BOOM! Trump Attorneys DESTROY House Managers on Lying to American Public and Using Manipulated Tweet as Evidence! (Video)

(Liberty Bell) – The sham impeachment of President Trump is not going well… for the Democrats. Their presentation of the facts managed to turn into a complete debacle riddled with doctored videos and misleading tweets.

Democrats should be ashamed of their theatrical performances this week but, rest assured, they are not. Manipulation through doctored evidence and emotional arguments are what they do best.

It doesn’t matter that their arguments would never hold any water in an actual courtroom. Democrats have absolutely no shame.

When it was President Trump’s defense teams’ turn on the US Senate floor, they absolutely destroyed the Democrats and ruthlessly exposed them for being the hypocritical liars that they are.

If anyone should be on trial, it should be them. They have lied under oath and, by their own standards, have incited violent riots and uprising all across the country.

The Democrats have completely demonized President Trump over his use of the word “fight” which is a pretty common word used in political speeches meant to motivate and inspire supporters.

In no way has President Trump ever meant that he and/or his supporters should actually engage in physical fights with political opposition. As a matter of fact, Trump has consistently called for peace and supported law enforcement while radical leftists violently rioted and burned American cities to the ground.

As Trump’s legal team proved, the left is no stranger to using violent language and rhetoric and the word “fight” itself.

In a 13-minute video montage, Trump’s lawyers threw Democrats’ words right back in their faces. The video showed Democrat after Democrat, along with a few unhinged leftist celebrities, saying violent, vile things and then concluded with the majority of the video featuring Democrats using the word “fight” in interviews and political speeches.

Trump’s defense team wasn’t done there. Attorney David Schoen quickly pointed out how just earlier in the week, during the impeachment trial, House Managers presented a doctored tweet as evidence against Trump.

Schoen played a video in which House impeachment Manager Eric Swalwell gave a compelling performance Wednesday during which he emotionally read off some Tweets. Among those tweets were two by Jennifer Lawrence who has never been verified by Twitter but according to the evidence presented by Swalwell, she has been.

Uh oh. Sure looks like someone manipulated the tweets to appear to be more credible and damning.

The tweet was clearly photoshopped as Dustin Stockton pointed out. He says he knows that it was since Jennifer Lawrence is his fiancé and he knows firsthand that she has never been verified by Twitter.

Well that certainly seems like a problem for Swalwell who was under oath. As if Swalwell doesn’t have enough problems on his own. It’s a wonder that he was even allowed to be an impeachment manager with his history of sleeping with CCP agents and all.

Swalwell has absolutely no credibility yet there he was, presenting manipulated evidence in an impeachment trial. Way to go Democrats!

Video: David Schoen defends Trump in Senate impeachment trial

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  1. “The only reason Biden proposed the closing of “GITMO” is to keep himself, “Hunter”and his “Entire Cabinet” from being occupants”! “Also, who is laughing in the Senate now”?! “Mr. Michael Van Der Veen humiliated and insulted the intellect of those who laughed at him”! Analogy: “He took them to the Wood Shed”! “WE THE PEOPLE” “got the last laugh”!!!

  2. As for the right to bare arms. That is our right as per the Constitution! To try and disarm us is an act of “Treason” why? Because your attempt to disarm our fellow citizens will make us more vulnerable to the criminals? Now you want to take away the death penalty? I say if you want to make the streets safe again reinstate the death penalty. The the executions on pay per view or any other tv channel and a portion of the proceeds go to the victims up to one million dollars and the rest goes to police for training better pay, and better equipment. Then you will see a Hugh drop in crime! Friday night at the executions. Guaranteed!!!

  3. Why are the Democrats so afraid of President Trump? Maybe he is one of the few people that can drain the swamp? Has anyone thought about the word felony? By providing any aide to an illegal you aiding and abetting which is a “felony” and should be removed from office And arrested. Now add to that the illegal sale of uranium to our enemies that’s a felony. Selling of gun to the cartels is a felony. Rigging the Presidential election is “Treason”! They never took the time to investigate the allegations. Lack of cerebral cortex!

  4. Great lawyers.
    But why did McConnell try to walk it back?
    Hard to see how his obliterating the legal arguments will help the next republican candidate.

  5. At least the democrats didn’t try to use a dominion machine to help count ballots in the House and Senate on the vote. The stains dems have left on the constitution will live with this group of misfits for many years to come.

  6. What a sick and distorted piece of writing. What Trump has done to Democracy with his lies and his refusal to accept that he lost fair and square deserved conviction. Your abuse of free speech with your abetting of such lies deserves contempt.

    • You have certainly drunk more than your fair share of the cool aid ! With Trump having a mathematically insurmountable lead, in the wee hours of the morning millions of ballots arrive and are tallied at at least a 9 t0 1 favor for Biden/Harris, all in complete secrecy. And over 400 affidavits sworn to under penalty of law attest to ballot fraud. And with the complete lack of popularity or support by the general population for Biden/Harris, can you honestly say that this ‘election’ was completely fair? Only Feb 14 and already his EO’s are having a detrimental effect on the country. The destructive storm will continue, and be so bad even you hard-core lefties will be asking, ‘What have we done?”. Liberalism always fails wherever it is tried.


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