Trump Drops Massive Hint About Possible 2024 Run — Liberals Will Cry Themselves To Sleep Over This!

(Liberty Bell) – Former President Donald Trump recently called in to Greg Kelly’s program on Newsmax, who, according to Infowars, asked him if he was planning to run for the White House again in 2024. This is the nightmare scenario that the left was going all out to prevent by impeaching the president and attempting to blame him for the January 6 riot at the Capitol building.

As it turns out, Trump didn’t come right out and say he was going to run again in 2024. However, he did note that there was a rather large group of Trump supporters that lined the streets of a route that the former president’s motorcade was traveling down on President’s Day.

Yes, quite a few Americans are still thrilled and excited about Trump. He was a man who did what no other politician would dare to do. He kept his word, fulfilling nearly all of his promises that were made to the American people. He also stood up boldly against the ruthless left-wing media machine that has been assaulting middle America for years now.

“We had a thing the other day where we were trucking along and all of the sudden we had literally thousands and thousands of people,” Trump said to Kelly. “I guess it was pretty well-covered [by the media], but mainstream doesn’t like covering it because, you know, it’s too positive.”

“There were thousands of people waving flags… the American flag, Trump flags… it was an incredible scene and they heard I was going to be going that way, that route, and it was an incredible scene and it grew out of nothing,” he added.

This isn’t the first time that Trump has left something like this up to his supporters. A lot of folks might be wondering what the point of having the former president run again if he’s just going to have the election stolen from him. However, it seems likely the left will have a much harder time pulling off this kind of voter fraud again.

Later on in the phone interview, Trump stated he’s purposely been keeping a low profile since leaving the White House and said that he’s heard folks saying that Twitter’s becoming “very boring” now that he’s been booted from the platform, adding that “millions of people are leaving” the social media giant.

“They’re leaving it because it’s not the same and I can understand that,” he said.

The former president acknowledged that he’s currently in talks with several social media outlets, but might end up creating one of his own.

Well, you can guarantee that all of his supporters will flood over to anything that has Trump’s stamp of approval, so if he does go with an existing platform, they are going to explode into the mainstream and really give the Big Tech companies a fair amount of competition.

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  1. You will always be our President! We need you. Please stay involved. You love this country and it is because of you that we struggle to right the ship!
    The “Dark Agenda” must not prevail! Hoping God pulls the plug before that can happen!
    What if all the Christians were suddenly gone! Those left behind would be in a world of hurt!

  2. The sad reality that has been thrust upon We the People and the true elephant in the living room is the outcome the fraudulent election. When the enemies of the Republic and We the People are in control of elections and even when fraud is proven nothing is done about it, what then is left? What good do our elections do from now on with no one held accountable. How can our votes hold anyone accountable? Where are the investigations even with proof positive of impropriety, simply swept under the rug. No it’s going to take more than controlled elections for We the People to regain our Republic and our Constitutional rights. God bless America and may We the People be granted the wisdom to do what needs to be done to defend our Republic from those that seek to destroy it. I do also firmly believe that even those that didn’t appreciate President Trump will soon come to.

  3. January 20,2025 can’t come fast eneough. The disaster of a Biden/Harris administration will be over. Now if we can just get rid of “Adolf” Pelosi and “Herman Goering” Schermer

  4. We miss you Mr President,
    We need you to come back.
    I Pray for you and your Family every night.
    God Bless and be with you always.

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