Iowa caucuses.

That lone Weld delegate can now vote for Trump if he is the only candidate nominated, according to GOP rules.

Trump’s re-nomination came much faster than in 2016, when he passed the magic number in late May in North Dakota. Trump marked the occasion with a news conference in Bismarck, during which he shook hands with the two delegates who had carried him over the threshold.

There was never a question that Trump would secure the nomination, and there’s no doubt that after the way he has handled the coronavirus crisis, it will be a shoo-in in November.


  1. There should be no question as to whether our dear President Trump will win in a landslide! He deserves to be re-elected. We have not had a President like him for many years. Pres. Reagan was another good one but President Trump has far surpassed any other. He is God ordained and our dear Lord does not make mistakes. He chose President Trump to be our president and gave him an agenda which he is accomplishing every day. It is a sad thing that the demoncrats treat him with such disrespect!
    They should be ashamed of themselves!. The situation that we are dealing with…CV is unfortunate but there again President Trump is handling it with dignity, talent, intelligence, kindness and many other accolades. Let’s continue to stand behind him and pray for him. He loves our country and people!!! May God continue to bless him, VP Pence, his team and the medical team who are doing an outstanding job. Let us pray that this too shall pass and we can get back to “normal”…sooner than they are projecting. May God Bless America! Keep praying!!!

  2. I totally agree with those who believe, as I do, that President Trump has been remarkably successful in stimulating our economy, lowering taxes, and dozens of other accomplishments. He is also 1 step ahead of the democrats in doing all he can to mitigate the Covid-19 virus. What would help our president is to follow his directives and that of the physicians who are working non-stop to identify a cure and continue testing. The trouble lies in the crazy actions of those who refuse to follow directives to stay home and shelter in place. Manic shopping by far too many people, buying up all the toilet paper, paper towels, sanitizer, etc. is harming the least able people to get those things. Won’t the grabber/hoarders feel stupid when the virus is defeated and they’re stuck with a houseful of items they didn’t really need, and instead, make sure their neighbors have enough to get buy on. Not everyone can stock up for more than to next paycheck, and now they’ll have to wait. Friends who work at a large grocery store chain and some at Costco tell us that people are acting insane…even stealing out of the carts of others. One said that even though Costco opened early today, there was not a single cart available because they were all in use. Some people even brought the kids to push carts with them so they could fill at least 3 before leaving the store. At one point, there was a line of 50 people waiting for carts. Our family has always been prepared as we believe “proper prior planning prevents**** poor outcomes.” (That was a typical sailors mantra we heard about, and it is a good one.) We’ve been storing food and supplies for years, and tried never to let it go down to 3 months, and our prefered storage is 6 -12 months. It isn’t that hard, people…you only need to prioritize your purchases, and hit the case lot sales when they are advertised. If you have back-yard space, have a garden. Learn to can fruit and other items. Dip your fresh eggs in a paraffin bath and they’ll keep for a long time without refrigeration. One more thing, too many of us Americans are over-weight, so now is a good time to cut the calories and get busy with hobbies while you’re confined at home except for emergencies…learn another language, study a subject you want to know more about…and here’s a good one: read the Bible faithfully to learn what is important: your belly or your soul. WWJD

  3. Donald Trump will go down in History as one of America’s Best President’s !

    Why? Because he has shown that His

  4. I agree 100% with all of you concerning our President. He’s the best President we’ve had since Reagan. He’s fighting every day for us and we will stand behind him all the way through his re-election. God Bless President Trump.

  5. We have to be thankful to a merciful God that we have the President that we do to lead and stand strong in spite of all the opposition he has faced. I don’t believe any other mere man could go through this and still be standing. We just need to continue to back him and not reduce ourselves to the level of those. against him.

  6. Trump in a landslide!
    Biden might not make it to the kommiecrat konvention. The kommiecrats will have to beg someone to run against Trump.

  7. Go Donald! With the wind at his back Trump wins 2020! We must Keep Senate Red and Turn Congress Red, then crazy Dems can’t destroy America! KEEP America Great! VOTE RED 2020!


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