Trump Approval Rating In Iowa Should Have Biden Supporters In Tears, You’ve Got To See This

(Liberty Bell) – The coronavirus may be all anyone is talking about, but we’re still in the middle of a presidential primary election.

And it’s one that’s really, really not going well for the Democrats.

A new poll out of Iowa shows the incumbent, President Donald Trump, enjoys a double-digit lead over Democratic frontrunner former Vice President Joe Biden.

The latest poll from the Des Moines Register shows that the popular, energetic and vivacious Trump is leading the incoherent, clueless, and corrupt Biden 51% to 41%.

The Gateway Pundit notes that this explosive figure was buried halfway down the page in the Register’s coverage of the poll.

According to the Register’s latest poll, Trump had a 50% approval rating in Iowa.

This was up four points from February.

The Register reported, under the laughable headline, Iowans split on President Donald Trump’s job performance in new Iowa Poll:

President Donald Trump’s approval rating among Iowans has broken even for the first time in the latest Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll.

Fifty percent of Iowans approve of the job he’s doing as president, a 4 percentage point rise from February 2019. The milestone is buoyed by fellow Republicans (94% approval), men (60%), evangelicals (63%), rural Iowans (68%) and those making $100,000 a year or more (57%).

“That is a high-water mark in the Iowa Poll,” said J. Ann Selzer of Selzer & Co., which conducted the poll.

Selzer noted that Trump’s rise in approval ratings coincides with an increase in the number of Iowans who think the country is on the right track: At 46%, that’s another high-water mark for Trump’s presidency and the highest it has been since May 2003, when 55% of Iowans thought the country was on the right track.


  1. Sheri is partially correct.
    I realize that the main stream media sometimes mis-reports daily events because this virus is rapidly burning through America. I do not see the mainstream trying to purposely misrepresent what is occurring. I was a Trump supporter before there were a Trump supporters (in 2015) and now I have changed my views.
    What changed my mind is simple. Six people at my medium sized church in Colorado have CoVid19. One is serious in ICU. People did not take the virus seriously BECAUSE the president ( Our Leader) is supposed to know what is going on. We take our lead from him. Instead he told me and ALL of us that it would all blow over and disappear in the week and then for the next month (A precious wasted month) Trump continued to downplay the seriousness of this crisis.
    Now though, once HE decides it’s a crisis then all 350 million Americans should decide that as well. So it was not a crisis until he said so? So the people who died before he said it was bad were what… collateral damage! Meanwhile, this virus has had two months to spread! This enemy ran through our country. He declared war too late. No action was taken by him except to quarantine a cruise ship, fly back cruisers from Asia, call it a China virus (I don’t care if it’s a red white and blue virus or a commie virus, it can still kill me especially since I’m over 50) and criticize the governors who acted responsibly early, in retrospect, blaming them (even blaming some republican governors) for fanning the flames. The virus doesn’t care about ANY of that! All the while that virus came to my city and infected my friends at church. That virus did not come from those quarantined people. It came in the back door while Trump was not looking (ignoring). It’s his job to look. Why has this president not done his job and protect our great nation. ‘Oh, I’m going to swoop in late in the game and take all the credit’. Gee whiz! I have people who do that s… at my work. I hate them. Come in and take the credit after others have worked on the project.
    I believe he has taken many positive steps over the past three years especially with the immigrant problem. He has addressed trade imbalance and China’s dirty business practices. I’m thankful for that. This situation though is the biggest SCREW UP I think I have ever seen a president do during my lifetime. This outweighs ALL the good he has done up to this point to make USA a great nation. He’s now saying 100,000 plus people may die? The buck stops with him, no one under him. My friends at church may have not had to go through this and probably HALF of the dead so far if only he had done the right thing EARLY! These state shut downs drive me nuts and make me believe my rights are being taken away. Tell me how can I now vote conservative after hearing conservative governors first say they will not enact draconian stay at home orders and only MUCH LATER change their minds after people start to die in their states. This will come back to bite the Republican Party in the ass. I miss the Bush years. George Bush would have been all over this virus like a fat kid on a cupcake and the deaths would have been lower. There is no excuse. Do your job! My VOTE changed this time.

  2. You must not know your history to well Name one Mexican that was put in gas chambers with their children and killed. Quite frankly if Trump was Hitler they would have been shot dead at the border.They looked feed to me not like the Jews which was nearly starved to death as they was rescued by allied forces.You complain when he does anything.Maybe you will love to see a communist America where big government is worshiped.

  3. Sheri, you are under the influence of the greed, dishonesty, and perversions of the Democratic party, which is not democratic at all. Gary is right in not believing the lies the supposedly democratic party tells just to tear down Trump any way they can, despite that he has always told the truth. It’s just that your party doesn’t like the truth, but substitutes les in order try to beat him in the polls. The real liars are hiding behind your belief in their lies, and use you to double down against honest people. Do you really listen to what Biden, Schumer, et al say? It’s totally made up of lies, innuendos, and they can’t prove a thing. They think if they toss enough “garbage” against Trump, some will stick, and I hate to tell you this, the stink won’t stick to him, but it will fly back onto the people who are accusing him. Why don’t you all just grow up, stop your finger-pointing, and actually LEARN the truth. The Truth will set you free! In case you don’t know it, if you ask God in fervent prayer if what you think is true, if you stop screaming for a while, God will answer that prayer, as he has millions of us.

  4. Sheri, I urge you to look at Donald Trump as I do: Kind of like a “spread sheet.” I know he has some personal faults. His relationships with females has not been his proudest moments. He likely stiffed some contractors during his bankruptcy. I hope he pays them back someday.

    By doing everything he has done to close down the open borders, he has likely saved this Country. That alone is on the top of the spread-sheet. We are in the midst of a national emergency. It is likely that by trying to reduce illegal immigration, he may have saved over 1 million lives.

    Sheri, I think you are in a bucket. You need to widen your thinking and look at him objectively. I know he has faults. But he is the best president I personally have seen in my 77 years.

    Faults and all. As you get older, you will start to MISTRUST mainstream journalism. Millions of previous Democrats are now Republicans. We welcome them!


    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  5. This is the best president I have seen in my 77 years. I know he has some personal faults. His election proves to me that God has a sense of humor.

    If I am ever honored to be in his presence, we will have a good laugh together about our wonderful president, Donald Trump.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  6. Sherri, by “experts” I’m presuming you’re talking about the CNN and MSNBC stalwarts? Get your head out of your ass please.

  7. The dems are so brainwashed when Trump tells it straight no lies they are afraid of the truth because it exposes them. So they call the truth lies and all thier lies the truth. They are in panic mode because it is getting harder to hide thier crimminal behavior when the truth exposes them.

    • Terry u r absolutely correct, and The Lord Mighty God says that these people will call Right wrong and wrong right it is exactly what is happening now, the devil himself is twisting their hearts and minds to reject the truth!!! and they will lie cheat and steal in order to twist the TRUTH so we better be vigilant and watchful and really careful to demand IDs when the elections come in NOVEMBER Or they will do anything terrible in order to still the ELECTION WE TOTALLY NEED WATCHABLE EYES and be READY!!! TRUMP 2020 ALL THE WAY BEST PRESIDENT EVER IN HISTORY!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR BEST PRESIDENT TRUMP AND VP PENCE!!!

  8. Our media has been dealing a stacked deck for 4 years and a continuous and distorted message .question after questions similar to (Mr president in the essence of time can you just answer yes or no Do you still beat your wife) .I Hope most people see the types of ANSWERED by the questioner questions only expose the raw biased President Trump has been asked for YEARS. It makes me wonder what are the dems. AFRAID a business man might discover about what has Washington’s leaders been doing .How Do they manage to work at a job for 10 years making 150,000.00 per year but when they retire they and or there family members ore worth many millions of dollars.It time to give them free meals free housing and a nice orange jump suit to ware every day .

    • Almost every democrat says that President Trump is a liar but they NEVER tell you what the lies are. Why not? What are the lies? I have been a democrat all my life until the last election. I will never vote for another democrat again!

  9. trump is an idiot! There’s not enough room or time to list the stupid things he’s said or done! Not to mention that he’s a narcissist and a pathological liar! I don’t believe or trust anything he says. I get facts from other experts in the field. trump is the worst person in the world to be president!!!

    I don’t know how I got on your DL. Take me off!

    • Trump is the best USA President in decades! Wake Up America – Obuma and Biden are Globalists! Trump is the magic wand to Make America Great Again!

    • Sheri, you unfortunately are extremely misinformed and only spewing emotional analogies instead of facts, which is ALL the liberals have against the vast accomplishes of this President’s achievements in 3+ years, even with the daily onslaught of attacks from the libs. Why don’t you actually sit down and write down his lists of accomplishments that are helping you and the nation and then write down the list of what he has done that you disagree with. Then compare the two. No one is 100% agreeable with a President, but in this case, the good changes far outweigh the bad or neutral.

    • Lol, you call Trump an idiot and Trump became President, were does that pace other runner ups that lost in 2016? Bhaaaaaa Haaaaaaaa Whaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Where do you get whats really going on from? Please give us some examples where you say Our President lies, some so called experts say he has told 47, 387 lies, please a few. We have endured decades of political experts telling us what we can and cannot believe. Fake news should be a prime target for treason. Every politician should undergo a rigorous audit as to how most become so very rich, being servants of the people. Many of our political leaders are no better than garbage, sad they have lived with it so long its all they can believe. Hey how about ole chucky threatening by name 2 Supreme Court Justices, the rats are will protect their own, no justice, no justice remember bobby mendez, what a rat…..

    • You are quite misguided. You would vote for Biden, who is a has been and should be placed in assisted living! Sanders is a looney altogether. Nobody was more narcissistic than
      Barry Obama who loved To hear Himself talk & loves Himself to no end. What did Obama do for this Country or even His own State? Nada!

    • Carter was an idiot! There’s not enough room or time to list all the stupid things he’s done. Then there’s the narcissist and pathological liar, Bill Clinton. And I didn’t believe or trust anything Obama said. Trump is the best person in the world to be president. Sheri, you get your facts from fake news like CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, Washington Post. You have almost as much intelligence as Uncle Slow Creepy Joe Biden.

    • Trump is a traitor to the US who sucks Putin every night. He is a neo-Hitler fascist treating Mexican immigrants like the nazis did to the Jews in WW2.


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