Treason: Nancy Pelosi Trying To Circumvent Trump And Surrender To Iran

(Liberty Bell) – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) penned a letter to her colleagues in the House on Sunday revealing a new “War Powers Resolution” which is essentially a pre-emptive surrender to Iran in our latest military conflict with the Islamic nation.

Let that sink in.

Pelosi’s letter begins with the declaration that President Donald Trump’s airstike on General Qasem Soleimani, top Iranian general and lader of the terrorist Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IGRC) Quds Force, a man responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans and thousands of others, who was behind the recent attacks on the US Embassy in Baghdad, was “provocative and disproportionate,” a suggestion that the attack was illegal and could constitute a war crime under international law.

This is it, folks. The Democrats are so ardently anti-Trump they are officially fully and completely anti-American.

In Monday’s Wall Street Journal, Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz, a registered Democrat, by the way, argued that the strike was not only lawful but so much so it was an “easy call”: “The president has the constitutional authority to take military actions, short of declaring war, that he and his advisers deem necessary to protect American citizens. This authority is extremely broad, especially when the actions must, by their nature, be kept secret from the intended target.”

But Pelosi, who is hellbent on destroying the whole country if it means she can undermine Trump, is signaling that the House will declare the president’s action illegal under international law.

Breitbart notes:

The letter further claims that Trump’s action “endangered our servicemembers, diplomats and others by risking a serious escalation of tensions with Iran” — placing the responsibility for violence not on Iran, which recently attacked a U.S. Navy drone; a Saudi oil field; and, via proxies, Americans soldiers and civilians in Iraq; but on the United States, which had restrained itself until the recent assault by an Iranian-backed militia on the embassy.

The letter goes on to describe a new resolution that would “limit the President’s military actions regarding Iran,” essentially signaling a surrender in the potential conflict before the Iranian regime itself had managed to respond.

Pelosi adds that the resolution “reasserts Congress’s long-established oversight responsibilities by mandating that if no further Congressional action is taken, the Administration’s military hostilities with regard to Iran cease within 30 days.” Under current law, the War Powers Act of 1973 limits the time that a president can lead a military effort, without formal authorization, to 60 days following a required presidential report to Congress when hostilities begin.

Pelosi says the new resolution is similar to a Senate bill by Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA), Hillary Clinton’s running mate in 2016, which would amount to an effective surrender to Iran by signaling that the president did not have the support of Congress when he struck back at the nation.

It would impose a new deadline for any military action, giving Iran even greater freedom to strike back further.

Ironically, the resolution would force the president to choose even more drastic measures to combat the terrorist nation.

Breitbart concludes:

By declaring the attack “provocative and disproportionate,” the resolution also invites international prosecution of the president, as well as members of the administration and the military itself, who carry out his orders. The U.S. does not recognize the authority of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to prosecute Americans for war crimes, but the ICC takes a different view, and a future Democratic administration might well side with the ICC instead.

Pelosi’s letter indicates that the new “War Powers Resolution” will be introduced and voted on this week. She has not yet indicated when she will transfer the articles of impeachment passed by the House on Dec. 18 to the Senate, which she claims is a necessary prerequisite to the Senate holding a trial on the president’s removal from office.


  1. BOB, Perhaps after you are done preaching that Phil should read the Constitution, You should read the War power act of 1973. In the fine print it states the that President can send troops if a national emergency is created from an attack on the United States, its territories, possessions or Armed forces……. I believe the embassy in Iraq is a US possession and those that man the Embassy are citizens and Armed forces.. unlike that chicken shit Obama and H. Clinton, Mr Trump isn’t taking any crap from shithole third world countries. I for one am tired of my tax dollars aiding these back biting, America hating pinheads. I despise all, including you , that preach Constitutional adherence, and walk all over everything this country was built on……… Its too bad

  2. Bob must be Hillary in disguise! Insane Bob how does it feel knowing you are an evil corrupt feeble minded Democrat?
    Hitler prayed on the feeble minded to join his
    Nazi Crusade, see the Criminal Democrats are using same playbook.

  3. Quit sending me Trump propaganda I can’t stand that egotistical maniac! No I am not a democrat but I am an American citizen concerned for our country!

    • Hate is strong emotion and it is time that people decide exactly what they want America to look like. Obama’s hope and change to fundamentally change American into a Islamic country. OR a man that stands for what we always have been. Janice we are Capitalist but the Socialist Communist Democrats want us to become more of Washington DC to take control in each and every one of our lives. But do not believe me watch Cuba, or Venezuela, just to mention a few counties that have given themselves over to Socialism.

    • Egotistical or not, President Trump’s record of success on behalf of the country is undeniable to all except for those with their heads buried in the sand.

    • Janice, it isn’t ego when a person really can do what the person says he can. Even with the media, dims, the deep state bureaucrats, and many of the GOP working against him he has still managed to accomplish many of his campaign promises. That isn’t ego, that is ability.
      Go Trump. MAGA 2020.

  4. pelosi can’t think outside the box of her crime family upbringing. She is grasping at straws now because she knows that she is a total disgrace and failure as Speaker of the House and has lost control of it. She is a real flunky. It’s time for her to expire.

    • For those of you who are unaware! Pelosi is 3rd in line to be President of the United States! If President Donald Trump is impeached then Pelosi will try to get VP Pence impeached on the premise that he was aware of President Trump’s wrong doings! Pelosi has everything to gain and nothing to lose, except who is 4th in line? Just sayin

  5. It’s all about the $$$$$! Democrats push Climate Change to stop Oil Production in
    USA, so they can fill their pockets with all the kickbacks they will get from the Middle East Oil Tycoons, that is if they can get USA to be dependent on their Oil Once Again.
    Think of all the $$$ they will get from contracts and companies selling The Green New Deal.
    Democrats only care about enriching themselves, and have proven they have sold out USA for the $$$$$. Stop Bill & Hillary’s Shadow Government!


  7. dearest nancy,WE KNOW of the bribes to push traitorous obamas neucular deal AND of hillorys “special” metal deal that put Congressman Steve Stockman in prison for trying to expose it.Selling out your country for cash is TREASON.source/search The perfect storm.Hillory-Ukrain-Iran /Steele Truth/Pete Santilli Show .com and UTUBE andHillorys massive meltdown-OCT 18 2016 thats 2016″If that bas…d wins ,we all hang from nooses” many sources.As for BOB the troll,do yourself a favor, put a mirror under your naked butt and look down,and there the two of you are.Oh,nancy please switch to whiskey instead of vodka so people will know you are drunk instead of stupid,and besides whiskey unlike vodka won’t disolve denture glue and your teeth may stay in one place instead of floating around your mouth.These people need gone.A traitor daisey chain.

  8. Nancy, your time is quickly coming to an end. Charges of treason vs the USA and it’s governing officials and the people who dwell there is recorded. I feel your punishment should be to hang by the neck until dead, as treason demands. If we look at your district in CA and see its defunct state, we should have dropped you yeas ago. You carry out personal witch hunts, serve those who finance your life, and do nothing for those constituents you represent. Sorry person you are.

  9. The Democrats and Media should be ashamed of themselves for taking another country’s side and railing against their own country. Then working the average person into total confusion as to what is really happening. Maybe all of you should move over there, you support them more than the american taxpayers of your own country.

  10. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) new “War Powers Resolution” ties President Hands (she hopes) in response to top Iranian general and leader of the terrorist Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IGRC) Quds Force, a man responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans and thousands of others.
    Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her Nazi-Socialist party backs Iran against America and totally has committed TREASON against this Nation and Dishonors our Families who serve in the Military for this County.
    All Nazi-Socialists in congress should as of today be arrested and charged with the HIGHEST CRIMES OF TREASON against America. And all placed before a Military Court on those Charges of pure TREASON. Under the Constitution is DEATH.

  11. Bob, you “F’NG A HOLE. YOU are a traitor like the rest of the Socialist DEMORATS in DC. Go live in The “SHIT HOLE COUNTRY OF IRAN. If the great Ayatollah doesn’t behead you maybe 1 of our drones will

    • Dear Friends:
      Those with small children may consider moving to regions of the US that would be least likely to be targeted for middle sure strikes. Even for a short period of time. Now.
      Find out ways to report suspicious activity into homes, business and or tech and schools. Safely. Also
      Even those in activity around travel.
      After the attacks too late.

      Advise your children all ages caution who they talk to and what they say. Important. Photos too!

  12. Bob get your head out of your ass! You liberal demoncrats are very evil I might even say you are all possessed by the devil himself wake up you idiot President Trump has not committed any crimes. But on the other hand you have the tyrannical party of demoncrats who have committed high crimes of treason they truly are the traitors in this country so once again Bob wake up you idiot

  13. Time to add another article of impeachment to Traitor Trump’s growing laundry list. Abuse of power may not technically be a crime, but war crimes against humanity definitely is a felony, which Donald Chump is guilty of in spades! String up the traitor and remember to vote all warmongering Republicunts out by voting BLUE NO MATTER WHO IN 2020!

    • where was your hand wringing when obama took out bin laden? and quadaffi? hmm?? the president has the legal right to protect this nation ,did you think that now well cooked iranian general was in iraq for tea and cookies??? quite recently the sob was in mexico recruiting cartel to come to the us and kill a saudi prince this is ok??? war crimes where was this war crimes indignation when saddam huseins brother aptly named chemical ali used bio weapons on the kurds ,how about assad in syria same thing ,how quadaffi blowing up a 747 over lockerbie scotland huh??? bull shit the un is a fraud ran by terrorist sympathizers who are only concerned when their poor misguided golden children are killed but never lift a finger while they are committing their crimes seriously ?
      TRUMP 20 20 TRUMP 2020

    • I was blind as a former Republicunt, but now I see all too clearly the corruption of the red party. Traitor Trump is the reason I #WalkedAway from the Republicunt party and now I am a proud Democrat for life. I hope one day you’ll grow a brain, get your head out of Chump’s ass, and join me.

    • Read the Constitution sometime, Philip. ONLY CONGRESS CAN AUTHORIZE MILITARY ACTION!! Traitor Trump has gone renegade again, despite already having been impeached for it. This lunatic is the USA’s worst domestic enemy, and the Senate needs to hurry up and do their job and remove this unhinged warmonger from office!

    • Bob, you are REALLY showing your stupidity. Are you an Iranian student in the US? Here kitty, kitty, kitty(know what this represents?) Pretty well sums you up!


    • Yes I agree 100% that would truly be awesome to watch those cowards run. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP

    • Yesd, I am 78 a former Marine with a lot of disabilities and agree with your statement! Piglosi is a TRAITOR as are all the rest of those scumsucking butt lickers!

  15. So unbelievable that she is capable of governing at all. She is a hypocrite, a lier, a drunk and a hateful hateful person. WHY is she still in her high position ???? Come on Republicans or Honest Democrats – get her out of there. She is like poison – she is CRAZY – we need competent people to do her job – she obviously is becoming VERY CHALLANGED in making decisions. She should be tried for treason – she is not acting in the best interest of America at all.

  16. I have read all the comments here and agree 110%. So please don’t bite my head off for what I’m about to say, but we have to take a good long hard look at ourselves, for in a small way we are responsible for the country being the way it is. I, to, am a senior citizen, and while we were all out working, taking care of our families, raising our kids, and doing what people do going through life, we allowed these people to step in and basically take over our government. I don’t know about the rest of you, but there were times I was to busy to even pay attention to what politics were going on, although I always tried to cast my vote. But to pay attention to the real little things that were happening, and the corruption that was occurring, I certainly wasn’t aware. My mother was born in Russia and came to the United States the legal way, but she warned me about communism and socialism and how we need to fight to make sure that we never go through what she escaped from; how sad she must be to see what is trying to be done to our country today. My father fought in World War 2, and for all of those who fought in the wars before and after they must be rolling in their graves to think we’ve allowed this to happen to what they fought and died for. Unfortunately, there are to many people today who fear the government instead of the government fearing “We the People”! We should have demanded long ago that term limits be implemented in government as is with the office of the “President”. Because we have people who stay in office who were appointed by a previous administration long after that administration is gone, causing problems and creating chaos for the new administration. Especially if they don’t agree with the new administration’s policies. They leak info, they lie, and do whatever they can to keep their lives from changing ie: the deep state. Can someone explain to me how someone like Bernie Sanders can not hold a job for most of his earlier adult life, live in a shack with a dirt floor, run for office a few times before winning, and all of a sudden he’s a millionaire+? We can no longer depend on the news to speak the truth, no matter what affiliate you watch; and it seems anytime you go some place where the news is on and it’s spewing the lies, it’s like they all have a script they’re reading from because they all repeat the same thing down to using the same words. It’s sad how Pelosi, Schiff, Schafer and the rest of them use the constitution to their advantage when needed, but don’t even pay attention to it when things don’t go their way, and don’t even get me started on the breaking of laws that if it was you or me broke we’d be sitting in jail tried for treason. Why isn’t John Kerry sitting in jail for going behind the Presidents back trying to secure a deal with Iran, saying hold on till after the election. Just as Obama was caught with his microphone still on telling one of Putin’s flunkies to wait until after the election and he’ll have more latitude; To do What? So if nothing else people, we all have to make sure we VOTE, cause it’ll never change unless “WE THE PEOPLE” stand up and say we’ve had enough!!!!!

    • You’re very astute and I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of our present situation. We the People need to boot the treasonous and seditious Dems, ie. Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, etc. OUT OF OFFICE come November!! Our COUNTRY and our FREEDOMS are at stake as long as these EVIL people are allowed to ride rough shod over the RULE OF LAW!!


    • Just how do WTPeeps intend to boot them out? Pelosi (admittedly a nut) was elected by folks in the SFran area of California: On a good day with a head wind many of them are crazy. Schumer is elected by New Yakers, and the majority of them are from NYC and environs. Neither of those, and many others, are going any place. You cannot just kick them to the streets, as much as I agree that it would be a good move.

  17. This makes me sick to my stomach. What a mess that the US has put us in by putting these idiots in Congress? If America goes down then you can thank these traitors who made it so!

  18. Whether you like it or not Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States and when confronted with threats to America that falls on his shoulders and the one’s that think that they are the President that think they have the power that the President has can not negotiate with other country’s. That is not there job only the President has the power to do that and that is when the Oath of office comes in and that is to Protect and Defend this country from Foreign and Domestic so help me God. Those that brake the laws of this land should be put in jail for putting there nose in things they do not know any thing that is going on.

  19. i believe the democrat party has lost their collective minds since losing the election to trump that they convinced themselves couldn’t happen in a million years..and now are convinced trump brainwashed the american people into voting for him…the democrats fear that unless they get him out …history will repeat in 2020…i for one believe that more crimes have been commited by them and the people really need to look into those closets to reveal the skeletons hiding there…term limits for congressmen and senators should be like the presidents…report cards as to their doing what the people want and not what they want…from a former democrat who is fed up with the lame morons…KAG…

  20. I Thought it was already Against the Law to Aid and Abet Terrorists. WTF She and the rest of Her Cronies Need to be Arrested, Tried, and Jailed for violating the Anti-Terrorism Laws !!!!


    • You don’t know how true your post is-Nancy’s father was heavily involved in the Mafia when she became an adult. She learned lots of dirty tricks from them. I totally agree with you!

  21. The vote is so close folks that the Neville Chamberlain award goes to all four of these charlatans.
    Pelouzy was cautious on impeachment and then suddenly it looked as though someone like Shifty went o her and said she better get with the program or everyone who was on the Ukrainian money laundering gravy train would be exposed and convicted.

    • You are a well-spoken American! All of us that are now seniors see how far this country has fallen since we were young. The enemy is always within and in this day and age, that seems to be the Democrats. I sincerely hope that sooner, rather than later, all citizens of this great nation start looking at all information available to make sensible decisions instead of listening to talking points from the main stream media, who appear to be mostly in the Democrat’s back pockets.

  22. A long as President Trump or future Presidents are holding the codes to the ” FOOTBALL”
    Congress had no authority to change the law of the land…

  23. Nancy Pelosi, you are not the president of the US. You are a congresswoman. Stay in your place. You will never be president no matter how hard you try to do it illegally.

  24. Nancy Polosi is a traitor and should be tried for treason.

    In fact more then half of the Democratic Congress should be tried for treason. They are unamerican and dangerss to our free American way of life.

    God Bless America and God Bless President Trump.

    Joe Boasi

  25. Nancy needs to be put in a straight jacket and drug out of Washington DC. The reason war has gone on for so long was Obama was paying them to keep it going. And Democrats just sat on their asses and watched. They tried everything they could to make President Trump look incompetant. But look who the idiots are. They show us every day. I would suggest President Trump declare Martial law, investigate congress and try the people quilty of TREASON.

    • How ’bout because they’re U. S. citizens and members of Congress and are only expressing their take on current issues — AS WRONG AS THEY ARE — they are put into office by U. S. voters. Losers, yes, citizens, unfortunately, MC, yes.

  26. When will she and all the others undermining the USA, be brought under Justice? Oh, That’s right they all think that they are above reproach and immune.

  27. It’s time to stick Pelosi, Schumer, and Schiff and other anti-American Democrats on a one-way plane to Tehran. They would fit in perfectly with the Ayatolla and his group of terrorist idiots! Hell, I’ll even chip in the first $100 per Democrat that takes the flight! Maybe I could write it off as a tax-deductible contribution to our country! 🇺🇸

    • Hear! Hear! Including, but The Soros Family, Friends And Relatives will have to pay their own way, and for all of those Illegal Immigrant-Aliens, who are inside the USA’s Boundaries!!!

  28. Pelosi has gone way to far. She thinks she is the President. She really does.
    Something that is within the law should remove her as speaker of the house. As Americans, we have NEVER seen anything like this. Her actions reveal that she is not an American.
    What is wrong with all these democrats? They all voted to impeach. Now, will they all vote to pamper Iran? ( not that it is up for vote.) To me, if all in the democratic party loved
    America, they would clean their own house. ( partisan be damned) This is really serious
    business. I wish all Americans would get their heads out of the sand . No,
    let me restate that. I wish all who love America would stop listening and watching
    the main stream media ( t.v., newspaper and magazine’s ) and think for themselves..
    Again…Democrats clean up your own house. If you are that weak that you can’t get
    Nancy out as speaker, then you truly are feckless and are contributors of the downfall
    of America. Let’s go..get off your asses and stand up for America. Do all of you hate Trump so much that you will allow Nancy, Schumer, Nadler place Americans and America in grave danger ? Nancy and her minions do not care if our embassy’s are
    attacked, the women who work there being raped, murdered and burned.
    I am 90 years old and I should care less what is developing to America. But, I do.
    As long as I can breathe, I would fight to protect America. Folks..if America is
    taken down, the greatest country in the history of man will be GONE WITH THE WIND.
    AND guess what you democrats…you are the one’s who made it happen.

    • Hear! Hear! Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. Sledge, I truly could not express my feelings any clearer, either or neither, but you expressed your feelings first, Thank You!

    • I agree. I am a senior citizen,too, but I love this country and I worry about my grandsons. Someone needs to get this crazy woman out of office along with all the other traitors.

    • I’m right behind you. After 50 years of voting, I have never in my life seen such corruption. If we don’t stop this behavior within Congress, our county and what it always stood for will be lost forever. I don’t care if you are a Democrats or a Republicans, the idea that this woman and her group of clowns wants to make new laws to suit their needs. Is showing the ideology, no difference as to how a country like Iran control their government and the people within.
      Our US constitution has worked since it were written, it were written to protect the citizens of our country. We have always felt secure and protected but this isn’t true now. We are being torn apart though fear and hatred….causing us to fight amongst ourselves.
      It’s has all been part of a plan…so while we are busy fighting each other….they are slowly taking our rights away. We need to get these people out of office and take our country back. Before it’s to late.

    • I would like to reply to Sledge. May God Bless you for one of the best comments I have ever read. You are 100% correct in all that you say. There is no denying that you truly love America, as I do and millions and millions of others. Whether any of us are Christians or have ever prayed before, we must ALL pray now for our beloved country. President Trump must NOT fail to save America!! Satan has truly taken over Nancy Pelosi mind and she is now deranged and evil. If we and our president fail, it will be the end of the America we know and love. We must pray that Mrs. Pelosi will be stopped and that enough of the democrats are more American than they are democrats. May God have mercy on President Trump and on our beloved AMERICA!

    • while i do not have the years of experience that you have sir, i will stand beside you and defend the only true laws of the land (our Constitution). i am no spring chicken either, and have permenant loss of many physical functions (5 broken vertebrae). in spite of that, i own and run an ffl7 sot2 business and have multiple firearms instructor certifications (over 35 years experience gunsmithing). i may not move well or have the physical ability for much activity, i will give my last breath to defend our constitution and those true Americans who believe in it. God bless you for your dedication to the real freedoms we are given by God which are enshrined in our Bill of Rights.

  29. Arrest Pelosi now, and haul her lying ass out of Congress and throw that Wig in the trash before the Perp-Walk. They use to Hang Treasonous Traitors

  30. I feel that Pelosi issuing an apology of sorts to Iran is a direct attempt to undermine what President Trump has done. Therefore she should be ordered to cease and desist or face prosecution as a traitor or subversive.

    It’s amazing that many of these liberal politicians are more concerned over the feelings of foreign powers rather being concerned for the security of our country and the well being of our military. They want these well trained people to just sit idle while scumbags attack us here and abroad. And when they go into battle they cry foul and bleed for the enemy.

    Must be hard for military people to know that they do not have the support of these politicians and that the are ready to pull them away from their duties in the name of political games which in the case of liberals amounts to a lot of ass kissing and bowing to foreign enemies. They are willing to die for God and country and a portion of their leaders are cowards who fold like cowards at the feet of their enemies.

    Anymore rulings, actions or whatever that is meant to circumvent the Constitution or undermine the actions and duties of the President need to be squashed. These are power plays and this is how the liberals are trying to seize total control. It’s their new game of tic and tac, but it disrupts our system of checks and balances and to me that indicates their desire to create a liberal socialist dictatorship. The games must stop and retribution against traitors need to be sure and swift.

  31. Nancy P and Chuck S are so ignorant that they should not be in politics
    1 they don’t know the tactic “ to strike while it is hot”. To wait for Congressional approval while they are on vacation and inform the public for transparency !?? What logic is that!
    2 to side with Iran for the killing of Soleimani who was a terrorist. That is treason for encouraging Iran to kill Americans .
    3. There is no imminent threat. Soleimani was not on vacation in Iraq. He was commanding to kill the Americans in Iraq.
    4. Obama ordered to kill Bin Ladin without congressional approval and informing the public first. Nobody complained about his violation of the constitution. If Trump did that , Democrats would impeach Trump for breaking the law of not bringing Bin Ladin to trial instead of killing him.
    5. The past presidents are cowards. They did not take drastic measures to deal with terrorism. The bombing of USS Cole and Libya embassy are the preludes of September 11. Clinton did not do anything when the bombings occurred. To give billions of our tax money to Iran for the Nuclear Deal is a sham. Democrats are on Iran side, Trump can’t do anything to Iran

    • Obama used drone strikes to kill American citizens, sentencing them to death without due process. Democrats cheered. Trump uses airstrikes to kill a known terrorist leader. Democrats cry, “but the Constitution”. To Democrats the Constitution only applies when it gives the outcome they desire. If it doesn’t – to Hell with the Constitution.

  32. Nancy P and Chuck S are so ignorant that they should not be in politics
    1 they don’t know the tactic “ to strike while it is hot”. To wait for Congressional approval while they are on vacation and inform the public for transparency !?? What logic is that!
    2 to side with Iran for the killing of Soleimani who was a terrorist. That is treason for encouraging Iran to kill Americans .
    3. There is no imminent threat. Soleimani was not on vacation in Iraq. He was commanding to kill the Americans in Iraq.
    4. Obama ordered to kill Bin Ladin without congressional approval and informing the public first. Nobody complained about his violation of the constitution. If Trump did that , Democrats would impeach Trump for breaking the law of not bringing Bin Ladin to trial instead of killing him.
    5. The past presidents are cowards. They did not take drastic measures to deal with terrorism. The bombing of USS Cole and Libya embassy are the preludes of September 11. Clinton did not do anything when the bombings occurred. To give billions of our tax money to Iran for the Nuclear Deal is a sham. Democrats are on Iran side, Trump can’t do anything to Iran

  33. In my opinion, it all boils down to MENTAL ILLNESS!

    Horrible to take out murdering terrorists but ok to KILL OFF helpless babies!?!?!


  34. Nancy Pelosi is a traitor. When will the people wake up and see that they are trying to destroy America. They are not Democrats they are socialist communist.

  35. Iran has been our enemies for 50 years. My guess the democrats would come in at less than 50 years but I could not prove it one way or the other.

  36. The reason we have a President is to make these types of DECISIONS. THEY LEAD THE COUNTRY.

    Does Pelosi think a president is there just to write/sign off on budgets?

    Or are they, he the Commander and Chief? I say “Chief COMMANDER” and frankly if any of you vote for this subversive treasonous puke – this should be the last fing straw for this treasonous traitor of America and of our President.

    Pelosi is a friend to our terrorist enemies. She is their foundation, she is the one who gives them a free pass to come to America and to kill the families of all of those “SUPPOSED” Refugees, fleeing the Middle East because of the heinous crimes of these butchers our Congress allows to live, allows to kill and authorizes because they hold the power.

    Enough should be enough and the time has come to rid the garden of the moles, the gophers, the rats and the vermin. Can her asp like stwed tomatoes in Nov

    • I think people are missing the big picture here Pelosi,is playing President from the House of representatives. When they voted that witch to speaker of the House she lost all touch with reality. She is trying to run the state departments,the House,Senate,and Presidency. She is jetting all over the world,trying to get her world order going. She is telling everyone the President is not really running anything that she is the one to deal with. She now is calling for more treasonous activity by surrendering to Iran and saying we’re so sorry our President was a bad President and killed your murder before he could kill anymore Americans. Give me a break,this is TREASON,anyway you want to look at it. She must be stopped before she can do any more damage!!

  37. What a travesty having Pelosi as Speaker and obsessed with defending the far lefts position on a terrorist who has perpetrated death and murder on America. She definitely deserves no place in Congress as representative of American values and its people!! It is absolutely misrepresentation of our constitutional precepts and freedoms. Hoping she and her squad are short lived as congressional representatives. What a disgrace and embarrassment to our country.

  38. Well stated and clearly put.
    The timing of this asisination is questionable. Trump is facing impeachment proceedings in the Senate and he needs to deflect public attention away from those proceedings what better way than an assassination? It will allow his base to show how macho thy are and create an international crisis.
    Bush and Obama both had the opportunity to do this, so why didn’t they? Perhaps they considered the likely outcomes of this attack. Nobody doubts he was a thoroughly nasty illegitimate, but he may be more dangerous dead than alive.

    • No the Iran general was more dangerous alive than dead. Pelosi is courting treason alone with any democrat who supports her.

    • No instead Obama gave them almost 2 Billion Dollars of us tax payers money. You’re such a clown do you honesty think he needs to deflect any attention from the senate which will toss this out as fast as Bill Clinton tosses out Monica after flossing her teeth ??? Trump isn’t afraid to show these savages that attack our embassy and kill our serviceman theres consequences


    • Another ALT LEFT LIBERAL SOCIALIST DEMOCRAT! You need to get out and get a life! IMPEACHMENT is such bullshit that the DEMO-RATS can’t even NAME WHAT LAWS WERE BROKEN!!! But it was OK when NOBAMA ORDERED 2800 strikes and NEVER NOTIFIED CONGRESS !!! Get your information straight! I guess you want AMERICA to bow down to all the EXTREMIST around d the world! It’s ad enough some IDIOTS put 2 American HATING MUSLIMS in office as it is!

    • 40 years of the same scared policies have only gotten us killed and Iran stronger. It is time to settle this account. The hardline is the way to go at this point, appeasement and gentle diplomacy have not worked. If Russia thinks they should intervene against us they should think again. This is not about conquest or oil it’s about our national security and the security of the world against a terrorist nazi nation. They will not stop until they are stopped – I see it, Trump sees it and maybe now you can to.

    • People obvious this person live under a rock and have not seen day light in a while because if he or she remember the benghazi and what happened to the Americans that was there or is this person really an American because if he or she was they would care more about the American People and their lives. I know that he or she love the party he or she belong to but that shuld not make you stupid enough not to see what is happening to America and it’s people i’m saying that this person is stupid but maybe blind to his or her party.

  39. She walks like a robot but they forgot to put brain cells in her.
    Impeach her ASAP.
    Like Obama she is apologizing to Iran.Mrs no brains should take her medication she is an embarrassment for this country.Thank you President Trump.
    She should read (if she is able to do that)European news papers.She is the biggest loser do far and she can start counting her days in office.

  40. the demorats spent years kissing soviet ass and trembling in their boots everytime threats were made against America. this is just more of the same. After JFK and the Vietnam war the whole llot of them became anti-american cowards.

    • Hey Nancy,
      Can you say “President Donald Trump, Commander in Chief of ALL the US military forces!!!”
      No, I did not think so!
      What a crazy B, you are!!! You scare me with your absolute lunacy! What will you do next? Deliver our president’s powerful brain to them to get the make believe 80 million $ that Khamenei is said to offer! Ha! Please go for it, then we know the secret service will finally take care of you, you old hag!! You are a traitor & we need to send you to the enemy’s side, then see how much the USA would mean to you! Ha! They hate women esp. vocal nut jobs like you!
      Please just shut your pie hole!!! You do not represent the USA! You are an embarrassment to ALL US citizens!

  41. TREASON seems to be running rampant amongst our ELITE CREEPS that think the POWER is in THEIR HANDS instead of in the HANDS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.
    I say “to the gallows” with all of them………the whole schmear of them!!!! They are an Obomanation to our Nation.

  42. If we go back to history in the time of the Revolutionary War, we would find how George Washington handled traitors to our country. They either were hung or faced a firing squad. Our ancestors and founding fathers knew the people in this country consisted of the best of heroes and the worst dregs of society. The citizens of this country did not involve 100% of the population as freedom fighters. There were the loyalists who were the rapists of this country and its citizens. The loyalists were forced to leave this country and all of their ill gotten gains they accumulated by attaining power from the crown. They did not fare well as a result of their devious crimes against our society. Our founding fathers struggled and bled for our freedoms, and we now see the same type of rogue members of our government as were put to death then. They should pause to remember what they were taught in elementary education before the radical left started preventing the requirement for studies of our past and the beginning of our God given freedoms. If asked, I would pull the lever on the gallows or use my weapon to remove these traitors from our midst. It looks like the people of Virginia are already taking measures to prevent these sycophants from taking their weapons. The more we learn about the “so-called election” in Virginia, the more we see the corruption at the polls. Be ready to face these monsters, because the time is coming and it is extremely near.

  43. Sadly Pelosi’s only interest is to make herself the president. She is not doing this to protect us America’s. Yes, another article to try and add to her fake impeachment. Then by eliminating President Trump she then becomes 2nd in line.
    This new law that she hopes to pass will make it impossible for President Trump to instantly carry any military action until he has a vote from her in the house.
    She and others are NOT thinking of America 1st. They completely wants him out of office.
    We the people sincerly need to have her, Waters, Schumer, Al Green, Omar, AOC, and a few others impeached.

  44. Robert needs to learn how to spell. The man is an idiot! The only thing that Iran respects is strength and force. They have taken advantage of our timidity for far too long. You notice that the only critics of President Trump’s actions are the Communist Media (mainstream media), the Democrats (communists), and Iran, or Iranian supporters in Iraq. No one else in the Middle East has criticized us. They know that this guy was the main instigator in hostilities in that region. He even orchestrated a bombing attempt in Washington D.C. that was thwarted by the ATF and Homeland Security. Get real people. Sometimes you have to fight. President Trump, after demonstrating great restraint did the right thing.

  45. That tells you how stupid, brain altered and most incompetent, PELOSI AND THE DUMO CRAT SOCIALISTS ARE!
    We were attacked…and Trump fought back!!!
    NO ACT OF WAR KILLING A CRIMINAL CROOK FOUND IN THE ACT!! We will fight them everywhere they attack our soldiers , our embassies our American people. It’s not war …it protecting America… a lot Pelosi and her thugs care about…Power is what she wants…I hope someone gives it to her ..right between her Botox eyes!!!

    • I think ALL anti-Trump / and anti-American people should be sent to Iran for 1 year to see what it is like to live with a truly weak leader is like.

  46. We need the Salem witch trials back so we can burn this vile evil empire demented degenerate lunatic fringe old douche bag loon loser traitor to our country

  47. Now killing this general stops nothing not even slows it down. Like the agwe old saying it is better the enemy you know than the one you do not know. Trump should have listened to the experts in the area about how to handle the situation, those who do not listen to their specialist are bound to make the wrong decision. Most of the decision was based on religion in many ways and Trump has voiced that threough his previous retorecht about Muslims in general.
    Now all these war mongers will apaarently have a different tune if this breaks out into full hostilities, like Iraq, where the people were gojng to welcome the American forces, now over 5000 dead young people and the conflict is still to some degree still there, now Iran is amuch larger and more modern force to deal with, how many this time 10,000 of your children or grandchildren, and others children wqho could have had a full productive life who volunteerer to protect this USA, and will loose their lives over something that had nothing to do with protecting America in any way. Now that Trump’s actions have made the USA less safe as every expertr in the field says, when will we put someone in there that is trying to protect America not fatom to the Mulim haters of the USA.

    • You need to put up or shut up. Spineless ass clowns like you are what is weakening our country. If you want to be a puss, go hide in your closet and let real Americans deal with terrorists. You can thank us later.

    • Hey dipshit! I am one of those warmongers. I am also subject to recall from retirement to serve again in the military. If you have ever served in the military, and are subject to going back, then you can complain. Usually pussies like you just like to piss and moan about about real men who take action as necessary to defend and protect our country. Shut up sissy.

    • You should move to Iran. Please hurry so when we take them out we will get you too. You Anti American piece of shit. Cowards like you need to leave and let America and real Americans be the ones to be in this great country. How do you look in the mirror every day. Must be a sickening sight. Get Out go to Iran we don’t want YOU.

    • Spoken like a true coward Robert your the reason the terrorist attack with impunity. Thank got for President Donald Trump !

    • Robby, When you have a bully for a neighbor and he constantly threatens to kick everyone’s butt or stop their breathing, you got two choices. Pack up your sh-t and run away or stand and fight. I think we all know what you would do.

  48. We need to get these treasonous traitors out of office. Trump (The President) had ever legal right to make this call and take out this terrorist (Qasem Soleimani ). Time to clean house and put the traitorous Dems up on charges all the way back through the Obama administration.Drain the Swamp KAGA.

  49. Anything Trump does is a felony to the kommiecrats. They would contest his putting his feet on the floor getting out of bed as legitimate.
    Iran and the kommiecrats are America’s enemy.

  50. Pelosi by her actions has outed herself to be one of the elected officials the Iranians threatened to expose to the world they had bribed to go along with the terrible nuclear deal. Her and her son and husband along with her family has always been criminals look up her father’s history then follow how she amassed her considerable fortune on a 174,000 a year job, it’s long past time to punish these traitors for the treasons they have committed.

  51. Got a question! Exactly what would it take to disband or recall congress? My God, talk about rogue! They make some our worst enemies seem like good friends.

    • I would say look toward the state of Virginia and how close to shots being fired due to the democratic controlled state government attempting to subvert the 2nd amendment with gun confiscation legislation. Result: 100 Virginia counties have become (get this and love it) 2nd amendment sanctuary counties supported by county sheriffs who will mass deputize law bidding, gun carrying citizens to prevent any attempt at confiscation. (Lethal force included)

  52. I think Pelosi is trying to make herself president. God help America if that drunken sot ever got close to the White House. If she wants to support Iran I suggest she go there herself and find out how women are treated there.

  53. I think Pelosi is trying to make herself president. God help America if that drunken sot ever got close to the White House. If she wants to support Iran I suggest she go there herself and find out how women ate treated there.

  54. Nancy, you should be ashamed of yourself, you are no American. GO back and do your job you were elected to do. You have done nothing but made a fool of yourself.

  55. Is it obvious yet that this mentally unstable drunk is a enemy of the state? How long will she be allowed to attack our government and now sides with the very people that have killed Americans and plot to continue to do so?


    • The problem is, She get’s up with a hangover & head pounding, starts drinking to get some relief, then when she feels better she is still mad about feeling bad, so she takes it out on Trump.

  56. The President as Commander in Chief clearly has the authority to take the action he took to preserve the National Security interests of the United States and more importantly the lives of our armed forces personnel overseas as well as our allies whom we are committed to protect.

    The 1973 War Powers Act has never been examined be the US Supreme Court that I am aware of, but if the court ever did that it would undoubtedly find it to be unconstitutional. The War Powers Act limits the President’s ability to carry out his duties as Commander in Chief. Such a restriction would only be legal if it was an amendment to the US Constitution.

  57. ” the strike was not only lawful but so much so it was an “easy call”: “The president has the constitutional authority to take military actions, short of declaring war, that he and his advisers deem necessary to protect American citizens.”

    HOW LONG Has This Pakington’s Diseased DemoMoran Been In Office ???

    • Old Prune Faced Nancy has been in congress too long. So long infact she has no brain left, cannot think for herself or even get to her office without the help of a dozen or so people to guide her ( or maybe its the booze she drinks, since her pappy sold bathtub gin forever) her son is just like her, crooked, must run in the family.


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